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his promises.

22. 1. The two tribes and a half, as 399. That we must neither raise

they return, build an altar. nor harbour suspicions.

22. 15. The two tribes and a half 400. Of preventing misunderstand-

explain their intentions.

ing by calm discussion.

23. 1. Joshua exhorteth the assem- 401. God moves us by present bless-

bled rulers of Israel.

ings, and by promises and threats.

24. 1. God setteth forth by Joshua 402. Of the example to be set by

his dealings with his people. ministers and their families.

24. 16. The people renew their co- 403. The guilt incurred by pledges

venant with the Lord.


24. 29. Joshua dieth and is buried; 404. That we must take Christ for

likewise Eleazar.

our Ruler and our Guide,

The Book OF JUDGES, ch. 1-21. LECTURE 405–409.

1. 1. The children of Israel ask 405. The happiness of them who

counsel of the Lord.

obey God stedfastly.

1. 4. The success of Judah ; the 406. The help of God can give us
Lord being with them.

victory in every thing.
1. 21. The imperfect success of se- 407. Against consenting to take
veral of the tribes.

tribute of the world.
2. 1. The angel of the Lord at Bo- 408. What use we mnight make of

chim. Israel under the judges. the vicissitudes of the church.
3. 1. The sin and suffering of Israel. 409. The uses of affliction, viewed
Othniel is raised up.

as God's dispensation.

JUDGES, ch. 3—16.

LECTURE 410-433.

3. 12. The acts of Ehud, and of 410. God's ways a guide for ours.


4. 1. Deborah and Barak defeat the 411. The great happiness of being

army of Jabin.

always at peace with God.

4. 18. Jael inviteth Sisera into her 412. Our faith in God must work

tent, and killeth him.

by love to man.

5. 1. The song of Deborah and 413. The happiness of being on


God's side.

6 1. The Midianites oppress Israel. 414. How weak faith is most likely

The call of Gideon.

to be strengthened.

6. 21, Gideon destroyeth Baal's 415. Of pleading for assurance of

altar; twice asketh a sign.


7.1. Gideon's army is reduced in 416. Of God's goodness in encou-

number. He is encouraged. raging the fainthearted.

7. 15. Gideon's victory.

417. That our salvation is of God.

8. 1. Gideon pacifieth Ephraim; 418. That the Judge of all the

chastiseth Succoth, and Penuel. earth will come suddenly.

8. 18. Gideon's last acts, and death. 419. The love of God, and of man,


9. 1. Abimelech is made king. The 420. A warning against selfishness

parable of Jotham.

and wilfulness.

9. 22. God sendeth an evil spirit be- 421. The terrors of an evil con-

tween Abimelech and Shechem. science.

9. 41. Abimelech burneth the men of 422. Of God's universal providence

Shechem; is slain at Thebez. and retribution.

10. 1. Tola, and also Jair, judge Is- 423. Of God's love being consis.

rael. The compassion of the Lord. tent with his chastisements.

11. 1. Jephthah is chosen by the 424. Of avoiding strife by reason-

men of Gilead to be their head. able discussion.

11. 14. Jephthah reasoneth with the 425. That God vouchsafes to be

Ammonites; and subdueth them. glorified by sinful men.

11. 34. Jephthah doeth unto his 426. Of the interpretation of con-

daughter according to his vow. troverted passages.

12. 1. The Gileadites slay the E- 427. Against exclusive tests of

phraimites. Ibzan, Elon, and Christian communion.


13. 1. An angel appeareth to Ma. 428. That we are surrounded by a

noah's wife, and to Manoah. world of spirits.

13. 15. Manoah's sacrifice is accept- 429. That we might be glad to

ed. Samson is born.

stand in the presence of God.

14. 1. Samson in his way to Tim- 430. Our confidence in the strength

nath slayeth a lion.

given us by God.

14. 12. Samson's riddle. He slayeth 431. Against laying wagers, and

and spoileth thirty Philistines. gambling in general.

15. 1. Samson defeateth the Philis- 432. That we ought to put our

tines, after burning their corn. trust in the help of God.

16. 1. Samson goeth to Gaza, and 433. The deceitfulness of sin ; and

afterwards to the valley of Sorek. the danger of repeating it.

The Book of Ruth, ch, 1–4,

LECTURE 445–450.
1. 1. Naomiloseth sons and husband 445. The consequences of provo-
in the land of Moab.

king the displeasure of God.
1. 6. Ruth cleaveth to Naomi, who 446. Of converting the heathen by
returneth to Bethlehem.

the influence of kindness.
2. 1. Ruth gleaning in the field of 447. Devout Christians are under
Boaz is noticed by him.

God's special providence.
3. 1. By instruction of Naomi Ruth 448. Of being charitable in our

claimeth marriage of Boaz. judgments, and pure in heart.
4. 1. Boaz redeemeth Elimelech's 449. That they who marry ought to

inheritance; marrieth Ruth. make provision for a family.
4. 18. The generations from Pharez 450. Encouragement towards the
to David.

conversion of the wicked.

selves unconditionally to God.
2. 1. The song of Hannah. The 453 How our praise of God may be
wickedness of Eli's sons.

at the same time prayer.
2. 22. Woe denounced against the 454. They who despise God shall
family of Eli.

be lightly esteemed.

1 SAMUEL, ch. 3—17.

LECTURE 455-479.

3. 1. The word of the Lord con- 455. How many men are averse to

cerning Eli is revealed to Samuel. eonsult the Scriptures.

4. 1. The Israelites are routed, and 456. How we ought to value the

the ark is taken.

evidence of God being with us.

5. 1. The ark amongst the Philis. 457. Of valuing God's ordinances



6. 1. The Philistines send away the 458. Of the acceptance of the



6. 13. The ark at Beth-shemesh. 459. Against presumptuous sin.

7.1. The Israelites repent, serve 460. Faith in Christ as our Inter-

God, and subdue the Philistines. cessor, Priest, Sacrifice, and King.

8. 1. The Israelites desire to have a 461. The danger of asking amiss


in our prayers.

9. 1. Saul seeketh his father's asses; 462. That we ought to consult the

meeteth Samuel.

Scriptures with a view to eternity.

9. 15. Samuel seasteth Saul; and 463. Of preferring one another in

communeth with him.


10. 1. Saul is anointed king; and 464. A warning against falling from


grace given.

10. 17. Saul is chosen by lot for king. 465. Of Christ, the king of his


11. 1. Saul defeateth Nabash. 466. Moderation in prosperity.

12. 1. Samuel testifieth his inte- 467. Our need of oft repeated ad-

grity ; exhorteth the people. monitions.

12. 16. The Lord sendeth a storm at 468. How to secure the benefit of

the time of wheat harvest.

brotherly admonition.

13. 1. Saul maketh war on the Phi- 469. The evils of faithless impa-

listines; offereth sacrifice.


13. 11. Saul reproved by Samuel. 470. The use of witnessing affic-


14. 1. Jonathan with his armour. 471. God saves by such means as

bearer assaileth the Philistines. He thinks fit.

14. 16. The Philistines discomfited. 472. That we need first reprove

Saul's adjuration.

ourselves in sin.

14. 36. Jonathan, taken by lot, is 473. Weought to thank God chiefly

rescued by the people.

for our spiritual blessings.

15. 1. Saul slayeth the Amalekites, 474. Against a disposition to jus,

but spareth the spoil.

tify ourselves.

15. 16. Saul is finally rejected from 475. That God does not repent, as

being king.

man does.

16. 1. Samuel anointeth David. 476. Of using the Psalms of David

David standeth before Saul. for our comfort.

17. 1. Goliath challengeth Israel. 477. We ought to cherish a good

David visiteth the camp:

hope of spiritual success.

17. 23. David undertaketh to fight 478. Motives and helps towards

with Goliath.

serving God signally.
17. 42. David slayeth Goliath. The 479. The connexion between hu-

Philistines are routed and spoiled. mility and concern for God'sglory,
1 SAMUEL, ch, 18-30.

LECTURE 480--502.

18. 1. Jonathan is David's friend. 480. The growth of envy and jea-

Saul his enemy.

lousy in the heart.

18. 17. Saul giveth David his daugh- 481. The connexion of humility

ter Michal to wife.

and a meek temper.

19. 1. Saul is reconciled ; but soon 482. Of overcoming falsehood by

again seeketh to kill David. truth.

19. 18. Saul having pursued David 483. That we ought to glorify God

to Naioth, prophesieth there. purposely with all our might.

20. 1. David consulteth with Jona- 484. That we ought to love with-

than for his safety.

out selfishness or suspicion.

20. 24. Jonathan soundeth Saul's 485. That Christ is the bond of

mind ; parteth with David. union among Christians.

21. 1. David fleeth to Nob; and 486. Against all manner of deceit-

thence to Gath.


22. 1. David at Adullam, and at 487. Encouragements and consola-

Hareth. Saul at Gibeah.

tions under suffering.

22. 11. Doeg, by Saul's orders, slay- 488. What it is to have a tender

eth the priests and their families. conscience.

23. 1. David rescueth Keilah ; de- 489. The information which God

parteth to the wilderness.

gives us in his word.

23. 16. Saul compasseth David, but 490. The blessedness of being pre-

turneth away to meet the Philis- vented from committing sin.


24. 1. David at En-gedi spareth 491. Glory to God for his mercy

Saul's life.

in sparing us.

25. 1. Samuel dieth. David is rudely 492. Of giving gladly, and answer-

refused by Nabal.

ing kindly, to them that ask.

25. 18. Abigail pleadeth with David. 493. How we ought to plead with

each other.

25. 32. Nabal dieth. David taketh 494. How much we ought to be

Abigail to wife.

moved by the hope of heaven.

26. 1. David and Abishai take 495. The insensibility of sinners



and cruse.

to their danger.

26. 13. David pleadeth his inno- 496. That we ought to thank God

cency with Saul.

for all the blessings we enjoy.

27. 1. David passeth over to Achish, 497. The straits to which men are

and is settled in Ziklag.

driven by worldly wisdom.

28. 1. Saul at Endor seeketh to con- 498. Of listening to the admoni-

sult Samuel that was dead. tions of departed friends.
28. 15. Samuel prophesieth to Saul, 499. The resurrection of the body

who fainteth, but is refreshed. with the soul.

29. 1. David marching with the 500. Of our natural fondness for

Philistines is dismissed.


30. 1. The Amalekites having spoil- 501. Our way to succeed is to pur-

ed Ziklag are pursued by David. sue as God would have us.

30. 16. David recovereth and dis- 502. That God divides his rewards

tributeth the spoil.

equitably to all.


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