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d"Amidst my churches, lo, I stand,
And hold the pastors in my hand.
2 "Thy works to me are fully known,
Thy patience, and thy toil I own;
Thy views of gospel truth are clear,
Nor canst thou other doctrine bear.
3 "Yet I must blame, while I approve:
Where is thy first, thy fervent love?
Dost thou forget my love to thee,
That thine is grown so faint to me?
4 "Recall to mind the happy days,
When thou wast fill'd with joy and praise;
Repent-thy former works renew,
Then I'll restore thy comforts too.
5 "Return at once, when I reprove,
Lest I thy candlestick remove;
And thou, too late, thy loss lament,
I warn before I strike:-Repent."
e 6 Hearken to what the Spirit saith,
To him who overcomes by faith;
"The fruit of life's unfading tree,
In Paradise his food shall be."


HYMN 156. C. M.


York. [*]

Christ's Address to the Church at Smyrna. Rev.ii, 11.
HE message first to Smyrna sent,
A message full of grace;



To all the Saviour's flock is meant,
In every age and place.

2 Thus to his church, his chosen bride,
Saith the great FIRST and LAST,
Who ever lives-though once he died!
"Hold thy profession fast.

3 "Thy works and sorrow well I know,
Perform'd and borne for me;

Poor though thou art, despis'd and low,
Yet who is rich like thee?

4 "I know thy foes, and what they say,
How long they have blasphem'd;
The synagogue of Satan, they,

Though they would Jews be deem'd.
5 "Though Satan for a season rage,
And prisons be your lot:

I am your friend, and I engage
You shall not be forgot.

6 "Be faithful unto death, nor fear
A few short days of strife;
Behold the prize you soon shall wear,
A crown of endless life."

e 7 Hear what the Holy Spirit saith
Of all who overcome;

"They shall escape the second death,

e The sinner's awful doom.!"


HYMN 157. 7 & 6. Clark's. Hymn 5th. [b *] Christ's Address to the Church at Sardis. Rev. iii, 1-6. WRITE to Sardis, saith the Lord,


d1"W and write what he declares;

He whose Spirit, and whose Word,
Upholds the seven stars;

All thy works and ways I search,
Find thy zeal and love decay'd;
Thou art call'd a living church,
But thou art cold and dead.
2 "Watch-remember-seek, and strive,
Exert thy former pains:

Let thy timely care revive,

And strengthen what remains:

Cleanse thy heart, thy works amend,

Former times to mind recall;

Lest my sudden stroke descend,

And smite thee once for all.

3 Yet I number now in thee,
A few who are upright;
These my Father's face shall see,
And walk with me in white :

When in judgment I appear,

They for mine shall stand confess'd:

Let my faithful servants hear,

And wo be to the rest."


HYMN 158. L. M. Oporto. [*]

Christ's Address to the Church at Philadelphia. Rev. iii, 7-13.

1 HUS saith the Holy One, and true To his beloved faithful few;

"Of heav'n and hell I hold the keys,

To shut or open as I please.

2 "I know thy works, and I approve,

Though small thy strength, sincere thy love;

Go on my word and name to own,
For none shall rob thee of thy crown.
3"Before thee see my mercy's door
Stands open wide to shut no more;
Fear not temptation's fiery day,
For I will be thy strength and stay.
4"Thou hast my promise, hold it fast;
Thy trying hour will soon be past:
Rejoice for lo! I quickly come,
To take thee to my heav'nly home.
g5"A pillar there no more to move,
Inscrib'd with all my names of love:
A monument of mighty grace,
Thou shalt forever have a place."

Such is the conqueror's reward,
Prepar'd and promis'd by the Lord;
Let him who hath the ear of faith,
Attend to what the Spirit saith.


HYMN 159. L. M. Newcourt. [b]

Christ's Address to the Church at Laodicea. Rev.

iii, 14—20.

TEAR, what the Lord, the great Amen,

d1 H


The true and faithful Witness, says

He form'd the vast creation's plan,
And searches all our hearts and ways.
2 To some he speaks as once of old,
I know thee-thy profession's vain;
Since thou art neither hot nor cold,
I'll spit thee from me with disdain.
3 "Thou boastest 'I am wise and rich,
Increas'd in goods, and nothing need;'
And dost not know thou art a wretch,
Naked, and poor, and blind, and dead.
4 "Yet while I thus rebuke, I love,
My message is in mercy sent;

That thou may'st my compassion prove,
I can forgive if thou repent.

5 "Would'st thou be truly rich and wise,
Come buy my gold in fire well try'd;
My ointment, to anoint thine eyes,
My robe, thy nakedness to hide.

6 "See, at thy door I stand and knock;
Poor sinner, shall I wait in vain?

Quickly thy stubborn heart unlock,
That I may enter with my train.
"Thou canst not entertain a king,
Unworthy thou of such a guest!
But I my own provision bring,
To make thy soul a heav'nly feast.


HYMN 160. S. M. Newton. [*]
Promise to Believers and their children.

LORD, what our ears have heard,

Our eyes delighted trace;
Thy love in long succession shown
To Zion's chosen race.

2 Our children thou dost claim,
And mark them out for thine :
Ten thousand blessings to thy name,
For goodness so divine.

3 Thee let the fathers own,
And thee, the sons adore;
Join'd to the Lord in solemn vows,
To be forgot no more.

4 Thy cov'nant may they keep,
And bless the happy bands,-
Which closer still engage their hearts,
To honour thy commands.

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e 5 How great thy mercies, Lord!
How plenteous is thy grace!
Which, in the promise of thy love,
Includes our rising race.

o 6 Our offspring still thy care,

Shall own their fathers' God; To latest times thy blessings share,

And sound thy praise abroad. SALISBURY COL

HYMN 161. C. M. St. Ann's. [*]

Christ's condescending Regard to Little Children. Mark x, 14.

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e Hark, how he calls the tender Lambs, And folds them in his arms.

d 2 "Permit them to approach," he cries,
"Nor scorn their humble name;

For 'twas to bless such souls as these,
"The Lord of angels came."

o 3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,
And yield them up to thee;
Joyful that we ourselves are thine,
Thine let our offspring be.

4 Ye little flock with pleasure hear;
Ye children seek his face;
o And fly with transports to receive
The blessings of his grace.

e 5 If orphans they are left behind, Thy guardian care we trust;

e That care shall heal our bleeding heart, If weeping o'er their dust.


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HYMN 162. S. M. Bingham. [*] Infants given to God in Baptism. Isa. lxv, 23. REAT God, now condescend To bless our rising race; Soon may their willing spirits bend To thy victorious grace.


e 20 what a vast delight, Their happiness to see!

Our warmest wishes all unite

To lead their souls to thee.

3 Now bless, thou God of love,
This ordinance divine;

Send thy good Spirit from above,

And make these children thine.


HYMN 163. C. M. York. [*]

Young Persons invited to seek and love Christ. Prov. viii,17.


WE hearts with youthful vigour warm,

Yin sailing crowds draw near;

And turn from ev'ry mortal charm,

A Saviour's voice to hear.

2 He, Lord of all the worlds on high, Stoops to converse with you;

And lays his radiant glories by,

Your welfare to pursue.

d 3 "The soul who longs to see my face,
"Is sure my love to gain;

"And those who early seek my grace,
"Shall never seek in vain."

e 4 What object, Lord, my soul should move,
If once compar'd with thee?

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