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Christ will provide our souls with grace

He bought a large supply.
5 (Let us indulge a cheerful frame,

For joy becomes a feast!
We love the mem’ry of his name,
More than the wine we taste.]
HYMN 25. C. M. Swanwick. [*]

Dirine Glories and Graces.
1 TTOW are thy glories here display'd,

H Great God! how bright they shine! While at thy word, we break the bread,

And pour the flowing wine! e 2 Here thy revenging justice stands,

And pleads his dreadful cause ; o Here saving mercy spreads her hands,

Like Jesus on the cross.
-3 Thy saints attend, with ev'ry grace,

On this great sacrifice ;
And love appears with cheerful face,

And faith with fixed eyes.
@ 4 Our hope in waiting posture sits,

To heav'n directs her sight; o Here ev'ry warmer passion meets,

And warmer pow'rs unite. o 5 Zeal and revenge perform their part,

And rising sin destroy ; e Repentance comes with aching heart- Yet not forbids the joy. 6 Dear Saviour, change our faith to sight,

Let sin for ever die; o Then shall our souls be all delight,

And ev'ry tear be dry.

T CANNOT persuade myself to put a full Period to these

Divine Hymns, until I have addressed a special Song of Glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Though the Latin name of it, Gloria Patri, be retained in the English Nation from the Roman Church ; and though there may be some Excesses of superstitious Honour paid to the words of it, which may have wrought some unhappy prejudices in weaker Christians; yet I believe it still to be one of the noblest parts of Christian Worship. The subject of it is the doctrine of the Trinity, which is that peculiar Glory of the Divine Nature, that our Lord Jesus Christ has so clearly revealed unto Men, and is so necessary to true Christianity. The Action is Praise ; which is one of the most complete and exalted Parts of heavenly worship. I have cast the Song into a Variety of Forms, and have fitted it, by a plain Version, or a larger Paraphrase, to be sung either alone, or at the conclusion of another Hymn. I have also added a few Hosannas, or Ascriptions of Salvation to Christ, in the same Manner, and for the same End.

To the ever Blessed Trinity, God the Father, Son, and

HYMN 26. 1st. L. M. Weldon. [*]
1 DLESS'D be the Father and his love,

D To which celestial source we owe
Rivers of endless joy above,

And rills of comfort here below. o 2 Glory to thee, great Son of God, e From whose dear wounded body rolls

A precious stream of vital bloodPardon and life for dying souls ! -3 We give thee, sacred Spirit, praise,

Who in our hearts of sin and wo,
o Mak'st living springs of grace arise,
0 And into boundless glory flow.
g 4 Thus God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Spirit, we adore ;
That sea of life and love unknown,
Without a bottom or a shore.
HYMN 27. 1st. C. M. Bethlehem. [*]
1 MYLORY to God the Father's name

UT Who from our sinful race,
Chose out his fav'rites to proclaim

The honours of his grace. 2 Glory to God the Son be paid @ Who dwelt in humble clay ; p And, to redeem us from the dead,

Gave his own life away.
-3 Glory to God the Spirit give-

From whose almighty pow'r,
Our souls their heav'niy birth derive,

And bless the happy hour.

g 4 Glory to God who reigns above,

Th' eternal Tbree in One, Who by the wonders of his love, Has made his nature known.

HYMN 28. 1st. S. M. St. Thomas'. [*] 1[T ET God the Father live

1 Forever on our tongues: Sinners from his first love derive

The ground of all their songs.
2 Ye saints, employ your breath

In honour of his Son ;
Who bought your souls from hell and death,

By offering up his own.
3 Give to the Spirit praise

Of an immortal strain ;
Whose light and power, and grace conveys

Salvation down to men.
4 While God the Comforter

Reveals our pardon'd sin,
O may the blood and water bear

The same record within !
5 To the great One in Three,

That seals this grace in heaven,
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be
Eternal glory given.]

HYMN 29. 2d. L. M. 1 G LORY to God the Trinity,

UT Whose name has mysteries unknown:
In essence One, in persons Three ; .
A social nature, yet alone.
2 When all our noblest pow'rs are join'd,
The honours of thy name to raise ;
Thy glories overnatch our mind,
And angels faint beneath the praise.

HYMN 30. 2d. C. M. 1 THE God of mercy be ador'd,

1 Who calls our souls from death, Who saves by his redeeming word,

And new creating breath.

2 To praise the Father and the Son,

And Spirit, all divineThe One in Three, and Three in One| Let saints and angels join.

HYMN 31. 2d. S. M. 1 T ET God the Maker's Name,

I Have honour, love, and fear; To God the Saviour, pay the same,

And God the Comforter. 2 Father of lights above,

Thy mercy we adore ; The Son of thy eternal love, And Spirit of thy pow'r.

HYMN 32. 3d. L. M. TO God the Father, God the Son,

1 And God the Spirit, Three in One, Be honour, praise, and glory givin, By all on earth, and all in heav'n.

ALL glory to the wondrous name,
A Father of mercy, God of love :
Thus we exalt the Lord, the Lamb;
And thus we praise the heav'nly Dove.

HYMN 34. 3d. C. M.
NTOW let the Father, and the Son,
N And Spirit be ador'd;
Where there are works to make him known,

Or saints to love the Lord.

TTONOUR to the Almighty Three,
Il And everlasting One ;
All glory to the Father be,
The Spirit, and the Son.

HYMN 36. 3d. S. M.
TE angels round the throne,

1 And saints that dwell below, Worship the Father, love the Son, And bless the Spirit too.

MIVE to the Father praise,

Give glory to the Son:
And to the Spirit of his grace

Be equal honour done.

HYMN 38.' H. M. Allerton. [*]

Song of Praise to the Blessed Trinity. 1 T GIVE immortal praise

1 To God the Father's love, For all my comforts bere,

And better hopes above; o He sent his own Te To die for sins, Eternal Son

| That man had done. 2 To God the Son belongs Immortal glory too ; Who bought us with his blood

From everlasting wo: o And now he lives,

And sees the fruit o And now he reigns, Of all his pains. - 3 To God the Spirit's name

Iinmortal worship give, - Whose new creating pow'r

Makes the dead sinner live : o His work completes 1 And fills the soul

The great design, With joy divine. g 4 Almighty God, to thee

Be endless honour done ;
The undivided Three,

And the mysterious One. e Where reason fails, To There faith prevails,

With all her pow'rs~ ! And love adores.

HYMN 39. H. M. Bethesda. T*] 1 M O Him who chose us first,

1 Before the world began :
To Him who bore the curse
To save rebellious man;
To Him who form'd I Is endless praise
Our hearts anew, ! And glory due.

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