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b 3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms,

To our great fathers giv'n;
He takes young children to his arms,

And calls them heirs of heav'n.
04 Our God, how faithful are his ways !

His love endures the same ;
Nor from the promise of his grace

Blots out the children's name.
HYMN 114. C. M. Sunday. [*]

The same. Rom. xi, 16, 17.
e 1 MY ENTILES by nature, we belong

To the wild olive wood; o Grace took us from the barren tree,

And grafts us in the good. -2 With the same blessings grace endows • The Gentile and the Jew; If pure and holy be the root,

Such are the branches too. 0 3 Then let the children of the saints

Be dedicate to God; e Pour out thy Spirit on them, Lord, .

And wash them in thy blood.
04 Thus to the parents, and their seed,

Shall thy salvation come ;
And num'rous households meet at last,
In one eternal home.

HYMN 115. C. M. Plynouth. [b] Conviction by the Law. Rom. vii, 8, 9, 14, 24. 1 T ORD, how secure my conscience was,

u And felt no inward dread! I was alive without the law,

And thought my sins were dead. 2 My hopes of heav'n were firm and bright; e But since the precept came, With a convincing pow'r and light,

I find how vile I am.
3 (My guilt appear'd but small before,

Till terribly I saw,
How perfect, holy, just, and pure,

Is thine eternal law.
6 4 Then felt my soul the heavy load,

My sins reviv'd again ;

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I had provok'd a dreadful God,

And all my hopes were slain.)
p 5 I'm like a helpless captive, sold

Under the pow'r of sin;
I cannot do the good I would,

Nor keep my conscience clean.
-6 My God, I cry with ev'ry breath,

For some kind pow'r to save ;
To break the yoke of sin and death,
And thus redeem the slave.

HYMN 116. L. M. Bath. [*] Love to God and our Neighbour. Matt. xxii, 37-40. 1 THUS saith the first, the great command,

1 “Let all thy inward pow'rs unite, " To love thy Maker, and thy God, “ With utmost vigour and delight. 2 “ Then shall thy neighbour, next in place, 6 Share thine affection and esteem; “ And let thy kindness to thyself, “ Measure and rule thy love to him." 3 This is the sense that Moses spoke ; This did the prophets preach and prove ; For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law's fulfill'd by love. a 4 But oh ! how base our passions are! How cold our charity and zeal! Lord, fill our souls with heav'nly fire, Or we shall ne'er perform thy will. HYMN 117. L. M. Blendon. Bath. [* b] Election Sovereign and Free. Rom. ix, 21-24. 1 DEHOLD the potter and the clay, • D He forms his vessels as he please ; Such is our God, and such are we, The subjects of his just decrees. 2 [Doth not the workman's pow'r extend O’er all the mass, which part to choose, And mould it for a nobler end,

And which to leave for viler use?]
e 3 May not the sov'reign Lord on high

Dispense his favours as he will,
Choose some to life, while others die,
And yet be just, and gracious still?

d 4 [What if, to make his terrour known,

He lets his patience long endure,
Suff’ring vile rebels to go on,
And seal their own destruction sure?
5 What if he means to show his grace,
And his electing love 'employs,
To mark out some of mortal race,
And form them fit for heav'nly joys?]
6 Shall man reply against the Lord,

And call his Maker's ways unjust?o The thunder of whose dreadful word

Can crush a thousand worlds to dust. p 7 But, O my soul, if truth so bright,

Should dazzle and confound thy sight;
Yet still, his written will obey,

And wait the great decisive day.
& 8 Then he shall make his justice known;

And the whole world before his throne,
With joy or terrour shall confess
The glory of his righteousness.

HYMN 118. S. M St. Bridge's. [*]
Sin against the Law and Gospel. John i, 17. Heb.

iii, 3, 5, 6; x, 28, 29. 1 THE law by Moses came;

1 But peace and truth and love, Where bro't by Christ, a nobler name,

Descending from above.
2 Amidst the house of God,

Their diff'rent works were done ;
Moses a faithful servant stood,

But Christ a faithful Son.
o 3 Then to his new commands

Be strict chedience paid ;
O'er all his Father's house he stands,

The Sov'reign and the Head. @ 4 The man who durst despise

The law that Moses brought! p Behold! how terrible he dies

For his presumptuous fault.
5 But sorer vengeance falis

On that rebellious race,
Who hate to hear when Jesus calls,

And dare resist his grace.

HYMN 119. C. M. Abridge. [*] Various success of the Gospel. 1 Cor. i, 23, 24; •

2 Cor. ii, 16; 1 Cor. iii, 6, 7. 1 CHRIST and his cross is all our theme;

The myst'ries that we speak Are scandal in the Jews' esteem,

And folly to the Greek.
o 2 But souls, enlighten'd from above,

With joy receive the word ;
They see what wisdom, pow'r and love,

Shine in their dying Lord.
-3 The vital savour of his name

Restores their fainting breath : e But unbelief perverts the same a To guilt, despair, and death. -4 'Till God diffuse his graces down,

Like show'rs of heav'nly rain, In vain Apollos sows the ground,

And Paul may plant in vain.

HYMN 120. C. M. Mear. [*] Faith of Things unseen. Heb. xi, 1, 3, 8, 10. 1 LAITH is the brightest evidence

r Of things beyond our sight; Breaks through the clouds of flesh and sense,

And dwells in heav'nly light. 2 It sets times past in present view,

Brings distant prospects homeOf things a thousand years ago,

Or thousand years to come.
3 By faith, we know the worlds were made,

By God's almighty word ;
Abra'am to unknown countries led,

By faith obey'd the Lord.
4 He sought a city fair and high,

Built by th' eternal hands; o And faith assures us, though we die,

That heav'nly building stands.

HYMN 121. C. M. St. Martin's. [*] Children devoted to God. Gen. xvii, 7, 10. Acts xvi, 14,15,33. iTT HUS saith the mercy of the Lord,

T "I'll be a God to thee :

" I'll bless thy num'rous race, and they

6 Shall be a seed for me.".
2 Abra'am believ'd the promis'd grace,

And gave his sons to God;
But water seals the blessing now,

That once was seal'd' with blood. 3 Thus Lydia sanctified her house,

When she receiv'd the word ;
Thus the believing Jailer gave

His household to the Lord.
4 Thus later saints, eternal King,

Thine ancient truth embrace :
To thee their infant offspring bring,
And humoly claim the grace.

HYMN 122. L. M. Quercy. [*] Believers buried with Christ. Rom. vi, 3, 4, &c. e1 DO we not know that solemn word,

V That we are buried with the Lord ?
Baptiz'd into his death, and then

Put off the body of our sin ?
o 2 Our souls receive diviner breath,

Rais'd from corruption, guilt, and death; o So from the grave did Christ arise,

And lives to God above the skies.
-3 No more let sin or Satan reign
Over our mortal flesh again ;
The various lusts, we serv'd before,.
Shall have dominion now no more. .

HYMN 123. C. M. Reading. [b*]
The Repenting Prodigal, Luke xv, 13, &c.
1 DEHOLD the wretch, whose lust and wine

D Has wasted his estate!
He begs a share among the swine,

To taste the husks they eat..
p 2 "I die with hunger here,” he cries,

"I starve in foreign lands;
“My father's house has large supplies,

"And bounteous are his hands.
-3 " I'll go, and with a mournful tongue,

" Fall down before his face ;

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