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Psalms and Hymns,

Selected for Use


The Services of the Church.






THE peculiarity of the present Selection consists in this, that a portion of each of the hundred and fifty Psalms is given from authorized versions. By authorized versions those are intended which have received the sanction of the Crown,-the only authority which can be claimed for any metrical translation of the Psalms, since no ecclesiastical or legislative enactments exist on the subject. The Selection, therefore, has been made from the two best known versions, usually designated The Old and The New; and from others, which, though less known, rest on the same authority.

The Hymns have been selected from a vast number by various authors, with anxious care to


include such as are most generally acceptable, and best adapted for public worship. To accomplish the latter most desirable object, such alterations have been made in the Hymns as appeared to be necessary. The principle which has been adhered to throughout the entire collection was, to take such Hymns, or such portions of Hymns, with certain alterations or modifications, as might render the collection fit for general use. The necessity of such a principle will be admitted, inasmuch as some of the best Hymns are but ill adapted, in their original state, for public worship, while in many instances the originals cannot be ascertained.

1 Psalm.



C. M.

OW bless'd is he who ne'er consents
By ill advice to walk;

Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits
Where men profanely talk:

2 But makes the perfect law of God
His business and delight;

Devoutly reads therein by day,
And meditates by night.

3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,
With timely fruit does bend,

He still shall flourish, and success
All his designs attend.

4 For God approves the just man's ways;
To happiness they tend :

But sinners, and the paths they tread,
Shall both in ruin end.

2 Psalm.


C. M.

ATTEND, O Earth, whilst I declare

God's uncontroll'd decree :

Thou art my Son, this day my heir
Have I begotten thee.

2 Ask and receive thy full demands;
Thine shall the heathen be:
The utmost limits of the lands
Shall be possess'd by thee.

3 Learn then, ye princes; and give ear,
Ye judges of the earth;
Worship the Lord with holy fear,
Rejoice with awful mirth.

4 If but in part his anger rise,
Who can endure the flame?

Then bless'd are they whose hope relies
On his most holy Name.

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