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HYMN 317. L. M.


Blendon. [*]
Following Jesus as the Forerunner.
ESUS, my all, to heaven is gone,
He whom I fix my hopes upon;
His track I see, and I'll pursue
The narrow way till him I view.
2 The way the holy prophets went,
The way that leads from banishment;
The King's highway of holiness,
I'll go, for all his paths are peace.
-3 This is the way I long had sought,
And mourned because I found it not;
My grief a burden long had been,
Oppressed with unbelief and sin.

-4 The more I strove against their power,
I sinned and stumbled but the more;
Till late I heard my Saviour say,
"Come hither, soul, I am the way."

5 Lo! glad I come, and thou, blest Lamb,
Shalt take me to thee as I am:

Nothing but sin I thee can give;
Nothing but love shall I receive.

8 6 Then will I tell to sinners round,
What a dear Saviour I have found;
I'll point to thy redeeming blood,
And say, "Behold the way to God."

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HYMN 318. C. M. Stephens. [*]
"Help, Lord."


H help us, Lord! each hour of need
Thy heavenly succour give;

Help us in thought, and word, and deed,
Each hour on earth we live.

2 Oh help us, through the prayer of faith,
More firmly to believe;

For still the more thy servant hath,
The more shall he receive.

3 If, strangers to thy fold, we call,
Imploring at thy feet,

The crumbs that from thy table fall, 'Tis all we dare entreat.

4 But be it, Lord of mercy, all,

So thou wilt grant but this;

The crumbs that from thy table fall,
Are light, and life, and bliss.



5 Oh help us, Jesus! from on high;

We know no help but thee:

Oh help us so to live and die

As thine in heaven to be.

HYMN 319. C. M. Woodstock.
The Fulness of Redemption.



1 HOW shall my soul find rest in heaven,

Th' eternal, blest abode ?

When," without holiness, no man
Shall see the holy God."

2 Though I have nothing of my own,
To form that heavenly dress;
Jesus has wrought, and gives to me,
The robe of righteousness.

o 3 Hear thou, my soul, his teaching voice;
With wise endeavour, still,

Observe the guiding of his eye,

And precepts of his will.

4 Then shall the robe thy Saviour wrought,
The ransom he has given,

Be made thy title to the rest
Prepared for saints in heaven.

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HYMN 320. S. M.

Tolland. [*]

Salvation by Grace, from the first to the last.
RACE! 'tis a charming sound;
Harmonious to the ear!


u Heaven with the echo shall resound,
And all the earth shall hear.

8 2 Grace first contrived the way
To save rebellious man;
And all the steps that grace display,
Which drew the wondrous plan.

3 Grace led my roving feet
To tread the heavenly road;

And new supplies each hour I meet,
While pressing on to God.

4 Grace all the work shall crown,
Through everlasting days;

u It lays in heaven the topmost stone,
And well deserves the praise.


HYMN 321. P. M. Bingham. [b or *] Bartimeus. Mark x, 47, 48.

P1 "ME

ERCY, O thou Son of David!"
Thus blind Bartimeus prayed;

Others by the word are saved, o Now to me afford thine aid:

Many for his crying chid him, o But he called the louder still; e Till the gracious Saviour bid him "Come and ask me what you will." e 2 Money was not what he wanted, Though by begging used to live; But he asked, and Jesus granted, Alms, which none but he could give: 66 Lord, remove this grievous blindness, "Let my eyes behold the day;" Straight he saw, and, won by kindness, Followed Jesus in the way.

s 3 Oh! methinks I hear him praising, Publishing to all around;


"Friend, is not my case amazing?
"What a Saviour I have found:
"Oh! that all the blind but knew him;
"And would be advised by me!
"Surely would they hasten to him,
"He would cause them all to see.'


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HYMN 322. C. M. Warwick. [*]

"Herein is Love." 1 John iv, 10. E saints, assist me in my song

Yet all your passions move:

To Jesus all the notes belong-
I sing redeeming love.

e 2 Around the circle of his friends,
His tender passions move:

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And while he lived, his constant theme
Was still redeeming love.

p 3 Gently he raised his sacred hands,
Before his last remove :

And the last whispers of his tongue
Sighed forth redeeming love.

4 Through life's wide waste, with weary feet,
In darkness I may rove;

But never can my heart forget

Redeeming, dying love.

-5 Oh that before his sacred throne,

I all its sweets may prove :

Still as my pleasures rise, my song
Shall be redeeming love.


HYMN 323. C. M. Stamford. [*]
Luke xv, 10.

P1 When but one sinner turns,
H, how divine, how sweet the joy,

And with an humble, broken heart,
His sins and errors mourns!

s 2 Pleased with the news, the saints below
In songs their tongues employ;
Beyond the skies the tidings go,
Ånd heaven is filled with joy.

o 3 Well pleased the Father sees and hears
The conscious sinner's moan;
Jesus receives him in his arms,
And claims him for his own.

s 4 Nor angels can their joys contain,
But kindle with new fire:

"The sinner lost is found," they sing, And strike the sounding lyre.

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HYMN 324. C. M.


Abridge. [*]

HAPPY soul that lives on high,
While men lie grov'ling here!
His hopes are fixed above the sky,
And faith forbids his fear.

2 His conscience knows no secret stings,
While grace and joy combine

To form a life whose holy springs

Are hidden and divine.

e 3 He waits in secret on his God, His God in secret sees;

s Let earth be all in arms abroad, He dwells in heavenly peace.

4 His pleasures rise fron: things unseen, Beyond this world of time,

Where neither eyes nor ears have been,

Nor thoughts of mortals climb.

5 He wants no pomp nor royal throne,
To raise his figure here,、

Content and pleased to live alone,
Till Christ his life appear.


o 1

HYMN 325. C. M. Lanesboro'. [*]
The Fear of God.


HRICE happy souls, who, born of heaven,
While yet they sojourn here,

e Humbly begin their days with God,
And spend them in his fear.

2 So may our eyes with holy zeal
Prevent the dawning day;
And turn the sacred pages o'er,
And praise thy name and pray.
e 3 Midst hourly cares may love present
Its incense to thy throne;

And, while the world our hands employs,
Our hearts be thine alone.

4 At night we lean our weary heads
On thy paternal breast;
And, safely folded in thine arms,
Resign our powers to rest.

o 5 In solid, pure delights, like these,
Let all my days be past;

Nor shall I then impatient wish,
Nor shall I fear the last.



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Broomsgrove. [*]

Christian Love.

HYMN 326. C. M.


OW sweet, how heavenly is the sight,
When those who love the Lord,

In one another's peace delight,

And so fulfill his word ;

-2 When each can feel his brother's sigh,
And with him bear a part;

When sorrows flow from eye to eye,
And joy from heart to heart;-

3 When, free from envy, scorn,
Our wishes all above,

and pride,

Each can his brother's failings hide,
And show a brother's love.

b 4 Let love, in one delightful stream,
Through every bosom flow;

And union sweet, and dear esteem,
In every action glow.

5 Love is the golden chain that binds
The happy souls above;

And he's an heir of heaven, who finds
His bosom glow with love.


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