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e 5 But how awful is the sentence, "Go from me, ye cursed race"To that place of endless torment, "Never more to see my face:

"I was hungry-I was thirsty-I was naked"Ye to me no mercy shew'd."

~6 Now awake ye slumbering virgins,
Trim your lamps; the bridegroom's near,
Let your loins with truth be girded,
Signs proclaim, he'll soon appear:
Mark! the fig-tree,

Budding, shows the summer's near.
e 7 Jesus, save a trembling sinner,
Though thy wrath o'er sinners roll;
In this general wreck of nature,


e 1


Be the refuge of my soul:

Jesus, save me! Jesus, save me! when the light'nings
Blaze around from pole to pole.

HYMN 235. 8, 7, & 4. Helmsley. [b*]
The Day of Judgment.

Dark trumpet's awful sound,

AY of judgment, day of wonders!

Louder than a thousand thunders,

Shakes the vast creation round!
How the summons

Will the sinner's heart confound!

g 2 See the Judge our nature wearing, Cloth'd in majesty divine!


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-You who long for his appearing,

Then shall say, "This GoD is mine."
Gracious Saviour,

Own me in that day for thine!

o 3 At his call, the dead awaken,
Rise to life from earth and sea,
All the powers of nature, shaken
By his looks prepare to flee:
Careless sinner,

What then will become of thee? e 4 Horrours past imagination,


Will surprise your trembling heart, When you hear your condemnation, "Hence, accursed wretch, depart!

"Thou with Satan

"And his angels, have thy part!" -5 But to those who have confessed, Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below;

d He will say, "Come near, ye blessed, "See the kingdom I bestow:

"You forever

"Shall my love and glory know." -6 Under sorrows and reproaches, May this thought our courage raise: Swiftly God's great day approachesSighs shall then be chang'd to praise: We shall triumph


When the world is in a blaze!

HYMN 236.


C. M. Mitcham. [*]

TE DEUM. A General Hymn of Praise.

GOD, we praise thee, and confess,
That thou the only Lord,

And everlasting Father art,

By all on earth ador'd.

2 To thee all angels cry aloud,
To thee the powers on high,
Both cherubim, and seraphim,
Continually do cry,—

3 "O holy, holy, holy Lord,

"Whom heavenly hosts obey;
"The world is with the glory fill'd
"Of thy majestic sway."

4 The apostles' glorious company,
And prophets crown'd with light,
With all the martyrs' noble host,
Thy constant praise recite.

5 The holy church, throughout the world,
O Lord, confesses thee;

That thou eternal Father art,

Of boundless majesty.

6 Thy honour'd, true, and only Son,

And Holy Ghost the spring

Of never ceasing joy; O Christ,
Of glory thou art King.


u 1

HYMN 237. C. M. St. Ann's. [*]
Almighty Power and Majesty of God.
HE Lord our God is clothed with might,
The winds obey his will;


He speaks and in his heavenly height,
The rolling sun stands still.

2 Rebel, ye waves-and o'er the land
With threatening aspect roar!
The Lord uplifts his awful hand,
And chains you to the shore.

3 Howl, winds of night! your force combine!
Without his high behest,

p Ye shall not, in the mountain pine, Disturb the sparrow's nest.

4 His voice sublime is heard afar, In distant peals it dies;

u He yokes the whirlwinds to his car, And sweeps the howling skies.

5 Ye nations, bend-in reverence bend; Ye monarchs, wait his nod,

s And bid the choral song ascend To celebrate our God.


HYMN 238. C. M. Canterbury. [b]
The Fall and its Effects.

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THEN Adam sinned, through all his race
The dire contagion spread ;-

Sickness and death, and deep disgrace

Sprang from our fallen head.

2 From God and happiness we fly,

To earth and sense confined; Lost in a maze of misery,

Yet to our misery blind.

3 Corruption flows through all our veins,
Our moral beauty's gone:

The gold is fled, the dross remains :
O sin, what hast thou done?

4 Jesus, reveal thy pardoning grace,
And draw our souls to Thee:
Thou art the only hiding-place
Where ruined souls can flee.


HYMN 239. L. M. Ellenthorpe. [*]

Justice glorified in the Display of Mercy.
H love! beyond conception great,

P10 That formed the vast stupendous plan;

Where all divine perfections meet
To reconcile rebellious man.

g 2 There wisdom shines in fullest blaze,
And justice all her right maintains-
p Astonished angels stoop to gaze,
While mercy o'er the guilty reigns. '
3 Yes, mercy reigns, and justice too,
In Christ they both harmonious meet;
He paid to justice all her due,
And now he fills the mercy-seat.

4 Such are the wonders of our God;
And such th' amazing depths of grace,
To save from wrath's vindictive rod
The chosen sons of Adam's race.

s 5 With grateful songs, then let our souls
Surround our gracious Father's throne;
And all between the distant poles
His truth and mercy ever own.


HYMN 240. 7s. Evening Hymn. [*]

p 1 W What its signs of promise are.

"ATCHMAN! tell us of the night,

Traveller! o'er yon mountain's height, 0 See that glory-beaming star !— -p Watchman! does its beauteous ray Aught of hope or joy foretell?

o Traveller! yes; it brings the dayPromised day of Israel.

2 Watchman! tell us of the night, Higher yet that star ascends.Traveller! blessedness and light,

e Peace and truth its course portends !— Watchman! will its beams alone

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Gild the spot that gave them birth ?— Traveller! ages are its own,

See, it bursts o'er all the earth.

p 3 Watchman! tell us of the night,
For the morning seems to dawn.-
Traveller! darkness takes its flight,
Doubt and terror are withdrawn.-
Watchman! let thy wanderings cease;
Hie thee to thy quiet home.-
g Traveller lo! the Prince of Peace,
Lo! the Son of God is come.

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e 1

HYMN 241. L. M. Atlantic. [*]
Star of Bethlehem.

THEN marshalled on the nightly plain,
The glittering host bestud the sky;

One star alone of all the train,

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye.
o 2 Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks,
From every host, from every gem;
But one alone the Saviour speaks,
It is the Star of Bethlehem.


3 Once on the raging seas I rode,

The storm was loud,-the night was dark, The ocean yawn'd-and rudely blow'd The wind that toss'd my foundering bark. a 4 Deep horror then my vitals froze; Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem; s When suddenly a star arose,

It was the Star of Bethlehem.

b 5 It was my guide, my light, my all,
It bade my dark foreboding cease;
And through the storm and danger's thrall,
It led me to the port of peace.

s 6 Now safely moor'd-my perils o'er,
I'll sing, first in night's diadem,

For ever and for evermore,

The Star!-the Star of Bethlehem! H. K. WHITE.

HYMN 242. 8 & 7. Sicilian Hymn. [*] Song of the Angels at Bethlehem.


P1H Sweetly sounding through the skies?

[ARK, what mean those holy voices,

8 Lo! the angelic host rejoices; Heavenly hallelujahs rise.

2 Listen to the wondrous story, Which they chant in hymns of joy; Glory in the highest, glory!

Glory be to God most high."

e 3 "Peace on earth, good will from heaven, Reaching far as man is found


Souls redeem'd, and sins forgiven;-
Loud our golden harps shall sound.
4" Christ is born, the Great Anointed;
Heaven and earth his praises sing!

O receive whom God appointed,
For your Prophet, Priest, and King.

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