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HYMN 27. L. M.

Blendon. [*]

Praise ye Him all his Angels. Ps. cxlviii, 2.

GOD, the eternal, awful name,

That the whole heav'nly army fears! That shakes the wide creation's frame, And Satan trembles when he hears! -2 Like flames of fire his servants are, And light surrounds his dwelling place, • But, O ye fiery flames, declare

The brighter glories of his face.

e 3 'Tis not for such poor worms as we,
To speak so infinite a thing;
-But your immortal eyes survey

The beauties of your sov'reign King.
o 4 Tell how he shows his smiling face,
And clothes all heav'n in bright array;
Triumph and joy run thro' the place,
And songs eternal as the day.

o 5 Speak-for you feel his burning love,— What zeal it spreads through all your frame; e That sacred fire dwells all above,

For we on earth have lost the name. -6 [Sing of his pow'r, and justice too, That infinite right hand of his,

That vanquish'd Satan and his crew; • And thunder drove them down from bliss. d 7 What mighty storms of poison'd darts Were hurl'd upon the rebels there! What deadly jav'lins nail'd their hearts, Fast to the racks of long despair.

• 8 Shout to your King ye heav'nly host, You that beheld the sinking foe;

Firmly ye stood, when they were lost; o Praise the rich grace that kept you so.] u 9 Proclaim his wonders from the skies; Let ev'ry distant nation hear: -And while you sound his lofty praise, e Let humble mortals bow, and fear! HYMN 28. C. M. Windsor. [b]

e 1

Death and Eternity.


TOOP down, my tho'ts, that used to rise


e Think how a gasping mortal lies,— And pants away his breath.

p 2 His quiv'ring lip hangs feeble down,
His pulse is faint and few ;

Then, speechless, with a doleful groan,
He bids the world adieu !

e 3 But oh, the soul that never dies!
At once it leaves the clay!
-Ye thoughts, pursue it where it flies,
And track its wondrous way.

u 4 Up to the courts where angels dwell;
It mounts triumphant there :-

a Or devils plunge it down to hell, In infinite despair.

p 5 And must my body faint and die?
And must this soul remove?

Oh, for some guardian angel, nigh
To bear it safe above.

-6 Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand,
My naked soul I trust;

e And my flesh waits for thy command,
To drop into my dust.

HYMN 29. C. M. Devizes. [*]
Redemption by Price and Power.

1 JESUS, with all thy saints above,

My tongue would bear her part; • Would sound aloud thy saving love, And sing thy bleeding heart.

-2 Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord, Who bought me with his blood;

e And quench'd his Father's flaming sword, In his own vital flood.

o 3 The Lamb, that free'd my captive soul From Satan's heavy chains;

o And sent the lion down to howl, Where hell and horrour reigns.

s 4 All glory to the dying Lamb,

And never ceasing praise;
While angels live to know his name,
Or saints to feel his grace.

HYMN 30. S. M. Newton. Kibworth. [*]

Heavenly Joy on Earth.


MOME, we who love the Lord,
And let our joys be known;

Join in a song of sweet accord,


And thus surround the throne.
2 The sorrows of the mind
Be banish'd from the place!
Religion never was design'd

To make our pleasures less.]

3 Let those refuse to sing,

Who never knew our God; o But fav'rites of the heav'nly King Should speak their joys abroad.


4 [The God that rules on high, And thunders when he please, That rides upon the stormy sky, And manages the seas.

5 This awful God is ours,

Our Father and our love;

o He shall send down his heav'nly pow'rs, To carry us above.


6 There we shall see his face,

And never-never sin ;
There, from the rivers of his grace,
Drink endless pleasures in.

7 Yes, and before we rise

To that immortal state,

The thoughts of such amazing bliss
Should constant joys create.]
8 The men of grace have found
Glory begun below;

Celestial fruits on earthly ground,

From faith and hope may grow.

b 9 The hill of Zion yields

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A thousand sacred sweets,

Before we reach the heav'nly fields,
Or walk the golden streets.


10 Then let our songs abound,

And ev'ry tear be dry;

We're marching through Emmanuel's ground,'
To fairer worlds on high.

HYMN 31. L. M. Sicilian. [b]

Christ's Presence makes Death easy.
WHY should we start, and fear to die!
What tim'rous worms we mortals are!


nd found th


HYMN 32, 33.


th is the gate of endless joy,

y." surelud yet we dread to enter there.

died fe Dut it · 7 de

The pains, the groans, the dying strife,
Fright our approaching souls away;
Still we shrink back again to life,
Fond of our prison and our clay.

3 Oh! if my Lord would come and meet,
My soul should stretch her wings in haste;
Fly fearless through death's iron gate,
Nor feel the terrours as she pass'd.

4 Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are ;
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breathe my life out sweetly there.]

HYMN 32. C. M.

China. [b]

Frailty and Folly.

• 1 H How vast our soul's affairs!

TOW short and hasty is our life!

e Yet senseless mortals vainly strive-
To lavish out their years.

-2 Our days run thoughtlessly along,
Without a moment's stay;

Just like a story, or a song,
We pass our lives away.

3 God, from on high, invites us home;
But we march heedless on;

And, ever hast'ning to the tomb,
Stoop downwards as we run.

a 4 How we deserve the deepest hell,
Who slight the joys above!

What chains of vengeance should we feel,
Who break such cords of love?
-5 Draw us, O God, with sov'reign grace,
And lift our thoughts on high;

o That we may end this mortal race,
And see salvation nigh.

HYMN 33. C. M. Arundel. St. Asaph's. [*]

The blessed Society in Heaven.

01 RAISE thee, my soul, by up, and run

Thro' ev'ry heav'nly street;

And say, there's nought below the sun,
That's worthy of thy feet.

2 [Thus will we mount on sacred wings,
And tread the courts above:

Nor earth, nor all her mightiest things,
Shall tempt our meanest love.]

g 3 There, on a high majestic throne,
Th' Almighty Father reigns!

And sheds his glorious goodness down,
On all the blissful plains.

4 Bright, like the sun, the Saviour sits!
And spreads eternal noon :
No evenings there, nor gloomy nights,
To want the feeble moon.

5 Amidst those ever-shining skies,
Behold the Sacred Dove!
While, banish'd, sin and sorrow flies
From all the realms of love.

o 6 The glorious tenants of the place,
Stand bending round the throne;

• And saints and seraphs sing and praise The infinite Three-One.

e7 [But Oh, what beams of heav'nly grace
Transport them all the while!

Ten thousand smiles from Jesus' face,
And love in ev'ry smile!]

e 8 Jesus, and when shall that dear day,
That joyful hour appear,-

When I shall leave this house of clay,
To dwell amongst them there.

HYMN 34. C. M. Isle of Wight. Zion. [b*]
Breathing after the Holy Spirit.



NOME, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,
With all thy quick'ning pow'rs,—

Kindle a flame of sacred love,

In these cold hearts of ours.

e 2 Look, how we grovel here below, Fond of these trifling toys!

a Our souls can neither fly nor go, To reach eternal joys.

e 3 In vain we tune our formal songs, In vain we strive to rise;

a Hosannas languish on our tongues, And our devotion dies.

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