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2 Thus does th' eternal Spirit own,
-And seal the mission of the Son;
The Father vindicates his cause,
While he hangs bleeding on the cross.

e 3 He dies:-the heav'ns in mourning stood!
o He rises-and appears a God!
• Behold the Lord ascending high,
No more to bleed, no more to die.
-4 Hence and for ever from my heart
I bid my doubts and fears depart;
And to those hands my soul resign,
Which bear credentials so divine.
HYMN 138. L. M.

Blendon. Leeds. [*]

The Power of the Gospel.
1 HIS is the word of truth and love,
Sent to the nations from above;


• Jehovah here resolves to shew
What his almighty grace can do.
-2 This remedy did wisdom find,
To heal diseases of the mind;

o This sov'reign balm, whose virtues can
Restore the ruin'd creature, man.
-3 The gospel bids the dead revive,
Sinners obey the voice, and live;

Dry bones are rais'd, and cloth'd afresh,
And hearts of stone are turn'd to flesh.
4 (Where Satan reign'd in shades of night,
The gospel strikes a heav'nly light:
Our lusts its wondrous pow'r controls,
And calms the rage of angry souls.
5 Lions and beasts of savage name
Put on the nature of the lamb;

e While the wide world esteems it strange,
a Gaze, and admire, and hate the change.)
-6 May but this grace my soul renew,
Let sinners gaze and hate me too;
The word that saves me does engage
A sure defence from all their rage.

HYMN 139. L. M. Sicilian. Pleyel's. [*]
The Example of Christ.

M'I read my duty in thy word,

Y dear Redeemer, and my Lord,

But in thy life the law appears,
Drawn out in living characters.


2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal, Such def'rence to thy Father's willSuch love, and meekness so divine

I would transcribe and make them mine.

3 Cold mountains, and the midnight air,
Witness'd the fervour of thy prayer;
The desert thy temptations knew,

Thy conflict, and thy vict'ry too.

-4 Be thou my pattern; make me bear
More of thy gracious image here!
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name,
Amongst the foll'wers of the Lamb.

HYMN 140. C. M. Mear. [*]
The Examples of Christ and the Saints.
IVE me the wings of faith, to rise

• 1 G Within the vail; and see

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The saints above, how great their joys;
How bright their glories be!

p 2 Once they were mourning here below,
And wet their couch with tears:
They wrestled hard, as we do now,

With sins, and doubts, and fears.

-3 I ask them, whence their vict'ry came; They, with united breath,

o Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb-
Their triumph to his death.

-4 They mark'd the footsteps he had trod,
(His zeal inspir'd their breast ;)
And, following their incarnate God,
Possess'd the promis'd rest.

5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise,
For his own pattern giv'n;

While the long cloud of witnesses
Shew the same path to heav'n.


HYMN 141. C. M. St. Martin's. [*]
Preaching, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper.

M Saviour God, my Sov'reign Prince,

Reigns far above the skies;

But brings his graces down to sense,

And helps my faith to rise.

2 My eyes and ears shall bless his name;
They read and hear his word;

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My touch and taste shall do the same,
When they receive the Lord.
3 Baptismal water is design'd
To seal his cleansing grace;
While, at his feast of bread and wine,
He gives his saints a place.
4 But not the waters of a flood
Can make my flesh so clean,
As, by his Spirit and his blood,
He'll wash my soul from sin.

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5 Not choicest meats, nor noblest wines,
So much my heart refresh,

As when my faith goes thro' the signs,
And feeds upon his flesh.

6 I love the Lord, who stoops so low,
To give his word a seal;

But the rich grace his hands bestow,
Exceeds the figures still.

HYMN 142. S. M.


Peckham. [b]

Faith in Christ our Sacrifice.
OT all the blood of beasts,
On Jewish altars slain,


Could give the guilty conscience peace,
Or wash away the stain.
2 But Christ, the heav'nly Lamb,
Takes all our sins away;

A sacrifice of nobler name,

And richer blood than they.
3 My faith would lay her hand
On that dear head of thine,-
While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.
4 My soul looks back to see

The burdens thou didst bear,When hanging on the cursed tree,And hopes her guilt was there. 5 Believing, we rejoice

To see the curse remove;

s We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice, And sing his bleeding love.


HYMN 143. C. M. Armley. [b*]
Flesh and Spirit.

WHAT diff'rent pow'rs of grace and sin

Attend our mortal state?

I hate the thoughts that work within,
And do the works I hate.

p 2 Now I complain, and groan, and die,
While sin and Satan reign:

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o Now raise my songs of triumph high, For grace prevails again.

-3 So darkness struggles with the light,
Till perfect day arise;

Water and fire maintain the fight,
Until the weaker dies.

4 Thus will the flesh and spirit strive,
And vex and break my peace;
o But I shall quit this mortal life,
And sin for ever cease.]


HYMN 144. L. M. Old Hundred. [*] Effusions of the Spirit: Success of the Gospel. 1 REAT was the day, the joy was great, When the divine disciples met; Whilst on their heads the Spirit came, And sat like tongues of cloven flame. e 2 What gifts, what miracles he gave ! And pow'r to give, and pow'r to save! Furnish'd their tongues with wondrous words, Instead of shields, and spears, and swords. -3 Thus arm'd, he sent the champions forth, o From east to west, from south to north; d "Go-and assert your Saviour's cause; "Go-spread the myst'ry of his cross." -4 These weapons of the holy war, Of what almighty force they areTo make our stubborn passions bow, And lay the proudest rebel low! 5 Nations, the learned and the rude, Are by those heav'nly arms subdu'd: While Satan rages at his loss,

And hates the doctrine of the cross.
6 Great King of grace, my heart subdue,
I would be led in triumph too—
A willing captive to my Lord-

And sing the vict'ries of his word.

HYMN 145. C. M.

Barby. [*]

Sight through a glass, and Face to Face.
LOVE the windows of thy grace,

1I Through which my Lord is seen;

And long to meet my Saviour's face,
Without a glass between.

e 2 Oh, that the happy hour were come,
To change my faith to sight!

-I should behold my Lord at home,
In a diviner light.

o 3 Haste, my Beloved, and remove
These interposing days;

-Then shall my passions all be love,
And all my pow'rs be praise.]

HYMN 146. L. M. Babylon. Carthage. [b]
Vanity of Creatures: or, no Rest on Earth
AN has a soul of vast desires,


1M He burns within with restless fires;

Tost to and fro, his passions fly
From vanity to vanity.

2 In vain on earth we hope to find
Some solid good to fill the mind:
We try new pleasures; but we feel
The inward thirst and torment still.
3 So when a raging fever burns,
We shift from side to side, by turns;
And 'tis a poor relief we gain,

To change the place, but keep the pain.
4 Great God, subdue this vicious thirst,
This love to vanity and dust;

Cure the vile fever of the mind,
And feed our souls with joys refin'd.

HYMN 147. C. M. Barby. [*]
The Creation of the World. Gen. 1.
[OW let a spacious world arise,"

1 ["N Said the Creator Lord:

At once th' obedient earth and skies
Rose at his sov'reign word.

2 (Dark was the deep: the waters lay
Confus'd, and drown'd the land;

He call'd the light; the new born day
Attends on his command.

3 He bids the clouds ascend on high;
The clouds ascend, and bear

A wat'ry treasure to the sky,
And float on softer air.

4 The liquid element below,
Was gather'd by his hand;

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