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And bear's her Maker's praise on high

Upon her artless tongue.
Fain would I rise and sing

To my Creator too;
Fain would my heart adore my King,

And give him praises due.
Descend, celestial fire,

And seize me from above !
Wrap me in flames of pure desire,

A sacrifice of love.
Let joy and worship spend.

The remnant of my days;
And to my God my soul ascend,

In sweet perfumes of praise.

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Hymn 10. C. M. DEHOLD the SAVIOUR of mankind

Naild to the shameful tree How fast the love that him inclined

To bleed and die for thee! 2 Hark, how he groans ! while nature shakes,

And earth's strong pillars bend !
The Temple's veil in sunder breaks,

The solid marbles rend.
3 'Tis done the precious ransom's paid,

“ Receive my soul !” he cries : See where he bows his sacred head

He bows his head and dies!

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4 But soon he'll break death's envious chain,

And in full glory shine:
O Lamb of GOD! was ever pain,

Was ever love like thine !

Hymn 11. L. M.
F him who did salvation bring,

I could for ever think and sing ;
Arise, ye needy, he'll relieve :

Arise, ye guilty, he'll forgive.-
2 Ask but his grace, and lo, 'tis given ;

Ask, and he turns your hell to heaven;
Though sin and sorrow wound my soul,

JESUS! thy balm will make it whole.
3 To shame our sins he blushed in blood,

He closed his eyes to show us God;
Let all the world fall down, and know

That none but God such love can show, 4 'Tis thee I love, for thee alone

I shed my tears and make my moan!
Where'er I am where'er I move,

I meet the object of my love. 5 Insatiate to his spring I fly ;

I drink, and yet am ever dry :

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