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6 Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light, Up to his throne of shining grace; See what immortal glories sit

Round the sweet beauties of his face.

g 7 Amongst a thousand harps and songs, Jesus the God exalted reigns;


His sacred name fills all their tongues,
And echoes through the heav'nly plains!
HYMN 44. L. M. [b]


Hell: or the Vengeance of God.
FITH holy fear, and humble song,

Rev'rence and awe become the tongue,
That speaks the terrours of his pow'r.

2 Far in the deep, where darkness dwells,
The land of horrour and despair,-
Justice has built a dismal hell,

And laid her stores of vengeance there.
3 (Eternal plagues and heavy chains,
Tormenting racks and fiery coals,—
And darts t' inflict immortal pains,
Dy'd in the blood of damn'd souls.
4 There Satan, the first sinner, lies,
And roars, and bites his iron bands;
In vain the rebel strives to rise,
Crush'd with the weight of both thy hands.)
5 There guilty ghosts of Adam's race,
Shriek out, and howl beneath thy rod;
Once they could scorn a Saviour's grace,
But they incens'd a dreadful God.

6 Tremble, my soul, and kiss the Son :
Sinner obey thy Saviour's call;
Else your damnation hastens on,
And hell gapes wide to wait your fall.]

HYMN 45. L. M. Nantwich. [*]
God's Condescension to our Worship.
1 HY favours, Lord, surprise our souls:
Will the ETERNAL dwell with us!
What canst thou find beneath the poles,
To tempt thy chariot downward thus?
-2 Still might he fill his starry throne,
And please his ears with Gabriel's songs;

But heav'nly Majesty comes down,

And bows to hearken to our tongues.

e 3 Great God! what poor returns we pay,
For love so infinite as thine :

Words are but air, and tongues but clay,
But thy compassion's all divine.

HYMN 46. L. M. Weldon. Portugal. [*]
God's Condescension to Human Affairs.
to the Lord, who reigns on high,

Und views the nations from afar,

o Let everlasting praises fly,

And tell how large his bounties are.

p 2 [He who can shake the worlds he made,
Or with his word, or with his rod,-
His goodness, how amazing great,
And what a condescending God!]

e 3 God, who must stoop to view the skies,
And bow to see what angels do-
Down to the earth he casts his eyes,
And bends his footsteps downward too
-4 He overrules all mortal things,
And manages our mean affairs:
On humble souls the King of kings
Bestows his counsels and his cares.
e 5 Our sorrows and our tears we pour
Into the bosom of our God;

He hears us in the mournful hour,
And helps to bear the heavy load.
-6 In vain might lofty princes try
Such condescension to perform ;

For worms were never rais'd so high,
Above their meanest fellow-worm.

o 7 Oh! could our thankful hearts devise
A tribute equal to thy grace-

To the third heav'n our songs should rise,
And teach the golden harps thy praise.

HYMN 47. L. M. Green's. Nantwich. [*]
Glory and Grace in the Person of Christ.
OW to the Lord a noble song!

e 1


Awake, my soul; awake, my tongue ;
Hosanna to th' Eternal Name,

u And all his boundless love proclaim.

b 2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, The brightest image of his grace; -God, in the person of his Son,

Has all his mightiest works outdone.

e 3 The spacious earth, and spreading flood, Proclaim the wise, the pow'rful God; And thy rich glories from afar, Sparkle in ev'ry rolling star :o 4 But in his looks a glory stands, The noblest labour of thine hands: The pleasing lustre of his eyes

Outshines the wonders of the skies.

a 5 Grace!-'tis a sweet, a charming theme; -My thoughts rejoice at Jesus' name! o Ye angels dwell upon the sound; u Ye heav'ns reflect it to the ground! -6 Oh, may I reach the happy place, Where he unveils his lovely face! o Where all his beauties you behold; And sing his name to harps of gold. Reading. [b]

HYMN 48. C. M.

Love to the Creatures dangerous. [OW vain are all things here below, How false, and yet how fair!

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Each pleasure hath its poison too,
And ev'ry sweet a snare."

2 The brightest things below the sky,
Give but a flatt'ring light;

We should suspect some danger nigh,
Where we possess delight.

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends,
The partners of our blood-
How they divide our wav'ring minds,
And leave but half for God!

4 The fondness of a creature's love,
How strong it strikes the sense?
Thither the warm affections move,
Nor can we call them thence.

05 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be
My soul's eternal food;

And grace command my heart away
From all created good.

HYMN 49. C. M. Hymn 2. [*] Moses Dying in the Embraces of God.

DEATH cannot make our souls afraid,

God be with us there;

We may walk through the darkest shade,
And never yield to fear.

2 I could renounce iny all below,
If my Creator bid;

And run, if I were call'd to go,

And die as Moses did.

3 Might I but climb to Pisgah's top,
And view the promis'd land;
My flesh itself would long to drop,
And pray for the command.

4 Clasp'd in my heav'nly Father's arms,
I would forget my breath;

And lose my life among the charms
Of so divine a death.]


HYMN 50. L. M. Sicilian. [b*]
Comforts under Sorrows and Pains.
TOW let the Lord my Saviour smile,

NWdest tw my name upon his heart;

I would forget my pains awhile,

And in the pleasure lose the smart.
2 But oh! it swells my sorrows high,
To see my blessed Jesus frown;
My spirits sink, my comforts die,
And all the springs of life are down.

3 Yet, why, my soul, why these complaints?
Still, while he frowns, his bowels move:
Still on his heart he bears his saints,
And feels their sorrows, and his love.
4 My name is printed on his breast;
His book of life contains my name;
I'd rather have it there impress'd,
Than in the bright records of fame.
5 When the last fire burns all things here,
Those letters shall securely stand,
And in the Lamb's fair book appear,
Writ by the eternal Father's hand.
6 Now shall my minutes smoothly run,
Whilst here I wait my Father's will;
My rising, and my setting sun,
Roll gently up and down the hill.]

HYMN 51. L. M. Blendon. [*]
God the Son equal with the Father.
RIGHT King of glory, dreadful God!

PB our spirits bow before thy seat ;

To thee we lift an humble thought,
And worship at thine awful feet.

2 [Thy pow'r hath form'd, thy wisdom sways, All nature with a soy'reign word: And the bright world of stars obeys The will of their superior Lord. -3 Mercy and truth unite in one, And smiling set at thy right hand; g Eternal justice guards thy throne,

And vengeance waits thy dread command.]
-4 A thousand seraphs, strong and bright,
Stand round the glorious Deity :-
But who, amongst the sons of light,
Pretends comparison with thee?
o 5 Yet there is one of human frame,
Jesus, array'd in flesh and blood,
Thinks it no robbery to claim
A full equality with God.

-6 Their glory shines with equal beams;
Their essence is for ever one;

Tho' they are known by diff'rent names,
The Father God, and God the Son.

o 7 Then let the Name of Christ our King,
With equal honours be ador'd;

His praise let every angel sing,
And all the nations own him Lord.


HYMN 52. C. M. Bangor. [b]
Death dreadful or delightful.

Do those who have no God,

EATH! 'tis a melancholy day,

When the poor soul is forc'd away

To seek her last abode.

2 In vain to heav'n she lifts her eyes;
But guilt, a heavy chain,

Still drags her downward from the skies,
To darkness, fire, and pain.

3 Awake, and mourn, ye heirs of hell,
Let stubborn sinners fear;

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