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3 Sa de ryah sa gets koh,
Sa de wea na gets koh;
Ne na ra rih wa gwa ta gwahs,
E ne genh ji Ni yoh.

4 Ne shon gwen

he ya seh,

O nen sho don he tonh;
Yah ne tha on sah ren he ye,
Nen se ro nih neh ha.

5 Ro ronh ya gen tah kon,
Ji te ka yah son te;
Seh shon gwa ya ta gwen iih,
Ne na ro nek hwah ton.
6 Ne en te wah sken hah,
Wah sken hat se ri yoh;
Ni yoh ne non ga i te weht,
Ne on gwan heht se ra.

Teyerihwahkwatha 21. S. M. ge nih a gwe ri,


Re eh en wat kah ten;


Ne sa nak ta do genh ti geh,
Eh yen ga don ha ren.

2 Ne I se ehts yen ah,

Te gwa nonh we ra ton:
Onh went ja gwe gon sheh ro ri,
Son we senht s'ra gon he.

3 YE SUS o rih wi yoh,

O wi ra do genh ti;

3 Extol his kingly power, Kiss the exalted Son,




Who died, and lives to die no more,
High on his Father's throne:

Our advocate with GOD,

He undertakes our cause,

And spreads through all the earth abroad
The victory of his cross.

That bloody banner see,

And in your Captain's sight,

Fight the good fight of faith with me,

My fellow-soldiers, fight:

In mighty phalanx join'd,

To battle all proceed;

Arm'd with th'unconquerable mind

Which was in CHRIST your Head.

Hymn 21. S. M.
NATHER, our hearts we lift
Up to thy gracious throne,

And thank thee for the precious gift
Of thine incarnate Son!

[blocks in formation]


And to the world thy goodness tell,
And to thy glory live.

JESUS, The Holy Child,
Doth by his birth declare,




Yo to genh ji hon ne o nenh
Sha hea na ge ra te.

Shon gwa wi ken ten ron,
I ki wa gwa ye na;

Ne Ni yoh on gwe Ro ya ner,
Onh went ja ka ron ya.

Ka yan ne ren sah he,
Onh went ja geh sa yen:
Roya ner ko rah ko wats hon,
Ne ro rih wa da tonh.

Ne shon gwa no ronh kwa,
Nen t'ya ga weh tah kon;
Ji non ta weh te Ron wa yen,

Ron wa yen ne on gwe.


Ro ya nert se ra gon,
Ne neh e ne genh ji,


A os kon ji ro ni ten ron
Nen t'ya ga weh tah kon.

Ten je te ni on gweh,

Ji ni ya go tye ren;

O ni sea ni ten res kon hak,
Ne on gwe ho gon geh.

9 O ne ta gwa ye nahs,
A se wah sa ton ni;
Ne ja ta gwe ni yo on weh,
O ni ka yan ne ren.

10 Ne se ni gonh ri yoh,
Ji ta gwa no ronh kwa ;







That God and man are reconciled,
And one in him we are.

Salvation through his name
To all mankind is given,

And loud his infant cries proclaim
A peace 'twixt earth and heaven.

A peace on earth he brings

Which never more shall end:
The Lord of hosts, the King of kings,

Declares himself our Friend;

Assumes our flesh and blood,
That we his grace may gain:
The everlasting SON OF GOD,
The mortal Son of Man.

His kingdom from above
He doth to us impart,

And pure

benevolence and love

O'erflow the faithful heart:

Changed in a moment, we
The sweet attraction find,
With open arms of charity
Embracing all mankind.
O might they all receive

The new-born Prince of Peace,
And meekly in his Spirit live!

And in his love increase!

10 Till he convey us home, Cry every soul aloud,


Ni ya te yon gyonk went ja geh,
Ni yoh ne en yenh te.

Teyerihwahkwatha 22. C. M.

HI ha di nonh ne kats he nen,
Eh ta geh wah hon tyen,
Ne Kon di ronh ya geh ro non,
Wat kon dih swat he te,

2 Toh sa se wah te ronn n'i se,
Se wa ni gonh ra geh;
Se wats hea non ni hak tenh non,
Ne jon gwe ta gwe gon.

3 Da wed I se sa na ta gon,
Eh on gweh wa ha ton;
Ke ris tus Ro ya ner na ah,
Ne wa te nyen denh stonh.
4 Ka ronh ya gon ne ex ha ah,
Ne n'on gweh en ye gen:
Ron wa nya ta ra gwe non ni,
Kats he nen o ron to.

5 Wa gen ron ne Se raph nen genh, Ne wa tyoh swat he ne;

Ka ronh ya geh ro non gon ton,
Ni yoh e ne genh ji.

6 Ra on we senh tse ra Ni yoh,

Onh went ja geh ka yen:

Ka yan ne renh on gweh a go wenhk,

Yo dah sa we on weh.

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