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0 5 But God shall raise his head, O'er all the sons of men;


And make him see a num'rous seed,
To recompense his pain.

6"I'll give him," saith the Lord,

"A portion with the strong;

"He shall possess a large reward, "And hold his honours long."

b 1

HYMN 143. C. M.

Barby. [*]

Characters of the Children of God, from severai Scriptures.
S new-born babes desire the breast,
To feed, and grow, and thrive;


So saints with joy the gospel taste,

And by the gospel live.

2 [With inward gust, their heart approves
All that the world relates;

They love the men their Father loves,
And hate the work he hates.

3 Not all the flatt'ring baits on earth,
Can make them slaves to lust;
They can't forget their heav'nly birth,
Nor grovel in the dust.

4 Not all the chains that tyrants use,
Shall bind their souls to vice:

Faith, like a conqu'ror, can produce
A thousand victories.]

-5 Grace, like an uncorrupted seed,
Abides and reigns within ;
Immortal principles forbid

The sons of God to sin.

e 6 Not by the terrours of a slave, Do they perform his will;

o But with the noblest pow'rs they have, His sweet commands fulfil.

-7 They find access at ev'ry hour

To God, within the vail;

Hence they derive a quick'ning pow'r,

And joys that never fail.

o 8 0 happy souls! O glorious state
Of ever-flowing grace!

To dwell so near their Father's seat,
And see his lovely face!

e 9 Lord, I address thy heav'nly throne; Call me a child of thine;

Send down the Spirit of thy Son,

To form my heart divine.

-10 There shed thy choicest love abroad, And make my comforts strong;

d Then shall I say, My Father, God, With an unwav'ring tongue.

HYMN 144, C. M. Canterbury. York. [b*] The witnessing and sealing Spirit. Rom. viii, 14, 16. Eph. i, 13, 14.

e 1 W Go mourning all their days?

HY should the children of a king,

o Great Comforter, descend and bring Some tokens of thy grace.

e 2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints,
And seal the heirs of heav'n?

When wilt thou banish my complaints,
And show my sins forgiv'n?

-3 Assure my conscience of her part,
In the Redeemer's blood;

And bear thy witness with my heart,
That I am born of God.

o 4 Thou art the earnest of his love,
The pledge of joys to come;
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove,
Will safe convey me home.

HYMN 145. C. M. Sunday. Christmas. [*]
Christ and Aaron.



Heb. vii, and ix.

ESUS, in thee our eyes behold
A thousand glories more,

Than the rich gems, and polish'd gold,

The sons of Aaron wore.

e 2 They first their own burnt-off'rings bro't, To purge themselves from sin;

Thy life was pure without a spot,

And all thy nature clean.

-3 [Fresh blood, as constant as the day, Was on their altars spilt;

But thy one off'ring takes away,

For ever, all our guilt.

4 Their priesthood ran through sev'ral hands, For mortal was their race;

Thy never-changing office stands,
Eternal as thy days.]

e 5 Once in the circuit of a year,
With blood-but not his own,
Aaron within the vail appears,
Before the golden throne.

• 6 But Christ, by his own powerful blood,
Ascends above the skies;

And, in the presence of our God,
Shows his own sacrifice.

o Jesus, the King of glory reigns,
On Zion's heav'nly hill;

Looks like a lamb that has been slain,
And wears his priesthood still.

-8 He ever lives-to intercede
Before his Father's face :

Give him, my soul, thy cause to plead,
Nor doubt the Father's grace.

HYMN 146. L. M. Oporto. Nantwich. [*] The Excellencies of Christ.


G See in his face what wonders meet;

O worship at Emmanuel's feet,

Earth is too narrow to express

His worth, his glory, or his grace.

2 The whole creation can afford
But some faint shadows of my Lord;
Nature to make his beauties known,
Must mingle colours, not her own.
3 [Is he compar'd to wine or bread?
Dear Lord, our souls would thus be fed:"
That flesh, that dying blood of thine,
Is bread of life, is heav'nly wine.
4 Is HE a Tree? The world receives
Salvation from his healing leaves :

That righteous Branch, that fruitful Bough,
Is David's root and offspring too.

5 Is HE a Rose? Not Sharon yields.
Such fragrancy in all her fields:
Or if the Lily he assume,

The vallies bless the rich perfume.
6 Is HE a Vine? His heav'nly root
Supplies the boughs with life and fruit ;

O let a lasting union join

My soul to Christ the living vine.

Is HE the Head? Each member lives, And owns the vital power he gives; The saints below and saints above, Join'd by his Spirit and his love. 8 Is HE a Fountain? There I bathe, And heal the plague of sin and death: These waters all my soul renew, And cleanse my spotted garments too. 9 Is HE a Fire? He'll purge my dross: But the true gold sustains no loss; Like a refiner shall he sit,

And tread the refuse with his feet.

10 Is HE a Rock? How firm he proves! The Rock of Ages never moves:

Yet the sweet streams, that from him flow,
Attend us all the desert through.

11 Is HE a Way? He leads to God;
The path is drawn in lines of blood:
There would I walk, with hope and zeal,
Till I arrive at Sion's hill.

12 Is HE a Door? I'll enter in,
Behold the pastures large and green:
A Paradise divinely fair;

None but the sheep have freedom there.
13 Is HE design'd a Corner-Stone,-
For men to build their heav'n upon?
I'll make him my foundation too;
Nor fear the plots of hell below.
14 Is HE a Temple? I adore
Th' indwelling Majesty and Pow'r:
And still, to his most holy place,
Whene'er I pray, I turn my face.

15 Is HE a Star? He breaks the night, Piercing the shades with dawning light : I know his glories from afar ;

I know the bright, the Morning-Star.
16 Is HЕ a Sun? His beams are grace,
His course is joy and righteousness:
Nations rejoice, when he appears,

To chase the clouds, and dry their tears.]

e 17 O let me climb those higher skies,

Where storms and darkness never rise! o There he displays his pow'rs abroad,

And shines and reigns th' incarnate God. g 18 Nor earth, nor seas, nor sun, nor stars, Nor heav'n his full resemblance bears; His beauties we can never trace, 'Till we behold him face to face.


HYMN 147. L. M.

Green's. [*]

Names and Titles of Christ.
IS from the treasure of his word,

'TI borrow titles for my Lord;

Nor art, nor nature, can supply
Sufficient forms of majesty.

2 Bright Image of the Father's face,
Shining with undiminish'd rays;
Th' eternal God's eternal Son,
The heir and partner of his throne.

3 The King of kings, the Lord most high,
Writes his own name upon his thigh;
He wears a garment dipt in blood,
And breaks the nations with his rod.

4 Where grace can neither melt, nor move,
The Lamb resents his injur'd love;
Awakes his wrath, without delay,
And Judah's Lion tears the prey.

5 But when for works of peace he comes,
What winning titles he assumes!
Light of the world, and Life of men ;
Nor bears those characters in vain.

6 With tender pity in his heart,
He acts the Mediator's part;
A Friend and Brother he appears,

And well fulfils the names he wears.

At length the Judge his throne ascends, Divides the rebels from his friends;

And saints in full fruition prove,

His rich variety of love.]


Allerton. [*]

HYMN 148. P. M.
Scriptural Titles of Christ.
ITH cheerful voice I sing
The titles of my Lord;


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