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o 4 Then let the sov'reigns of the globe Not dare to vex the just;

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He puts on vengeance like a robe,
And treads the worms to dust.

e 5 Ye judges of the earth, be wise,
And think of heav'n with fear;
The meanest saint that you despise
Has an avenger there.


HYMN 116. C. M.

Swanwick. [*]

Mercies and Thanks.

HM my eternal God,

TOW can I sink with such a prop,

g Who bears the earth's huge pillars up,
And spreads the heav'ns abroad?
e 2 How can I die while Jesus lives,
Who rose and left the dead!
-Pardon and grace my soul receives,
From mine exalted head.
o 3 All that I am, and all I have,
Shall be forever thine!

Whate'er my duty bids me give,
My cheerful hands resign.

-4 Yet if I might make some reserve,
And duty did not call;

o I love my God with zeal so great,
That I should give him all.]

HYMN 117. L. M. Green's.
Living and Dying with God present.
1 [CANNOT bear thine absence, Lord,
My life expires if thou depart;
Be thou, my heart, still near my God,
And thou, my God, be near my heart.
2 I was not born for earth or sin,
Nor can I live on things so vile;
Yet I will stay my Father's time,
And hope, and wait for heav'n a while.
3 Then, dearest Lord, in thine embrace,
Let me resign my fleeting breath;
And, with a smile upon my face,
Pass the important hour of Death.]


HYMN 118. L. M. Newcourt. [b*]
The Priesthood of Christ.

BLOOD has a voice to pierce the skies,

Revenge-the blood of Abel cries;


e But the dear stream, when Christ was slain,
-Speaks peace-as loud from ev'ry vein.
2 Pardon and peace from God on high;
Behold he lays his vengeance by;
And rebels who deserve his sword,
Become the fav'rites of the Lord.
o 3 To Jesus let our praises rise,
Who gave his life a sacrifice;
Now he appears before our God,
And, for our pardon, pleads his blood.
HYMN 119. C. M. Plymouth. [b*]
The Holy Scriptures.

1Lfly to thee, my Lord;

ADEN with guilt and full of fears,

And not a glimpse of hope appears,
But in thy written word.

2 The volume of my Father's grace
Does all my grief assuage:

Here I behold my Saviour's face,
Almost in ev'ry page.

3 (This is the field where hidden lies
The pearl of price unknown;
That merchant is divinely wise,
Who makes the pearl his own.)
4 (Here consecrated water flows,
To quench my thirst of sin;
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,
No danger dwells therein.)

5 This is the Judge that ends the strife,
Where wit and reason fail;

My guide to everlasting life,

Through all this gloomy vale.
6 Oh! may thy counsels, mighty God,
My roving feet command;
Nor I forsake the happy road

That leads to thy right hand.


HYMN 120. S. M. Aylesbury. [b] The Law and Gospel joined in Scripture. HE Lord declares his will, And keeps the world in awe ; e Amidst the smoke of Sinai's hill, Breaks out his fiery law.

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2 The Lord reveals his face,
And, smiling from above,

o Sends down the gospel of his grace, Th' epistles of his love.

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3 These sacred words impart Our Maker's just commands; e The pity of his melting heart,

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And vengeance of his hands.
4 (Hence we awake our fear;

We draw our comfort hence;
The arms of grace are treasur'd here,
And armour of defence.)
5 (We learn Christ crucify'd,
And here behold his blood;
All arts and knowledges beside,
Will do us little good.)

6 We read the heav'nly word,
We take the offer'd grace;
Obey the statutes of the Lord,
And trust his promises.
7 In vain shall Satan rage
Against a book divine,-

e Where wrath and lightning guard the page,
Where beams of mercy shine.

HYMN 121. L. M. Armley. [b*]
The Law and Gospel distinguished.

1T What duties to our God we owe;

HE law commands, and makes us know

o But 'tis the gospel must reveal

Where lies our strength to do his will. e 2 The law discovers guilt and sin,

And shews how vile our hearts have been; o Only the gospel can express

Forgiving love and cleansing grace.

e 3 What curses does the law denounce
Against the man who fails but once?
o But in the gospel Christ appears,

Pard'ning the guilt of num'rous years.
-4 My soul, no more attempt to draw
Thy life and comfort from the law;
a Fly to the hope the gospel gives:
The man who trusts the promise-lives.


HYMN 122. L. M. Bethel. [b*]

Retirement and Meditation.

Y God, permit me not to be

'M'A stranger to myself and thee;

Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,
Forgetful of my highest love.

e 2 Why should my passions mix with earth,
And thus debase my heav'nly birth?
Why should I cleave to things below,
And let my God, my Saviour go?
d 3 Call me away from flesh and sense,
One sov'reign word can draw me thence;
-I would obey the voice divine,

And all inferior joys resign.

e 4 Be earth with all her scenes withdrawn; Let noise and vanity be gone :

a In secret silence of the mind,

My heav'n-and there my God, I find. HYMN 123. L. M. Green's. [*] The Benefit of Public Ordinances. WAY from ev'ry mortal care,

1 [


Away from earth, our souls retreat; We leave this worthless world afar, And wait, and worship, near thy seat. 2 Lord, in the temple of thy grace, We see thy feet, and we adore; We gaze upon thy lovely face,

And learn the wonders of thy pow'r.

p 3 While here our various wants we mourn, United groans ascend on high;

-And pray'rs produce a quick return
Of blessings in variety.

e 4 (If Satan rage, and sin grow strong,
-Here we receive some cheering word;
o We gird the gospel armour on,
• To fight the battles of the Lord.
e 5 Or if our spirit faints and dies,

-(Our conscience gall'd with inward stings,)
o Here does the righteous Sun arise,
With healing beams beneath his wings.)
e 6 Father, my soul would still abide
Within thy temple near thy side :
But if my feet must hence depart,
Still keep thy dwelling in my heart.]
C. M.

HYMN 124. C. M.

York. [b*]
Moses, Aaron, and Joshua.
IS not the law of ten commands,
On holy Sinai giv'n,



And sent to men by Moses' hands,

Can bring us safe to heav'n.

2 'Tis not the blood which Aaron spilt,
Nor smoke of sweetest smell;
Can buy the pardon of our guilt,
Or save our souls from hell.

e 3 Aaron the priest resigns his breath,
At God's immediate will:
And in the desert yields to death,
Upon th' appointed hill.

4 And thus on Jordan's yonder side,
The tribes of Israel stand;
While Moses bow'd his head and dy'd,
Short of the promis'd land.

o 5 Israel rejoice, now Joshua* leads,
He'll bring your tribes to rest:
So far the Saviour's name exceeds
The ruler and the priest.

HYMN 125. L. M. Pleyel's. [b]
Faith and Repentance, Unbelief and Impenitence.
1 [ IFE and immortal joys are giv'n,

To souls that mourn the sins they've done;
Children of wrath, made heirs of heav'n,
By faith in God's eternal Son.

e 2 Wo to the wretch who never felt.
The inward pangs of pious grief;
But adds to all his crying guilt
The stubborn sin of unbelief.

3 The law condemns the rebel dead,
Under the wrath of God he lies:
a He seals the curse on his own head,
And with a double vengeance dies.]
HYMN 126. C. M.

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Wareham. [*]

God Glorified in the Gospel.

HE Lord, descending from above,
Invites his children near,

While pow'r, and truth, and boundless love,
Display their glories here.

2 Here, in the gospel's wondrous frame,
Fresh wisdom we pursue;

d A thousand angels learn thy name, Beyond whate'er they knew.

* Joshua same with Jesus and signifies a Saviour.

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