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35-PART I.

C. M.



1 NOW plead my cause, Almighty God,
With all the sons of strife;

And fight against the men of blood,
Who fight against my life.

2 Draw out Thy spear, and stop their way:
Lift Thine avenging rod;

But, to my soul in mercy say,

"I am Thy Saviour God."

3 They plant their snares to catch my feet.
And nets of mischief spread:

Plunge the destroyers in the pit,
That their own hands have made.

4 Let fogs and darkness hide their way,
And slippery be their ground:
Thy wrath shall make their lives a prey,
And all their rage confound.

5 They fly, like chaff before the wind,
Before Thine angry breath:

The angel of the Lord behind,

Pursues them down to death.

6 They love the road that leads to hell:
Then must the rebels die,
Whose malice is implacable
Against the Lord on high.

7 But if Thou hast a chosen few
Among that impious race;
Divide them from the bloody crew
By Thy surprising grace.

8 Then will I raise my tuneful voice
To make Thy wonders known;

In their salvation I'll rejoice,
And bless Thee for my own.


[blocks in formation]


1 BEHOLD the love, the generous love
That holy David shows!

Mark how his tender bowels move
For his afflicted foes!


2 When they are sick, his soul complains,
And seems to feel the smart;

The spirit of the gospel reigns,
And melts his pious heart.

3 How did his flowing tears condole
As for a brother dead!

And fasting mortified his soul,
While for their life he prayed.

4 They groaned and cursed him on their bed:
Yet still he pleads and mourns:
And double blessings on his head
The righteous God returns.

5 O glorious type of heavenly grace!
Thus Christ the Lord appears;
While sinners curse, the Saviour prays,
And pities them with tears.

6 He, the true David, Israel's king,
Blessed and beloved of God,
To save us rebels, dead in sin,
Paid His own dearest blood.

36-PART I.

S. M.


1 WHEN man grows bold in sin,

My heart within me cries,

"He hath no faith of God within,
Nor fear before his eyes."

2 He walks a while concealed
In a self-flattering dream;


Till his dark crimes, at once revealed,
Expose his hateful name.

3 His heart is false and foul,

His words are smooth and fair:
Wisdom is banished from his soul,
And leaves no goodness there.
4 He plots upon his bed

New mischiefs to fulfil:

He sets his heart, his hand and head,
To practise all that's ill.

5 But there's a dreadful God,
Though men renounce His fear:
His justice, hid behind the cloud,
Shall one great day appear.
6 His truth transcends the sky;
In heaven His mercies dwell;
Deep as the sea His judgments lie;
His anger burns to hell.

7 How excellent His love,
Whence all our safety springs!
Oh! never let my soul remove
From underneath His wings!


L. M.



1 O LORD, Thy mercy, my sure hope,
The highest orb of heaven transcends ;
Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope,
Beyond the spreading sky extends.
2 Thy justice like the hills remains;
Unfathomed depths Thy judgments are:
Thy providence the world sustains;
The whole creation is Thy care.

3 Since of Thy goodness all partake,
With what assurance should the just

Thy sheltering wings their refuge make,
And saints to Thy protection trust!

4 Such guests shall to Thy courts be led,
To banquet on thy love's repast;
And drink, as from a fountain head,
Of joys that shall for ever last.
5 With Thee the springs of life remain;
Thy presence is eternal day:

Oh! let Thy grace Thy saints sustain:
To upright hearts Thy truth display.

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1 WHY should I vex my soul and fret
To see the wicked rise?

Or envy sinners, waxing great
By violence and lies?

2 As flowery grass, cut down at noon,
Before the evening fades;

So shall their glories vanish soon,
In everlasting shades.


3 Then let me make the Lord my trust,
And practise all that's good;
So shall I dwell among the just,
And He'll provide me food.

4 I, to my God, my ways commit,
And cheerful wait His will;.

Thy hand, which guides my doubtful feet,
Shall my desires fulfil.

5 Mine innocence shalt Thou display;

And make Thy judgments known,
Fair as the light of dawning day,

And glorious as the noon.

6 The meek at last the earth possess,
And are the heirs of heaven:

True riches with abundant peace,
To humble souls are given.

7 Rest in the Lord, and keep His way,
Nor let your anger rise;

Though Providence should long delay,
To punish haughty vice.

8 Let sinners join to break your peace,
And plot, and rage, and foam;
The Lord derides them, for He sees
Their day of vengeance come.

9 They have drawn out the threatening sword;
Have bent the murderous bow,

To slay the men who fear the Lord,
And bring the righteous low.

10 My God shall break their bows, and burn
Their persecuting darts:

Shall their own swords against them turn,
And pain surprise their hearts.

[blocks in formation]


1 WHY do the wealthy wicked boast,
And grow profanely bold?

The meanest portion of the just,
Excels the sinner's gold.

2 The wicked borrows of his friends,
But ne'er designs to pay:
The saint is merciful and lends,

Nor turns the poor away.

3 His alms with liberal heart he gives
Among the sons of need;
His memory to long ages lives,
And blessed is his seed.

4 He fears to talk with lips profane,
To slander or defraud:


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