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they said therefore among themselves, Let us not rent it, but caft Lors for it, whofe it fhall be: That the SCRIP TURE might be fulfilled [M.] which was fpoken by the Prophet, [7] which faith, They PARTED my Raiment among them, and for my Veiture they did caft Lots. Thefe Things therefore the Soldiers did. [M.] And fitting down they watched him there. [L.] And the People ftood beholding.


An Enumeration of the Blafphemies against CHRIST crucified. The Converfion of one of the Thieves crucified with him.


JAN ND they that paffed by, REVILED him, wagging

their Heads, and faying, [Mr.] Ah, thou that deftroyeft the Temple, and buildelt it in three Days, [M.] SAVE thy felf: If thou be the Son of GoD, come down from the CROSS. Likewife alfo the CHIEF PRIESTS MOCKING him [Mr.] among themfelves, [M] with the Scribes and Elders, faid, [Mr.] He SAVED others, himself he cannot SAVE: [M.] If he be [Mr.] the CHRIST, [M.] the King of Ifrael, let him now come down from the Crofs; [Mr.] that we may fee, and BELIEVE [M.] him, [Z.] let him SAVE himfelf. [M.] He trufted in God, let him deliver him now if he will have him; for he said, I AM the Son of God. [L.] And the Soldiers alfo mocked him, coming to him, and offering him Vinegar, and faying, If thou be the King of the Jews, SAVE thy felf. [M] The Thieves alfo which were crucified with him, caft the fame in his Teeth. [L.] And one of the Malefactors, which were hanged, railed on him, saying, If thou be CHRIST, fave thy felf and us. But the other anfwering, rebuked him, faying, Doft not thou fear God, feeing thou art in the fame Condemnation? And we indeed JUSTLY; for we receive the due Rewards of our Deeds: but this Man hath done nothing AMISS. And he faid unto Jefus, Lord, remember me when thou comeft into thy KINGDOM. And Jefus faid unto him, Verily I fay unto thee, To-day fhalt thou be with me in PARA


CHRIST Commends the Care of his Mother to John. The Sun is darkned. CHRIST complains that he is forfaken of GOD.

Now JOW there ftood by the Crofs of Jefus, his MoTHER, and his Mother's Sifter, Mary the Wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jefus therefore faw his Mother, and the Disciple standing by, whom he loved, he faith unto his Mother, Woman, behold thy Son. Then faith he to the Difciple, Behold thy Mother. And from that Hour that Difciple took her unto his own Home. [L.] And it was about the SIXTH Hour. [Mír.] And when the fixth Hour was come, there was DARKNESS Over the whole Land until the NINTH Hour, [L.] and the SUN was DARKNED. NINTH Hour, [Mr.] and at the ninth Hour, fefus cried [M] And about the with a loud Voice, faying, Eloi, Eloi, Lama fabachthani? which is, being interpreted, MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME? And fome of them that food by, when they heard it, faid, Behold, [M.] this Man calleth for Elias.

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They give Vinegar to CHRIST being athirst. He faith, All Things are finished; and gives up his Spirit, which he first commended to his Father.

[3] AF FTER this, Jefus knowing that all Things were now ACCOMPLISHED, that the SCRIPTURE might be FULFILLED, faith, I THIRST. was fet a Veffel full of Vinegar, and they filled the Now there Spunge with Vinegar, and put it upon Hyffop, and put it to his Mouth. For [M] ftraightway one of them ran, and took a Spunge, and filled it with Vinegar, and put it on a Reed, and gave him to drink, [Mr.] faying, Let alone, let us fee whether Elias will come to take him down. [M] The rest faid, Let be, let us fee whether Elias will come to fave him. [7] When Jefus therefore had received the Vinegar, he faid, IT IS FINISHED. [M.] Jefus when he had cried again with a loud Voice, [L.J he

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faid, FATHER, into thy Hands I commend my SPIRIT: And having faid thus, [Mr.] and cried with a loud Voice, [3] he bowed his Head, and gave up the GHOST.

The Miracles that followed CHRIST's Death.

[M]AND behold, the VAIL of the TEMPLE was rent in twain, from the Top to the Bottom, and the EARTH did quake, and the Rocks rent, and the GRAVES were opened, and many BODIES of SAINTS which flept, AROSE, and came out of the Graves after his Refurrection, and went into the holy City, and APPEARED unto many. [L.] When the Centurion, [Mr.] which stood over against him, [L.] faw what was done, [Mr.] that he fo cried out, and gave up the Ghoft, [L.] he GLORIFIED God, faying, Certainly this was a RIGHTEOUS Man, [Mr.] Truly this Man was the SON OF GOD. [M.] And when they that were with him, watching Jefus, saw the Earthquake, and thofe things that were done, they FEARED greatly, faying, Truly this was the SON OF GOD. [L.] And all the People that came together to that Sight, beholding the Things which were done, SMOTE their Breafts, and returned. And all his Acquaintance ftood afar off, f; [M.] and many Women were there, beholding afar off [Mr.] among them was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the Mother of James the Lefs, and of Fofes and Salome; [M] the Mother of Zebedee's Children: [Mr.] who alfo when he was in Galilee, followed him, and miniftred unto him; and many other Women which came up with him [L.] from Galilee [Mr.] unto Jerufalem, [Ĺ.] beholding thefe Things. [.] The fetus therefore, becaufe it was the Preparation, that the Bodies fhould not remain on the Crofs on the Sabbath Day (for that Sabbath Day was an high Day) befought Pilate that their Legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. Then came the Soldiers, and brake the Legs of the firit, and of the other which was crucified with him: but when they came to Jefus, and faw that he was DEAD already, they brake not his Legs. But one of the Soldiers with a Spear pierced his SIDE, and forthwith came there out BLOOD and WATER. And he that saw it, bare record, and his


record is true: and he knoweth that he faith true, that ye might BELIEVE. For thefe Things were done, that the SCRIPTURE fhould be FULFILLED, A BONE of him fhall not be BROKEN. And again, another Scripture faith, They fhall LOOK on him whom they PIERCED.

CHRIST'S Burial.


ND after this, [Mr.] when now the Even was come, (because it was the Preparation, that is, the Day before the Sabbath) [M.] there came a rich Man, [L] of Arimathea, a City of the Jews, [M.] named Jofeph, Mr.] an honourable Counfellor, [L.] and he was a good Man, and a juft. The fame had not confented to the council and deed of them, [M] who alfo himself was Fefus Difciple, [3] but fecretly, for fear of the Jews; [L] who alfo himself waited for the Kingdom of God. This Man [Mr.] went in boldly unto Pilate, and [M.] coming to Filate, begged the BODY of Fejus: for [3.] he befought Pilate, that he might take away the Body of Fefus. [Mr.] And Pilate marvelled if he were already dead and calling unto him the Centurion, he asked him whether he had been any while dead. And when he knew it of the Centurion, [7] Pilate gave him leave, and [M.] commanded the Body to be delivered, and [Mr.] he gave the Body to Jofeph: [F] He came therefore and took the Body of Jejus. [Mr. And he bought fine Linen, and took him down. [M] And when Joseph had taken the Body, he wrapped it in a clean linen Cloth: [7] And there came alfo Nicodemus, (which at the first came to Jefus by Night) and brought a Mixture of Myrrh and Aloes, about an hundred Pound weight. Then took they the BODY of Jefus, and wound it in linen Cloaths, with the Spices, as the manner of the Jews is to bury. Now in the Place where he was crucified, there was a Garden, and in the Garden a new Sepulchre, wherein was never Man yet laid. [M.] And he laid it in his own new Tomb, [L.] that was hewed in Stone, [M] which he had hewn out of the Rock, [L.] wherein never man before was laid; [M] and he rolled a great Stone to the Door of the Sepulchre, and departed. [L.] And that Day

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was the Preparation, and the Sabbath drew on. [7] There laid they Jefus therefore, because of the Jews Preparation Day, for the Sepulchre was nigh at hand. [M.] And there was Mary Magdalen, and the other Mary, [Mr.] the Mother of Jofes. [L.] And the Women alfo which came with him from Galilee, followed after, [M] fitting over against the Sepulchre, [Mr.] beheld where he was laid, [.] and beheld the Sepulchre, and how his Body was laid; and they returned, and prepared Spices, and refted the Sabbath Day, according to the Commandment. [M] Now the next Day that followed the Day of the Preparation, the CHIEF PRIESTS and Pharifees came together unto Pilate, faying, Sir, We remember that that Deceiver faid, while he was yet alive, after three Days I will rife again: command therefore that the Sepulchre be made fure until the third Day, left his Difciples come by Night, and feal him away, and fay unto the People, he is rifen from the Dead: fo the laft Error fhall be worfe than the first. Pilate faid unto them, Ye have a Watch; go your way, make it as fure as you can, So they went and made the Sepulchre fure, fealing the Stone, and fetting a Watch.


The History of Our Saviour's Refurrection, and the Refurrection from the Death of Sin, and of the general Refurrection.

The Women which follow CHRIST from Galilee, come to the Sepulchre.

Matt. xxviii 1. Mark xvi. 1. Luke xxiv. 1. John xx. I. that my Words

were writ

[Mr.]AND when the Sab- Job xix. 23. bath was paft, ten! Oh that they were PRINTED Mary Magdalene, and Ma- in a Book! ry the Mother of Fames, 24. That they were graven with an Iron Pen and Lead, in the Rock for ever! 35. For


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