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HYMN 306.

0 1

7s. Evening Hymn. [bor*] Matt. xi, 28.

COME, ye weary sinners, come

All, who feel your heavy load :

Jesus calls the wand'rers home;
Hasten to your pard'ning God:
Come, ye guilty souls oppressed,
Answer to the Saviour's call:
"Come, and I will give you rest:
Come, and I will save you all."
e 2 Jesus,-full of truth and love,
We thy kindest call obey,
Faithful let thy mercies prove,
Take our load of guilt away:
Weary of this war within,
Weary of this endless strife,
Weary of ourselves and sin,
Weary of a wretched life.

p 3 Burdened with a world of grief,
Burdened with our sinful load,
Burdened with this unbelief,
Burdened with the wrath of God,
o Lo, we come to thee for ease,
True and gracious as thou art;
Now our weary souls release,
Write forgiveness on our heart.


HYMN 307. L. M. Park Street. [b]

"Return unto me."

•1 RETURN, O wanderer, return!

And seek thine injured Father's face: Those new desires which in thee burn, Were kindled by reclaiming grace. 2 Return, O wanderer, return! e He hears thy deep repentant sigh: He sees thy softened spirit mourn, When no intruding ear is nigh. 3 Return, O wanderer, return! Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live : Go to his feet; and grateful, learn How freely Jesus can forgive. 8 4 Return, O wanderer, return! And wipe away the falling tear : Thy Father calls-" No longer mourn!" 'Tis mercy's voice invites thee near.


HYMN 308. C. M.

Dundee. [b]

Mat. xi, 28.

1ALL ye who feel distressed for sin,

And fear eternal wo,

You Christ invites to enter in-
This hour to Jesus go!

2 He by his own almighty word,
Will all your fears remove:
For every wound his precious blood
A sovereign balm shall prove.

o 3 His conquering grace shall set
From sin's oppressive chains,
From Satan's hateful tyranny,
And everlasting pains.


b 4 Come, then, ye heavy laden-come! His instant help implore :


e Millions have found a peaceful home— There's room for millions more.

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HYMN 309. 8 & 7. Sicilian Hymn. [*]


A Fountain opened for Sin and Uncleanness.
YOME to Calvary's holy mountain,
Sinners, ruined by the fall;


Here a pure and healing fountain
Flows to you, to me, to all.

e 2 Come, in sorrow and contrition,
Wounded, impotent, and blind;
Here the guilty, free remission,
Here the troubled, peace may find.
3 He that drinks shall live for ever;
'Tis a soul-renewing flood:

God is faithful ;-God will never
Break his covenant in blood.


HYMN 310. L. M. Angels' Hymn. [*]

e 1

"Take not thy Holy Spirit," &c. Ps. li, 11.

TAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay,


Though I have done thee such despite,

Cast not the sinner quite away,

Nor take thine everlasting flight.

-2 Though I have most unfaithful been
Of all, whoe'er thy grace received,
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,
Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved,—

p 3 Yet oh, the chief of sinners spare,
In honour of my great High Priest;
Nor in thy righteous anger swear,
I shall not see thy people's rest.
-4 If yet thou canst my sins forgive,
E'en now, O Lord, relieve my woes;
Into thy rest of love receive,

And bless me with the calm repose.
-5 E'en now my weary soul release,
And raise me by thy gracious hand!
Guide me into thy perfect peace,
And bring me to the promised land.


HYMN 311. C. M. Canterbury. [b]

The Penitent.

P1 PROSTRATE, O Jesus, at thy feet,

guilty rebel lies,

And upwards to the mercy-seat
Presumes to lift his eyes.

2 If tears of sorrow would suffice
To pay the debt I owe,

Tears should from both my weeping eyes
In ceaseless torrents flow.

3 But no such sacrifice I plead,
To expiate my guilt;

No tears but those which thou hast shed,
No blood but thou hast spilt.

4 Think of thy sorrows, dearest Lord,
And all my sins forgive;

Then Justice will approve the word
That bids the sinner live.


HYMN 312. C. M. Dedham. [b or *]

"O save me for thy Mercies' Sake.”—Ps. vi, 4.
ERCY alone can meet my case:

p 1 M For mercy, Lord, I cry:

Jesus, Redeemer, show thy face
In mercy, or I die.

2 Save me, for none beside can save;
At thy command I tread,

With failing steps, life's stormy wave,
The wave goes o'er my head.

3 I perish, and my doom were just;
But wilt thou leave me? No:

I hold thee fast, my hope, my trust:
I will not let thee go.

g 4 Still sure to me thy promise stands,
And ever must abide :

Behold it written on thy hands,
And graven in thy side.

5 To this, this only will I cleave:
Thy word is all my plea:

That word is truth, and I believe :
Have mercy, Lord, on me!


HYMN 313. C. M. Funeral Hymn. [b]

p 1

For Pardon, Holiness, and Heaven.


INNERS of Adam's fallen race,
Sinners by practice too,

In prayer, O God, we seek thy face,
In prayer for mercy sue.

-2 No trembling penitent to Thee
E'er turned, and was denied:
Accept, O Lord! our only plea;
For us thy Son hath died.

o 3 For Him, thy gift, thy name we bless:
To us, for whom He died,

Through faith impute his righteousness,
And we are justified.

-4 Nor rest we here, thou God of love!
May we, for whom He died,

Receive thy Spirit from above,

And thus be sanctified.

5 At length made holy, just, forgiven,
Through Christ who for us died,
May we, exchanging earth for heaven,
With him be glorified.

o 1


HYMN 314. 7s. Hotham. [*]
Choosing the Heritage of God's People.
PEOPLE of the living God,

I have sought the world around,
Paths of sin and sorrow trod,

Peace and comfort nowhere found.
Now to you my spirit turns,
Turns, a fugitive unblessed;
Brethren, where your altar burns,
O receive me into rest!

2 Lonely I no longer roam,
Like the cloud, the wind, the wave,
Where you dwell shall be my home,
Where you die shall be my grave;
Mine the God whom you adore,
Your Redeemer shall be mine;
Earth can fill my heart no more,
Every idol I resign.

s 1


HYMN 315. C. M. Broomsgrove. [*]


Social Dedication to God.

EING of beings, God of love! To thee our hearts we raise; Thy all-sustaining power we prove, And gladly sing thy praise.

e 2 Thine, wholly thine, we want to be,
Our sacrifice receive;

Made, and preserved, and saved by thee,
To thee ourselves we give.

s 3 Come, Holy Ghost! the Saviour's love
Shed in our hearts abroad;

So shall we ever live and move,
And be with Christ, in God.

b 1


HYMN 316. C. M. Arundel. [*]


"Hinder me not."

Gen. xxiv, 56.

N all my Lord's appointed ways
My journey I'll pursue;

"Hinder me not," ye much-loved saints,
For I must go with you.

2 Through floods and flames, if Jesus lead,
I'll follow where he goes;
"Hinder me not," shall be my cry,

Though earth and hell oppose.

3 Through duty, and through trials too, I'll go at his command:

"Hinder me not," for I am bound

To my Immanuel's land.

o 4 And when my Saviour calls me home, My joyful cry shall be,

"Hinder me not;" come, welcome death; I'll gladly go with thee.


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