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1818.] Derbyshire-Devonshire-Dorsetshire-Durham. 473 son, to Miss Jane Stalker.-Mr. Hardcastle, L., of Bath. He had been partridge-shoot73, to Mrs S. Maxwell, aged about 66. ing, and was arrived within a few yards of

At Workington, J. Peat, esq. of Salmon his house, when he dropped down and exFIall, to Miss M. Fletcher, of Workington. pired.

At Penrith, Mr. J. Teasdale, to Miss M. At Eseter, Mrs. Nation, relict of K. N., Sowerby.--Mr. J. Routledge, 66, to Mrs. esq. 88. M. Cooper, 64.

At Exmouth, Mrs. Loscombe, 64. At Kirklinton, Mr. J. Davidson, Sen. of At Cullumpton, R. W. Fox, an eminent Newtown of Rockliff, to the daughter of R. merchant of Falmouth. Lidderdale, esq. Jate of Gretna-hall.

At Perridge, aged 61, J. Williams, esq. Died.) At Bolton-hall, Mr. J. Hewson, of the firm of “ Williams, Sparkes, and father of the Rev. W. H., vicar of Swansea. Sparkes," of the general bank at Exeter, a

At Sandwith, near Whitehaven, at the member of council of that city, and, but for advanced age of 105, J. Scott, a person well ill health, would, agreeable to rotation, known as a ship broker. He has left a have filled the oflice of chief magistrate in widow, in her 94th year.

the present year. At Carlisle, Mr. J. Hobson, banker, 75. - Mary Robinson, 72.-Mrs J. Charles, 96. There was lately dug in a field belonging At Hutton-long-Villiers, E. Smith, 100. to Mr. R. Swatridge, of Rampisham, a po

At Newton Lodge, Mary, daughter of W'. tatoe-root bearing 162 potatoes. Taylor, esq.

There has been deposited in the DorAt Whitehaven, Mr. W. Sim, advanced chester savings bank, from the 6th of in years.—Mr. I. Nicholson, 78.

March to the 17th of October last, the sum At Stanwix, Mary, the wife of Mr. J. Car- of 5260). 188. ruthers, 83. This woman bore ten chil Married.] Mr. R. Allen, of Poole, to dren at four births, namely, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Miss S. Feltham, daughter of Mr. J. F., of

At Penrith, Mrs. Ann Robinson, 80. that town.

'At Wigton, on the 3rd instant, Miss E. At Halberton, Mr. Pearse, of ConduitKnubley, daughter of the late E. K, esq. of street, London, to Mary, only daughter of Fingland Rigg.

Mr. J. Webber, of Halberton-court, near At Egremont, Mr. W. Postlethwaite, 87. Totnes.

At Wimborne, Mr. Woolcott, of SalisSociety for promoting Christian knou- bury, to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. ledge-A district committee of this ancient Rowden, of that city, and niece of Mr. R., and truly venerable society was established solicitor, of Wimborne. at Bakewell, on the 24th, under the sanction Died.) At Dorchester, the Rev. T. of the Lord Bishop of the diocese. The Bryer, rector of All Saints, in that town, meeting was most respectably attended ; and and of the parish of St. James, in Shaftesa liberal subscription was opened, for the bury. formation and support of a local depositary At Piddletrenthide, Mary, the wise of the of bibles, prayer books, and tracts published Rev. C. Phelips, of that place. by the society.

At Weymouth, J. Yethary, of Doncaster, Married.] At Aston, W. L. Clowes, esq. a member of the society of friends. late lieut. col. of the King's own dragoons,

DURHAM. to the second daughter of the Rev. C. S. The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Holden, of Aston-hall.

Bishop of Durham, has just entered on the DEVONSHIRE.

50th year from his consecration to the episThe high sheriff of Devon, (Sir W. T. copal office. As a mark respect on so Pole, bart.) who is indefatigable in his hu rare an occurrence, and in grateful com. mane endeavours to improve the morals and memoration of the eminent virtues of their condition of the prisoners, has sent a number venerable diocesan, the clergy of the dioof religious books and tracts for general cese propose to erect at Newcastle, the most distribution both in the gaol and bridewell. populous and important place in the bish

Births.) At Dawlish, the Hon. Mrs. Ly- oprick, solely by their own subscriptions, saght, of a son.

a school on the Madras system, capable of At Dock, the lady of Major R. F. Browne, receiving 400 scholars, to be named the of a son.

Clergy Jubilee School. The names of the At Honiton rectory, the lady of the Rev. subscribers to be entered on a tablet and H. A. Hughes, of a daughter.

suspended in the school-room, but without Married. At Barnstaple, the Rev. C. specifying the sum subscribed by each, Burn, rector of Tedburn St. Mary, to Miss that all may thus contribute to an object inTothill, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. T., teresting to all, and every thing like invidi of Cheriton Bishop

ous comparison be excluded. At Hartland, Mr. J. Way, to Ann, second At the last quarter sessions for the county daughter of É. Hockin, esq. of Hartland of Durham, the Rev. Wm. Nesfield gave Quay:

notice of his intention to move at the next Died.] At Modbury, deservedly lamented, quarter sessions,“ that the practice of counG. Langworthy, esq. eldest brother of Dr. sel in addressing the jury on behalf of a New MONTHLY Mag.–No. 59, VOL. X.

3 P

'buted money.



Esses --Gloucestershire - Hampshire. [Dec. 1, prisoner og trial for felony, be discontinued.“ daughter of James Boys, és barrister,

Married.] At St. Helen's Auckland, formerly of Dukes, Layer Marney, Essex. Mr. J. Jopling, of West Auckland, to the Her remains were interred in Earles Colbe youngest daughter of Mr. J. Robinson, of church. the same place. On her return from the At Steeple Bumstead, J. Gent, esq. 94. church, the bride was met by a number of At Roniford, Mr. James Andrews, 72. widows and children, to whom she distri- At Ruchford, Mrs. Bragg, 90.

At East Thorndon, Mr. C. Freeman, of Mr. Morgan, of Sunderland, to Miss Ann Herron Gate, 49. Bell, of Chapel-street.—Mr. J. Fox, of the

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. 54th regiment, to Miss Charlotte Brown, of Amongst other improvements attendant Sunderland.

on the renewed activity towards the comAt Durham, Mr. W. Ainsley, to Miss E. pletion of the Gloucester and Berkeley canal, Metcalf.—Mr. R. Smith, to Miss Margaret a dry-dock is forming to communicate with Liddell.

the bason adjoining Gloucester, for the graDied.] At South Shields, in consequence ving and repair of barges and other vessels of her clothes taking fire, aged 76, Mrs. of easy draught of water. To the owners of Walker, wife of Mr. W. W., formerly of river craft

, this will prove an accommodaWhitby.

tion of great importance. At Brandon, near Durham, 43, Mary, Births.] At Clifton, the lady of T. H. wife of Mr. W. Forster.—Mr T. Binning- Raymond, esq. of a son. ton, of Humbleton, 83, his death was occa- At Hawkesbury, the lady of the Rev. H. sioned by a corn in his foot, which occa- J. Randolph, of a son. sioned mortification.

At Cheltenham, the lady of Dr. Christie, At Bishop Auckland, 77, J. Wood, esq.

of a daughter. much respected.

Married.] At Tewkesbury, P. BroughAt Sunderland, Mrs. Kirby, the lady of ton, esq. to Anna, youngest daughter of the Captain K., 541h regiment.

Jate J. Smithwick, esq. of Lilliput, Limerick.

At Berkeley, J. Clutterbuck, esq. of SiFrom a statement at a late meeting of sons, to Hester, youngest daughter of W. Jandholders, &c. relative to the intended. Rodway, esq. of the same place. Rumford Canal, it appeared that“ the whole At Dymock, Lieut. Gen. Vansittart, to of the expence for the purchase of land, and Miss C. Harris. the works for the completion of the canal, At Leachlade, Lieut. J. Cole, R. N. to is estimated at the sum of 46,053). ; which Miss E. Wace. it is recommended to raise by instalments, Died.) At Gloucester, Mary, the wife of in shares of fifty pounds each.

the Very Reverend the Dean of Hereford, “ Upon the most moderate computation At Quedgeley, W. Winstone, esq. of tolls and traffic, viz. five barges per day, At Karton-End, Miss Young. of forty tons each, at an average rate of one At Clifton, J. James, esq. 70. shilling and fourpence per ton, a revenue At Westerleigh Hill, Mr. F. Hathway. will be produced of 4,0001. per annum ; At Minching hampton, Jane Remmington. which, after providing for all incidental ex- At Cerney-Wick, Miss J. Stone, 19. pences, will yield an ample dividend on the At Tewkesbury, 11, Fowke, esq. capital employed."

At Park Hill, Elizaheth, wife of the Rev. Birth.] At Ingatestone Hall, the lady Dr. Moore. of H. Penton, esq. of a son.

HAMPSHIRE. Married.] S. W. Clarance, esq. of A depraved female, named Sarah HunThaxted, late surgeon to the forces, to Miss tingford, has been committed for trial, for Ann Clarance, only daughter of the late J. the murder of her husband at Portsea, by C., esq. of the same place.

beating out his brains. They had been At Walthamstow, the Rev. J. Arkwright, married 40 years. The old man was near M. A. son of R. A., esq. of Willersly, to 70, and hore a very good character; the Anne, danghter of Sir R. Wigram, bart, of

woman a very bad one. Walthamstow House.--Mr. J. Lorimer, of Births.] At Winchester, the lady of G. the Strand, to Miss Harriet Jury.

Atherly, esq. of a son. At Harefield, John, son of A. Kirkman, At Southampton, the lady of J. Eade, esq. esq. of Cloak-lane, to Maria, daughter of R. of a danghter. G. Spedding, esq. of Ilarefield.

At Warrens, the lady of G. Eyre, esq. of At Boching, J. E. Tabor, esq. to Miss a daughter. Hayward, of Braintree.

Married. At Britford, Mr. R. Wills, At Rickling, Mr. Wing, of Newport, to to Miss Ilarriot Antrim. Miss M. Robinette, of Duxford.

At Ringwood, Mr. H. Polley, to Miss At Safton Walden, Mr. G. Pettit, to Corben, of Kisson. Miss Petii..

Died.] At the Isle of Wight, R. H. A. Died.] At Great Dunmow, in the 87th Bennett, esq. captain R. N. year of her age, Mrs. Martha Smith, relict At Redbridge, J. Mamford, esq. of Mr. John Smith, late of Great Yarmouth, At Winchester, Lieut. Riches, 42. Norfolk, the seventh and only surviving At Swallowclitt, Mrs. Eliz. Maffey, 91


Herefordshire-Herts-HuntsKent Lancashire.



Married.] At Elton, Mr. Beecheno, of At a late meeting of the Hereford Agrí- Stamford, to the second daughter of Mr. cultural Society, an apple was shown which Crofts, of the former place. weighed one pound and a quarter, and mea Died.] At Folksworth, Mrs. Watkin, sured from the eye round the stalk 15 inches, wife of the Rev. J, W. of that place. and round the middle 13 inches. At the same meeting it was communicated, that re As a proof of the remarkable mildness of fuse salt, for the purpose of manure, is for- the season, a glow-worm was observed a few warded from Liverpool, duty free, to any part nights since, shedding its lucid beam beneath of the kindgdom.

a hedge in the neighbourhood of MaidMarried.] Mr. John Brewer, of Cod stone. dington, to Mary, youngest daughter of the A beautiful monument has been erected late Mr. Wm. Bond, of Ledbury.

in the church at Deptford, to the memory At Stoke Bliss, Mr. S. B. Creswell, of of the late Rev. Dr. Burney, at the expense Tenbury, to Miss White, of Colington. of his parishioners.

At Stoke Prior, Mr. Charles Walker, of The prison lately erected at Maidstone, Sutton, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. J. cost the enormous sum of 250,000)., 7,500). Harris, of Wickton.

of which has been expended on a portal. Died.] Mr. Elliott, of Dry Bridge, near Births.7 At Canterbury, the lady of the Hereford, 75.

Rev. John Birt, of a son.--The lady of At Bromyard, J. Wormington, esq. an Count Munster, the Hanoverian minister, eminent solicitor of that place, 60.

of twins. At Ryelands, near Leominster, W. Wall, Married.] At Canterbury, Mr. J. Taylor, esq. son of the Rev. J. W. of Kington, and a 10 Miss I]. Howard.-Major A. Munro, deputy lieutenant, and active and most up R. A. to Mrs. Taylor, widow of the late right magistrate for the county of Hereford. Lieut.-Col. T. 20th Light Dragoons, and

Thos. Symons, esq. of the Meend, 73. eldest daughter of John Baker, esq. of St.

At Wellington, Mr. Graves, a respectable Stephen's. farmer. He had called upon business at the At Rochester, the Rev, S. Browne, minor house of a friend, and on entering a room, canon, to Miss Jones, daughter of the Rev. sat down, and expired.

J. J.

Died.] At Petham, Mr. T. G. Taylor, a A society is forming at St. Alban’s, to be yeoman, of great respectability, 71, called the St. Alban's Permanent Library At Folkstone, Mr. M. Boxer, 67.-Mrs. and Literary Institution, the object of which S. Harvey, relict of Mr. R. H. is to expand and benefit the heart, and im At Down Hall, Benjamin Spitta, esq. of prove and enlarge the mind, by diffusing re Doctors' Commons. ligious and useful knowledge. Many valu At his father's house, Chatham Dock-yard, able donations of books have already been Mr. J. Palliser, R.N. made by the subscribers, and select and valuable ones are purchased from the funds. Cotton spinning is very brisk at Manches

Birth.] At the Vicarage House, Hitchin, ter, in consequence of immense orders from the lady of the Rev. J. W. Niblock, of a Russia; but the market is tlat for vore

goods, which, by some, is attributed to the Married ] At Baldock, A. Meetkerke, late advance. This is much to be regretted esq. of Julians, to the fourth daughter of for the sake of the poor weaver, on whom a the late J. Wilkinson, esq. of Portman re-action will fall, and hence discontent and square.

heartburnings. Died.] W. Smith, esq. Nascott, near Birth.) in Manchester, the lady of GusWatford, 75.

tavus Gumpel, esq. of a daughter. At Hoddesdon, Ann Maria, youngest

Married.] At Manchester, B. H. Bright, daughter of G. W. Le Grand, esq.

esq. second son of R. B. esq. of Hampne At Ware, Mrs. E. Lady, 76.

Green, Somersetshire, to the only daughter At Frogmore Lodge, Margaret, wife of of the late N. Fleywood, esq. banker, of that W. Hudson, esq.

town.-Mr. T. Litton, of Warrington, to HUNTING DONSHIRE.

Miss Clare, daughter of W. C. esq. of The Attorney-General has declared Hans Sankey.-J. Boardman, jun. esq. of SmedFrancis Hastings to be now Earl of Hun- ley, to Miss S. Hopwood, of Oak Bank, tingdon. His lordship claims the earldom daughter of the late J. H. esq. of Stayley by virtue of the patent, being the lineal de Wood. scendant of Sir Edw. Hastings, fourth son J. U. West, esq. of Eccleston, to the to Francis, second Earl of Huntingdon ; all youngest daughter of the late W. Hill, esq. of the intermediate male branches of the fa- Denton's Green. mily being extinct. The present earl is the Died.) At North Meols, R Grimshaw, eleventh Earl of Huntingdon, and the third esq. Town Clerk of the Borough of Wigan. English earl. Created Baron Hastings, of H. Barton, esq. of Springwood, and of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, July 26, 1461; Earl of Manchester. Huntingdon, Doç. 8, 1520.

Mr. T. Sill, of Proston.




Lincolnshire-Leicester-Monmouth-Norfolk. [Dec. I, LINCOLNSHIRE.

MONMOUTASHIRE. The Grantam Saving Bank. The bank The Burgesses of Monmouth have ap has only been open six months, and in that plied to the Court of King's Bench, in supshort period the deposits have amounted to port of their claims to elect their own magis 4,9611.-of which sum only 129). has been trates; and rules have been granted against withdrawn. A stronger proof of the utility the present acting mayor and bailiffs, to shew of banks for savings, and of the great com- cause why informations, in the nature of fort they afford to the industrious poor, Quo Warranto, should not be exhibited cannot, we think, be found.

against them, requiring them to state by The spirited town of Boston has just com- what authority they claim those offices. pleted, at a cost of 3,0001., the erection of a Birth.] At Llansainfraed, Lady Harriet, new borough gaol. It is supposed to be one wife of J. Jones, esq. of a son. of the most admirably constructed prisons Married.] T. Badham, esq. of Munnow in the kingdom, and furnishes a striking ob- Cottage, to Miss Anne Lavender, niece to ject on entering the town from the south. Mrs. Grove, late of Doward House, Whit

'Births.] The lady of the Rev. T'. H. church. Rawnsley, of Spilsby, of a daughter.

NORFOLK At Saltfleetby, the lady of T. Oldham, It is in contemplation to make a direct esg. of a daughter.

communication from Norfolk to Lincolnshire Married.] At Clea, the Rev. T. Dixon, and the north of England, by means of a of Laceby, to Miss Rouston, only daughter bridge over the river Nene, at the nearest of the late Captain S. R.

point practicable to the sea. At Grainthorpe, R. Saunderson, esq. for- The Navigation Committee have ordered merly principal coast oficer and collector a survey to be made of Thurlton Marshes, of the port of Louth, to Miss R. Mears, of preparatory to making a cut from Norwich the former place.

to Lowestofft. At Keddington, W. Alcock, esq. of Louth, The Bishop of Norwich is interesting to Miss Storr, of the former place.

himself in giving increased energy to the At Wragby, Mr. T. Bowman, son of Mr. Sunday schools of that city, belonging to the B. of Goltho, to Mary, eldest daughter of established church, and the clergy are the late Rev. T. Pennington, vicar of Bilsby: actively engaged in forwarding his lordship's

At North Carlton, Mr. H. Swan, sur- benevolent views. geon, of Lincoln, to Sarah, third daughter Birth.] The lady of E. Preston, esq. . of S. Slater, esq. of the former place. mayor of Yarmouth, of a daughter.

Died.] It Southwell, the Rev. W. Bris- Married.] Mr. J. Dennes, of Walpole, toe, one of the vicars coral at that place, to Susan, third daughter of J. Porter, esq. vicar of eplon, and rector of Beelsby, near of Marham Ilall. Caistor. His unaffected piety in the dis- Mr. James Long, R.N. to Miss Eliz. Hallcharge of his religious functions, joined to penny, youngest daughter of the late Mr. an inflexible integrity and suavity of man- B. H. of Southtown Cottage. ners in his intercourse with mankind, will The Rev. H. Evans, youngest son of T. long preserve his memory in the veneration B. E. esq. to the second daughter of T. Coof those who knew him.

bitt, esq. of Honing Hall. Mr. David Harris, farmer, of Walkering- At Yarmouth, Mr. John Brown, jun. to ham.

Louisa, daughter of Mr. Riddlesdale, merAt Stow, near Gainshoroogh, Mrs. H. chant. Henchman, widow of the Rev. H. H. late At Burnham Westgate, Mr. Seppings, rector of Linwood, 76.

merchant, of Norwich, to Miss Blyth, of the At Morton, Mrs. Ann Foottitt, 81.

former place. Miss Borman, of Tetney. While on a A. Bale, esq. to Miss Orton, of Yarmouth. visit with her sister at Beelsby, she was taken Died.) At Yarmouth, the widow Colwith the typhus fever, and was found dead man, 91.-Mr. R. Bygrave, 77.-Ellen, in bed the next morning.

third daughter of H. Wyatt, esq. of Broom LEICESTERSHIRE.

Hall, near Scole. Births.] The lady of Dr. Erill, of Leices- Mr. Wm. Cobb, 84. ter, of a son.

At Holt, Wm. Stokes, esy. of Fakenham ; Married.) Capt. Dixie, R. N. of Ather- and at Fakenham, a few days afterwards, stone, to Miss R. Churchill, fifth daughter of Mr. W. Stokes, his eldest son. the Rev. J. D. Churchill, of Blickling.

The Rev. J. Wright, A.M. rector of East Mr. J. Wood, jun. to Miss Ann Perkins, Harling, and of Hinderclay, Suffolk, 84. both of Market Harborough.

At Norwich, Maria, wife of J. Amyot, esq. Died. At Leicester, John Bellamy, esą. 24.--Anne, second daughter of the late R. captain in the R. N. and son of the late al Plumptre, S. T. P. formerly prebendary of derman B. 44.-G. F. Purnaby, esq. young- Norwich Cathedral, and master of Queen'sest son of the late venerable Archdeacon of college, Cambridge. Leicester, 41.-Of the typhus fever, Mrs. At Denver, near Downham, Mrs. Pelts, Deacon, wife of Mr. F. D. 28.--Mr. I. C. •100: she enjoyed her faculties to the last Cockshay.

Mrs. S: Carr, of Hasbro'-hal.






At an advanced age, the Rev. 0. Dinsdale, Birth.) At Aynho, the lady of W. Ř. rector of Wilford. Cartwright, esq. of a son.

At Brant Broughton, John Massey, gent. Married.] At Old, Mr. J. Cleaver, to 49; he had been a martyr to the gour Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Davis, both

more than half his life. of the above place.

At Cromwell, Mr. John Footitt, 78. At Maidford, Mr. E. F. Tuniogham, to

At Nottingham, William Harris, gent. Miss E. Stilgoe, second daughter of Mr. Z.

Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. T. Dunnicliff, S. of Maidford Grange.

of Castle Donington, 35. At Northampton, Mr. J. E. Tozer, of

J. Shaw, gent. of Trowell Moor, 76. London, to Eliza, daughter of J. Hall, esq.

At East Retford, within a few days of of this place.

each other, Thomas and Jane Fish, whose At Wellingborough, Mr. G. Bland, of united ages were 164, having been married East Farndon, to Maria, youngest daughter 61 years, leaving 22 children, all at single

births. of Mr. J. Hardwick, of the former place.

Died.] Mr. John Butterfield, of Brackley, 82.

Preparations for the use of gas-lights! Mrs. E. Pittom, 84, of Barby.

at Oxford, are now rapidly going on. At Cogenhoe, through the effects of a fall

Married.] Mr. J. J. Perry, surgeon, of from a gig, Emma, youngest daughter of Steeple Aston, tó Miss Dew, of° Aynho, H. Locock, M.D. 21.

Northamptonshire. G. W. Margetts, eldest son of G. M. esq.

At Pyrton, G. Ranking, jun. esq. of Chalk of Wellingborough.

Hill House, Middlesex, to the youngest Mr. R. Dunckley, of Dodford, 89.

daughter of the Rev. W. Buckle, vicar of Mr. Sabin, surgeon, of Towcester, 67.

Pyrton and Shirburn.

Geo. A. F. Dawkins, esq. only son of J. NORTHUMBERLANDSHIRE.

D. esq. of Over-Norton House, to the One of the most extraordinary suicides youngest daughter of Sir W. H. Cooper, lately took place at Heckley Grange, near bart. Alnwick, that perhaps ever was heard of; At IMy, W. Undershell, esq. of Bermondtwo brothers, named Younghusband, who sey, to the second daughter of R. Wootten, were farmers, in good circumstances, and esq. of Rose Hill House, and one of the had lived together many years on the most Magistrates of Oxford. affectionate terms, agreed to destroy them Died.] At Beechen Cliff, Mr. W. G. selves at the same moment. Being on their Butler, student of Magdalen college, 19. grounds, one of them speaking to a plough Mr. S. Godson, 55, of Hook Norton, an man, the other called to him from the next eminent commissioner and surveyor. field, " Come, are you ready?" On this he At Stowe, (the seat of the Marquis of joined him ; and neither of them returning Buckingham,) the Rev. W. Barnard, rector home at the usual time, they were sought of Marsh Gibbon and Water Stratford. after, and found in the field, with their Emily, eldest daughter of T. Duffield, throats cut, each having a razor in his

esq. of Marcham Park. hand, and the watch of one of them lying

At Oxford, the wife of Mr. W. Slatter, by his side. The Coroner's Jury brought 55. in a verdict of Felo de se, and they were At Wheatley, John Bush, esq. Doctor buried at midnight in cross roads. The of the Civil Laws, and Deputy-Lieutenant one was 70 years old, the other upwards and Magistrate of that county and Berks.' of 60.

His estates descend to his co-heiresses, the Died.] At Morpeth, A. Marjoribanks, esq. Ladies of Lieut.-Col. Morgan, of Birchdeputy commissary general, 55.

grove, and Thos. Smith, esq. of Castella, At 'Heatherwick, Mrs. Potts, mother-in- Glamorganshire. law of Mr. T. Clark, aged 103%.

At Adderbury, of a decline, Lieut. W. In Newcastle, at an advanced age, Mrs. Davies, R.N. E. Robson. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

Died.] The infant son of the Rev. Dr. Birth.] The lady of Hugh Blaydes, esq. Doncaster, of Oakham. of Ranby Hall, of a son.

Mrs. Clarke, 62, of Langham, near Oak Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Wm. ham. Day, of Eastwood, to Miss Sarah Barker.-

SIIROPSHIRE. At St. Mary's, Mr. John Alvey, to Miss The gleanings of the poor families of Ann Fox.

the little village of Dorrington, during the Died.] At West Retford Ilal), suddenly, late harvest, amounted to 125 bushels of Mrs. Berks, relict of R. B. esq. of Chester. wheat and 40 of barley.

At Bingham, 20, much lamented, Maria Niarried.) At Fitz, Mr. Robinson, of Lee, third daughter of Mr. L. a respectahie Church Stretton, to Miss Hastings. farmer and grazer of that place. Her At Lapley, the Rer. Mr. Fernie, of Bredeath was occasioned by a cold taken, after wood, to Miss Ann Jarvis, of Wheaton As an evening's walk, about a fortnight before. ton.-W. Colley, esq. of Chúrton Heath, to


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