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vrages, ibid,

ATHENIAN Letters, 254

Biffert's Life of Burke, 196
Aubrey's Oxford Cabinet, Part II. an. 37 Black's Narrative of a Mutiny, 435
Aufrere's Warning to Britons, 118

Blackstone's Sermon, 319
Warnings abridged, 258

Bluin's Soldier's Friend, 117
Authors, Memoirs of living, 33

Blaine's Anatomy of the Horse, 397
Autography, British, Part X. 119

Blair on the Venereal Disease, 277

Blue Beard, hy Colman, 74

Boaden's Cambro-Britons, 318
Backhouse's Surveys in America, 280 Bucaccio's Patient Griselda, by Sotheby, 462
Bacon's Abridgment of the Law, 40

BOLINGBROKE, Lord, Coricspondence of,
--, Mat. Trea ise on Leases, 235

Bailey's Appendix, to Morbid Anatomy, 117 Booker's Malvern, a Poem, 198
Baring's, Charles, Peace in our Power, 198 Botanquet's and Fuller's Reports of Cases, 34,

, Sir Francis, on the Bank of England, 436

Bofwell's Digest of Acts of Parliament, 34
Barker's Welsh Story, 237

Botheration, a Farce, by Oulton, 237
Barnwell, George, a Novel, 357

BOUCHER on the American Revolution, 12
Baronage of Scotland, 196

--—'s Two Allize Scrmions, 438
Barrere, De la Pensée du Gouvernement, 38

's Provincial Glossary, ar, 445
- Monte quieu peint d'après ses Ou Boughton's, Sir C.W.R. Addiefs, 118

Bouillée's Memoirs of the French Revolution,
Barrow's Sermon at St. James's Church, 119 40
Barrue!, Mem. de Jacobinisme, Tom. IV.440 Bowdler's Poems and Etays, 462
-, abrégé, ibid.

- Reform or Ruill, 36
's Memoirs of Jacobinism, Vol. III. 73 Bowen's Sermon at St. Paul's, 313

Vol. II. 79

Thoughts on Discipline in Prisons,
Letter of a Freemason to, 116

Barry's Letter to the Dilettanti Society, 115

Companion for the Prisoner, 318
Barthelemy, Ocuvres diverses, 400

Bowles's Coombe Ellett, 437
Barton's Sermon at St. Andrew's, 279

Bow, long, on the Uíc of, 195
Batavian Fleet, Victory over, 33

Bovd's Indian Observer, 236
Baume, Opuscules Chimiques, 4.0

BRAAM's, Van, Embassy to China, 412
Bayley's Foreiter, a Drama, 237

Bramwich on Romilh Doctrine, 80
Beatron on rural Improvements, an. 37 Britain's Peace in her own Power, 463
Beaumont and Fletcher, Mason's Comments Britannia, by S. Hull Wilcocke, 78
on, 258

British Crisis, 79
Bedford's, Duke of, Speech, 259

Briton's Monitor, 320
Portrait of, 439

Bromlcy's Thanksgiving Sermon, 464
Beeston, Castle of, a Romance, 437

iu Kent, Description of, 40
Beetham's Baron.etage of England, an. 37 BROOKE's Observations on Italy, 273
Beggar Girl, by Mrs. Bennei, 77

Brookhouse, Ann, Narrative of her Confine-
Bell's Systein of Diffeétions, 117

ment, 461
Bellamy's Sadatki, 237

Brofletard, Trad. de Ciceron, 400
BELSHAM's Review of Willerforec, 112 Brothers's Leter to Miss Cott, 197

History of Great Britaing 235 BROUGHTON's Views in North Wales, 395

Two hiftoric Dissertations, 435 Brown, John, Rev. Pofthumous Works of, 116
BENGAL, Forster's Journey from, 301, 330 Charles, on scrophulous Diseases, 437

John, on univcıtal Redemption, 358
Benjoin's Vindication of Passages in Deut. 80 ---'s, Thomas, Observations on Darwin,
Bennet's, Mrs. Beggar Girl, 77

Bentham's Supply without Burden, 79 BROWNE's, Arth. Miscellaneous Sketches,
Benyowsky, Count, translated, 258

386, 458
-, Count, a Tragedy, 397

View of Civil Law, 356
Berghem's Shepherd's Amusement, 359 Buccleugh, Pukc of, Portrait of, 439
Bertrand, Sir, Orme's Print of, 119

Buchan, Euchiridion Syphiliticum., 35
Bewick, Thomas, Portrait of, 38

Buckinger, Matthew, Portrait of, 259
's Britilh Birds, Vol. I. 357

Bucknall's Orchardift, 39
Bezout, Cours de Mathemnatique», 400 Budworth's Windermere, a Poem, 23
Bianca Capello, Life of, by Ludger, 39 Buffon, Observations sur l'Hift. Nat. de, 400
Bidlake's Country Parlon, 78

Bulkley's Apology for Human Nature, go
Biography of Aldermen, &c. an. 399 Bullock's Sermon at St. Paul's Covent Garden,
Biographical Dictionary, new edition, 256 .

Anecdotes of eminent Perions, Bunker's Hill, Prints of Battle of, 200

Buonaparte, some Account of, 39
Mirrour, 235

's Expedition, Irwin on, 319
Biographie de Suicides, 360

's Expedition, Observations on, 355



Buonaparte in Egypt, by Irwin, 395

Celestial and Terrestrial Globes, 72
2's Expedition exemplified, ibid. Cecii's Micmoirs of Cadogan, 3;8
-'s original Letters, 461

Serinon at St. John's Chap', 318
Burckhardt's Syitem of Diviniry, 80

Cepede, Hilt. Nat. des Poisfons, 400
Burger's Wild Huntsman's Chale, 258 Chancery, Six Clerks, Reasons for abolishing
Burgh's Dignity of Human Nature, 236

the Offices of, an. 120
Burgundy, Count of, by Kotzebue, 462 Chantiil's Poems, 318
Burke, Memoirs of, by M'Corosick, 39 Chapman on Canal Navigation, 33
Elegy on the Death of, 78

Chapter to the English Multitude, 118
's Three Memorials, 79

Charlton's, May, Phedora, 157
's Third Letter to a Member, ibid. Charmes des, new Method of Bleaching, ar.
-n, Biflett's Life of, 196

Beau ies of, 236

Charmilly's Answer to Edwards's History of
Burnaby's, Dr. Charge, 120

St. Domingo, 39
Travels through North America, Charclet, Duc du, Voyage en Portugal, 359

Chaucer, by Tyrwhitt, 278
Burns's, Robert, Pofthumous Works, an. 76 Chauvel, Conduite de Gouvernement, 318
- Portrait of, 439

Cheetham's, R. F. Poems, 397
Burton's, Mrs. Laura, a Novel, 117

Chemant on Artificial Teeth, 74
F. Sermon, 120

Chess, Theory of, 434
Butcher's View of Lynn Market-place, 80 Chevalier on the Surgeons' Bill, 78
Shop, Country, Print of, 320

China, Staunton's Embally to, 39
Butler's Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley, 435

Holmes's Journal is, 279
Byrne's Antiquities, Vol. II. No. III. 259 CHINA, Van Braam's Embally to, 412

Chine, la, Voyage par Macartney, 360

Chinefe Dresses and Customs, Sketches of, 199
Caddick's Hebrew Testament, an. 280

· Empire, View of, 157
Cadogan's Discourses, 358

Chrichton on Mental Derangement, 74
Calaf, a Perfian Tale, 74

Christian Religion, on the Credibility of, 37
Callim.que, par Dutheil, 400

a's Syllabus of Lectures, 45
Cambro-Britons, a Play, 318

Church's Cabinet of Quadrupeds, 120
Campbell's Letter to Marquis of Lorn, 75 Church of England, Letter to the, 358
Cambridge, Views of Colleges in, 240

of St. Siffrid, 77
Canal, Circular, Thoughts on the Utility of,

Ciceron trad. de Broffcard, 400

de la Republique, 399
Canning's Specch, Substance of, 463

Cinthelia, by Waiker, 77
Cape of Good Hope, &c. Voyage to, an. 399

Cililpine Republic, Account of, 319
Card's Youch's Instructor, 34

Clapham's Sermon at Ouleborne, 119
Carlini's Model of his Majesty, 439

Cara Lenox, by Mrs. Loe, 77
Carlitle's, Ear!, Unite or Fall, 75

Cia.e's, Earl, Spe ch, 118
Caroline, by a Lady, 35

Clarke's, J.S. Navel Sermons, 239
Carr's Translatiori of Lucian, Vol. IV.--V. Clarke, E. G. Medicine Praxcos Comp. an.

Carrick on the Bristol Water, 78

Clark's, Miss, Lanthe, 237
Carpenter's Spelling Assistant, 356

Claridge, a Tragedy, 278
Cartaze, new Rates of, 396

Claudica, Fr. and Lat, 400
Carrer's Ancient Architecture, 320

CLAYTON's, Sir R. House of Medici, 51
MCartney's Translation of Cicero de Officiis, Clement's Sermons at Lady Moyer's Lectures,

Cariwright's Appeal on the Constitution, 36, Clergy, Reflections on, u9

Reflections on the, 259
Cary's New Itinerary, 157

Clerical Chractei, a Discourse on, so
Survey of the Ruads of Great Britain, Clerk's Naval Tactics, 39
an. 76

Clerke, Praxis supremæ Curiæ Admiralitatis,
F. H. Kosciusko, an Ode, 78

Cadas, Voyage d'Itric et Dalmatic, 359 Clermont, Tale, by Roche, 157
Castle on the Rock, 35

CLERY'S Journal at the Teniplc, 207
of S:. Donat's, 237

Clery, Journal de Louis XVI. 360
Spectre, by Lewis, 36

----, Portrait de, par Danloux, 280
CATHERINE Il. Life of, 121, 177, 220 Clifford on Ele tio:is of Southwark, 33
Caberine of France, Portrait, Sec. 38 Cobbald on the Advantages of Revelation, so
Catlow's Plan of instruction, 277

Coinage, Silver, Thoughts upon a new, 453
Cavallo on Fa&tirious Airs, 74

Cole's Fan Sermon, 239
Cavalry, Provisional, Instructions for, 275

Sermon at Westminster Abbey, 279
Cavern by Moonlight, 464

Coleman, E. on Horse's Foot, &c. 197
Cazotte, Correspondence myftique, 399 Collector, or Llegaut anecdotes, 396


Collier's Efsays on the Jewish History, 40 Despiau, Usage des Globes, 440
COLLINS's, D. Account of New South Dibdin's Chart of the Rights of Persons, 40
Wales, 241, 296, 335, 364

Dickson's Translation of Masillon's Sermons,
Collins's, W. Poems, new Edition, 258

Colmad's, G. Blue Beard, 74

Dictionary of Quotations, 77, 436
Commerce between Great Britain and Ireland, Discourse addressed to :he Ladies, i98
Tracts on, 462

Dilsenters, Causes of their Separation from the
Confcffions of a Beauty, 396

established Church, 358
O'Connor, Roger, I hrce Letters to, 75 Dodd's Plan of a dry Toneel: 355

A. Portrait of, by Dowling, 239 Domingo, St. Account of the Mortality at, by
CONSIDERATIONS on Public Affairs, 98 M-Lean, 77
Conspiracy, Keflections on the Irish, 78 Donald's and Milne's Map of Norfolk, 240
Constitution of England, Principles of the, 78 Donat's, St. Castle of, 237
Conti, Steph. Louite, Bourbon,Memoires de,464 Donovan's Insects of China, 73
Coutinent, on ihe Political State of, 463 Drake's Literary Hours, an. 120
Conway Castle, View of, 320

Druriad, 38, 74
Coombe Ellen, a Poem, 437

Dublin, Ferrar's View of, 279
Coote's History of England, Vol. VIII. IX. 40 Dubroca, la Politique de Gouvernenzent Angl.
Copper-plate Magazine, Vol. VII. 119

Coiancez's Anccdoccs of Rouflea', 435 Duigenan's Answer to Grattan, 279
Co.mick, Memoirs of Burke, 39

Dumouriez's Sketch of Europe, 198
Cornwallis, Marquis, Porirait of, 359 Dumonriez, Tableau de l'Europe, 360

--, terminating the War in Duncan, Lord, Portraits of, 38, 77, 119, 280
India, Print of, 464

-'s, Lord, Victory, by Orme, an. 399
Corrrsponding Sociсtics, circular Letter to,

And. Annals of Medicine, Vol. I.

Corton's Britannia, a Poem, 36

Dundas, Right Hon. H. Portrait of, 240
Cottage on Fire, Print of, 464

Dupan, Mallet, Mercure Britannique, 277, 399
Cottle's Icelandic Poetry, 78

E's, Maliet, British Mercury, 393
Courage Rewarded, a political Drama, 397 Durham Cathedral, Fisher's View of, 260
Cow, Holdernesle, Print of, 320

-_'s, Bishop, Cbarge, 37
Cowper, Countess, Portrait of, 240

Durnford's and East's Reports of Cases, 436
Cowe's Rcligious Traéts, 37

Duffeldorf, or the Fratricide, 117
COXE's Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpok, Dutch Fleet, Defeat of, 119
128, 182, 229

Dutens's Toclin, 318
Craven's Translation of the Robbers, 437 Dutton's Opinions of Sehaldus Nothanker, 74
Crawford, John, a Saior, Portrait of, 38

Literary Cenrus, 462
C:ifis, the, and its Alternatives, 118

Duverger on French and English Languages;
Crisis, a Poem, 318

Cross on the Law and Confiitution of England,


Eden's Plan for improving the Port of London,
Crowther on the Diseases of the Joints, 78 256
Crutwell's L'hiversal Gazettcer, 235

Edgeworth's Practical Education, 256
Cumberland, Hatchinson's History of, 40

Abbé, Portrait of, 38
----'s, Ri. Observer, new Edition, 116 Edinburgh Society, Trarlactions of, 195
Cummyng's Translation of Enclle, 73 Efufions, loyal and leifarc, 238
Currie on ihe Efrets of Water, 77

Eorist, or Sacred Scroll, 117
on apparent Death, 77

Egypt, Flan of, 440
Egypte, Voyage par Norden, 360

Electricity, Intellectual, 434
Dalrym ple's Consequences of an Invasion, 113 Eleonora, Tratt. en Ital. di Mrs. Taylor, 157
Darn, Traduct. d'Horace, 400

Ella, by Maria Hunter, 278
Darwin's Zoonomia, Obfervations on, 197 Ellia's Norman Bandi ti, 74
Daubeny's Guide to the Church, 75

Ellinor, a Novel, by Hanway, 117
Fall of Papal Rome, 159

Emily de Varmont, 74
Davis's Survey of Oxfordthire, ;6

Enamio red Spirit, 74
Dawcs's Pantometry, 39

Encyclopedia Britannica, Supplement to, an.
Defence on Foot, Art of, 195

of the Country, Names of those who Engagement between the Mars and l'Hercule,
contributed to, in 1588, 157
Dcloraine, 117

Englith's Converfations, an. 280
Democracy, Crimes of, 198

English Nun, 77
Derby, Countess of, Biographical Sketch of, Englishman's Advice to his Countrymen, 438

Englishnien, Appeal to the Sense of, 238
Derwent Priory, 74

ENUMERATION of French Confiscations,
Desodoards, Hist. de la Republique Fr. 399





Epictete et Cebes, Gr. et Fr. 400

Fox, Hon. C. F. Letter to, 436
EPISTLE to a Friend, with other Poems, 153 C. J. Letter to, on his Speech, 79
Erkkine's Speech on the Trial of Williams, 40 France, Causes of the War with, 36

Speech at Williams's Triat, 79 FRANCE, modern, Sketch of, 28
Dr. Reply to a Letter, 239

Considerations on the Affairs of, 94
Elelaves de Rachat de la Coté d'Afrique, 36 FRANKLIN's Reign of Shah-Aulum, 81
Espinafle's Reports of Cases, Vol. II. P. I. 435 Franklin, Vie de, 360
Digest of the Law, 436

Franconia, French Incursions into, 157
Estay, by a Lady, an. 280

Frederic II.'s Secret Instructions, 355
Estelle, translated by Cummyng, 73

Freehairn's Views in Italy, 200
ETON's Turkish Empire, 173

Freeman's British Plants, 120
Etrangers, Avis aux, 400

Specimens of Plants, 39
Earope, Map of, by Arrowsmith, 320 Frenchmen, Vain Boaftings of, 115
Europe, Tableau de, par Dumouriez, 360 French, Shall they come or not? 198
Europe, nouveaux Intérêts de l', 464 FRENCH Confiscations, Enumeration of, 427
Eultace's Elegy on Burke, 36

French Republic, Anecdotes of Founders of,
Eveleigh's, Dr. Sermon at Oxford, 120

Vol. II. 320
Evidence to Character, 355

Invasion, Remarks on, 198
Evans's Sermon on the Death of Turner, 398

----, Advantages from, ibid.
Excise Duties, Impolicy of local Exemptions, Frend's Algebra, Appendix to, 195

Friend, Every Man's, 320
Eseter, Account of the Cathedral of, 40 Friendly Society at Cattle Eden, Rules and
Eyre, Rev. Jos. Letter to, 396

Regulations of, 199

Funding System, Thoughts on, 279

Furtado's Elements of Thorough-bass, 33
Firman's Appendix to the Stocks, 79 Fynes's Sermon at St. Margaret's, 359
Falconer's Translation of the Tocsin, 318
Falle and True, a Play, ibid.

Fauily Tale; or Pitt, Fox, and O'Connor, 398 Gail, La Mythologie de Lucien, 400
Family Secrets, by Pratt, 197

Gainiborough, T. Portrait of, 259
Farquhar, Sir Walter, Portrait of, 38

's Two Landscapes, an. 320
Farrer's Vification Sermon, at Carlisle, 438

Galerie Antique, 399
Fashions, Female, Magazine of, 116 Gale's Cabinet of Knowledge, 39
Fashionable Cypriad, 157

Game Laws, poetical Remarks on, 276
Faublas, Amours de, 400

Gardiner's Sermon at Buih, 199
Fajas St. Fond, Voyage en Angleterre, 359 Garnete's, T. Outlines of Chemistry, 37
_'s Travels, ar. 359

Garrard's Coach Horses, 38
Fawcett's Poems, 258

Gauffier's Cottagers, by Bartolozzi, 439
Fellowes's Picture of Christian Philosophy, Gay's Fables in Latin Verse, 357

Geard's Beauties of Henry, 80
FELTHAM's Inand of Man, 352, 385 Genlis, Væux Temeraires, 400
Ferra's View of Dublin, 279

Ghost, from the Castle Spectre, by Orme, 260
FERRIAR's Illustrations of Sterne, 447 Ghofts, More, 117

Medical Histories, &c. an. 37 Gibraltar, Deitruction of Spanish Works at,
Field Exercise, Rules and Regulations for, 234
Finance, Speeches on a new System of, 79 Gifford's Second Letter to Erskine, 79
- Proposition of a new System of, 279

Address to the Loyal Associations,
---, Thoughts on Principles of, 78

Financil and Commercial Affairs,Sketch of, 78 Translation of Jourdan's Address, ibid.
Finch's, W. Sermon, 318

Gilbert's Law of Evidence, 236
, Bampton Lecture Sermons, 80 Gil Blas corrigé par Osmond, 440

R. P. Chriftian Sabbath vindicated, Gilibert, Hift. des Plantes, 400

GILLIES's Tranflation of Aristotle's Ethics,
Fitzgerald's Poems, 117

&c. 91, 150
Flower Painting, Treatise on, 316

GILPIN's Moral Contrasts, 32
Fontaine's, Aug. Saint Julien, 462

Western Tour, 231, 250
- Family Histories, 157

Girard de la Refiftance des Solides, 400
Foot, Jeffe, Veficæ Lotura, 74

Gifbome on National Order, 439
Fordgec on Fes 237

's Vales of Wever, 78
Foreign Journals, Selections from, u16

Sacred and Moral Poems, 462
Publications, 359, 399, 440, 464

Glasse's Sermon, at Hanwell, 359
Forefter, or the Royal Seit, 237
Forfeiture, Thoughts on the Law of, 356 Glass House, Inside of a, 464
FORSTER's Journey from Bengal, 301, Glover's Leonidas, 278

Godwin's, Mrs. Pofthumous Works,an. 37, 73
Fox's, Mr. Secession, Thoughts on, 36

Memoirs of, 73


an. 200

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330, 381

folk, 239

40, 76

Goethe's Stella, 157

Hill's Henry and Acafio, 258
Claridgo, a Tragedy, 273

Apology for Brotherly Love, 199
Golden Mean, 74

HINDOOSTAN, Pennant's View of, 201
Godfrey de Hastings, 278

Maurice's History, Vol. II.
Goldsmith's, Dr. Efrays, 40

-'s Vicar of Wakeheld, 357

Scenery, by Anbury, 439.
Gomez and Ellinor.1, 462

Hinckley's People's Answer, 116
Gondet's French Grammar, 451

Hoche, General, Portrait of, 38
Good on myintaining the Poor, 199

Vie de, 360
Goode's Sermon, 119

Hodges's Peace and War, Print of, 119
Government Subscription, Reasons for not Hodson's Accomplished Tutor, 434
fupporting, 259

HOGARTH illustrated, 223
Grane's History of the Mauritius, an. 240 Hogarth's Savoyard Girl, an. 240
Gratran's Address to his Conftituents, 79 Holbein's Portraits of Sons of Duke of Suf.
Graffigny, Lettres d'une Peruv. 400
Grammatical Figures, and a System of Rheto-

-, No. XI. 259
'ric, 72

Holcroft's Knave or not, 74
Grange, Lady, Epiltle to Ed. D--, Elq. 35 Holden's Secluded Man, 237
Granger's Biographical History, Portraits for, Holford's Gresford Vale, an. 38

Holiday's Life of Earl of Mansfield, 39
Grattan's Address, Obseryations on, 78 Holland, Twenty-four Views in, 38
----, Answer to, 279

Account of the House of, an. 76
Gróce, Voyages d'Antenor, 360

Holmes's Journal to China, 279
Green, V. Account of King John, 40 Hood, Capt. Print of the Death of, 239)
Gregor's Sermon at Truro, 318

Gregory's Sermon on Suicide, 120

Hook's View of a Caitle by Moonlight, 200
Grenville's, Lord, Speech, 259

· Letter to Lord Kenyon, 236
Grievances of the Officers and Sailors, Statc Hoole's Edition of Leuwenhoeck, 237
ment of, 40

Horace trad. par Darn, 400
Grove, a Satirr; 35

Horn's Treatise on Leeches, 35
Gurney's Trials of the Prisoners at Maidstone, Houghton on Christ's Refurreéti, n, 38

Howe, Earl, Brown's Portrait of, 280
Guyane, Voyage à la, 359

Howlett on the Corn Trade, 79

Hucks's, J. Poems, 78

Huilioni Flora Anglica, 115
Handel, Portrait of, an, 280

Hughes's Retribution, and other Poems, IIT
Hanway's Ellinor, a Novel, 117

Hugill's Ildora of Gallicia, 77
Happiness, Guide to Domestic, 462

Hullock's Law of Costs, 34
Hardy's Sermon at Cambridge, 259

Human Viciffitudes, 437
Harmodius's Odc to Lord Nelion, 437

Hume on the Laws of Scotland, 40
HARPER on America and France, j9 Hunt on the Land-Tax Act, 435
Harper's Speech, 198

Hunter's, John, Tribute to unfortunate Pocts,
Proceedings of Congress, 398

an. 38, 74
Harrington's Experimca's on Heat, 317 ------, Maria, Ella, or, He's always in the
Harwood's Prov< Its of Eton, 39

Way, 278
Hallam on Insanity, 277

Hunting ford's, Dr. Discourses, Vol. II. 80
Hasted's History of Kent, Vol. VI. 395 Huntington's Sermon, 37
Hayes's Sermons, 80

Hurn's Two Sermons at Debenham, 199
Hearne's and Byrne's Antiquitics of Great Hutchinson's, W'm. History of Cumberland,
Britain, 77

Helme's Instructive Rambles, 235

Huicheson's, R. K. Treatise on Excise, ibid.
Henriade, Part II. 74

Excise Laws, 435
Henry de Beauvais, 396

Hutton's Course of Mathematics, 395
Willoughby, a Novel, 237
Henthall on Saxon and Englith Languages,

1. J.

JACKSON'S, Wm. Four Ages s
='s Stri&tures, 238

Jackson's, Jos. Reign of Liberty 18
History of Kent, 256

Charles, Narrative, 356
First No. of Domesuay, an.

S. H. Cautions to Women, 357
Heraud's Table of Stamp Duties, 436 Jacobin's Lamentation, 36
Herne’s Sermon at Chilwick, 398

Anti, Magazine, 277
He's much to blame, 258

-, or Weekly Examiner, 396
Hewlett's Thanksgiving Sermon, 454 Jameson's

Mineralogy of Shetland INands, 434
Sermon at Foundling Hospital, 37 Janson's Dutch Grammar, 116
Hey's Lectures in Divinity, 75, 80

Ianthe, by Miss Clark, 237
Hildefley, Bishop, Memoirs of, 435 Jaquelina of Hainault, 43?



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