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What beauty should command my love,

Like what in Christ I see?

d 5 Away, ye false delusive toys, Vain tempters of the mind!

• 'Tis here I fix my lasting choice, And here true bliss I find.



HYMN 164. L. M. Gloucester. [*]
Early Piety. Matt. xii, 20.


TOW soft the words my Saviour speaks!
How kind the promises he makes!

A bruised reed he never breaks,

Nor will he quench the smoking flax.
2 The humble poor he wont despise,
Nor on the contrite sinner frown;
His ear is open to their cries,
He quickly sends salvation down.
3 When piety in early minds,
Like tender buds begins to shoot,

He guards the plants from threat'ning winds,
And ripens blossoms into fruit.

4 With humble souls he bears a part,
In all the sorrows they endure;
Tender and gracious is his heart,
His promise is for ever sure.

5 He sees the struggles that prevail,
Between the pow'rs of grace and sin;
He kindly listens while they tell
The bitter pangs they feel within.

6 Tho' press'd with fears on ev'ry side,
They know not how the strife may end;
Yet he will soon the cause decide,
And judgment unto vict❜ry send.

e 1


HYMN 165. C. M. Wareham. [b*]
Young Persons entreated.

B The gift of saving grace;

ESTOW, dear Lord, upon our youth,

And let the seed of sacred truth

Fall in a fruitful place.

Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,

Of pure and heav'nly root;

But fairest in the youngest shows,

And yields the sweetest fruit.

d 3 Ye careless ones, O hear betimes, The voice of sovereign love!

e Your youth is stained with many crimes, But mercy reigns above.

d 4 True you are young, but there's a stone
Within the youngest breast,

Or half the crimes which you have done,
Would rob you of your rest.

-5 For you the public prayer is made,
Oh, join the public prayer!

p For you the secret tear is shed, O shed yourselves a tear.

-6 We pray that you may early prove,
The Spirit's power to teach;

You cannot be too young to love
That Jesus whom we preach.


HYMN 166. 7s. Redeeming Love. [b*] Prayer for young Persons.


TOW may fervent prayer arise,


Wing'd with faith, and pierce the skies.

Fervent prayer will bring us down

Gracious answers from the throne.

e 2 Shepherd of thy blood-bought sheep,
Teach the stony heart to weep;
Let the blind have eyes to see-
e See themselves-and look on thee.
-3 Let the minds of all our youth
Feel the force of sacred truth;
While the gospel call they hear,
May they learn to love and fear.

4 Show them what their ways have been;
Show them the desert of sin;

e Then thy dying love reveal;

This shall melt a heart of steel.

-5 Where thou hast thy work begun,
Give new strength the race to run;
Scatter darkness, clouds, and fears,
Wipe away the mourner's tears.
-6 Bless us all, both old and young:
Call forth praise from ev'ry tongue;
Let the whole assembly prove
All thy power, and all thy love.





HYMN 167. 78. Fairfax. [b]

Prayer for Children.

RACIOUS Lord, our children see;


But shall these, alas! remain Subjects still of Satan's reign? 2 Israel's infants, when of old, Pharaoh threaten'd to withhold; d Then thy Messenger, said "No: "Let the children also go." e 3 When the angel of the Lord, Drawing forth his dreadful sword, Slew with an avenging hand,

All the first-born of the land;


o 4 Then thy people's doors he pass'd,
Where the bloody sign was plac'd:
e Hear us now upon our knees,

Plead the blood of Christ for these.
e 5 Lord, we tremble, for we know
How the fierce malicious foe,
Wheeling round his watchful flight,
Keeps them ever in his sight.
-6 Spread thy pinions, King of kings!
Hide them safe beneath thy wings:

e Lest the rav'nous birds of prey Seize and bear the brood away.


HYMN 168. 8 & 7. Calvary. [b]

Surrender to infinite Love.


1 W For my sins, upon the tree;

HEN I view my Saviour bleeding,

e O how wondrous !-how exceeding
Great his love appears to me!

e 2 Floods of deep distress and anguish,
To impede his labours came;
-Yet they all could not extinguish
Love's eternal, burning fiame.
e 3 Now redemption is completed,
Full salvation is procur'd:

• Death and Satan are defeated,
By the suff'rings he endur'd.

o 4 Now the gracious Mediator,

Risen to the courts of bliss, Claims for me a sinful creature, Pardon, righteousness, and peace. -5 Sure such infinite affection Lays the highest claims to mine; o All my pow'rs without exception, Should in fervent praises join. -6 Jesus, fit me for thy service, Form me for thyself alone; e I am thy most costly purchase; Take possession of thy own.


HYMN 169. C. M. Canterbury. [b *]

Christ's Flesh Meat indeed.



vi, 53–56.


TERE at thy table, Lord, we meet,
To feed on food divine;

Thy body is the bread we eat,
Thy precious blood the wine.

2 He who prepares this rich repast,
Himself comes down and dies;
And then invites us thus to feast
Upon the sacrifice.

3 Here peace and pardon sweetly flow;
Oh, what delightful food!

We eat the bread and drink the wine-
But think on nobler good.

4 The bitter torments he endur'd,
Upon th' accursed tree,

For me each welcome guest may say, 'Twas all procur'd for me.

5 Sure there was never love so free-
Dear Saviour-so divine!

Well thou may'st claim that heart of me,
Which owes so much to thine.



HYMN 170. C. M. York. Barby. [*]

Welcome to the Table.



HIS is the feast of heav'nly wine,
And God invites to sup;
The juices of the living vine,
Were press'd to fill the cup.

o 2 Oh, bless the Saviour, ye who eat, With royal dainties fed;


-Not heav'n affords a costlier treat,

For JESUS is the bread!

e 3 The vile, the lost-he calls to them; "Ye trembling souls appear!


"The righteous in their own esteem, "Have no acceptance here.

4"Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse "The banquet spread for you;"

e Dear Saviour, this is welcome news, Then I may venture too.

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-5 If guilt and sin afford a plea,

And may obtain a place;

o Surely the Lord will welcome me, And I shall see his face.


HYMN 171. L. M. Gloucester. [b*] Christ Crucified. SACRAMENTAL. WHEN on the cross, my Lord I see, Bleeding to death for wretched me; -Satan and sin no more can move,



For I am all transform'd to love.

2 His thorns and nails pierce through my heart, In every groan I bear a part;

I view his wounds with streaming eyes,

p But see, he bows his head and dies!
-3 Come, sinners, view the Lamb of God,
a Wounded, and dead, and bath'd in blood!
e Behold his side, and venture near;
-The well of endless life is here.

4 Here I forget my cares and pains;
I drink, yet still my thirst remains:
Only the fountain-head above,
Can satisfy the thirst of love.

e 5 Oh that I thus could always feel!
Lord, more and more thy love reveal:
o Then my glad tongue shall loud proclaim
The grace and glory of thy Name.

o 6 Thy Name dispels my guilt and fear,
Revives my heart, and charms my ear;
Affords a balm for ev'ry wound,

d And Satan trembles at the sound.


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