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Teyerihwahkwatha 37. C. M.

THOH ke wah son da deh kwe,

Ro di rih wa ne ren :
Wa thon wa ni gonh ra se ren,

Ne ron wa ye sah ton.
2 Ya gweh yah rah kwa sa ya ner,

Ne na sen denh the onh,
Wa ho ni yon gwah te ron se,
I ta gwen he ya

3 Ne na wa té nyen denhs tah kon,

O Sa ya ner i se!
En gweh yah rah kwa ge on weh,

Yon gwa gon je ron geh.
4 Yon gwah ne gih ra ton na ah,

Sa ne gwenh sa no ron ;
Skwa ta go a gwea nah sa geh,
O ni on gwe rya


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Teyerihwahkwatha 38. L. M.

I ni ya wea onh tyo ga rahs,

Ne ka shats tenh se ra o gon; Ne onh wen ja geh o neh shon,

Ne ron wah swen onh ne Ni yoh, 2 Yah te ya go ni gon ra nenhs,

E thoh keh ne te ho ya gon:
Ne o na ta ra do genh ti

Ne n'yon ge no ronh kwa i yek. 3 Yo neh ra gwaht ro ni ten ron,

Ra wenh ne ne gen gye ron geh,


Hymn 37. C. M.
JHAT doleful night before his death

The LAMB for sinners slain
Did, almost with his dying breath,

This solemn feast ordain.
2 To keep the feast, LORD, we have met,

And to remember thee :
Help each poor trembler to repeat,

“For me he died for me !" 3 These sacred signs, thy sufferings, LORD,

To our remembrance brings ;
We eat and drink around thy board,

But think on nobler things.
4 O tune our tongues, and set in frame

Each heart that pants for thee,
Το sing “ Hosanna to the LAMB,"

The LAMB that died for me!


Hymn 38. L. M.
WAS on that dark, that solemn night,

When powers of hell arose,
Against the the Son of God's delight,

And friends betray'd him to his foes. 2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and blest, and brake What love through all his actions ran !

What wondrous words of grace he spake ! 3 This is my body, broke for sin;

Receive and eat this living food :

Ska rih si ka rih wa ne ren

Wa trah kwe ji i ga re [wine.] 4 Ra wenh wa ti dyen nonts on ten,

A se en gen ha ke tyot kon :
A ge ne gwenh sa wa hon ni,

Ne na yets hi rih wa yea ni. 5 Eh nenh sye re ta gweh ya ran,

A te khwa rahk kah ya ton gwen ;
Weh yah rah kwen ka ronh ya geh,
Ne nen ne ta gwen


he ya

Teyerihwankwatha 39. 4 6'8. of 28's.

(KETS koh n'a gwa don hets,

Ne à on ta wa ke,
Wa ge rih wa ne ren,

Ne ta ge nek wah seh,
I a g'ri wa sen denh the on,

Seh snon ge he tho ksea na re. 2 Ron He Ene genh ji

N'i ih ji na ya wen,
Ji shon gwa no ronh kwa,

Ra ne gwenh sa no ron;
Ne shon gwa ya ne renh stah kon,

Yonk ne go ser hon ken ten rat. 3 Wisk ni ho nek hwa onh,

N'e tho ji na a wen,
Wa thon wa yah son ten ;

Te wa de rea na yen,
Yoh ni ron shon gwa da dya seh,

ya ta nonh stat ya go tenh.

Then took the cup, and blest the wine, "Tis the new covenant in


blood. 4 Do this, he cried, till time shall end ;

Meet at my table, and record
The memory of your dying Friend;

The love of your departed LORD. 5 Jesus! thy feast we celebrate,

We share thy death, we sing thy name, Till thou return, and we shall eat

The marriage-supper of the LAMB.

Hymn 39. 4 6's & 2 8's.
A RISE, my soul,

Shake off thy guilty fears;
The bleeding sacrifice

In my behalf appears :
Before the throne my Surety stands

My name is written on his hands. 2 He ever lives above,

For me to intercede,
His all-redeeming love,

His precious blood to plead ;
His blood atoned for all our race,

And sprinkles now the throne of grace. 3 Five bleeding wounds he bears,

Received on Calvary;
They pour effectual prayers,

They strongly speak for me:
Forgive him, o, forgive ! they cry,
Nor let that ransom'd sinner die!

te nyen

Ra ni ha ro thon de,

Wa ga de rea na yen,
Ne ji ni ka no ron,

denh ston;
Yah tha ta on sa ha te ni,

Ra o hen ton ne ron wa yen. 5 Ne Ra o ni gon ra,

Yo rih wa se ra gwen,
O ni ne wak ro ri,

On gweh wa ga ton onh,
Ni yoh tho nonh tonh hon na ah;

A ge Ni yoh ro ri ho ni.
6 Ren tenh re to genh ske,


gwa thon deh ji hon,
Ye wa ge wea na tha ;

ah ens ka ton :
Yah ten se wak te ron se ke,
She gon nen ten ga ton goh te.

A gwen


Teyerihwahkwatha 40. 8's g. 7'8.

hah se ji na a wen,

Wa hon wa gen ron YE SUS.
I se ne ji ni yen hen we,

Ko rah ko wa wah s’ronh ya gen
Ne kan het se ro wa nen

Ji o nen sahs kwa ya ta go
I se geh en ja gweh te

Sko wa nen te gwa non we ronh. 2 Ne na sa ronh

tah kon Ji wa ge rih wà ne ren

ya gen

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