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HYMN 166. C. M. Mitcham. [*]
The Divine Perfections.

OW shall I praise th' eternal God,

'H That Infinite UNKNOWN?

e Who can ascend his high abode,
Or venture near his throne?
2 (The great Invisible! he dwells
Conceal'd in dazzling light:

e But his all-searching eye reveals
The secrets of the night.

-3 Those watchful eyes that never sleep, Survey the world around;

e His wisdom is a boundless deep,

Where all our thoughts are drown'd.) o 4 (Speak we of strength? his arm is strong, To save or to destroy;

e Infinite years his life prolong,

And endless is his joy.)

-5 (He knows no shadow of a change, Nor alters his decrees;

g Firm as a rock his truth remains, To guard his promises.)

p 6 (Sinners before his presence die : How holy is his name!

d His anger and his jealousy

Burn like devouring flame.)

e 7 Justice, upon a dreadful throne, Maintains the rights of God;

o While mercy sends her pardons down, Bought with a Saviour's blood.

e 8 Now to my soul immortal King, Speak some forgiving word;

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o Then 'twill be double joy to sing The glories of my Lord.]

HYMN 167. L. M. Psalm 97. [*]

The same.

1 [REAT God! thy glories shall employ

My holy fear, my humble joy;

My lips, in songs of honour, bring
Their tribute to th' eternal King.

2 (Earth and the stars, and worlds unknown,
Depend precarious on his throne;

All nature hangs upon his word,
And grace and glory own their Lord.)

3 (His sov'reign pow'r what mortal knows?
If he commands, who dare oppose?
With strength he girds himself around,
And treads the rebels to the ground.)
4 (Who shall pretend to teach him skill,
Or guide the counsels of his will?
His wisdom like a sea divine,

Flows deep and high beyond our line.)
5 (His Name is holy, and his eye
Burns with immortal jealousy;

He hates the sons of pride, and sheds
His fiery vengeance on their heads.)
6 (The beamings of his piercing sight
Bring dark hypocrisy to light;
Death and destruction naked lie,,
And hell uncover'd to his eye.)
7 (Th' eternal law before him stands:
His justice with impartial hands,
Divides to all their due reward,
Or by the sceptre or the sword.)
8 (His mercy, like a boundless sea,
Washes our load of guilt away;
While his own Son came down and dy'd.
T'engage his justice on our side.).
9 (Each of his words demands my faith,
My soul can rest on all he saith;
His truth inviolably keeps

The largest promise of his lips.)
10 Oh, tell me, with a gentle voice,
Thou art my God, and I'll rejoice:
Fill'd with thy love, I dare proclaim
The brightest honours of thy name.

HYMN 168. L. M. Old Hundred. Psalm 97. [*]



The same.

EHOVAH reigns-his throne is high,
His robes are light and majesty;

His glory shines with beams so bright,
No mortal can sustain the sight.

e 2 His terrours keep the world in awe,
His justice guards his holy law;-

o His love reveals a smiling face,

His truth and promise seal the grace. -3 Through all his works his wisdom shines, And baffles Satan's deep designs;

• His pow'r is sov'reign to fulfil

The noblest counsels of his will.'

e 4 And will this glorious Lord descend,
To be my Father and my friend?
g Then let my songs with angels join!
Heav'n is secure, if God be mine.

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HYMN 169. P. M. Triumph. [*]


The same.

HE Lord Jehovah reigns,
His throne is built on high;

The garments he assumes,

Are light and majesty ;

His glories shine

With beams so bright,
No mortal eye
Can bear the sight.

2 The thunders of his hand,
Keep the wide world in awe;
His wrath and justice stand,
To guard his holy law;

And where his love
Resolves to bless,
His truth confirms
And seals the grace.

3 Through all his ancient works,
Surprising wisdom shines;
Confounds the pow'rs of hell,
And breaks their curs'd designs:

Strong is his arm—

And shall fulfil

His great decrees,
His sov'reign will.

4 And can this mighty King
Of glory condescend-

And will he write his name,
My Father and my Friend!
I love his name,
I love his word;
Join all my pow'rs,
And praise the Lord.


HYMN 170. L. M. Psalm 97th. Old Hundred. [*]
God Incomprehensible and Sovereign.
MAN creatures, to perfection, find
Th' eternal, uncreated Mind?
Or can the largest stretch of thought
Measure and search his nature out?


2 'Tis high as heav'n! 'tis deep as hell!
And what can mortals know or tell?
His glory spreads beyond the sky,
And all the shining worlds on high.

3 But man, vain man, would fain be wise;
Born like a wild young colt, he flies
Thro' all the follies of his mind,
And smells and snuffs the empty wind.]
4 God is a King of pow'r unknown,
Firm are the orders of his throne;
e If he resolve, who dare oppose,
Or ask him why, or what he does?

-5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole; He calms the tempests of the soul;

e When he shuts up in long despair,


Who can remove the heavy bar?

6 He frowns-and darkness veils the moon-
The fainting sun grows dim at noon;
The pillars of heav'n's starry roof
Tremble and start at his reproof.

He gave the vaulted heav'n its form,
The crooked serpent and the worm;
He breaks the billows with his breath,
And smites the sons of pride to death.
-8 These are a portion of his ways,
e But who shall dare describe his face?
e Who can endure the light? or stand
To hear the thunders of his hand?






HYMN 1. L. M. Gloucester. [*b] The Lord's Supper instituted. 1 Cor. xi, 23, &c. WAS on that dark, that doleful night,

1'T When pow'rs of earth and hell arose

Against the Son of God's delight,

And friends betray'd him to his foes2 Before the mournful scene began, He took the bread, and bless'd and brake; e What love through all his actions ran! What wond'rous words of grace he spake! d 3 This is my body-broke for sin— Receive and eat the living food:

-Then took the cup and bless'd the wine
d 'Tis the new covenant in my blood.

4 [For us his flesh with nails was torn ;
He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn;
And justice pour'd upon his head
Its heavy vengeance, in our stead.
5 For us his vital blood was spilt,
To buy the pardon of our guilt;
When for black crimes of biggest size,
He gave his soul a sacrifice.]

6 Do this, he cry'd, till time shall end,
In memory of your dying friend;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord.

7 Jesus, thy feast we celebrate,

We shew thy death, we sing thy name;
Till thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

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