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3 To us the sacred word apply
With sovereign power and energy,
And may we, in thy faith and fear,
Reduce to practice what we hear.
Thus, Lord, &c.

Hymn 46. C. M.

NCE more we come before our God,
Once more his blessing ask;

O may not duty seem a load,
Nor worship prove a task!

2 Father, thy quick'ning spirit send
From Heav'n in Jesus' name;
To make our waiting minds attend,
And put our souls in frame.

3 May we receive the word we hear,
Each in an honest heart;

Hoard up the precious treasure there,
And never with it part.

4 To seek thee, all our hearts dispose:
To each thy blessing suit;

On gwe ri o ya

da d'riht s'ra,

Toh sa t'wa dek hah si.

5 Gwa ya ti sax on gwe rya neh,
Ne ni ya de ya gyon;

On gwe ri eh yon gwa dyeh ton,
Sa nen dont se ra gon.

6 Ye yent hoh shen ha se o gon,
Ne a on tye ni ne:

A gwe gon ka yent hoh se ron,
En wah stat henh se ron.

7 Ka ronh ya geh nen te weh,
Nen genh na na wenh te,
Nok o ni ne yo wis to,
Yo ta ri hen o ni.

Teyerihwahkwatha 47. L. M. A ya ner o nen kenh ya gwe, Sah si geh wa gwea ni denh te: O toh sa wa ge ronh ya genht, Gwa ya ti sax o ri wa gon. 2 Sa ya ner ne on gwa don kets, Ah si ten re ta gwe yenh sek, Se nanh a gwe ri sen ten rat, Kse neh ten gwa rih wah kwa se. 3 I se ne ta gwa sea ea ni, Non wa o ned gwa ya Sa ya ner yah te kyen te ri, Ji ni ya on gwe non ha tye.

ti sax;

And let the seed thy servant sowS
Produce us plenteous fruit.

5 Revive the parch'd with heav'nly showers, The cold with warmth divine;

And as the benefit is ours,
Be all the glory thine.

Hymn 47. 78.

LORD we come before thee now,

At thy feet we humbly bow:

O! do not our suit disdain,
Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain.
2 Lord on thee our souls depend,
In compassion now descend,

Till our hearts with thy rich grace,
Tune our lips to sing thy praise.
3 In thine own appointed way,
How we seek thee, here we stay;
Lord, we know not how to go,
Till a blessing thou bestow.

4 K'as hen han ne sa wea na geh,
Ne o ni a ga don ha ren;

Se ni gon ra a on gyes ten,
ga nah ne a gwe rya neh.


5 Ta gon a gwe gon ji ge sax,
A gets hen ri ne O Ni yoh:
She jont ya go nonh wak ta nih,
Tgwe gon ja gwa don ha ren.


Teyerihwahkwatha 48 S. M.
EN ten rat yoh ron gat,
On gwa honh ta wa ronk;
Ka ronh ya geh ton yenh tah kwe,
Ja thon dek nonh wa geh.

2 Ken ten rat ton tye renht'
Ja go nonk ne n'on gweh;
Ne jon de rih wa te wah tha,
A gwe gon ji i yens'.

3 Kah ya ton n'ak sea na,

Kah ya tonh se ra geh:

Ne neh yon he on weh ne thoh,
Ra o ten rat ne thoh.

4 Wa ge ryen tax hens kwe,
Na ge ni gonh ra geh;

Nok O ji ten ron n'a gwe ri,
Wa geh ni se ra de.

4 Lord some message from thy word,
That may joy and peace afford;
Let thy Spirit now impart

Full Salvation to each heart.

5 Grant that all may seek, and find
Thee a gracious God and kind,
Heal the sick, the captive free;
Let us all rejoice in thee.

Hymn 48. S. M.
Salvation by Grace.

RACE! 'tis a charming sound,
Harmonious to the ear,

Heav'n with the echo shall resound,
And all the earth shall hear.

2 Grace first contrived a way,
To save rebellious man,

And all the steps that grace display,
Which drew the wondrous plan.

3 'Twas grace that wrote my name,
In thy eternal book;

"Twas grace who gave me to the Lamb, Who all my sorrows took.

4 Oh let thy grace inspire,

My soul with strength divine!
May all my pow'rs to thee aspire,
And all my days be thine.

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