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4 The FATHẾR hears him pray,

His dear Anointed One!
He cannot turn away

The presence of his Son:
His SPIRIT answers to the blood,

And tells me I am born of God. 5 My God is reconciled,

His pardoning voice I hear :
He owns me for his child,

I can no longer fear:
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And Father, Abba, Father! cry.

Hymn 40. 8's & 99.


Hail, thou everlasting King ! Thou did'st suffer to redeem us;

Thou didst free salvation bring.
Hail! thou agonizing SAVIOUR,

Bearer of our sin and shame!
By thy merits we find favour;

Life is given through thy name. 2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,

All our sins on thee were laid :

Oni a wa te henh se ra

Ne ok ji ni she tenh re
Ne jon gwa de rah swi yos ton
Oni she gon ya gyon

Ne ji i se sah sea na gon

Se ni yoh tse ro wa nen 3 I se ja ta no ron go wah

Ni yoh she tenh re n'on gwe
Wag'rih wa ne ren sahs ton tonh

Ne yo neh ra gwah ta on
Sea ni ten reht se ro wa nen

Son gwe ta sah she ron gwen
Wa ho ni ne sa ne gwenh sa

San ho ton gwen ka ron ya
4 Te gwa non we ronh ne YE SUS

Eh ya ya gwa we on weh
Ka nant se ron ka ronh ya geh

Ne sen tyoh kwa do genh ti
Ra ya tak ta ne Ra ni ha

Yon gwen tenht 'gwa rih wa në ren
Ne na seh skwen ten ra tah kon

O ne sa ronh ya genh se ra.

Teyerhwahkwatha 41, S. M.

EHT te se rih wah kwe,

Mo ses ne o ni ne ;
On gwe

rih on gwea nah son,
Eht se nen ton Ni yoh.
2 Te se ri wahk o ni,

Ne teht se rih wah kwas,

By a mighty Love annointed,

Thou hast full atonement made.
All thy people are forgiven

Through the virtue of thy blood;
Open'd is the gate of heaven;

Peace is made 'twixt man and GOD. 3 JESUS, hail! enthroned in glory,

There for ever to abide !
All the heavenly hosts adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side.
There for sinners thou art pleading,

There thou dost our place prepare,
Ever for us interceding,

Till in glory we appear. 4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing

Thou art worthy to receive;
Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give.
Help, ye bright angelic spirits !
Bring your brightest

, noblest lays ; Help to sing our Saviour's merits

Help to chant Immanuel's praise.


Hymn 41. S. M.
WAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake every heart and every tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name. 2 Sing of his dying love,

Sing of his rising pow'r;

Ra shats te teht se rih wah kwas,

Ne ra tah kats ta dih.
3 Yon gwa rih wa ne ren,

Ne te se rih wah kwas ;
Ka ronh ya geh non ka dih kon,

Ne teht se rih wah kwas. 4 K’ris tus ko rah ko wah,

Sa thon dek ji ra ton ;

yon da dya ta de ris ton,
Ne ex ha o

5 Nen we ah O nok na,

En jon da di non ge :
Eh yen yon we tyo neh ra gwaht,
'Don ha rah tse ra gon.



Teyerihwahkwatha 42. L. M.

A o hen ton ne Je ho vah,

Ji tho nak te yo neh ra gwaht ; Jonh wen ja gwe gon yen s'wa we,

Jen te rih ne ne Ro ya ner. 2 Ne na Ni yoh ra on ha ah,

En hah sa nok en sha rih si ;
O na wats ta ra on nya ton,

Ne on gweh se wah ton se re. 3 On gyon ha na ra on gwe ta,

Ra nonh na tyes' n'on gwa don hets :
Ne ra shats tenh se ro wa nen,
Rah sea na do genh ti ko wah.

Sing how he intercedes above,

For those whose sins he bore. 3 Sing on your heav'nly way,

Ye ransom'd sinners sing;
Sing on, rejoicing ev'ry day

In Christ th' eternal King. 4 Soon will ye hear him say,

6 Ye blessed children come ;"
Soon will he call


To take his wanderers home.

Hymn 42. L. M.

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Ye nations bow with sacred joy Know that the Lord is God alone,

He can create and he destroy.
2 His Sov'reign power without our aid,

Made us of clay and form'd us men;
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd,

He brought us to his fold again. 3 We are his people, we his care,

Our souls and all our mortal frame;
What lasting honours shall we rear,
Almighty Maker to thy name!

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