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But while we plead the claims of the Burman mission on the prayers and the liberality of our churches, we would not be understood to imply, that no other portion of the great moral waste demands the attention of our denomination. On the contrary, we hesitate not to express our decided opinion, that the missionary efforts by the Baptist churches in this country ought to be immediately increased. “Besides the existing missions among the aborigines, and at Liberia, new stations ought to be established. Greece, South America, China, and other countries, invite our labors. According to the lowest computation of the numbers of the human family, upwards of four hundred millions of our fellow men are idolaters or Mahometans. The largest and fairest regions of the earth are yet under the dominion of superstition, and its manifold miseries. By whom is the Gospel to be preached to these millions of human beings; and these dark places of the earth to be recovered to the dominion of the King of Zion ? Plainly, it must be done by the Christian church. And will so large a part of that church, as the American Baptists, be contented with supporting nine or ten ordained Missionaries, and expending from twelve to twenty thousand dollars per annum, to spread the knowledge of the Saviour? Why should we, who number so great a portion of the Christian host, come up to the help of the Lord, with a force and zeal, so inadequate to the wants of a world lying in wickedness—so disproportionate to the strength of the denomination ?

• Brethren, let us resolve, that we will neglect our duty no longer. Churches of Christ ! remember that you are not your own.

He who purchased you with his blood, calls on you to engage in this glorious enterprise, with the full measure of your ability: and to advance, with united hearts, and concentrated energies, like an army with banners, to fight the battles of the Lord, until the kingdoms of this world shall have become the kingdom of Immanuel,

And every kindred, every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball,
To him all majesty ascribe,

And crown him Lord of all.'

Since the preceding was in type we have received a letter, dated the 9th of August, from Mr Boardman, who is stationed at Tavoy, a city in one of the southern provinces of Burmah. He

says, "The last fortnight has been among the happiest of my life. Besides having heard twice from my dear native land that our friends are well, and that the Lord is still visiting the churches with plentiful showers of his grace, and exciting his people to labor and pray for the diffusion of gospel blessings throughout all lands, I have had the satisfaction of baptizing two persons—the first fruits of the mission to this place. One of them is a very intelligent and amiable Chinese youth, who, amidst opposition and scorn from his countrymen, who are numerous here, has ventured to renounce his vain idols, and put on the Lord Jesus Christ. The other person is a learned Burman, who, in respect to intellectual powers, eloquence, and acquaintance with the Burman scriptures, is excelled by few men in town. The opposition which he has experienced from his countrymen is most violent and abusive; but he says calmly, 'I regard not their opposition nor their hatred. I have examined for myself

, and my mind is decided. If they revile me, let them revile ; if they will kill, let them kill. I fear not death. I will love and pray for my enemies.'

The ordinance was administered last Lord's day, in a tank adjacent to a venerated pagoda, which points its spire of gilded blasphemy towards the heavens. You can imagine better than I can describe the joy occasioned by this event. I am happy to add that the attention to Christian instruction is evidently increasing:

• But I have not told you the whole occasion of our joy. Yesterday we received letters from Maulaming containing the cheering intelligence, that the Holy Spirit is poured out on that station ; that five persons were recently baptized there, and several more gave good evidence of true grace. The influences of the Spirit seem to be felt more particularly in the girls' school, which, while we were all together at Maulaming, was under the united management of Mrs Wade and my beloved partner. Several of the children have obtained a hope of pardoning grace, two of whom are among the baptized. O what thanks are due to the blessed Rc. deemer for such displays of his grace. Our hearts are full; but still long for more.

• You have doubtless heard that according to the latest intelligence from Rangoon, fifteen persons there, without enjoying the labors of a foreign missionary, have recently avowed their belief in Christ, and their desire to be baptized.

Unite with us, dear brethren, in the most devout thanksgiving to that God, who, after hiding himself so long behind a cloud of mysterious and afflictive events, is now shining forth in his majesty and grace.'




Our Father God, who art in heaven!

All hallow'd be thy name;
Thy kingdom come; thy will be done,

In earth and heaven the same.

Give us this day, our daily bread;

And as we those forgive,
Who sin against us, so may we

Forgiving grace receive.

Into temptation lead us not;

From evil set us free;
And thine the kingdom, thine the power,

And glory ever be.

FOR APRIL, 1829.

SUBSCRIPTIONs and donations to the General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for Foreign Missions, &c. should be transmitted to Heman Lincoln, Esq. Treasurer, Boston. Persons visiting the city, to whom it may be more convenient to call at a central place, can lodge their communications with E. Lincoln, No. 59 Washington-Street, who is authorized to receive moneys for the Treasurer.

MEETING OF THE GENERAL Stations are cheering, and invite an CONVENTION.

extended plan of operations. The deThe Sixth Triennial Meeting of the liberations of the Convention, not beGeneral Convention of the Baptist De- ing embarrassed with extraneous subnomination in the United States for For- jects, which have sometimes impeded eign Missions, &c. will be holden at its progress, may now be vigorously Philadelphia, at the Meeting-house of prosecuted with a simplicity of object, the Fifth Baptist Church, on the last and bear directly on the illustrious enWednesday of the present month. terprise of evangelizing the world.

The meetings of this Convention Let united prayers ascend to heaven, have had a happy influence on the in- that the brethren may so enjoy the terests of the denomination and of the divine presence, and discharge the cause of religion generally, by bring- high duties of the Convention, as to ing into personal acquaintance and receive a fresh impulse in their own cheerful co-operation, brethren station- bosoms, produce deeper convictions of ed at situations remote from each the value of the gospel, and return other, and who would not otherwise again to their fields of labor with inhave had opportunity to impart mutual vigorated strength and quickened zeal. counsel and encouragement. By united efforts, a healthful pulse may be

BURMAN MISSION. given to Missionary operations in our churches through the immense extent

MR WADE'S JOURNAL. of territory over which they are scat

(Concluded from our last, p. 102.) tered. The churches are many, and the members constitute a numerous

• Jan. 9, 1828. The priest* came rath

er earlier than usual this morning, and host; but they require to be marshall- in a few minutes after, a large number ed and called into action. As the of persons collected upon the mayat; guilty and miserable state of the heath- among the rest, was an old and

rather respectable looking, man, to en world becomes more generally whom the priest began to tell what the known, and the obligation of Christians new Scriptures say about an eternal to diffuse the gospel more deeply felt, God, &c. • But,' said he, “it is strange, pecuniary resources for advancing the Gaudama, that Gaudama has said no

if there is an eternal God greater than object will be more abundant, and will thing of him. Gaudama told us particu. enable the Board more extensively to Jarly about Nat country, Brumah counprosecute the benevolent labors in try, &c. But he told us nothing about

this heaven, the residence of an eternal which they are engaged.

God greater than himself.' As he has The approaching meeting will be been harping on this string several held under highly favorable auspices. days, I ventured to ask him how he The prospects presented at the Mission * Referred to in the former part of the journal. APRIL, 1829.



knew what Gaudama said, and what Jan. 12. Had a meeting of the little he did not say.

• How do I know? church. Moung Dwah, and Mah Lah, The sacred books tell me.' What evi- were examined and unanimously redence have you that these books are ceived as candidates for baptism. Have true? “Why, they are the instruc- felt this evening great pleasure in scetions of Gaudama, therefore they cannot ing these two persons who, a short be false.' Tell me how you know that time since, were worshipping idols, inGaudama ever taught what is in these volved in all the darkness of heathen books. Why! the sacred books say superstition, now coming forward and he taught what is contained in them. requesting to have a place among the That is granted. But did those who followers of the Lamb. wrote these books write truly? were 15. Had the priest the greater they disposed to write truly? And if part of the day as usual. He said one they were thus disposed, had they at of the other priests had been talking the time of writing, the means of as- with him on the subject of a new recertaining the truth? The Beetakat ligion being introduced among the peoitself, states that it was not composed ple, and said, “ There is one teacher at until four hundred and fifty years after one end of the town, and another at Gaudama; that in Gaudama's time, the other, preaching daily, and the not a scrap of what he did and taught, people's hearts begin to be turned,was committed to writing. When their offerings to us are much less than four hundred and fifty years had elaps- formerly.—What shall we do? If it ed, the king of Ceylon directed the continues in this way, we shall have priests to write an account of Gaudama nothing to eat soon,' &c. So that it and his religion. They went about appears they begin to feel somewhat the work without a single written docu- alarmed, not so much lest their temment, or any other guide but oral tra- ples should be abandoned, as they are dition. If they had been ever so well lest their rice pots should be empty. disposed, had they the means under 17. Had one attentive listener whom these circumstances of writing a true I have not seen before. This afteraccount? Why! one part of the sa- noon Moung Dwah and Mah Lah cred books which I have once seen, were baptized. May many more folstates, that these books were written low them before the year is ended. ino Gaudama's own time.' I called 18. Several individuals stayed and upon the people to listen to what the listened attentively a long time-prompriest was saying, that in one of the ised to consider this religion farther. sacred books which he has seen, it is One who stayed till near night, desired stated that the Beetakat was written in a tract. Gaudama's own time; and every body 22. Have had several very attenknows that another book of the same tive hearers to-day, two or three of Beetakat, states that nothing was writ. whom professed to be convinced of the ten till four hundred and fifty years truth of what I said to them. But I after Gaudama. What further evidence shall know whether their professions is needed, to prove the Beetakat false, were sincere or not when I see wheththan what the priest bas just now said ? er they come again: this is the grand If what he says is true, the Beetakat test. One said when he heard me is at war with itself. The priest saw talk he was convinced, but when he he was caught, and gave a significant went home his old opinions returned nod to the old man before mentioned, again. I urged him to pray for light as much is to say, We are down, we and wisdom, to enable him to distincan make no defence.' As they re- guish between truth and error, and treated, I followed them closely, with God would enlighten his mind. He one blow after another, and the old has been to the zayat two or three priest bore it as patiently as a lamb. times before. At length he said, It is a very diffi- 23. The first priest came again tocult case; if I embrace the Christian day; but his appearance was very unreligion, I must discard entirely what promising. I felt that he had made I have reverenced, and hold dear all up his mind not to come any more to my life time; also, my fore- hear about the eternal God.

He seemfathers esteemed and reverenced, and ed to be like one who was signing his become an outcast among my own peo- own death warrant without knowing ple : it is hard to bring the mind to this what he was doing; like one who was at once.'

taking the last step between himself

and eternal misery, and would not be Feb. 6. Two persons from Siam persuaded to stop and look at the aw- came in and heard the truth with apful gulf just before him. I do not re- parent gladness. They begged for collect that I ever felt my mind so some of the sacred writings to tranburdened on account of any individual scribe. I gave them the tracts: Sevbefore. After he went away, I walk- eral others listened with attention, and ed the zayat in real agony, but could I feel encouraged to hope that before only say, I have done all that I could long, we shall see a work of grace in to enlighten his dark and supertitious this place.' mind, without effect; but he is still within the reach of thy mercy, 0 thou Saviour of sinners!

YORK AUXILIARY SOCIETY. 26. To-day I had rather more company at the zayat than usual; but they The Corresponding Secretary has were mostly new ones, whom I have received a letter from Rev. Oliver not seen before. Several from the Martaban side listened with apparent

Barron, containing a report of the secattention and interest; at their request ond annual meeting of the York AuxilI gave them a tract. The knowledge iary Foreign Mission Society at Wells, of the gospel is spreading extensively; Me. Dec. 31. Rev. William Godding, people from Martaban, Rangoon, Tavoy, Mergui, Yay, and various other Moderator, Rev. Oliver Barron, Secplaces, call, listen awhile, and take retary. Appropriate Sermons were away with them the tract or some por- preached by Mr. Clark of Saco, and tion of the sacred Scriptures. 28. The priest made his appear

Mr. James of Great Falls. Earnest ance again to-day, but has most evi- desires were expressed by those who dently made up his mind to continue a attended, that missionary zeal and disciple of Boodh, and venture the ardour for the extension of truth, may consequences. Several persons listened attentively, and seemed very favor- be diffused through the Society, which ably inclined towards the new reli- does not at present exhibit encouraggion.

ing prospects. 30. Not a great deal of company at

The next annual meeting is to be the zayat. I suspect the priests and some of the principal men of the place holden at Alfred, on the last Wednesbegin to feel alarmed for the religion day in December, 1829. of Gaudama, and are exerting what influence they have to prevent the common people from coming to listen lest they should become convinced of the folly of feeding and praying to dumb A communication has been receive idols; and what is still dearer to the priests, lest they should grow negli ed by the Secretary from a respected gent in their usual offerings, and their friend in Homer, N. Y. Feb. 21st, rice pots not be well filled. But what which announces several gratifying ever influence they may exert, I feel items of intelligence. An increasing persuaded that the gospel will prevail here, and the idols be rejected as things interest on the subject of missions, is of nought; and that, too, before a apparent in this section, which appears very long time shall have elapsed: for to be the result of information, and esthe gospel commends itself to their tablished principle, rather than the minds as truth, as soon as they hear it; and they readily acknowledge that effect of temporary excitement. Cethey dare not say it is not true, while phas Bennet, who has been appointed they confess that they have no positive printer to the Burman Mission, is enevidence of the trutli of the Beetakats. Nothing, however, can be done to gaged in obtaining collections. A Sowards changing the hearts of the peo- ciety, styled the Cortland Auxiliary ple without the influence of the Spirit Society, was organized in January, una of God. I feel that it is most true that der circumstances which warrant the he that planteth is nothing, and he that watereth is nothing, but Gol who hope, that it will annually furnish effigiveth the increase.

cient aid. The .course generally pre


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