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P Father, I've done thy justice wrong, "Nor can deserve thy grace."

o 4 He said, and hasten'd to his home, To seek his father's love;


-The father saw the rebel come,

And all his bowels, move.

u 5 He ran and fell upon his neck, Embrac'd and kiss'd his son;

p The rebel's heart with sorrow brake, For follies he had done.

• 6 "Take off his clothes of shame and sin, ("The father gives command)

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"Dress him in garments white and clean, "With rings adorn his hand.

"A day of feasting I ordain; "Let mirth and joy abound! S "My son was dead,—and lives again; "Was lost-and now is found."

HYMN 124. L. M.

Armley. [b*]

The First and Second Adam. Rom. v, 12, &c. EEP in the dust, before thy throne,

e 1

Dour guilt and our disgrace we own;

a Great God we own th' unhappy name,
Whence sprung our nature, and our shame!
2 Adam the sinner: at his fall

Death, like a conqu'ror, seiz'd us all :
A thousand new-born babes are dead,
By fatal union to their head.

e 3 But whilst our spirits fill'd with awe,
Behold the terrours of thy law,

o We sing the honours of thy grace,
That sent to save our ruin'd race.
4 We sing thine everlasting Son,
Who join'd our nature to his own:
g Adam the Second, from the dust,
Raises the ruins of the first.

e 5 [By the rebellion of one man,
Through all his seed the mischief ran;
And by one man's obedience now,
Are all his seed made righteous too.
• 6 Where sin did reign and death abound,
There have the sons of Adam found

o Abounding life; there glorious grace

Reigns through the Lord our righteousness.]

HYMN 125. C. M. Barby. [*]

Christ's Compassion to the Weak and Tempted. Heb. iv, 16; v, 7. Matt. xii, 20.

1 WITH joy we meditate the grace

Of our High Priest above; e His heart is made of tenderness, His bowels melt with love.

p 2 Touch'd with a sympathy within,
He knows our feeble frame;

He knows what sore temptations mean,
For he has felt the same.

--3 But spotless, innocent, and pure,
The great Redeemer stood;

e While Satan's fiery darts he bore, And did resist to blood.

p 4 He in the days of feeble flesh, Pour'd out his cries and tears; e And in his measure feels afresh What ev'ry member bears.

b 5 (He'll never quench the smoking flax,
But raise it to a flame ;

The bruised reed he never breaks,
Nor scorns the meanest name.)

o 6 Then let our humble faith address
His mercy and his pow'r;

o We shall obtain deliv'ring grace, In the distressing hour.


HYMN 126. L. M. Islington. [*]

Charity and Uncharitableness. Rom. xiv, 17, 19. 1 Cor. x, 32.
[OT diff'rent food, nor diff'rent dress,
Compose the kingdom of our Lord;
But peace, and joy, and righteousness,
Faith, and obedience to his word.

2 When weaker Christians we despise,
We do the gospel mighty wrong;
For God, the gracious and the wise,
Receives the feeble with the strong.

3 Let pride and wrath be banish'd hence,
Meekness and love our souls pursue:

Nor shall our practice give offence
To saints, the Gentile, or the Jew.

HYMN 127. L. M. Portugal. [*]
Christ's invitation to sinners.

1 "

Matt. xi, 28-30.

NOME hither, all ye weary souls,

66 Ye heavy laden sinners come;
"I'll give you rest from all your toils,
"And raise you to my heav'nly home.
2"They shall find rest, who learn of me,
"I'm of a meek and lowly mind;
"But passion rages like the sea,
"And pride is restless as the wind.

3"Bless'd is the man, whose shoulders take
"My yoke, and bear it with delight;
66 My yoke is easy to his neck,

"My grace shall make the burden light."

o 4 Jesus, we come at thy command, With faith, and hope, and humble zeal; Resign our spirits to thy hand,

To mould and guide us at thy will.

HYMN 128. L. M.

Green's. [*]

The Apostles' Commission. Mark xvi, 15, &c. Matt. xxviii, 18, &c.

1 "


O, preach my Gospel," saith the Lord; "Bid the whole earth my grace receive 0 "He shall be sav'd, who trusts my word; e "He shall be damn'd, who wont believe. -2 "I'll make your great commission known, "And ye shall prove my gospel true;


By all the works that I have done,

"By all the wonders ye shall do.

3 "Go heal the sick; go raise the dead; "Go cast out devils in my name :

"Nor let my prophets be afraid,

"Tho' Greeks reproach, and Jews blaspheme.

4 "Teach all the nations my commands; "I'm with you till the world shall end:

All pow'r is trusted in my hands;

"I can destroy, and I defend."

o 5 He spake,—and light shone round his head; On a bright cloud to heav'n he rode :

g They to the farthest nations spread The grace of their ascended God.

HYMN 129. L. M.

Armley. [b*] Abraham offering his Son. Gen. xxii, 6, &c. SAINTS, at your heav'nly Father's word,

Give up your comforts to the Lord;

He shall restore what you resign, Or grant you blessings more divine. 2 So Abra'am, with obedient hand, Led forth his son, at God's command; The wood, the fire, the knife he took; His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke. d 3 “Abra'am, forbear," the angel cry'd, "Thy faith is known, thy love is try'd; "Thy son shall live, and in thy seed, "Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed." o 4 Just in the last distressing hour, The Lord displays deliv'ring pow'r; The mount of danger is the place, Where we shall see surprising grace.

HYMN 130.

L. M. Sicilian. [b*] Love and Hatred. Phil. ii, 2. Eph. iv, 30, &c. TOW by the bowels of my God,

e 1

N His sharp distress, his sore complaints,

By his last groans, his dying blood,

I charge my soul to love the saints.
-2 Clamour and wrath and war begone,
Envy and spite for ever cease;

Let bitter words no more be known,
Amongst the saints, the sons of peace.
e 3 The Spirit, like a peaceful dove,
Flies from the realms of noise and strife;
Why should we vex and grieve His love,
Who seals our souls to heav'nly life?
4 Tender and kind be all our thoughts,
Through all our lives let mercy run:
-So God forgives our num'rous faults,
For the dear sake of Christ his Son.

HYMN 131. L. M. Islington. [b*]

The Pharisee and Publican. Luke xviii, 10, &c. EHOLD, how sinners disagree,—



• One doth his righteousness proclaim,
e The other owns his guilt and shame.
p 2 This man at humble distance stands,
And cries for grace with lifted hands;
o That boldly rises near the throne,
And talks of duties he has done.

-3 The Lord their diff'rent language knows,
And diff'rent answers he bestows:
o The humble soul with grace he crowns,
e Whilst on the proud his anger frowns.
-4 Dear Father, let me never be

Join'd with the boasting Pharisee;

e I have no merits of my own,

But plead the suff'rings of thy Son.



HYMN 132. L. M. Brentford. Oporto. [*]
Holiness and Grace. Titus ii, 10, 13.
O let our lips and lives express,
The holy Gospel, we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine.
2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad
The honours of our Saviour God;
When the salvation reigns within,
And grace subdues the pow'r of sin.
e 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,
Passion and envy, lust and pride;

o Whilst justice, temp'rance, truth and love,
Our inward piety approve.

-4 Religion bears our spirits up,

While we expect that blessed hope,o The bright appearance of the Lord;— And faith stands leaning on his word.


HYMN 133. C. M.

York. [*]
Love and Charity. 1 Cor. xiii, 2—7, 13.


ET Pharisees of high esteem

Their faith and zeal declare ;

All their religion is a dream,

If love be wanting there.

2 Love suffers long with patient eye,

Nor is provok'd in haste;

She lets the present injury die,
And long forgets the past.

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