The Last Supper Through the Burial of Jesus Christ, the Syllabus

Glad Tidings, 2006
God bless you in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ and welcome to this Momentous class on The Last supper Through the Burial of Jesus Christ. This syllabus is designed for you follow along with as we read the Scriptures that deal with this most momentous time in all of history. This syllabus has all the Scriptures written out for you so that you can fellow along as we rapidly change from one Gospel to another. We will be reading all the records about each event from all the Gospels that write about the event in chronological order. I know no other section in the The Scriptures that has as much written about them as in this time from the last supper through the burial of Jesus Christ. With this Syllabus you can take the time if you would like to look up each of the verses in your own Bibles. And with the Audio class you can stop and rewind as you need to. The Syllabus is designed to guide you through the Class and gives you an easy way to follow along and to keep your place. To buy the Audio Class and find out more about the Class you can go to the web site at My desire for this class is that it would help you to get to know all that happened in this crucial time in history. That when we hear that Jesus died for our sins, that we could start to understand what he went through. I thank God for His plan and for all that Jesus Christ did for us all. God has always wanted you to have His very best every day and all the time. He had His Word written so that you and I could know how to live and how to live abundantly and victoriously. By understanding the Scriptures, the Bible, you can live the life you always wanted to live.

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