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HYMN 90. C. M. Arundel. [*]
Holy Fortitude; or, the Christian Soldier.

1 MI a soldier of the cross?

AA follower of the Lamb!

e And shall I fear to own his cause, Or blush to speak his name?

-2 Must I be carry'd to the skies, On flow'ry beds of ease?

o Whilst others fought to win the prize, And sail'd through bloody seas?

-3 Are there no fees for me to face? Must I not stem the flood?

e Is this vile world a friend to grace, To help me on to God?


4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign; Increase my courage Lord;

o I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, Supported by thy word.

5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war, Shall conquer, though they die ;

o They view the triumph from afar, And seize it with their eye.

• 6 When that illustrious day shall rise, And all thy armies shine,


In robes of victory through the skies-
The glory shall be thine.


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HYMN 91. 8, 7 & 4. Tamworth. [*]
God the Pilgrim's Guide. Ps. xlviii, 14.

GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah,

Pilgrim thro' this barren land;

I am weak, but thou art mighty;
Hold me with thy powerful hand:
Bread of heaven,

Feed me till I want no more.

2 Open, Lord, the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar,

Lead me all my journey through:
Strong Deliv'rer!

Be thou still my strength and shield. e 3 When I tread the verge of Jordan, Bid my anxious fears subside;

• Death of death, and hell's destruction, Land me safe on Canaan's side:

Songs of praises

I will ever give to thee.

HYMN 92. L. P. M.


Devotion. [*]

The Christian's Shepherd. Ps. xxiii. 1T and feed me with a shepherd's care; HE Lord my pasture shall prepare,

His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye;
My noonday walks he shall attend,
And all my midnight hours defend.
e 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty mountains pant,
To fertile vales and dewy meads,
My weary wandering steps he leads,
Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,
Amid the verdant landscapes flow.
e 3 Though in a bare and rugged way,
Through devious, lonely wilds I stray;
-His bounty shall my pains beguile;
o The barren wilderness shall smile,

With lively greens and herbage crown'd,
And streams shall murmur all around.
o 4 Though in the paths of death I tread,
With gloomy horrours overspread,
• My steadfast heart shall fear no ill,
For thou, O Lord, art with me stili;
Tny friendly crook shall give me aid,

And guide me through the dismal shade. ADDISON.


HYMN 93. L. M. Oporto. [*]
Ministry of Angels. Ps. xci, 11.
EE, Gabriel swift descends to earth,

Hark! a full choir of angels sing,
The new-born Saviour, and the King.
e 2 Behold these swift-wing'd envoys wait
On Jesus, in his humble state;
p The desert and the garden prove
Their glowing zeal, their tender love.
o 3 They saw the Conqueror mount on high,
To glorious worlds beyond the sky;

Escorted by a shining band,

To take his place at God's right hand. -4 Still are these glorious hosts above Employ'd in messages of love;

On saints below they cheerful wait, Nor think the work beneath their state. 5 Jesus, my Lord, my living Friend, May these thy servants me attend, Thro' life; and when I quit this clay, • Safe to thine arms my soul convey.



HYMN 94. C. M. Devizes. [*]
Servants of God always safe.
TOW are thy servants bless'd, O Lord,
How sure is their defence!

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• Eternal wisdom is their guide,

Their help, Omnipotence.

-2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,
Supported by thy care;

Thro' burning climes they pass unhurt,
And breathe in tainted air.

e 3 When by the dreadful tempest borne;
High on the broken wave,

o They know thou art not slow to hear,
Nor impotent to save.

4 The storm is laid-the winds retire,
Obedient to thy will:

The sea that roars at thy command,
At thy command is still.

e 5 In 'midst of dangers, fears, and deaths,
Thy goodness we'll adore;

o We'll praise thee for thy mercies past; And humbly hope for more.


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-6 Our life, while thou preserv'st that life,
Thy sacrifice shall be ;

And death, when death shall be our lot,
Shall join our souls to thee.


HYMN 95. C. M. Pleyel's. [*]

Confidence and joy in God. Hab. iii, 17, 18.
LTHO' the vine its fruit deny,

1A Altho' the olive yield no oil;

The with'ring fig-tree droop and die, The field delude the tiller's toil ;2 Altho' the stall no herd afford, And perish all the bleating race; o Yet will I triumph in the Lord,



The God of my salvation praise. e 3 Tho' comfortless my soul remain, And not a gleam of light appear; a Tho' joy be sought, and sought in vain, And tho' despair itself be near ;p 4 Altho' assurance all be lost, And blooming hopes cut off I see; o Yet will I in my Saviour trust, And glory that he died for me.


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HYMN 96. C. M.


Zion. [*]

Christ the Believer's Song.

HOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,
We love to hear of thee;

-No musick's like thy charming name,
Nor half so sweet can be.

e 2 O may we ever hear thy voice,
In mercy to us speak;

o And in our Priest will we rejoice, Thou great Melchisedeck.

3 Our Jesus shall be still our theme, While in this world we stay; o We'll sing our Jesus' lovely name, When all things else decay.

4 When we appear in yonder cloud, With all the favour'd throng;

8 Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,

And Christ shall be our song.


HYMN 97. 7s. St. John's. [*]

Adieu to the vain World.

d1 WORLD, adieu! thou real cheat;

Oft have thy deceitful charms

Fill'd my heart with fond conceit,
Foolish hopes and false alarms:

-Now I see as clear as day,

How thy follies pass away.

e 2 Vain, thy entertaining sights:
False, thy promises renew'd ;
All the pomp of thy delights
Does but flatter and delude:
Thee I quit for heav'n above,
Object of the noblest love.

-3 Let not, Lord, my wand'ring mind
Follow after fleeting toys;
Since in thee alone I find,
Solid and substantial joys :-
• Joys that never overpast,
Through eternity shall last.
e 4 Lord, how happy is a heart,
After thee while it aspires!
-True and faithful as thou art,

Thou shalt answer its desires:

g It shall see the glorious scene Of thine everlasting reign.


HYMN 98. 7 & 6. Amsterdam. [*]
The Pilgrim's Song.

• 1R Thy better portion trace;

ISE, my soul, and stretch thy wings,

Rise from transitory things,

Tow'rds heav'n thy native place: p Sun, and moon, and stars decay; Time shall soon this earth remove : 8 Rise, me soul, and haste away, To seats prepar'd above.

2 Rivers to the ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course;
Fire, ascending, seeks the sun;

Both speed them to their source: e So a soul that's born of God,

Pants to view his glorious face;
Upward tends to his abode,
To rest in his embrace.

d 3 Cease ye pilgrims, cease to mourn;
Press onward to the prize;

o Soon our Saviour will return, Triumphant in the skies.

e Yet a season, and you know,

Happy entrance will be giv'n;

o All our sorrows left below,

And earth exchang'd for heav'n. MADAN'S COL..

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