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Ak kah se ri a onh stat hen,
Tenh skon rih wah kwa se.

6 O YE SUS roh ni non tah kwen,
Ne n'a gat tok ha ge!

Ra oh ne ka jo no ha re,

Ji wa g'rih wa ne ren.
70 to na on gya ta wea onh,
To kat ne Ro ya ner;
Ta ha gwa de ryah tik hon ge,
Ne tenh non Jea ni denht!

8 Tenh non ri rih wa yea ni hek,
'On sa ha gi ten re:

O ni ne khe nonh kwe ho gon,
A on sa hen ten re.

hen we;

Teyerihwahkwatha 33. L. M. TO SAN NAH YE SUS e ne gen! A do ris henh s’ra n’yen Ja go te gwen e ne genh ji, Ya go do hets tonh na ne thoh. 2 Ne ji nit kents ha ton tye se, Ne ji ni ye ya ga we non, Ne na n'on gwa dea no sen ha Jit ho nak te ne KE RIS TUS.

3 E tho non weh ne ka na non,
Ra o ya ta de rih tse ra,

Ji non weh YE SUS ren te ron,
O rih wa do genh ti tenh non.

Rivers of life divine I see,
And trees of Paradise!

6 I see a world of spirits bright,
Who taste the pleasures there!
They all are robed in spotless white,
And conquering palms they bear.
7 O what are all my sufferings here,
If, LORD, thou count me meet,
With that enraptur'd host t'appear,
And worship at thy feet!

8 Give joy or grief, give ease or pain,
Take life or friends away;
But let me find them all again
In that eternal day.

Hymn 33. 8's.

HOSANNA to JESUS on high!

Another has enter'd his rest;

Another has 'scaped to the sky, And lodg'd in Emmanuel's breast. 2 The soul of our sister is gone To brighten the triumph above; Exalted to JESUS's throne,

And clasp'd in the arms of his love. 3 What fulness of rapture is there! While JESUS his glory displays; And purples the heavenly air, And scatters the odours of grace!

4 Ya o ta tye se ne e thoh,
Te yo ronh ya wer hon na ah;
Ka na non ne ra o ten rat,
Ya go das kats ji n'yen hen we.
5 Ya go das kats ka ronh ya geh,
Tye na ge re rah sea na gon:
YE SUS ra o das kats he ra,
Eh ye ya goh n'on gwe ho gon.
6 Ne neh tya ga weh tah kon ne,
Onh wen ja geh shi ye te ron;
Wa ho ni ro ni ten reh skon,
Ne Ro ya ner ra ton I ih?
70 YE SUS I se she tenh re,
N'on gweh ne ne ye se yah re,
Ne te ya go ya to reh ton,
Ne ne ji teh she ja hon ni.
8 Sheh ro rih ka rih wi yohs tahk,
Ji n'yen hen we a ya gon hek;
Ka ronh ya gon yen ye tye sek,
Ne na ah ji ni yen hen we.

Teyerihwahkwatha 34, S. M.


NYE ron geh ken he yonhs,
Eh se n'yen hen te we;

Ka ni gon ra en thea non ke,
A se en se wa ton.

2 Ji no wa gon dik he,
A ge wah ron gen ha,

4 He looks-and his servants in light
The blessings ineffable meet:
He smiles-and they faint at his sight,
And fall overwhelmed at his feet.
5 How happy the angels that fall
Transported at JESUS's name!

The saints whom he soonest shall call,
To share in the feast of the Lamb!

6 No longer imprison'd in clay,

Who next from his dungeon shall fly? Who first shall be summon'd awayMy merciful LORD-Is it I?

7 O JESUS! if this be thy will,

That suddenly I should depart,
Thy counsel of mercy reveal,
And whisper the call in my heart.
8 O give me a signal to know


If soon thou wouldst have me remove,
And leave the dull body below,
And fly to the regions above.


Hymn 34. S. M.

ND must this body die,

This well-wrought frame decay,

And must these active limbs of mine
Lie mouldering in the clay?

Corruption, earth and worms,
Shall but refine this flesh,

O ni gonh ros kon en wa ton
Nok enh skya ton ta ne.

3 A ge Ni yoh ron he,
Ji nen we e ne gen:

Te hak ka n're onh wen ja geh,
Ne ji nen shak kets koh.

4 Ra on we senh tse ra,
Gye ron geh sron he te,
Ji ok ni ha yer ne konks neh,
N'o nenh ka ronh ya geh.
5 To genh ske yor ha rat,
Ro ya ner ro non weht;
Ne shon gwa ya ta de rihs tha,
Te dya go rih wah kwen.
7 Shon gwan hehs ne Ni yoh,
O rea na se ro tonh:

Ne te yonk hi rih wah kwa se,
Ne on gwe ta gwe gon.

Teyerihwahkwatha 35. S. M.


enh she

jen ha yen,

Ka non nen gen ha tye,
Ya gon he ya go wen ta on
Ka ni yo ri wa re;

2 To kat yo don ha rak,
Ne tea ens ya go tenh;
Onh wa jok nok eh yen t'wa
Sah sken ha sa don hets.


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