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they can be permanent; and it appears to us that there will be ( a danger of their being infringed, if they are not formed with great caution and deliberation. We have determined in the present situation of public affairs to consent to a stoppage of our commerce with Great Britain only ; but in case any proceedings of the parliament, of which notice shall be received on this continent, before or at the congress, shall render it necessary, in the opinion of the congress, to take further steps, the inhabitants of this province will adopt such steps, and do all in their power to carry them into execution.

This extensive power we commit to the congress, for the sake of preserving that unanimity of counsel and conduct, that alone can work out the salvation of these colonies, with a strong hope and trust, that they will not draw this province into any measure judged by us, who must be better acquainted with its state than strangers, highly inexpedient. Of this kind, we know any other stoppage of trade, but of that with Great Britain, will be. Even this step we should be extremely afflicted to see taken by the congress, before the other mode above pointed is tried. But should it be taken, we apprehend, that a plan of restrictions may be so framed, agreeable to the respective circumstances of the several colonies, as to render Great Britain sensible of the imprudence of her counsels, and yet leave them a necessary commerce. And here it may not be improper to take notice, that if redress of our grievances cannot be wholly obtained, the extent or continuance of our restrictions may, in some sort, be proportioned to the rights we are contending for, and the degree of relief afforded us. This mode will render our opposition as perpetual as our oppression, and will be a continual claim and assertion of our rights. We cannot express the anxiety, with which we wish the consideration of these points be recommended to you. We are persuaded, that if these colonies fail of unanimity or prudence in forming their resolutions, or of fidelity in observing them, the opposition by non-importation and non-exportation agreements will be ineffectual; and then we shall have only the alternative of a more dangerous contention, or of a tame submission.

Upon the whole, we shall repose the highest confidence in the wisdom and integrity of the ensuing congress : and though we have, for the satisfaction of the good people of this province,

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who have chosen us for this express purpose, offered to you such instructions, as have appeared expedient to us, yet it is not our meaning, that by these or by any you may think proper to give them, the deputies appointed by you should be restrained from agreeing to any measures, that shall be approved by the congress. We should be glad the deputies chosen by you, could by their influence, procure our opinions hereby communicated to you to be as nearly adhered to, as may be possible : but to avoid difficulties, we desire that they may be instructed by you, to agree to any measures that shall be approved by the congress, the inhabitants of this province having resolved to adopt and carry them into execution.-Lastly-We desire the deputies from this province, may endeavour to procure an adjournment of the congress, to such a day as they shall judge proper, and the appointment of a standing committee.

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