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Till my triumphant spirit comes
To put it on afresh.

3 GOD, my Redeemer, lives,
And ever from the skies





Looks down, and watches all my dust,
Till he shall bid it rise.

Array'd in glorious grace
Shall these vile bodies shine,
And every shape, and every face,
Be heavenly and divine.

These lively hopes we owe,
LORD, to thy dying love;

O may we bless thy grace below,
And sing thy praise above!
SAVIOUR, accept the praise
Of these, our humble songs,

Till tunes of nobler sounds we raise
With our immortal tongues.

Hymn 35. S. M.

HOU Judge of quick and dead,
Before whose bar severe,

With holy joy, or guilty dread,
We all shall soon appear-
Our cautioned souls prepare
For that tremendous day,

And fill us now with watchful care,
And stir us up to prayer.

3 Ken ga yen sah sken ha,
Sa de rea na yenh sek;
Weh ni se ra no ron ne thoh,
Ne yah te ka to gen.

4 Kat keh nen yoth te ronh,
Ne nen en wa dok ten,

Ka ronh ya geh en t'wa sea ne,

[blocks in formation]

Ya go don ha he re;

Ka ronh ya geh ro non go wa,
Ne a go hon ra wats!

8 Te sa da honh to tenh

Enh she wea na ron ke;
Jot hon ra gwa ton yoh tha re,
En ja go yeh tan yon.

Teyerihwahkwatha 36. L. M.
E ra ya ta no ron go wah
Ka ronh
ya geh ro non go wah,


3 To pray and wait the hourThat awful hour unknown,



When robed in majesty and power,
Thou shalt from heaven come down.
Th'immortal Son of Man,

To judge the human race,

With all thy Father's dazzling train,
With all thy glorious grace.

5 To damp our earthly joys,
T'increase our gracious fears,
For ever let th' Archangel's voice
Be sounding in our ears;
The solemn midnight cry,
"Ye dead, the Judge is come!
Arise, and meet him in the sky,
And meet your instant doom!"
O may we thus be found
Obedient to thy word!
Attentive to the trumpet's sound,
And looking for our LORD!


8 O may we all ensure
A lot among the blest;

And watch a moment to secure
An everlasting rest.

Hymn 36. L. M.

HE great Archangel's trump shall sound,
(While twice ten thousand thunders roar,)

Ra o hon ra wats en ra te;
Re na en yo ra ga reh re.
2 Sen ha ne ka wea no wa nen,
O ye ri na te wea nya we,
Ni wea nya we eh tse rah shen,
Ka we rahs ji ni ka wea na.
3 Ne na en shan ho ton gwah te,
Ne ne ji ya ya ta ta ryon ;
Onh went ja ne jo ton on ne,
Oh ne ga gon ye ye ge ron.
4 Ten dya goht ka we o nea ne,
Eh ya ga wen he yonh se ron :
Wa dok ta ne yonh wen ja de,
Ji yo rih wa ne ra ax konh.
5 Ne na ya go rih wa ne ren,

Ne na ya go tenh the se re,
Ne o nenh en jon nonh kets ko,
Yen yon
dat re ke o neh son.
6 Nok on gyon ha Ro ya nerh ne,
Eh ya ten te wa donts ho ten;
Ne ji yen te wa don ha ren,
YE sus ra o ya nert se ra.
7 Ne o nenh ent kon da senh te,
O jis tohk ne ka ronh ya geh;
Yo non ten yon wah tonh se re,
Ne na en yo te ge on weh.

8 Ne ji ni ka yo ten on ne,
Ji yoh wen ja de en wah ton;
yo tonh kwah kwen ne o nenh,
Ka no ronh ji hon e tho ne.

Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground And make the greedy sea restore. 2 The greedy sea shall yield her dead, The earth no more her slain conceal; Sinners shall lift their guilty head,

And shrink to see a yawning hell.
3 But we, who now our LORD confess,
And faithful to the end endure,
Shall stand in JESUS' righteousness—
Stand, as the rock of ages, sure.

4 We, while the stars from heaven shall fall,
And mountains are on mountains hurl'd,
Shall stand unmoved amidst them all,
And smile to see a burning world.

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5 The earth, and all the works therein,
Dissolve, by raging flames destroyed,
While we survey the awful scene,
And mount above the fiery void.
6 By faith we now transcend the skies,
And on that ruin'd world look down ;
By love above all height we rise,
And share the everlasting throne.

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