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Concerning the Use of the Words Soul

or Spirit in Holy Scripture, and the State of Death there described.


and ,נשמה ,נפש N the firft place

the words


, ), , 117, in the Old Testament, which are in our version generally translated Soul or Spirit, as well as those of the same import in the New, ZVEUP OG and yuxn, most commonly denote


Gen. xvii. 14. That · Soul shall be cut off. Add Exod. xii. 15,19. Lev. iv. 2. If a Soul shall fin through ignorance. 27

if any one of the common people sin through ignorance. Add vi. 2.

vii, 20. -- the Soul that eateth of the flesh of the facrifice. — 21. the Soul that shall touch any unclean thing. Add 25, 27. and xvii.10,15. xix. 8. xx.6. - xxii.11.- if the Priest buy any Soul with his money, he shall eat of it. xxiii. 30. And whatsoever Soul it be that doth any work in that same day, the fame Soul will I destroy from among his people. Add Num. xv, 36, 31. xix. 13, 20. Deut. xxiv. 7. If a man be found stealing any of his brethren. 2 Sam. xiv. 14. Neither doth God respect any person". Prov.xiii. 2.- the Soul of the transgressors Thall eat violence. Add xiv.25. xix, 2.


b Etnon tollet Deus animam. v. Cleric.


Aets ii. 43.


Ezek. xviii. 4. Behold all Souls

, are mine, as the Soul of the father, so also the Soul of the son is mine. xxvii. 13. — they traded the Persons of men.

fear came upon every Soul. Add Rom. ii. 9. xiii. 1. I Tim. iv. 1. seducing Spirits, i.e. Seducers. 2 Pet. ii. 14. - - beguiling unstable Souls. Rev. xviii. 13. the merchandise of gold and silver, -- and slaves, and Souls of men.

2. Or, secondly, People ;
As when they are numbered. Gen. xlvi. 15.

all the Souls of his sons and daughters were thirty and three. Add 22, 27. Exod. i. 5. xii. 4.

xvi. 16. according to the number of your persons. Num. xxxi. 28. - levy a tribute Soul of five hundred, both of the persons, and of the beeves, &c. 35. — thirty and two thoufand persons in all. - 40.--the persons were fixteen thousand. 46. sixteen thousand persons, 1 Chron. v, 21. they took away of men an hundred thousand. Jer. lii. 29. captive - eight hundred and thirty two“ persons. 30.

Nebuzar-adan — carried away captive of the Jews seven hundred and forty five persons. Asts ii. 41.

the same day were added unto them about three thousand Souls. Add vii. 14. xxvii. 37. 1 Pet. iii. 20.

And divided into Families. Gen. xlvi. 27. All the Souls of the house of Jacob which came into Egypt. Sam. xxii. 22. I have occasioned the Death of all the operfons of thy father's house.

Or distinguished from other Goods. Gen. xii.5. Abraham took Sarai his wife, and Lot — and all )

carried away

נפש •

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their substance, and the Souls' that they had gotten in Haran. xiv. 21. + Give me the perJons, and take the goods to thyself. Joh. xi. 14. But every man they fmote with the edge of the sword, until they had destroyed them; neither left they any to breatbeo. Add 1 Kings xv. 29.

3. Thirdly, Soul or Spirit often signifies the man bimself: as my Soul, i. e. I. Gen. xii. 13. Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister and my Soul shall live because of thee. xix. 20.-— let me escape thither,—and my Soul shall live. xxvii. 4. that my Soul may bless thee before I die. Yob vii. 15.- fo that my

Soul chooseth ftrangling. x. 1. my Soul


Life. Add Psal. xxxv. 9. Ivii. 4.
Matt. xxvi. 38.

My Soul, i.e. me. Num.xxiii. 10. — let' me die the death of the Righteous. Ps. xxxv. 3:

- fay unto my Soul, I am thy salvation. xli. 4. heal my Soul, for I have finned against thee. :· Thy Soul, i.e. thyself. Estb. iv. 13. Prov. iii. 22. so Thall they be life unto thy Soul. Ezek.iii. 19.

thou hast delivered thy Soul. Add 21. Thy Spirit, i.e. thee. 2 Tim. vi. 22. The Lord Jesus be with thy Spirit.

His Soul, i.e. himself. Prov.xi.17. The merciful man doth good to his own Soul. Add xx.2. · Her Soul, i.e. herself. Ts.v.14. (applied by a prosopopæia to the grave,) Therefore hell háth enlarged herself.

Their Souls, i.e. themselves. Tfa. xlvi. 2. themselves are gone into captivity, [applied to Idols.]

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Your Soul, i.e. you. 2 Cor. xii. 15. I will gladly spend and be spent for you. Your Spirit, i.e. yourselves. Mal. ii. 15,

and 16. take heed to your Spirit. My Spirit and



you and me, I Cor. xvi. they have refreshed my Spirit and yours. And in many other places. Thus,

4. Fourthly, Souls, i. e. Persons, are faid to eat. Exod. xi. 16. — no manner of work shall be done, save that which every man must eat.

To abhor meat. Job xxxiii. 20. So that his life abhorreth bread, and his Soul dainty meat. Pf. cvii. 18. Their Soul abhorreth all manner of meat.

To be satisfied. Ezek. vii, 19. they shall not satisfy their Souls.

To be made fat. Prov. xi. 25. The liberal Soul shall be made fat. So xiii. 4.

Or full. Prov. xxvii. 7. The full Soul lotheth an honey-comb.

To be hungry, ib. To the hungry Soul every bitter thing is sweet. Pf. cvii. 9.

he satisfieth the longing Soul, and filleth the hungry Soul with goodness. Prov. vi. 30. Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his Scul when he is hungry.

Thirsty. Prov. XXV. 25. As cold waters to a thirsty Soul.

To faint. Ps. cvii. 5. their Soul fainted in them.

To be fmote with the sword. Jo8. x. 28. Joshua took Makkedab, and smote it with the edge


{ υπερ των ψυχών ιμων,


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