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Let all the saints below the skies Their humble praises bring. 2' 'Tis his almighty love,

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His counsel and his care, Preserves us safe from sin and death, And ev'ry hurtful snare.

3 He will present our souls, Unblemish'd and complete, Before the glory of his face, With joys divinely great.

o 4 Then all the chosen seed

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Shall meet around the throne: Shall bless the conduct of his grace, And make his wonders known.

5 To our Redeemer God

Wisdom with pow'r belongs;
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.


HYMN 52. L. M. Bath. [*]

Baptism. Matt. xxviii, 19. Acts ii, 38.

WAS the commission of our Lord,
Go, teach the nations, and baptise:
The nations have receiv'd the word,
Since he ascended to the skies.

2 He sits upon th' eternal hills,
With grace and pardon in his hands;
And sends his cov'nant, with the seals,
To bless the distant christian lands.

4" Repent, and be batiz'd," he saith,
"For the remission of your sins ;"
And thus our sense assists our faith,
And shews us what his gospel means.

5 Our souls he washes in his blood,
As water makes the body clean;
And the good Spirit from our God
Descends, like purifying rain.

5 Thus we engage ourselves to thee,
And seal our cov'nant with the Lord;
O may the great Eternal Three,
In heav'n our solemn vows record!

HYMN 53. L. M. Green's. [*]

The Holy Scriptures. Heb. i, 1. 2 Tim. iii, 15, 16. Ps. cxlvii, 19, 20.

1 [

OD, who in various methods told

G His who dava will toe saints of old,

Sent his own Son, with truth and grace,
To teach us in these latter days.

o 2 Our nation reads the written word,
That book of life, that sure record;
The bright inheritance of heav'n,
Is by the sweet conveyance giv'n.

e 3 God's kindest tho'ts are here exprest,
Able to make us wise and blest;
The doctrines are divinely true,
Fit for reproof and comfort too.
4 Ye people all, who read his love
In long epistles from above,-

(He hath not sent his sacred word
• To ev'ry land) praise ye the Lord.]


HYMN 54. L. M. Quercy. Leeds. [*]

Saints beloved in Christ. Eph. i, 3, &c.

ESUS, we bless thy Father's name ;

one, the same;

What heav'nly blessings, from his throne,
Flow down to sinners through his Son!
2" Christ be my first Elect," he said;
Then chose our souls in Christ our Head;
Before he gave the mountains birth,
Or laid foundations for the earth.
3 Thus did eternal love begin,
To raise us up from death and sin;
Our characters were then decreed,--
Blameless in love, a holy seed.

4 Predestinated to be sons,

Born by degrees, but chose at once;
A new regenerated race,

To praise the glory of his grace.

o 5 With Christ, our Lord, we share a part
In the affections of his heart;

Nor shall our souls be thence remov'd,
'Till he forgets his First Belov'd.


HYMN 55. C. M. Hymn 2. [*]

Sickness and Recovery. Isa. xxxviii, 9, &c.
WHEN we are rais'd from deep distress,
Our God deserves a song;


We take a pattern of our praise,
From Hezekiah's tongue.

2 The gates of the devouring grave
Are open'd wide in vain ;

If he that holds the keys of death,
Commands then. fast again.

3 Pains of the flesh are wont t' abuse
Our minds with slavish fears;—
"Our days are past, and we shall lose
"The remnant of our years."

4 We chatter, with a swallow's voice,
Or like a dove we mourn;
With bitterness, instead of joys,
Afflicted and forlorn.

5 Jehovah speaks the healing word,
And no disease withstands;
Fevers and plagues obey the Lord,
And fly at his commands.

6 If half the strings of life should break,
He can our frome restore;
He casts our sins behind his back,
And they are found no more.]

HYMN 56. C. M. Bedford. [*]

The Song of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. xv, 3, and xvi, 19, and xvii, 6.



E sing the glories of thy love,
We sound thy dreadful name;

The Christian church unites the songs

Of Moses and the Lamb.

2 Great God, how wondrous are thy works,
Of vengeance, and of grace!

Thou King of saints, Almighty Lord,
How just and true thy ways!

3 Who dares refuse to fear thy name,
Or worship at thy throne!

Thy judgments speak thy holiness,
Through all the nations known.

4 Great Babylon, that rules the earth,
Drunk with the martyrs' blood,—
Her crimes shall speedily awake
The fury of our God.

e 5 The cup of wrath is ready mix'd,
And she must drink the dregs;
Strong is the Lord, her sov'reign Judge,
And shall fulfil the plagues.

HYMN 57. C. M. Plymouth. [b]

Adam, First and Second.

Rom. v, 12, &c. Psalm

li, 5. Job xiv, 4.

• 1 BACKWARD, with humble shame we look

our original;

p How is our nature dash'd, and broke, In our first father's fall!

e 2 To all that's good, averse and blind,
And prone to all that's ill;

What dreadful darkness veils our mind:
How obstinate our will!

p 3 Conceiv'd in sin, (O wretched state,)
Before we draw our breath,

The first young pulse begins to beat
Iniquity and death.

4 How strong in our degenerate blood
The old corruption reigns!

And mingling with the crooked flood,
Wanders through all our veins !

5 [Wild and unwholesome, as the root,
Will all the branches be:

How can we hope for living fruit,

From such a deadly tree?

6 What mortal pow'r, from things unclean,
Can pure productions bring?

Who can command a vital stream,
From an infected spring?]

- Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love,
Can make our nature clean;

While Christ, and grace, prevail above
The tempter, death, and sin.

o 8 The Second Adam shall restore
The ruins of the first:

o Hosanna to that sov'reign pow'r, That new creates our dust.

HYMN 58. L. M. Leeds. [*] Michael's War with the Dragon. Rev. xii, 7. ET mortal tongues attempt to sing

The wars of heav'n, when Michael stood

Chief gen'ral of th' eternal King,
And fought the battles of our God.

2 Against the Dragon and his host,
The armies of the Lord prevail;

In vain they rage, in vain they boast,
Their courage sinks, their weapons fail.
3 Down to the earth was Satan thrown;
Down to the earth his legions fell:
Then was the trump of triumph blown,
And shook the dreadful deeps of hell.
4 Now is the hour of darkness past,
Christ has assum'd his reigning pow'r :
Behold the great Accuser cast

Down from the skies, to rise no more.
5 'Twas by thy blood, Immortal Lamb,
Thine armies trod the Tempter down;
'Twas by thy word, and pow'rful Name,
They gain'd the battle, and renown.

6 Rejoice, ye heav'ns; let ev'ry star
Shine with new glories round the sky:
Saints, while ye sing the heav'nly war,
Raise your Deliv'rer's name on high.]


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HYMN 59. L. M. Blendon. [*]
Babylon fallen. Rev. xviii, 20, 21.
N Gabriel's hand, a mighty stone
Lies a fair type of Babylon:

C Prophets rejoice, and all ye saints;
"God shall avenge your long complaints."

2 He said, and dreadful as he stood, o He sunk the mill-stone in the flood:

0 "Thus terribly shall Babel fall,


"Thus-and no more be found at all."

HYMN 60. L. M. Truro. [*]

Mary's Song; or, Messiah born. Luke i, 46, &a.
UR souls shall magnify the Lord,
In Grod the Saviour we rejoice;

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