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o His heart is arm'd against the fear,
o For God with all his pow'r is there.
g 4 His soul, well fix'd upon the Lord,

Draws heav'nly courage from his word;
Amidst the darkness light shall rise,

To cheer his heart, and bless his eyes.
-5 He hath dispers'd his alms abroad;
His works are still before his God;
His name on earth shall long remain,
While envious sinners fret in vain.

'C. M. St. Ann's. *]

Liberality Rewarded. 1 TJAPPY is he who fears the Lord,

1 And follows his commands; Who lends the poor, without reward;

Or gives with liberal hands.
2 As pity dwells within his breast,

To all the sons of need,
So God shall answer his request,

With blessings on his seed.
3 No evil tidings shall surprise

His well established mind; His soul to God his refuge flies,

And leaves his fears behind. 4 In times of general distress,

Some beams of light shall shine, To shew the world his righteousness,

And give him peace divine. 5 His works of piety and love

Remain before the Lord;
Honour on earth, and joys above,

Shall be his sure reward.
PSALM 113. P. M. St. Helen's. [*]

The Majesty and Condescension of God. 1 TE who delight to serve the Lord,

1 The honours of his name record;
His sacred name forever bless :
Where'er the circling sun displays
His rising beams, or setting rays,

Let lands and seas his power confess. 2 Not time nor nature's narrow rounds, Can give his vast dominion bounds;

The heav'ns are far below his height :

e Let no created greatness dare
With our eternal God compare,

Arm'd with his uncreated might.
e 3 He bows his glorious head to view
What the bright hosts of angels do,

And bends his care to mortal things :
-His sov'reign hand exalts the poor;
He takes the needy from the door,

And makes them company for kings.
4 (When childless families despair,
He sends the blessings of an heir,

To rescue their expiring name;
The mother with a cheerful voice,
Proclaims his praises and her joys :
Let ev'ry age advance his fame.]

L. M. Quercy. [*]

God Sovereign and Gracious. 1 [VE servants of th'almighty King,

1 In ev'ry age his praises sing ; Where'er the sun shall rise or set, The nations shall his praise repeat. 2 Above the earth-beyond the sky, Stands his high throne of majesty ; Nor time nor place his pow'r restrain Nor bound his universal reign. 3 Which of the sons of Adam dare, Or angels with their God compare? His glories how divinely bright, Who dwells in uncreated light ! 4 Behold his love! he stoops to view What saints above and angels do; And condescends, yet more, to know The mean affairs of men below. 5 From dust, and cottages obscure, His grace exalts the humble poor ; Gives them the honour of his sons, And fits them for their heav'nly thrones. 6 A word of his creating voice, Can make the barren house rejoice : Tho' Sarah's ninety years were past, The promis'd seed is born at last. ng With joy the mother views her son, And tells the wonders God has done ;

Faith may grow strong when sense despairs;
If nature fails, the promise bears.]

PSALM 114. L. M. Blendon. [*]

Miracles attending Israel's Journey. 1 W H EN Israel, freed from Pharaoh's hand,

W Left the proud tyrant and his land, The tribes, with cheerful homage, own

Their King, and Judah was his throne. e 2 Across the deep their journey lay; o The deep divides to make them way: - Jordan beheld their march, and fled,

With backward current to his head.
o 3 The mountains shook like frighted sheep,

Like lambs the little hillocks leap ;
Not Sinai on her base could stand,

Conscious of sov'reign pow'r at hand.
€ 4 What pow'r could make the deep divide !

Make Jordan backward roll his tide ?
Why did ye leap, ye little hills ?

And whence the fright that Sinai feels ?
g 5 Let ev'ry mountain, ev'ry flood,
Retire, and know the approaching God!
The King of Israel ! see him here!
Tremble, thou earth, adore, and fear.
6 He thunders and all nature mourns :
The rock to standing pools he turns ;
Flints spring with fountains at his word,
And fires and seas confess the Lord.
PSALM 115. L. M. FIRST Part. Psalm 97th. *1

The true God : or, Idolatry reproved. TOT to ourselves, who are but dust, TV Not to ourselves is glory due ; Eternal God, thou only just,

Thou only gracious, wise and true! g 2 Shine forth, in all thy dreadful name ; © Why should a heathen's haughty tongue

Insult us, and to raise our shame, d Say, " Where's the God you've serv'd so long?" 0 3 The God, we serve, maintains his throne

Above the clouds, beyond the skies :
Through all the earth his will is done;
He knows our groans, he hears our cries,

e 4 But the vain idols they adore,

Are senseless shapes of stone and wood;
At best a mass of glitt'ring ore,

A silver saint, or golden god.
-5 (With eyes and ears they carve the head ;

Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind :
In vain are costly off'rings made,
And vows are scatter'd in the wind.
6 Their feet were never made to move,
Nor hands to save when mortals pray:
Mortals that pay them fear or love,

Seem to be blind and deaf as they
g 7 O Israel, make the Lord thy hope,

Thy help, thy refuge, and thy rest,
The Lord shall build thy ruins up,

And bless the people and the priest.
a 8 The dead no more can speak thy praise,

They dwell in silence in the grave; o But we shall live to sing thy grace, u And tell the world thy pow'r to save.

P: M. Walworth. [*]

Popish Idolatry reproved. 1 N OT to our names, Thou only Just and True,

N Not to our worthless names is glory due ; Thy pow'r and grace, thy truth and justice, claim Immortal honours to thy sov'reign name, Shine thro' the earth, from heav'n thy blest abode, Nor let the heathen say, “ And where's your God?" 2 Heav'n is thine higher court; there stands thy throne; And thru the lower worlds thy will is done :

Earth is thy work; the heav'ns thy hand hath spread; e But fools adore the gods their hands have made :

The kneeling crowd, with looks devout behold
Their silver saviours and their saints of gold.
3 (Vain are those artful shapes of eyes and ears,
The molten image neither sees nor hears ;
Their hands are helpless, nor their feet can move;
They have no speech, nor thought, nor pow'r, nor love
Yet sottish mortals make their long complaints
To their deaf idols and their moveless saints.

4 The rich have statues well adorn'd with gold;
The poor content with gods of coarser mould;
With tools of iron carve the senseless stock,
Lopt from a tree, or broken from a rock:
People and priest drive on the solemn trade,

And trust the gods that saws and hammers made.] a 5 Be heay'n and earth amaz'd!'Tis hard to say,

Which the more stupid,—or their gods or they. o O Israel, trust the Lord ; He hears and sees;

He krows thy sorrows, and restores thy peace
His worship does a thousand comforts yield,

He is thy help, and he thine heav'nly shield. 0 6 In God we trust: our impious foes in vain

Attempt our ruin, and oppose his reign; e Had they prevail'd, darkness had clos'd our days,

And death and silence had förbid his praise : s But we are sav'd, and live: let songs arise,

And Zion bless the God who built the skies. PSALM 116. FIRST Part. Canterbury. [* b]

Recovery from Sickness. 1 IT LOVE the Lord, he heard my cries,

1 And pity'd ev'ry groan: Long as I live, when troubles rise,

I'll hasten to his throne.
2 I love the Lord: he bow'd his ear,

And chas'd my griefs away :
O let my heart no more despair,

While I have breath to pray!
e 3 My flesh declin'd, my spirits fell,

And I drew near the dead;
While inward pangs, and fears of hell,

Perplex'd my wakeful head.
d 4.“ My God, I cry'd, thy servant save,

“ Thou ever good and just ; “ Thy pow'r can rescue from the grave,

“ Thy pow'r is all my trust.” -5 The Lord beheld me sore distrest,

He bade my pains remove; Return, my soul, to God thy rest,

For thou hast known his love. 0 6 My God hath sav'd my soul from death,

And dry'd my falling tears;

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