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And, till the stars ascend the skies,

Your tiresome toil pursue.

3 Short be your sleep, and coarse your fare, In vain, till God has blest ; But if his smiles attend your care,

You shall have food and rest.

4 Nor children, relatives, nor friends,
Shall real blessings prove,
Nor all the earthly joys he sends,
If sent without his love.]

PSALM 128. C. M. Devizes. [*]
Family Blessings.

HAPPY man, whose soul is fill'd
With zeal and rev'rend awe!

His lips to God their honours yield,
His life adorns the law.

2 A careful providence shall stand,
And ever guard thy head;
Shall on the labours of thy hand
Its kindly blessings shed.

3 Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine;
Thy children round thy board,
Each like a plant of honour shine,
And learn to fear the Lord.

4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil,
For months and years to come;
The Lord, who dwells on Zion's hill,
Shall send the blessings home.

5 This is the man, whose happy eyes
Shall see his house increase.;

Shall see the sinking church arise,
Then leave the world in peace.


PSALM 129. C. M. Mear. [*]
Persecutors Punished.

U Have I been nurs'd in tears;

from my youth, may Israel say,

My griefs were constant as the day,
And tedious as the years.

2 Up from my youth, I bore the rage
Of all the sons of strife;

Oft they assail'd my riper age,
But not destroy'd my life.

3 Their cruel plough hath torn my flesh,
With furrows long and deep;
Hourly they vex'd my wounds afresh;
Nor let my sorrows sleep.

4 The Lord grew angry on his throne,
And with impartial eye,

Measur'd the mischiefs they had done,
And let his arrows fly.

5 How was their insolence surpris'd
To hear his thunders roll!
And all the foes of Zion seiz'd,

With horrour to the soul.

6 Thus shall the men, who hate the saints,
Be blasted from the sky;

Their glory fades, their courage faints,
And all their projects die.

What though they flourish tall and fair,
They have no root beneath;

Their growth shall perish in despair,
And lie despis'd in death.

8 So corn that on the house-top stands,
No hope of harvest gives;

The reaper ne'er shall fill his hands,
Nor binder fold the sheaves.

9 It springs and withers on the place.
No traveller bestows

A word of blessings on the grass,
Nor minds it as he goes.]

e 1

PSALM 130. C. M. Abridge. Sunday. [*]

Pardoning Grace.

UT of the deeps of long distres,
The borders of despair,

I sent my cries to seek thy grace,
My groans to move thine ear.

a 2 Great God, should thy severer eye,
And thine impartial hand,

Mark and revenge, iniquity,

No mortal flesh could stand.

-3 But there are pardons with my God,
For crimes of high degree;

Thy Son has bought them with his blood,
To draw us near to thee.

4 [I wait for thy salvation, Lord,
With strong desires I wait;
My soul, invited by thy word,
Stands watching at thy gate.]

e 5 (Just as the guards that keep the night
Long for the morning skies,

Watch the first beams of breaking light,
And meet them with their eyes ;-

6 So waits my soul to see thy grace,
And more intent than they,
Meet the first op'nings of thy face,
And finds a brighter day.)

o 7 Then in the Lord let Israel trust,
Let Israel seek his face ;

The Lord is good as well as just,
And plenteous is his grace

o 8 There's full redemption at his throne,
For sinners long enslav'd;
The great Redeemer is his son;
And Israel shall be sav'd.

a 1

L. M. Bath. Armley. [*]

Pardoning Grace.

FROM and

ROM deep distress, and troubled thoughts,

If thou severely mark our faults,

No flesh can stand before thine eyes.

-2 But thou hast built thy throne of grace,
Free to dispense thy pardons there;
That sinners may approach thy face,
And hope and love, as well as fear.
e 3 As the benighted pilgrims wait,
And long and wish for breaking day,
So waits my soul before thy gate;
When will my God his face display?
o 4 My trust is fix'd upon thy word,
Nor shall I trust thy word in vain;
Let mourning souls address the Lord,
And find relief from all their pain.

g 5 Great is his love, and large his grace,
Through the redemption of his Son;
He turns our feet from sinful ways,
And pardons what our hands have done.

e 1

PSALM 131. C. M.

York. [b]

Humility and Submission.

S there ambition in my heart?

I gracious see;

Or do I act a haughty part?

Lord, I appeal to thee.

a 2 I charge my tho'ts, be humble still,
And all my carriage mild;

Content, my Father, with thy will,
And quiet as a child.

-3 The patient soul, the lowly mind,
Shall have a large reward;

Let saints in sorrow lie resign'd,
And trust a faithful Lord.


PSALM 132. L. M.

Leeds. [*]

Ver. 5, 13-18.-The House of God.

Wan habitation for our God?

HERE shall we go, to seek and find

A dwelling for th' eternal Mind, Among the sons of flesh and blood? o 2 The God of Jacob chose the hill Of Zion for his ancient rest;

And Zion is his dwelling still,

His church is with his presence blest.
-3 Here will I fix my gracious throne,
And reign for ever, saith the Lord;
o Here shall my pow'r and love be known,
And blessings shall attend my word.
e 4 Here will I meet the hungry poor,
And fill their souls with living bread:
Sniners who wait before my door,
With sweet provision shall be fed.

-5 Girded with truth, and cloth'd with grace,
My priests, my ministers shall shine:
Not Aaron in his costly dress,
Made an appearance so divine.

6 The saints, unable to contain

Their inward joys, shall shout and sing

The Son of David here shall reign,

And Zion triumph in her King.

7 [Jesus shall see a num'rous seed,
Born here t' uphold his glorious name;
His crown shall flourish on his head,
While all his foes are cloth'd with shame.]

C. M. Christmas. Swanwick. [*]

V. 4, 5, 7, 8, 15—17.--God's Presence the Glory of


His House.

sleep nor slumber to his eyes
Good David would afford,

Till he had found below the skies,
A dwelling for the Lord.

2 The Lord in Zion plac'd his name,
His ark was settled there :
To Zion the whole nation came,
To worship thrice a year.

3 But we have no such lengths to go,
Nor wander far abroad;
Where'er thy saints assemble now,
There is a house for God.]


o 4 Arise, O King of grace, arise, And enter to thy rest;

e Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes, Thus to be own'd and bless'd.

e 5 Enter, with all thy glorious train,
Thy Spirit and thy word;

All that the ark did once contain,
Could no such grace afford.

-6 Here, mighty God, accept our vows;
Here let thy praise be spread:
Bless the provisions of thy house,
And fill thy poor with bread.

o 7 Here let the Son of David reign,
Let God's Anointed shine;
Justice and truth his court maintain,
With love and pow'r divine.

g 8 Here let him hold a lasting throne;
And, as his kingdom grows,

Fresh honours shall adorn his crown,
And shame confound his foes.

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