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and pity thefe poor helpless things, and

am more in debt then Another ? No, no, my dread and glorious Lord!' nothing have I, alas, to boast of; but very much turepent of. *God beca

Lellon 191. Then they brought young children to Him, that He should impose his hands on then and pray: but His Disciples rebuk d those that

brought there Whoin when JESUS saw, He was much displeased; and calling them together, faid, Suffer little Childreu to come to Me; and forbid them not : for, of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Verily I say to you, whoever shall not receive the King. dom of God as a little Child, halnoti nat enter therein. And, embracing them, and imposing his hands on them, He blessed them, and departed thence. Resp. Happy, O Lord, are the Parents who

bring their Children to Ther, and enne their tender age to bear Thy Yoak; bapes the Childreu who come early to Ibe and season their youth before the world corrupt them. * For of siechis the King dom of Heaven, Lord make me mind and imitate their meek Simplicity



make me avoid the temptations of this

life byle cautious prądence, and repair Ciny loft-linnocence bayi a heartyi repentance For; of such von

Leson 1923 And, behold, when He was gone forth ntol the way, i there came running a cer. ainsiRule'r, and kneel'd' to Him, and ska Hina, saying, Good: Master; What ood, thing thall I do thar I may attain ternal Life . And Jesus said to Him, Why calfft thou Me good? There is loncgood but God alone. But, if thou vilt onter into Life, keep the Commanements. He fays to Him; Which ESus laidThou knoweft the Com. nandements, Do not commit Adultery, Do not kill, do not Steal, Do not bear ile witness, Defraud not, Honour thy atherand thy Mother - Thou shalt love by Neighbour as thy felf. The young tan said to Him, Mafter, all these have kept from my youth; what want I it? Which when JESUS heard, beolding Him, He lov'd him, and said, et wanteft thou one thing, if thou ilt be perfect; Go, fell all thou haft, od give to the poor,

and thou shalt

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bave Treafute in Heaven; and come follow Me., Burz when the young man heard that saying, he was fuckivery fad and went away sorrowful; for hd ind great possessions: 4,1 Resp. Behold the way of cómriloh Salu

tion, If thou wilt enteri ima life keep

the Commandements! Kisand the love of 3. God fulfils all the Law. Behold the way

of Heroiak bertue, Sall all fhowibiaft,ad give to the poor, and Aake up thyCrafs and follow JESUS. And so many

į Lelona 1970 in When JESUS faw hind become fonowful, looking round about. He said to His Disciples, How hardlyonhall chey who have Money enter into the Kingdom of God! Verily I fay to you, A rich man Thall hardly enter into the Kingdom of Heavenl. And the Difciples were aftonith'd at his words. But, JESUS again aufwering said to them, Children! how hard is it for them that trust in Mony to enter into the Kingdom of God! 'Ti casier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a Needle, then for a richa, manto enter into the Kingdom of God. Alis Disciples, bearing these things, wonderd

more ;

pore; saying aniong themselves, Who hen can be faved?' And JESUS, looking in them, faid, with men this is imoffible, but not with God : for; all hings, which are unpollible with men, ire possible with God. Resp. Suçb, O: my Soul, are the miseries

that attend on niches they are gain'de with sale, and kept with fear, they are u'd with danger, and lost with grief.

* 'Tis hard to be saved, if we have them; - and imposible, if we love them; and fcarce can we have them, but we shall love them. Teach us, O Lord, this difficult Leßon, to manage with piety the Goods me poffefs; and nat cõpetoufly desire more ther. Thow givest ws: teach us to wear our affections from this Earth, and not lay up our hearts in bags of Money. *'Tis bard,

i* 1. Laßun 194. Then Peter, answering, said to Him, Schold, we have forsaken all and folwed Thce ; what therefore Thall we ave? And JESUS answered, Verily I y to you, That you who have follow'd de in the Regeneration, when the Son f Man lhall fit in the Throne of Hig 02


Majesty, you also fhall fit on twelve

Thrones judging the. Twelve Tribes of Hrack. And, there is none that hath left House, dr Brethren, or Sisters, or Father, ør Mother, or Wife, or Children, of Lands; for Me, and for the Gospel, and for the Kingdom of God: but, he hall receive much more, Houfes,and Brethren, and Sifters, and Mothers, and Children, and Lands, á hundred fold now in this time, with perfecutions; and in the World to come, Eternal Life. But, many that are hirit shall be last, and the lat firft. Resp. Take courage to tby Jelf, mySoul,

and follow thy Lord where ere He cals thee : His Grace in Grifficient, and it wil elleft thee, His bounty is Iafinite, and it will reward thee. * A hundred fold here, and in the World to come, Eternal Life. Fear not to forsake all that preja dices thy happiness) kom de är foeuer il seems to thy nature, fear not to truft til fidelity of tby God; thy venture is safe end thygain great. * A hundred

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