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Penzance, Aug. 28th, 1799.
À relation of Dr. W. Borlase, author of the Natural History of Cornwall, but a machi
nearer one of Captain W. Tremenheere, of the Marines, is desirous of redifying an
error (perhaps of the press) in your valuable publication, The Naval Chronicle, (vol.i.

page 474,) giving an account of Penzance. " Mr. Pennant informs us that the numbers (of pilchards) taken at one shooting of the nets is amazingly great. Dr. Borlase assured bim, that on the 5th O&ober, 1967, there werc, at one time, enclosed in St. Ive's Bay, 7000 hogsheads, cacb bogsbead containin: 35,000 futin all 245,000,000."

The fact is, that a hogshead never contains more than 3,500 fish, seldom, indeed, so many ; the difference is therefore immense.

Yours, Page 263, line 21. Lieutenant Parkinson was promoted at the immediate request of the King of Naples. This spirited officer was Lieutenant of the Vanguard, in the adion off the Nile. Captain Parkinson was brought up in the school of Lord Hood; he was Lieutenant of the Dido in her action with the Minerva, in 1793.

A friend to the Naval Chronicle begs leave to correct an error in the account of the officers employed in the destruction of the arsenal at Toulot; which is, that Captain Richard Gambier Middleton, who now commands in the Mediterranean, was not the officer who was on board the Britannia at that time. The gentleman there mentioned was Lieutenant Thomas Middleton, which said Thomas died about two years ago in Yarmouth keads, nominal Commander of his Majesty's Ship Comet ; yet to the great loss of his widow and family, she is informed he was not confirmed.

We are informed from respectable authority, that Mr. Coleridge is the author of the Rime of the Andyent Marinere (pages 328. 418.) and of many of the poems in the LTRICAL BALLADS.

Page 341. Dimensions of his Majesty's Ship Canopus, add, Names of officers on board, when she arrived at Plymouth.

Captain-Bartholomew James, at present on half pay.
Lieutenants- James Molineux, advanced to the rank of Commander.
Joseph White, wounded in the Allion off the Nile, by a splinter, wlich spezi'

still continues painfully unbealed.
Joseph Marett.
Thomas Consitt.
John Hall.
John Campbell, Purser, Aliziral Nelson's Secretary.

Marine Officer, Lieutenant T. Weaver. MR. EDITOR, In your Biographical Memoir of Lord Hugh Seymour, the following is omitted : "When the pursuit and action with Admiral Langara's Squadron began, Lord Hugh was left witk The Convoy. Two Spanish Ships of the line hove in sight, which had been separated, some days previous to the adion, from the Spanish Squadron. Lord Hugh immediately hailed two large Indiamen store ships', and ordered them to draw into a line; to sail towards the enemy, and make false signals. His Lordship continued his course with the convoy-the two Spanish men of war taking the Indiamen for Ships of The Line, tacked, and made sail from then to the westward : by this maneuvre Lord Hugh saved the convoy; the garrisoa of Gibraltar was at this time in the utmost distress for the provisions that were on board.".

In answer to an old Lieutenant, we add, that a new edition of Mickle's Lusiad, the Epic Poem of Camoens, has been published during the present year, in two volumes, &ro.

To Sir Sydney Smith's letter, giving an account of the SIEGE OF ACRE, add the following jeturn of the principal officers serving

in, and attached to his Majesty's Ship Tigre, June 30,1794 Caplain -Sir Sydney Smith, K. S. Lieutenants - Canes, promoted to his Majesty's Slip Theseus.

France, disto, ditto Alliance.
Mounir, exchanged into the Alliance.
Rushby, prisoner, taken in the Foudre.

Wright, zeounded in storming the mines of Buonaparte, sent into sick quarters at Borest. Chaplain, Lloyd. -Master, Iver. - Purser, Penny. -Surgeon, Collins. — Geract Stuard. Boatsrvain, Brand-Carpenter, Bray, absent in Jereme fieating battery. Secretary, Keith. Clerk, Jones, convalescent.

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