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ments of all manner of service; riot of the cherubims, that spread silver also for all instruments of out their wings, and covered the silver by weight, for all instru- ark of the covenant of the LORD. ments of every kind of service: 19 All this, said David, the

15 Even the weight for the LORD made me understand in candlesticks of gold, and for writing by his hand upon me, even their lamps of gold, by weight all the works of this pattern. for every candlestick, and for 20 And David said to Solothe lamps thereof: and for the mon his son, Be strong and of candlesticks of silver by weight, good courage, and do it: fear both for the candlestick, and also not, nor be dismayed: for the for the lamps thereof, according LORD God, even my God, will be to the use of every candlestick. with thee; he will not fail thee, 16 And by weight he gave gold nor forsake thee, until thou hast for the tables of shewbread, for finished all the work for the serevery table; and likewise silver vice of the house of the LORD. for the tables of silver :

21 And, behold, the courses 17 Also pure gold for the of the priests and the Levites, fleshhooks, and the bowls, and even they shall be with thee for the cups : and for the golden all the service of the house of basons he gave gold by weight for God: and there shall be with thee every bason; and likewise silver by for all manner of workmanship weight for every bason of silver: every willing skilful man, for

18 And for the altar of incense any manner of service: also the refined gold by weight; and princes and all the people will be gold for the pattern of the cha- wholly at thy commandment.


Tokens of effectual repentance. With what truth and humility does David here ascribe it to the Lord's free gift, and not his own deserts, that he, and his family, and his tribe, had been chosen for the sovereignty in Israel !

How contentedly does he resign to Solomon the privilege of uilding the temple, and avow befo.e all the chief men of his kingdom the reason for which God had forbidden him to build it! How forcibly does he charge Solomon in the presence of this great assembly, yea and also charge all who were there, to keep and seek for all the commandments of the Lord! As the end of this great prophet and great king draws nigh, we find proofs more and more convincing that his repentance was sincere and was effectual. To be humble in our estimate of ourselves, to be thankful to God for his love manifest towards us, to be de sirous to win to God all whom we can influence by our words and our example, these are signs of a heart really turned towards the Lord, and deeply affected by his mercy: And if we have thus repented, then whatever work we may leave unfinished here, we shall have the happiness of thinking, that God has finished his work in us, and is taking us to enjoy his presence for evermore.

David's erample and prayer. i Furthermore David the king thousand talents and ten thousaid unto all the congregation, sand drams, and of silver ten Solomon my son, whom God thousand talents, and of brass alone hath chosen, is yet young eighteen thousand talents

, and and tender, and the work is one hundred thousand talents of great: for the palace is not for iron. man, but for the Lord God. 8 And they with whom pre

2 Now I have prepared with cious stones were found gave all my might for the house of them to the treasure of the house my God the gold for things to of the Lord, by the hand of be made of gold, and the silver Jehiel the Gershonite. for things of silver, and the 9 Then the people rejoiced, brass for things of brass, the for that they offered willingly

, iron for things of iron, and wood because with perfect heart they for things of wood; onyx stones, offered willingly to the Lord: and stones to be set, glistering and David the king also restones, and of divers colours, and joiced with great joy. all manner of precious stones, 10 Wherefore David blessed the and marble stones in abundance. Lord before all the congrega

3 Moreover, because I have tion: and David said, Blessed be set my affection to the house thou, Lord God of Israel our of my God, I have of mine own father, for ever and ever. proper good, of gold and silver, 11 Thine, O LORD, is the which I have given to the house greatness, and the power, and of my God, over and above all the glory, and the victory, and that I have prepared for the the majesty : for all that is in holy house,

the heaven and in the earth is 4 Even three thousand talents thine ; thine is the kingdom, O of gold, of the gold of Ophir, Lord, and thou art exalted as and seven thousand talents of head above all. refined silver, to overlay the 12 Both riches and honour walls of the houses withal : come of thee, and thou reignest

5 The gold for things of gold, over all ; and in thine hand is and the silver for things of sil- power and might; and in thine ver, and for all manner of work hand it is to make great, and to be made by the hands of arti- to give strength unto all. ficers. And who then is willing 13 Now therefore, our God, to consecrate his service this we thank thee, and praise thy day unto the Lord?

glorious name. 6 Then the chief of the fathers 14 But who am I, and what is and princes of the tribes of Is- my people, that we should be rael, and the captains of thou- able to offer so willingly after sands and of hundreds, with the this sort? for all things come of rulers of the king's work, offer- thee, and of thine own have we ed willingly,

given thee. 7 And gave for the service of the house of God of gold five thee, and sojourners, as were all

15 For we are strangers before

our fathers : our days on the down their heads, and worshipearth are as a shadow, and there ped the LORD, and the king. is none abiding

21 And they sacrificed sacri16 () Lord our God, all this fices unto the Lord, and offerstore that we have prepared to ed burnt offerings unto the build thee an house for thine Lord, on the morrow after that holy name cometh of thine hand, day, even a thousand bullocks, a and is all thine own.

thousand rams, and a thousand 17 I know also, my God, that lambs, with their drink offerthou triest the heart, and bastings, and sacrifices in abundance pleasure in uprightness. As for for all Israel: me, in the uprightness of mine 22 And did eat and drink beheart I have willingly offered fore the Lord on that day with all these things: and now have great gladness. And they made I seen with joy thy people, Solomon the son of David king which are present here, to offer the second time, and anointed willingly unto thee.

him unto the Lord to be the 18 O LORD God of Abraham, chief governor, and Zadok to be Isaac, and of Israel, our fathers, priest. keep this for ever in the ima- 23 Then Solomon sat on the gination of the thoughts of the throne of the Lord as king inheart of thy people, and prepare stead of David his father, and their heart unto thee :

prospered; and all Israel obey19 And give unto Solomon ed him. my son a perfect heart, to keep 24 And all the princes, and the thy commandments, thy testi- mighty men, and all the sons monies, and thy statutes, and to likewise of king David, subdo all these things, and to build mitted themselves unto Solothe palace, for the which I have mon the king. made provision.

25 And the LORD magnified 20 And David said to all the Solomon exceedingly in the congregation, Now bless the sight of all Israel, and bestowed LORD your God. And all the upon him such royal majesty as congregation blessed the LORD had not been on any king before God of their fathers, and bowed him in Israel.


Of being great in the sight of God. Most happy was the frame of mind in which a king the most prosperous, having been raised from the sheepfold to so high an eminence, and having dedicated to the service of God probably the largest quantity of treasure that has ever been seen together in the world, still acknowledged that all he gave was God's before he gave it, and acknowledged himself indebted to God both for the power and the disposition to give it. How much greater is the man who thus justly reckons of his wealth, and of his bounty, than they who pride themselves in either, or in both! May we learn to admire most in others that which is in God's sight best! And may we never forget, that our way to be exalted in his sight is to be lowly in our own eyes !

David dieth. 26 Thus David the son of Jesse 29 Now the acts of David the reigned over all Israel.

king, first and last, behold, they 27 And the time that he reign- are written in the book of Samed over Israel was forty years; uel the seer, and in the book of seven years reigned he in He- Nathan the prophet, and in the bron, and thirty and three years book of Gad the seer, reigned he in Jerusalem.

30 With all his reign and his 28 And he died in a good old might, and the times that went age, full of days, riches, and over him, and over Israel, and honour: and Solomon his son over all the kingdoms of the reigned in his stead.

countries. LECTURE 672.

Against forestalling judgment. Of David's end it is here recorded that “he died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honour.” Not a word is added as to the state of his never dying soul. No hint is given towards satisfying our anxious desire, to know whether he died at peace with God, fit to live with Him in heaven for ever. And we shall find this the case generally in the record of the death of Scripture characters, no opinion is expressed on the condition of the departed, with reference to the judgment to come. And we ought to take this silence of the inspired writers for a reproof to our over anxious curiosity, for a severe reproof upon a practice in which many are now apt to indulge, the practice of pronouncing judgment on the state of the departed. Our privilege is this

, not to sorrow as they that have no hope. Let us hold fast to this, and it is enough. Let us hope in each case as far as possible, and we need form no further judgment. In our ignorance of each other's hearts, and in our total inability to weigh the amount of privileges which each may have used or have abused, it is presumptuous in us to pronounce positively of any one, either that he is lost, or that he is saved. As for David, there are few for whom our hopes can well be higher than for him. And we seem to have good ground for trusting, that what he said prophetically of Christ will in the main be realized in himself, « Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell, neither shalt thou suffer thy Holy One to see corruption.” Ps. 16. 11. But where Scripture has not spoken, let us be content to wait for certainty till the judgment of the last day. And instead of presuming to forestal the sentence which will then be given, let us watch and pray and labour, that whosoever may be then admitted to share the glory of the Lord, we may be found ourselves among the number.

Thanks be to God, in behalf of all his servants departed this life in his faith and fear! May He give us grace so to follow their good example, that with them we may be partakers of his heavenly kingdom, through Christ our Lord !


Solomon's sacrifice at Gibeon. 1 And Solomon the son of Da- 4 But the ark of God had David was strengthened in his king- vid brought up from Kirjathdom, and the Lord his God was jearim to the place which David with him, and magnified him ex- had prepared for it: for he had ceedingly.

pitched a tent for it at Jerusa2 Then Solomon spake unto lem. all Israel, to the captains of thou- 5 Moreover the brasen altar, sands and of hundreds, and to the that Bezaleel the son of Uri, judges, and to every governor the son of Hur, had made, he in all Israel, the chief of the put before the tabernacle of the fathers.

LORD: and Solomon and the 3 So Solomon, and all the con- congregation sought unto it. gregation with him, went to the 6 And Solomon went up thither high place that was at Gibeon; to the brasen altar before the for there was the tabernacle of LORD, which was at the taberthe congregation of God, which nacle of the congregation, and Moses the servant of the LORD offered a thousand burnt offerhad made in the wilderness. ings upon it.


Of beginning and ending with God. Glorious indeed is this beginning of the reign of Solomon. Oh had he but thus continued to the end! He began with a public act of devout homage to Jehovah. He began with testifying before all the great men of his kingdom his faith and trust in God, and bis resolution to honour Him in the way of his appointment. A thousand burnt offerings, this was devotion worthy of a king; for such burnt offerings were then according to God's word fitting expression of devotedness of heart. A thousand burnt offerings offered upon the brazen altar which was originally consecrated for the altar of the tabernacle, and that altar sought out at Gibeon, when there was another nigh at hand at Jerusalem, this was a proof, that the new monarch loved the old ways, and that with all the glory of the new temple in prospect before him, he delighted to honour, whilst it yet was standing, that tent, wherein the presence of the Lord had been so long and so signally made manifest. Happy are those kings who begin their reign, as Solomon did his, with a solemn profession that they are devoted subjects of the Lord! Happy are all they, whether kings or subjects, who having begun their course of life in the way of God's commandments, continue, and also end in Him!

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