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: We beg, that being justified by faith, we may have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation for sin, that he may be just and a justifier of them which believe in Jesus. Through him who was made sin for us, though he knew no sin, let us, who know no righteousness of our own, be accepted as righteous.

And the God of peace šanctify us wholly, begin and carry on that good work in our souls, renew us in the spirit of our minds, and make us in every thing such as thou wouldest have us to be. Set up thy throne in our hearts, write thy law there, plant thy fear there, and fill us with all the graces of thy Spirit, that we may be fruitful in the fruits of righteousness, to the glory and the praise of God.' * Mortify our pride, and clothe us with humility, mor..

tify our passion, and put upon us the ornament of a meek and quiet-spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. Save us from the power of a vain mind, and let thy grace be mighty in us to make us serious and sober-minded. Let the flesh be crucified in us, with all its affections and lusts, and give us grace to keep under our body, and to bring it in subjection to the laws of religion and right reason, and always to possess our vessel in sanctification and honour.

Let the love of the world be rooted out of us, and that covetousness which is idolatry: and let the love of God in Christ be rooted in us. Shed abroad that love in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, and give us to love thee the Lord our God with all our heart, and soul, and mind, and might; and to do all we do in religion from a principle of love to thee.

Mortify in us all envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness: pluck up these roots of bitterness out of our minds, and give us grace to love one another with a pure heart fervently, as becomes the followers of the Lord

Jesus, who has given us this as his new commandment. : 0 that brotherly love may continue among us, love without dissimulation.

We pray thee rectify all our mistakes ; if in any thing we be in an error, discover it to us, and let the Spirit of truth lead us into all truth, the truth as it is in Jesus, the truth which is according to godliness, and give us that good understanding which they have that do thy commandments : let our love and all good affections abound in us yet - more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.

| Convince us, we pray thee, of the vanity of this world, and its utter insufficiency to make us happy, that we may never set our hearts upon it, nor raise our expectation from it: and convince us of the vileness of sin, and its certain tendency to make us miserable, that we may hate it, and dread it, and every thing that looks like it or leads to it.

Convince us, we pray thee, of the worth of our own souls, and the weight of eternity, and the awfulness of that everlasting state which we are standing upon the brink of, and make us diligent and serious in our preparation for it, labouring less for the meat that perisheth, and more for that which endures to eternal life, as those who have set their affections on things above, and not on things that are on the earth, which are trifling and transitory.

O that time and the things of time may be as nothing to us in comparison with eternity, and the things of - eternity; that eternity may be much upon our heart,

and ever in our eye; that we may be governed by that faith which is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen ; looking continually at the things that are not seen, that are eternal.

Give us grace, we pray thee, to look up to the other world with such a holy concern, as that we may look:

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down upon this world with a holy contempt and indif-
ferency, as those that must be here but a very little
while, and must be somewhere for ever ; that we may
rejoice as though we rejoiced not, and weep as though
we wept not, buy as though we possessed not, and
may use this'world as not abusing it, because the fashion
of this world passeth away, and we are passing away
with it.
· O let thy grace be mighty in us, and sufficient for us,
to prepare us for that great change which will come
certainly and shortly, and may come very suddenly,
which will remove us from a world of sense to a world
of spirits; from our state of trial and probation, to that
of recompense and retribution ; and to make us meet
for the inheritance of the saints in light; that when we
fail, we may be received into everlasting habitations.

Prepare us, we beseech thee,'for whatever we may meet with betwixt us and the grave. We know not what is before us, and therefore know not what particular provision to make; but thou dost, and therefore we beg of thee to fit us by thy grace for all the services and all the sufferings which thou shalt at any time call us out to; and arm us against every temptation which we may. at any time be assaulted with, that we may at all times and in all conditions glorify God, keep a good conscience, and be found in the way of our duty, and may keep up our hope and joy in Christ, and a believing prospect of eternal life, and then welcome the holy will of God.

Give us grace, we pray thee, to live a life of communion with thee, both in ordinances and providences, to set thee always before us, and to have our eyes ever upon thee, and to live a life of dependence upon thee, upon thy power, providence, and promise, trusting in thee at all times, and pouring out our hearts before thee; and to live a life of devotedness to thee, and to thiné

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own honour and glory, as our highest end: and that we may make religion not only our business, but our pleasure, we beseech thee enable us to live a life of complacency in thee, to rejoice in thee always; that making God our heart's delight, so that we may have our "heart's desire; and this is our heart's desire, to know, and love, and live to God, and please him, and be pleased in him.

We beseech thee preserve us in our integrity to our dying day, and grant that we may never forsake thee, or turn from following after thee, but that with purpose of heart we may cleave unto the Lord, and may not count life itself dear to us, so we may but finish our course with joy and true honour.

Let thy good providence order all the circumstances of our dying, so as we may best befriend our comfortable removal to a better world ;- and let thy grace be sufficient for us then to enable us to finish well ; and let us then have an abundant entrance ministered to us into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And while we are here, make us wiser and better every day than others, more weaned from the world and more willing to leave it; more holy, heavenly, and spiritual ; that the longer we live in this world, the fitter we may be for another, and our last days may be our best days, and our last works, our best works, and our last comforts our sweetest comforts.

We humbly pray thee accomplish all that which thou hast promised concerning thy church in the latter days; let the earth be filled with thy glory. Let the fulness of the Gentiles be brought in, and let all Israel be saved. Let the mountain of the Lord's house be established upon the top of the mountains, and exalted above the hills, and let all nations flow unto it. ..

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Propogate the gospel in the plantations, and let the enlargement of trade and commerce contribute to the enlargement of thy church. Let the kingdom of Christ be set up in all places upon the ruins of the devil's kingdom.

Hasten the downfall of the man of sin, and let primitive Christianity, even pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father, be revived, and be made to flourish in all places; and let the power of godliness prevail and get ground among all that have the form of it.

Let the wars of the nations end in the peace of the church, the shakings of the nations end in the establishment of the church, and the convulsions and revolutions of states and kingdoms in the settlement and advance: ment of the kingdom of God among men, that kingdom which cannot be moved..

Let our beloved country flourish in all its public interests: let thine everlasting gospel be always the glory in the midst of us, and let thy providence be a wall of fire round about us: destroy us not, but let a blessing be among us, even a meat offering and a drink offering to the Lord our God.

Be very gracious to our chief magistrate, protect his person, preserve his health, prolong his life, guide his councils, let his days be prosperous, and crown all his - undertakings for the public good.

Bless the counsellors, the magistrates, the judges, and the people in our several counties and corporations, and make them all in their places faithful and serviceable to the interest of the nation, and every way. public blessings.

Bless all the ministers of thy holy word and sacraments ; make them burning and shining lights, and faithful to Christ, and to the souls of men ; unite all thy ministers and the people together in the truth, and in true love one to another; pour out a healing spirit up

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