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INDEX to the GazerTE LETTERS in Voc. II.


Acquillon, 243, 347
Alarm, 243
Albicore, 243, 347
Allen, Capt. 628
L'Amaranthe, 243
Anderson, M. 439
Ball, Capt. 344
Barton, Capt. 153
Bittern, 249
Bond; Lieut. 437.
Boorder, Cap. 531
Bowen, Capt. 72
Braave, 157
Carnatic, 243
Clements, Capt. 24.5
Cockburn, Capt. 345
Concorde, 249
Cunningham, Capt. 617
Curzon, Capi. 246. 342
Dacres, Capi. 154
Digby, Capt. 342

Diligence, 243
Gage, Capt. 346
Garland, 157

Greyhound, 243
: Griffiths, Capi. 249
Hamon, Mr. 155
Hammond, Capt. 248
Hannibal, 243
Hardyman, 529
Hope, Capt. 248
Impericuse, 156, 157
Jamaica, 243
Jupiter, 156, 157
Keats, Capt, 74. 153

Keith, Lord, 245

Regulus, 243
Kerr, Capt, 246

Renommés, 243
Kire, 245

Reynolds, Capt. 154
La legere, 243. 347

St. Clair, Capt. 157
Lapwing, 249

St. Vincent, Earl, 245
Lark, 243

Sanders, Capt. 73
Le Lacheur, Mr. 248 Scepter, 157
Magicienne, 346, 347

Seaile, Lieut. 242
Maidstone, 243

Serpent, 243
Markham, Capt. 73. 346 Seymour, Capt. 153
Merlin, 243

Smith, Sir W. S. 247. 437.
Middleton, Capt. 625, 626, 438. 620. 622. 623

Sutheron, Capt. 532
Miller, Lieut, 245

Southampton, 249
Miller, Çapr. 246

Sparrow, 243
Michell, Adin. 617, 618, Sprightly, 347
619, 629

Squirrel, 243, 347
M.Kenzie, Capt, 531, 532

Star, 156, 157.
Moore, Capt. 156

Siately, 157
Musquito, 347

Surprise, 243. 347
Neale, Cape. 254

Swallow, 243
Nelson, Lord, 529, 530

Thunderer, 243
Newman, Capt. 74

Tremendous, 157
L'Oiscau, 157

Trent, 243
Oiway, Capt. 243

Troubridge, Capt. 530
Parker, Adm. 628

Twysden, Capt. 246
Peard, Capt. 345

Vesey, Capt. 244

Victoriense, 249
Pelican, 243• 347

Warren, Capt. 92
Phelypeaux, Colonel, 246 Westbeech, Capt. 72
Probs, Loid, 153

White, Capt. 74
Promple, 243

Winthiops Caps, 249. 343.
Queen, 243

Raisonable, 156, 157

Wollaston, Capt. 244. 343
Rattler, 243

Wood, Capt. 343. 347
Raitlesnake, 156, 157 Young, Licui. 244. 345


Pearl, 249




ARRINGTON, Adm. Harvey, Admiral, 448 Popham, Sir H, 547
Howe, Earl, 171

S. Vincent, Earl, 547
Clenawley, Lord, 547 Keith, Lord, 448

Thomas, Adm. 82
Cuthbert, Capt. 171 Lambert, Capt. 82

Vaughan, Mrs. 548
Digby, Capt. 547

Parker, Adm. Sir P. 448 Webley, Capt. 176
Drummond, Capt. 547 Parker, Vice Adm. Sir W. Wooley, Capt. 547
Durbam, Capt. 171


Young, Capr. 547
Fabie, Capt. 448



AYSCOUGH, Capt. 263 Holiday, Lieut. 547

Oughton, Cápt. 82
Barrington, Adm. 262 Hanson, Capt. 547 Parkinson, Lieut. 263
Bayley, Capt. 263
Hills, Capt. 171

Payne, Rear Adm. 262
Birdwood, P. Esq. 356
Kelsall, Mr. 643

Popham, Capt. 447
Bridport. Adm. Lord, 262 Kennett, Mr. 82

Popham, Sir H. 356
Brodie, Lieut. 263 Kingsmill, Adm. 643

Rediaridge, Capt. 265
Browell, Capt. 171
Lewis, J. L. Esq. 556

Rees, Capt. 171
Canes, E. j. Esq. 547 Long, C. Esq. 447

Riou, Capt. 171
Canes, Lieut. 263
Mason, Mr. 356. 547

Ross, Lieut, 256
Clay, Lieut. 356

Masseredo, Adm. 447 Searle, Capt. 643
Collier, Lieut. 356

Milbanke, Adm. 262 Slade, Lieut. 356
Cooke, Lieut. 447

Mitchell, Vice Adm. 171. Trollope, Capt. 171
Crispe, Capt. 263

263. 643

Troubridge, Capt. 643
Davis, the Rev. ---, 547
Morris, Capt. 171. 263

Uschakow, Vice Adm. 263
Drummond, Capt. 547
Mother, Mr. 447

Wallis, Capt. 82
Gardner, Capt. 643
Nicholas, Capt. 171

Whed bey, Mr. 447
Gaflies, Lord Visc. 447 Odell, Mr. 82

Winckworth, Capt. 356
Gizme, Vice Adm, 171 Osmar, Lieut. 547

Wiight, J. Esq. 356
Ha kett, Capt. 356

Oswald, Mr. 356

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ALLEN, Adm. 171

Douglas, Lieut. 263
Blackwood, Capt. 82 Driffield, Lieut. Col. 82
Bļown, Capt. 263

Gascoyne, Capt. 448
Chechagoff, Rear Adm. 547 Keenor, Lieut. 448
Compton, W. E q. 547 Latham, Capt, 644
Dashwood, Capt. 547

Pearson, Capt. 171
Dickson, Vice Adm. 644 Proctor, Dr. 448

Ross, Capt. 17!
Sayer, Capt. 263
Scott, Capt. 82
Shortland, Capt. 644
Wilson, Sir Thonias Mas

ryon, Bart. 443


AFFLECKLady: 644 Carruthers, R. Esq. 83 Maxwell, Mr. 644
A Meck, Adm. P. 644 Esplin, Capt. 263

Mead, Capt. 448
Allen, Capt. 548. 644 Fead, Major, 644

Miller, Capti 448
Arvold, J. Esq. 448 Frampton, Mr. Cha. 263 Montgomery, Mr. 548
Aufrere, Lieut. 548 Frederick, T. L. Esq. 548 Oldfield, Major, 173
Bachop, Capt. 263
Fuller, Mr. 82

Parker, father of the late
Balfour, Mr. 448

Hallowell, B. E q. 172 mutineers, 83
Bares, J. Esq. 83

Hickman, Lieut. 548 Pratt, Mr. 644
Beddek, Mr
Hill, Capt. 263

Prince, Capt. 448
Bellas, R. E q. 644 Hill, Lieut. 82

Robinson, Rear Adm. 548
Borda, Mr. Cha. 171 Howe, Earl, 263

Ross, J. Esq. 82
Bowdler, Mr. 263

Humphries, Lieut. 644 Ross, Miss, 172
Browne, Lieut. 83

Hunter, F. Esq. 83 Shermer, Lieut. 443
Builer, Master, 448 Kinmeer, Lieut. 548 Skynner, Capi. 548
Caley, Lieut. 548

Lindsay, Lady, 548 Symons, Vice Adm, 64
Campbell, Capt. 263 Lindsay, Sir c. Bart. 82. Thompson, Mrs. 448
Campbell, John, 644


Turnbull, H. Esq. 172
Carleton, the Hon. C. 83 Louis, Miss, 448

Watts, Lieut. 82
Chads, Capt. 348
Mackey, Mr. 644

Wilmott, Cap. 172
Christiernin, Adm. 83 Mac Taggart, Capt. 82 Wood, Mr. 448
Clerko, Mr. 83
Mardon, Mr. 548

Wrangel, Adm. 8:.

Paval Cbents,



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JANUARY 7; His Majesty's Ship Apollo, of 38 guns, Captain P. Halkett, lost on the coast of Holland.-Crew saved.

1. His Majesty's Sloop Weazle, of 12 guns, the Honourable Captain H. Grey, lost in Barnstaple Bay, with all her crew, except the Purser, Mr. S. Haly.

1. His Majesty's Ship Proserpine, of 28 guns, Captain J. Wallis, driven by the ice on a sand near the mouth of the Elbe, and wrecked, fifteen nien, a woman, and a child, were drowned.

His Majesty's Sloop Nautilus, of 16 guns, Captain H. Gunter, lost off Flamborough Head. Crew saved.

5. Accounts received of the safe arrival of the Royal Family of Naples at Sicily, on the 28th of December, in the Vanguard, Admiral Lord Nelson.

6. El Santa Teresa, Spanish frigate, of 42 guns, taken by his Majesty's Ship Argy, Captain J. Bowen, in the Mediterranean.

9., The French frigate L'Insurgente captured by the American frigate Constellation in the West Indies; the first act of hostility on the part of the United States against France.

La Prudente, 44 guns, French frigate, captured near the Cape of Good Hope by the Dædalus frigate, of 32 guns, Captain H. L. Ball.

14. Advice received of the loss of his Majesty's Frigate Garland, of 28 guns, off the coast of Madagascar-crew saved : also of the death of Admiral Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian at the Cape of Good Hope.

28. La Forte, French fifty gun Ship, captured in the Bay of Bengal, after a very gallant action by the Sybille frigaie, of 44 guns, Captain Edward Cooke, who was mortally wounded, but lingered till May following, when he died at Calcutta.

3. . Corfu surrendered to the combined Russian, and Turkish forces. The Leander of 53 guns, and La Brune, French frigate, were in the harbour. The Emperor of Russia in the noblest manner restored the Leander to the English.

19. El Vincelo, of 18 guns, Spanish sloop, captured by his Majesty's Ship Cormorant, Captain the Right Honourable Lord Mark Robert Kerr, in the Mediterranean.

23. Sir William Sidney Smith repulsed Buonaparte in a violent attack of the fort of St. Jean D'Acre.

3. Sir George Yorige appointed Governor, and Commander in Chief, of the Cape of Good Hope.

9. The San Fiorenzo, of 40 guns, Captain Sir H. B. Neale, and the Amelia, of 44 guns, the Honourable Captain Charles Herbert, had a severe engagement with three French frigates ; one of 48, one of 44, and one of 42 guns; off Belleisle : the French escaped into the Loire.

26. The French fleet sailed from Brest.



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4. Lord Keith, with only fifteen sail of the line, offered the Brest Fleet (thirty-three sail) battle, which they declined: although the Spanish Fleet (twenty-two sail) werc in sight, lying at anchor, with a wind, in Cadiz harbour.

13. The French Flect entered the harbour of Toulon.
10. The Spanish Fleet, severteen sail of the line, and four frigates, sailed from Cadiz.
20. Thc Cadiz Fleet got into Carthagena.


19. La Junon of 40 guns *, L'Alceste of 36, La Courageuse of 32 guns, L'Alert and La Salamine brigs, of 16 guns each, captured by Lord Keith, as they were returning to Toulon from Egypt.

27. Lord Nelson arrived at Naples with the King, and took the command of the city from Cardinal Ruffo ; annulling the capitulation granted by him to the French.

The Prest Fleet formed a junction with the Spanish Fleet in the harbour of Carthagena.

Fort St. Elmo surrendered to Commodore Troubridge.
21. The combined Fleets sailed from Cadiz, consisting of forty-four sail of the linc,
besides frigates.

Now the Princess Clarotte, Captain T. &eplienfon, in the Mediterrancas



CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF NAVAL EVENTS DURING THE YEAR 1799. 24. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent embarked on board the Arethusa frigate, of 38 guns, Captain T. Wolley, at Portsmouth, for Halifax.

AUGUST. 5. Admiral Earl Howe died at his house in Grafton-strect, Piccadilly, in the 738 year of his


6. An embargo laid on all shipping in the ports of Great Britain, on account of the sailing of the expedition against Holland.

13. The Combined Fleets got into Brest, having had a narrow escape; as the Impctueux of 84 guns, Lord Keith's van Ship, got sight of the rear division as they entered. 16. Earl St. Vincent arrived at Portsmouth, after an absence of six years from England.

His Majesty's Ship Clyde, of 38 guns, Captain C. Cunningham, captured La Vestale French frigate, of 36 guns, after an action of fifteen minutes, off Bourdeaux.

23: Dutch colony of Surinam surrendered to the British forces, comnianded by Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour, and General Trigge.

26. The Republicain, French frigate, of 32 guns, taken by the Tamer frigate, of 38 guas, Captain T. Western, in the West Indies.

28. Admiral Mitchell took possession of part of the Dutch Fleet, viz. one of 66 guas, ose of 54 guns-six of 44 guns,- four of 24 guns-onc of 32 guns and thirteen Indiamen, and transports.

30. Admiral Mitchell took the remainder of the Dutch Fleet, viz. one of 74 guns-Eve pf & guns two of 54 guns-two of 44 gunsm-one of 32 guns and one of sixteen guns.

SEPTEMBER 23, His Majesty's Frigate Blanchc, of 32 guns, Captain J. Ayscough, lost in the TezclCrew saved.


9. His Majesty's Frigate La Lutine, of 32 guns, Captain Launcelot Skynner, lost off the Fly Island ---Crew all drowned except two.

14. His Majesty's Ship Nassau, of 64 guns, Captain G. Tripp, lost on the east of Holland, with forty-two of her crew.

19. The Naiad, of 38 guns, Captain Pierrepoint; the Ethalion, of 38 guns, Captain James Young; and Triton, of 32 guns, Captain 1. Gore ; captured off the coast of Spaia the Spanish frigates Santa Brigida of 36 guns, and Thetis of 34 guns, having on board 3,000,000 of doilars, and a valuable cargo of cocoa and cochineal.

19. His Majesty's Ship Inipregnable, of 98 guns, Captain Jonathan Faulkcor, wrecked in a gale of wind between Langstone and Chichester-Crew saved.

The Cerberus frigate, of 32 guns, Captain J. Macnamara, fought a very gallant a na with five large French frigates off Cape Ortegal, and succeeded in burning one of the convoy they had under their care.

16. His Majesty's Ship L'Espion, of 38 guns, Captain Jonas Rase, armed on esis, with 400 Russian troops from Holland, got on the Godwin saads and was lost-Troops and cry saved.

DECEMBER Fourth part of the dollars taken on board the Spanish frigates were brought in procesa to the Bank of England, guarded by a detachment of naval officers, scamen, and makes and a party of light dragoons.




Dee. 24 Wind E. N. E. Hard Trost. The French Surgeons, Mates, and others were this day confined to the Dispensary and Surgery of the Mill Prison, by Mr. Clevertoa, agent of prisoners of war, till further notice, pursuant to orders from Government. With the usual liberality of the Eritish Government, notice has been also transmitted frem the Duke of Portland's Office, that what deficiency there might be in the allowance to our prisoners in France, in bread, beer, wine, or meat, would be made up and paid for by the British Government.--So that British prisoners in France will have full allowance.

26. Wind E. N. E. Hard Frost. Went into the Sourd, the Revolutionaire, 44 guns, Caprain Twyeden, and Amelia, 44, Honourable C. Herbert. Ordurs came down this day for all Irish cruisers ready for sca to repair to their different stations on the Irish coast. Sailed, the Cambrian, 44 guns, Hon. Capt. Legge, on a cruise, Arrived, the Diamond, 36 guns, Captain Griffiths, from a cruise. 27.

Wind E, Hard Frost. Went down the Hamoaze into the sound, the Phabe, 36 guns, Captaią Barlow. l'assed by to the westward, the Apolio, 36 guns, ('apraca

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Halkett; the West India convoy; and the Hornet, 18 guns, Captain Nash, Orders canie down this day from the Admiralty for La Decade, 44 guns, Captain Wallis, and Santa Margaretta, 36 guns, Captain Parker, to repair to Cork the first fair wind, to convoy the outward bound West India fleet colle&ing at that Port, and to convoy them to a certain lacitude. La Decade is to proceed to Port Royal, Jamaica; but the Santa Margaretta is to Teturn to the Iriska station.

28. Wind E. N. E. Hard Frost, Cloudy. Sailed, La Decade, 44 guns, Captain Wallis, and Santa Margaretta, 36 guns, for Cork. The Princess Royal, 98 guns, is now alongside the Jetty Head, preparing for commission, having undergone a thorough repair. Accounts from Torbay state the arrival there of the Foxhall schooner of this port, with dispatches for the Western Islands, in distress, and after being repaired caught fire, and was burnt to the water's edge. Sailed, the Fury bomb on a cruise. Arrived from Portsmouth, the Ranger cutter from a cruise.

29. Wind E. N. E. Hard Frost. Arrived from Petersburgh for Oporto, the Mercurius, Batty, and the Diamond, 36 guns, Captain Griffiths. Arrived from Christiarra, with deals, the Vreyheden, Lamberg : also, fronı ditto, the Trenc, Bindling; and Anacreon sioop of war from the Downs. Sailed the Vaillant lugger on a cruise.

30. Wind E. Rather Mild Arrived the Swift cutter, Lieutenant Sanders, from off Brest. By her, accounts are brought, that between the Saints and Penmarks they hooked up a few days since several pieces of tloating wreck; one piece a gun carriage marked Ethalion, 24 pounder, and a writing desk: but whether the Ethalion, 38 guns, Captain Searle, is lost on the Saints, or in distress had thrown any guns over board, still remains in a state of incertitude. Letters from Falmouth state, that the Viper cutter, of cwelve guns, 4-pounders, and 43 men, Lieutenant Pengelly, had captured and brought in there, after a gallant action, La Furet, 14 guns, and 64 men, French privateer, Citoyen Bouvet, out two days from St. Malocs.

31. Wind E. Cloudy and Cold. Letters from an Officer of the Success frigace, Captain Peard, dated off Malta, the 30th of September last, state, that she and her consorts were all well off Malta, and it was hoped the island would soon surrender, as the garrison of Viletta was in want of provisions. Mr. Whitford, coroner for Devon, took an inquisition on the body of a seanian washed ashore in Yeala river. Verdiet, Accidental Death.

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38 36 36 32

Ships of War in Commission, ready for Sca, and getting ready, in Hamoaze, Cawsand Bay, and

tbe Sound, December 31, 1799.

V.Ad. Sir T. Paisley,Bart.

18 Capt. Spicer.
Capt Wickey.




Hon. De Courcy. Kangaroo



H. Sawyer.
Suffisante 18

Centaur 74




Bartholomew. Robuste 74 Countcss.

Raileur 18 Raynor. Naiad

Megæra Fire Ship

Fury Bomb


Lord Ranelagh. Prudent, Bienfaisant, and Commerce de Mar. Terpsichore


seilles Prison ships. Alcmene


Le Caton Prison Hospital Ship.


St. Nicholas, St. Ysidro, Europe, and Sampson
Trompeuse 24

Prison Ships,


Myrmidon Slop Ship.
Penguin 18


Ruby 64 Capt. H. Gardner. Phæbe 36 Capt. Barlow.
Dista'or 64


Revolutionaire 44 Twysden. Prevoyante

Scaton. ludcfatigable 44 Taylor.


Cunningham Sophia

burdett. Stag


IN CAWS AND BAY. Neptune 98 Capt. Vashon.

Triumph 74

ŞRear-Adm. Collingwood. Allas

In petueux 84 Sir E. Pellew, Bart. Bellona

74 SirT. I hompson, Knt. Justo

84 Sir H. Trollope, Bt. Dragon 74 Campbell. The above are exclusive of cutters luggers, and other small armed vessels.- Arrived the Atlas, 98 guns, from Torbay, having carried away her ruder in a gale of wind at S. F.-4 P. M. Letters have been just received at Dock of the safe arrival of the officers and crew of the Ethalion frigate, wrecked on the Saints Island the 25th ult. at three A. M. They were zaken on board the Fisgard, 48 guns, Captain Martin; Danaë, 24, Lord Proby; Sylph, 18, Captain Dashwood; and Ninrod cuttes.


36 32 32 18




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