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Greatest Least Mean beat.

Fall of heat heat.

40 28 34. Do.

35.50 Sleet rain.

32.80 Snow, say 3 inches. I


35.83 Do. cloudy, slight
35.67 Fair. [snow.

38.75 Do. cloudy.
27.50 Fair.
27.16 Do. cloudy, snow,
25 Fair. [say 9 inch.
28.57 Do.

i Hazy.


| Do.
34.14 Sleet.
39.60 | Do.
30.80 Fair.
34.50 Do. hazy.
34.50 Do. do. fair.

Fair, hazy, slight
27 37 1 19 30.33 Fair. . [snow.
28 48 32 40.50 Cloudy.
29 60

52.60 Fair.
301 44 34 38.60 Cloudy.
311 33 i 24


Snow, say 2 inch.

Total of rain 0,6 Inches.


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29th. Greatest heat 6007
18th. Least do. 100 Extreme 500
Mean heat, 32.35.
Number of observations, 170.

The diurnal mean heat is deduced from a number of observations made from 7 o'clock, A. M. to 10 o'clock, P. M.

Slight rains, or snows, and those of no visible depth.

The actual fall of snow cannot be ascertained, but in an extensive forest. The depths above given are only conjectural.

W. Ci


Sunt bona, sunt quaedam mediocria, sunt mala plura. Mart.

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September 27. THERE is a French camp in the Praça da Inquisição, the Praça do Commercio as well as in all the other principal squares of Lisbon. There is also another at Belem, and the castle at that place continues still to be garrisoned by the French. French troops are also quartered in many of the convents. In the Franciscan convent, immediately opposite to my lodgings, which is of immense extent, there is a whole regiment. They are still formidable to the inhabitants, and it is only centinels at the outposts, and unfortunate stragglers, who fall victims to the dastardly revenge of the cowardly citizens. The head quarters of Junot, the Duke of Abrantes, are at the palace of Quintella, the great dealer in diamonds, who is called the richest merchant in Portugal. This man has proved to the French a most profitable pidgeon, and he has indeed been very handsomely plucked. The contributions levied upon his purse have been immense, but such has been his conduct that he is pitied by no one. On the arrival of the French, he gave a sumptuous entertainment to the generals and chief officers of the army, in hopes, doubtless, by this manoeuvre to ingratiate himself with the commander in chief. His guests seemed highly gratified with the civilities of their host, and surprised at such a display of opulence. The costly paintings which decorated the walls, of which many were productions of the most eminent masters of Italy, particularly attracted

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