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4 Tenh ji te wa rih wah kwa se,

Wa ton rat se ro wa nen ne,
E ne genh ji tya go thon dek,
Oye ri wea nya we eh s’ron.


rih syat,

Teyerihwahkwatha 43. C. M.

A go dahs kats n'ya go thou de,

No rih wa do genh ti;
Ka ya ne ren ji i yen se,

Ji i yen t'yoh swat he. 2 Yo don ha rahk n'a


don hets;
Ron wah sea na non wes';
Ra o de rih wa gwa

Ya go yen a ya wen.
3 Yah na tha ga gwe ni Ot kon,


da de wen deht'
ner on gwan

heht se ra,
Ka shats tenh s’ra ro yen.
4 Ro ya ner en shon gyon we saht,

Ko rah ko wa na ah,
Ji ni yen hen we ne Ni yoh :

Ron he on weh ne thoh.

Teyerihwahkwatha 44. C. M.

HE no ronh khwa ne son gwe ta,

S'esheya show da tihs

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs,

High as the heav'ns our voices raise ;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 5 Wide as the world is thy command,

Vast as eternity thy love;
Firm as a rock thy truth shall stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.


Hymn 43. C. M.
LESS'D are the souls that hear and know

The Gospel's joyful sound;
Peace shall attend the path they go,

And light their steps surround. 2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Through their Redeemer's name ; His righteousness exalts their hope,

Nor Satan dares condemn. 3 The Lord our glory and defence,

Strength and Salvation gives; Israel, thy King forever reigns,

Thy God forever lives.


Hymn 44. C. M.
EAR Shepherd of thy people hear,

Thy prescnce now display;

Ne ji ya go de rea na yen,

Ta gyon n'on gwe rya neh. 2 Ji ni yoht ne te yots ten re,

Sa ya ne renh se ra;
Te ga no ronk ska ni gon rat,

En ska ye wen ta ne.
3 On gwe ri yo nonh wak teh kwe,

Ton sas te ni o ni:
N'a gyon gwe ho gon ji ni gon,

Ka ya tah tonh se ra.
4 Ta gwa se rahs ka ni gon ra,

E ne gen nen te weh;
Ne eh se en ga ri hon ni,

En gwa ton ren tyot kon.

Teyerihwahkwatha 45. Y's.

A ya ner ah skwa tyen

hah şe,

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On gwa

honh ta yo na thon dek, O ni on ta ya gweh tah kwe.

Ji ni sa rih wa do genh ty,

O sa de rih wa ten tya de. 2 Ne on gwen nonh ton yonh se ra, E ren ta


ha wih ta se,
Ka ronh ya geh ok non ka dih,
'On sa ya gwat ro ri he ke :

Ji ni sa rih wa do genh ti,
O sa de rih wah ten tya de.

As thou hast giv'n a place for pray'r,

So give us hearts to pray.
2 Within these walls let holy peace,

And love and concord dwell;
Here give the troubl’d conscience ease,

The wounded spirit heal.
3 Shew us thy free unchanging love,

Thy people's hope to raise ;
And pour thy spirit from above

That we may render praise.

Hymn 45. L M.

WHY presence, gracious God, afford,

Prepare us to receive thy word;
Now let thy voice engage our ear,
And faith be mix'd with what we hear.

Thus Lord, thy waiting servants bless.

And crown thy gospel with success, 2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove,

And fix our hearts and hopes above :
With food divine may we be fed,
And satisfy'd with living bread,

Thus, Lord, &c.

3 Ta gwa na tą ra non denh sek,

Ne n'o na ta ra do genh ti ;
Ne yon he ji ni kak ho ten,
A gwe gon a yon gwah ta ne.

Ji ni sa rih wa do genh ti,

O sa de rih wah ten tya de. 4 Ye sus sa wea na do genh ti,

Ta gyonh on gyon hạt se ra gon:
O ni eh na ya gwa ye re,
Ji ni gon enh skwa ri hon yen:

Ji ni sa rih wa do genh ti,
O sa de rih wa ten tya de.

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Teyerihwahkwatha 46. C. M.

NH skat ok o hen ton Ni yoh,

Enh skat ra o nen dont ;
O ne toh sa ji wa gyo te,

Ne a onk hwis hea ne.
2 Yah ten te gʻrih wa ne gea nis:

Ra ge nih wa gon het,
Sa ni gon ra ka sa ten nyeht,
E tho te wa yen

3 Ka ronh ya geh Ye sus na ah,

I gen shon gwa nonh ne;

de twa yest,
Eh ji te wa no ronk.
4 Ne t'wa ye na ra o wea na,

Ne yot kon yenhs ton kak;

don hets ya

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