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p 4 Dear Lord! and shall we ever live
At this poor dying rate?

Our love so faint, so cold to thee,
And thine to us so great?

-5 Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,
With all thy quick'ning pow'rs,—
o Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,
And that shall kindle ours.

e 1

HYMN 35. C. M. Mear. [*] Praise for Creation and Redemption. ET them neglect thy glory, Lord, Who never know thy grace; o But our loud song shall still record The wonders of thy praise.


o 2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee, And send them to thy throne;

u All glory to the united THREE, The undivided ONE.

-3 'Twas he (and we'll adore his name) Who form'd us by a word;


'Tis he restores our ruin'd frame: Salvation to the Lord!

s 4 Hosanna!-let the earth and skies
Repeat the joyful sound;

Rocks, hills, and vales reflect the voice,
In one eternal round.

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HYMN 36. S. M. Newton. [*]

Christ's Intercession.

ELL, the Redeemer's gone,
before our God;

WE T' appear

To sprinkle o'er the flaming throne,
With his atoning blood.

2 No fiery vengeance now,

No burning wrath comes down;
If justice calls for sinner's blood,
The Saviour shews his own.

3 Before his Father's eye
Our humble suit he moves;

e The Father lays his thunder by,
And looks, and smiles, and loves.


4 Now may our joyful tongues
Our Maker's honours sing;

Jesus, the Priest, receives our songs,
And bears them to the King.

5 [We bow before his face, And sound his glories high: Hosanna to the God of grace,

That lays his thunder by.]

• 6 On earth thy mercy reigns, And triumphs all above:

e But, Lord, how weak our mortal strains, To speak immortal love!


7 [How jarring and how low
Are all the notes we sing!

-Sweet Saviour, tune our songs anew,
And they shall please the King.]

HYMN 37. C. M.

The same.

Sunday. [*]

IIFT up your eyes to th' heav'nly seat,
Where your Redeemer stays:

Kind Intercessor, there he sits,

And loves, and pleads, and prays.

2 'Twas well, my soul, he dy'd for thee.
And shed his vital blood,-
Appeas'd stern justice on the tree,
And then arose to God.

3 Petitions now and praise may rise,
And saints their off'rings bring.
The Priest, with his own sacrifice,
Presents them to the King.

4 (Let papists trust what names they please;
Their saints and angels boast,
We've no such advocates as these,
Nor pray to th' heav'nly host.)
5 Jesus alone shall bear my cries,
Up to his Father's throne:
He, dearest Lord, perfumes my sighs,
And sweetens ev'ry groan.

6 Ten thousand praises to the King;
Hosanna in the high'st:

Ten thousand thanks our spirits bring
To God and to his Christ.]


HYMN 38. C. M. York. [*]

Love to God.

TAPPY the heart where graces reign,

H where love inspires the breast:

Love is the brightest of the train,
And strengthens all the rest.

e 2 Knowledge, alas! 'tis all in vain,
And all in vain our fear;

Our stubborn sins will fight and reign,
If love be absent there.

o 3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet
In swift obedience move;

e The devils know, and tremble too,-
But Satan cannot love.

o 4 This is the grace that lives, and sings,
When faith and hope shall cease;
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings
In the sweet realms of bliss.

5 Before we quite forsake our clay,
Or leave this dark abode,

The wings of love bear us away,
To see our smiling God.

HYMN 39. C. M Canterbury. [b]
The Shortness and Misery of Life.
UR days, alas! our mortal days

10 Are short, and wretched too:

Evil and few, the patriarch says,
And well the patriarch knew.]
e 2 'Tis but at best a narrow bound,
That heav'n allows to men,

And pains and sins run through the round
Of three score years and ten.
o 3 Well, if ye must be sad and few,
Run on my days in haste;

Moments of sin, and months of wo,
Ye cannot fly too fast.

4 Let heav'nly love prepare my soul;
And call her to the skies,-

o Where years of long salvation roll, And glory never dies.


HYMN 40. C. M. Abridge. [*]
Comfort in the Covenant with Christ.
UR God, how firm his promise stands,
E'en when he hides his face;


He trusts in our Redeemer's hands,
His glory and his grace.

e 2 Then why, my soul, these sad complaints, Since Christ and we are one?

-Thy God is faithful to his saints—
Is faithful to his Son:

3 Beneath his smiles my heart has liv'd,
And part of heav'n possess'd:

o I praise his Name for grace receiv'd, And trust him for the rest


HYMN 41. L. M. Castle-Street. [*] A sight of God mortifies us to the World. to the fields where angels lie,


And living waters gently roll,
Fain would my thoughts leap out and fly,-
But sin hangs heavy on my soul.

2 Thy wondrous blood, dear dying Christ,
Can make this world of guilt remove;
And thou canst bear me where thou fly'st,
On thy kind wings, celestial Dove.]

3 O might I once mount up and see
The glories of th' eternal skies,

What little things these worlds would be?
How despicable to my eyes?

4 Had I a glance of thee, my God,
Kingdoms and men would vanish soon;
Vanish, as though I saw them not,

As a dim candle dies at noon.

5 Then they might fight, and rage, and rave;
I should perceive the noise no more,
Than we can hear a shaking leaf,
While rattling thunders round us roar.
6 Great All in All, eternal King,
Let me but view thy lovely face;
And all my pow'rs shall bow and sing,
Thine endless grandeur and thy grace.


HYMN 42. C. M. Tunbridge. [b]
Delight in God.

My God, what endless pleasures dwell

Above, at thy right hand!

Thy courts below, how amiable,
Where all thy graces stand!

o 2 The swallow near thy temple lies,
And chirps a cheerful note:

The lark mounts upward tow'rd the skies,
And tunes her warb'ling throat.

3 And we, when in thy presence, Lord,
We shout with cheerful tongues:
Or sitting round our Father's board,
We crown the feast with songs.

4 While Jesus shines with quick'ning grace,
We sing, and mount on high;
But if a frown becloud his face,
We faint, and tire, and die.

5 Just as we see the lonesome dove
Bemoan her widow'd state:

Wand'ring she flies thro' all the grove,
And mourns her loving mate.

6 Just so our tho'ts from thing to thing,
In restless circles rove;

Just so we droop, and hang the wing,
When Jesus hides his love.]

0 1

HYMN 43. L. M. Sheffield. Leeds. [*]
Christ's Sufferings and Glory.

TOW for a tune of lofty praise,

No great Jehovah's equal Son!

o Awake, my voice, in heav'nly lays, Tell the loud wonders he hath done.

2 Sing, how he left the worlds of light,
And the bright robes he wore above
u How swift and joyful was the flight,
On wings of everlasting love.

e 3 (Down to this base, this sinful earth,
He came to raise our nature high;
p He came t' atone almighty wrath :-
Jesus the God was born to die.)
e 4 [Hell and its lions roar'd around,
His precious blood the monsters spilt;
While weighty sorrows prest him down
Large as the loads of all our guilt.]
a 5 Deep in the shades of gloomy death,
Th' almighty captive Pris'ner lay;
o Th' almighty Captive left the earth,
And rose to everlasting day.

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