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made a full stand, and I recovered power to say, “ The consternation I am in you will not, I hope, believe -A helpless, innocent maid besides that, the place”. He saw me in as great confusion as himself, which, attributing to the same causes, he had the audacioufness to throw himself at my feet, talk of the stillness of the evening, and then ran into deifications of my person, pure flames, constant love, eternal raptures, and a thousand other phrases drawn from the images we have of heaven, which all men ufe for the service of hell, when run over with uncommon vehemence. After which he seized me in his arms: his design was too evident. In my utmost distress, I fell upon my knees—“My Lord, pity me,

knees on my knees in the cause of virtue, as you were lately in that of wickedness. Can you think of destroying the labour of a whole life, the purpose of a long education, for the base service of a sudden appetite--to throw one that loves

you, that doats on you, out of the company and the road of all that is virtuous and praiseworthy? Have I taken in all the instructions of piety, religion, and reason, for no other end but to be the sacrifice of lust, and abandoned to scorn ? Assume yourself, my lord, and do not attempt to vitiate a temple sacred to innocence, honour, and religion. If I have injured you, stab this bosom and let me die, but not be ruined, by the hand I love." The ardency of my passion made me incapable of uttering more; and I saw my lover astonished and reformed by my behaviour, when rushed in Sempronia. « Ha! faithless base man, could


then steal out of town, and lurk like a robber about my house for such brutish purposes !”

My lord waz by this time recovered, and fell into a violent laughter at the turn which Sempronia designed to give her villainy. He bowed to me with the utmost respect. “Mrs. Distaff,” said he, “be careful hereafter of your company,' and so retired. The fiend Sempronia congratulated my deliverance with a flood of tears.

This nobleman has since frequently made his addresses to me with honour, but I have as often refused them; as well knowing that familiarity and marriage will make him, on some ill-natured occasion, call all I said in the arbour a theatrical

The con

action. Besides that, I glory in contemning a man who had thoughts to my dishonour. If this method were the imitation of the whole sex, innocence would be the only dress of beauty; and all affectation by any other arts to please the eyes of men, would be banished to the stews for ever. quest of passion gives ten times more happiness than we can reap from the gratification of it; and the that has got over such a one as mine, will stand among beaux and pretty fellows with as much safety as in a summer's day among grasshoppers and butterflies.

P.S. I have ten millions of things more against men, if I ever get the pen again.

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ANY affairs calling my brother into the country,

the care of our intelligence with the town is left to me for some time, therefore you must expect the advices you meet with in this paper, to be

such as more immediately and naturally fall under the consideration of our sex. History, therefore, written by a woman, you will easily imagine to consist of love in all its forms, both in the abuse of, and obedience to that passion. As to the faculty of writing itself, it will not, it is hoped, be demanded, that style and ornament shall be so much consulted as truth and simplicity; which latter qualities we may more justly pretend to beyond the other sex. While, therefore, the administration of our affairs is in my hands, you shall from time to time have an exact account of all false lovers, and their shallow pretences for breaking off; of all termagant wives who make wedlock a yoke; of men who affect the entertainments and manners suitable only to our sex, and women who pretend to the conduct of such affairs as are only within the province of men. It is necessary further to advertise the reader, that the usual places of refort being utterly out of my province or observation, I shall be obliged frequently to change the dates of places, as occurrences come into my way. The following letter I lately received from Epfo

Epsom, June 28. “ It is now almost three weeks since what you writ about happened in this place. The quarrel between my friends did



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