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vacantly around, or hold down his head, or indicate the least inattention, you would denounce him as insultingly uncivil. He comes to you with a message from the crucified Saviour, “ Take heed, therefore, how


hear." And when the services of the sanctuary are concluded, you

will best demonstrate your respect for him and the truth, by retiring directly to your habitations. It is a grief to the minister's heart to witness groups of his hearers, after worship, collecting in the aisles, or in the vestibule, exchanging salutations and conversing on topics foreign from the subject of his discourse. You may deceive yourselves into the belief that it is a mark of friendliness and brotherly love. But it is one of the most effectual devices of Satan, to take away the word out of your hearts, lest ye should believe and be saved.'


Proposals have been issued by J. J. promote a pure and elevated morality, Woodward for publishing a monthly are the objects of The Transylvanian. periodical, to be styled THE GENIUS The work relies for patronage on those OF THE AGE, a Christian and Lit. who have tasted the pleasures of knowl. erary Miscellany, composed chiefly edge, and whose patriotism prompts of selections from foreign publica- them to labor for its diffusion. Juditions, by the Rev. W. T. BRANTLY, cious efforts to increase intelligence in of Philadelphia. It is to contain not this Western country, which is soon to less than sixty four pages each month, exert an important influence on the and to be executed in a superior style. destinies of the whole Union, should The price is to be three dollars a year, be kindly cherished by every lover of payable in advance. “ The produc- freedom. Should this work receive tions of genius and piety are intended the necessary encouragement, the edto adorn this work. The best articles itor, aided by several literary friends, in prose and poetry for the exhibition will diligently exert himself to fill its of evangelical truth, elegant literature pages in a manner satisfactory to its paand the arts, are promised to the future trons. The profits of the work, after patrons of this Magazine. The Eng- satisfying all pecuniary demands, shall lish work entitled The Spirit and be devoted exclusively, by the publish. Manners of the Age, will be in some ing committee, to the increase of the degree the model of this. It will be Library and Philosophical Apparatus of entirely free from all sectarian views Transylvania University." of religion.”

Christian Fellowship, or the Church We have received the first number Member's Guide. By J. A. JAMES, of THE TRANSYLVANIAN, or Ler A. M. Birmingham, England. Edited ington Literary Journal, edited by by J. O. Choules, A. M. Pastor of Thomas J. Matthews, A. M. Morris the Second Baptist Church, Newport, Professor of Mathematics and Natural R. I. Boston: Lincoln & Edmands. Philosophy in Transylvania University. The work is published monthly at Lex- Natural Theology; or Evidences of ington, Kentucky, and each number is the Existence and Attributes of the Deto contain forty pages. The price is ity, collected from the Appearances of $2,50 a year. The following is from Nature. By William Paley, D. D. the prospectus:

Arch-Deacon of Carlisle. Illustrated “To diffuse more widely interesting by the Plates, and by a selection from and useful knowledge; to record the the Notes of James Paxton, Member progress of discovery in the sciences, of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lonand of invention in the arts; to mark don. With additional Notes, original improvements in the science and art of and selected, for this edition ; and a Voteaching; to advance the interests of cabulary of scientific Terms. Boston: education in all its departments, and to Lincolo & Edmands.

FOR MAY, 1829.

SUBSCRIPTIONs and donations to the General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for Foreign Missions, &c. should be transmitted to Heman Lincoln, Esq. Treasurer, Boston. Persons visiting the city, to whom it may be more convenient to call at a central place, can lodge their communications with E. Lincoln, No. 59 Washington-Street, who is authorized to receive moneys for the Treasurer.


ble, teachable disciple of the divine Son. He understands Burman enough

to join in our worship, and on his reThe latest communications from our questing baptism, we had no hesitation

about receiving him into our little Missionary brethren in the Burman

number. He brought with him, yesEmpire, present increasing evidence of terday, a large bundle, which he inthe divine blessing, and gratifying pros- formed us contained the tracts and pub

lications, which had given him so pects for the future.

The following much trouble; and when he was bapextracts from Mr Judson's Journal, tized, he buried them, with his former just received by the Corresponding character, in the watery grave. Secretary, will be read with deep in- has been soinetimes mentioned in the vival in the school, similar to those idea of the mysteries of redeeming glorious revivals, which distinguish love. our beloved native land. May the

2. Moung Shway-pan, whose name terest.

journal as a hopeful inquirer. He has MR JUDSON'S JOURNAL.

been a constant attendant at the zayat,

ever since it was built, and is a pretty July 28, 1828. Yesterday, five per- fair specimen of a cautious Burman, sons were baptized, whose names and who turns a thing over ten thousand characters are as follows:

times, before he takes it; but when he 1. Mc Donald, a native Hin- once takes it, holds it forever. He acdoo, twenty-eight years of age. He cordingly appears now very firm and renounced heathenism a few years decided. ago, and was christened by an English 3. Mai Nyo, an aged female, above clergyman on the Madras coast. His eighty. She says she was a little girl, first profession of christianity was when the great Alompra subverted the probably sincere, but within a few kingdom of Pegu, and established the months, he became acquainted with present Burman dynasty; so that she some persons whose communications has lived under eight successive monunsettled his mind, and reduced him archs. She became acquainted with to a state of darkness and perplexity, Mrs Wade three or four months ago; for several years. When he came to and though she is bitterly opposed by this coast, about a year ago, he as- her relatives, on whom she is quite desumed the English dress, and in cor- pendant, and though she has been, esrespondence with his former friends, pecially of late years, a devotee in rein Madras and Bengal, he made many ligious duties, she has renounced all attempts to disseminate erroneous sen- for Christ, and with tottering steps, timents in all classes of society; but bending under the infirmities of age, happily without the slightest success. has done homage to the King of kings, One morning about a fortnight ago, he in the baptismal stream. came to the zayat, and heard the doc- 4. Mah-ree (Mary Hasseltine,) trines of implicit faith in the word of about twelve years old, daughter of God, and of regeneration by the power Moung Shway-bay, and the only girl of the Holy Spirit-doctrines which that survives of the female school were quite new, and at the same time which Mrs Judson commenced at Ava. quite satisfactory to his soul., He 5. Mee Aa, of the same age and yielded at once to the force of truth, standing as Mah-ree. These two girls and became, to all appearance, an hum- are the first fruits of an incipient re

But in commending Ko Myat-kyau, Holy Spirit be poured out more co- I would not forget our old tried friends, piously on our own hearts, on the chil- Moung Ing and Moung Shway-bay. dren of the school, and on all the in- The former says it is his meat and habitants of Maulamying.

drink to preach the gospel, and when, While I have my English pen in for some time, he has no good opportuhand (an event which rarely occurs) nity, he feels like a person deprived of I would say a word concerning Ko his necessary food. The latter has been Myat-kyau, who was baptized last lately growing in habitual self-denial March, especially as we have consider- and holiness of heart; his prayers saed him an assistant in the mission, since vor of heavenly communion; and it that time.

was through a word from him, spoken He is, as I have mentioned, a brother in season to his daughter, Mah-ree, of the first native chief in the place- that the revival commenced in the fenearly fifty years of age-of most re- male school. spectable rank in society, more so than August 3, Lord's-day. We baptized any other that has been baptized-pos- Meh Tan-goung, Meh Nen-mah, and sessed of a clear mind, considerable Meh Nen Yay, three girls fro the native eloquence, and an uncommon school, whose cases are rendered interdegree of mental and bodily activity. esting, by the considerable knowledge His literary attainments are scanty, they have acquired in the course of a but he has command of handsome lan- few months, by the distinctness of their guage, particularly that which is cur- religious experience, and by the vio. rent in the higher classes of society. lent persecution they have suffered He has been an inquirer after truth, from their respective parents and remany years, and has diligently inves- latives. Meh Tan-goung's case is tigated the systems of Boodha, of Brah- particularly interesting, when contrasta ma and of Mahomet. At length, he ed with that of her elder sister Meh embraced the religion of Jesus Christ, Lau, who, after experiencing very clear with all his heart and soul, manifesting and pungent convictions of divine more zeal and ardor, than commonly truth, has at length been induced, by characterize his cool, considerate coun- alternate promises and threatenings, trymen. He has suffered as much deliberately to reject the Saviour of persecution, as can be openly inflicted sinners, and join her mother's party. onder British government. All his re- Another girl, Meh Pike, who gives lations and friends joined in a most ap- us satisfactory evidence of being truly palling cry against him; his wife com- converted, was brought before the menced a suit for divorce; and his church this day; but her mother being brother publicly declared, that if he a member of the church, it was thought had the power

life and death, he by some, that she was perhaps influencwould instantly wipe out, with his ed by her mother's example, rather blood, the disgrace brought upon the than by the convictions of her own family. Our friend bore it all with mind, and we could not get a clear the ineekness of a lamb, and conducted vote for her admission. himself with such forbearance and An elderly man, Ko Shan, was also Christian love, that the tide has begun presented; but his replies were so into turn in his favor. His wise has re- distinct that he was rejected by an linquished her suit, and begins to lis- overwhelming majority. ten to the word ; his brother has be- Moung San-loon the 2d, mentioned come silent ; and soine few of the re- May 31st, was accepted for baptism latives begin to speak in our favor. next Lord's-day.

It ought to be added, that Ko Myat- 4. Meh Tan-goung's mother came kyau has given up all worldly business, early in the morning, before any of us and devoted himself to assisting us in were up, and having made her elder our missionary work. For this he is daughter, Meh Lau, open the door of particularly fitted by his undissembled the school zayat, she fell upon her humility. It gives us great pleasure younger daughter, abusing and beating to see him sometimes sitting on a level her, until fearing that she should alarm with some poor beggar woman, en- the house, she went off. Soon after, deavoring, in language intelligible to however, she came again, and finding her dark mind, to communicate some her daughter outside, she beat her on

the head with an umbrella, and threat- 24, Lord's-day. Nee Youk roceived ened to sell her for a slave. She then baptism, though her brother, a young went into town, and after raising a tu- man, threatens “ to beat her to death. mult in the market place, and declaring Sept. 21, Lord's-day. We baptized that her daughter had entered into a re- Oo Peenyah, Pandarram, and Mee ligion, which prevented her lying and Kway; the first, a respectable person, cheating, so that she was quite lost to all about fifty years of age, a native of purposes of trade, she carried the alarm- Tavoy-by profession a doctor; the ing tale to the mothers of the other two second, a Hindoo from the Madras girls who were baptized yesterday. coast, a doctor, also, and astrologer, One of them, the mother of Mee Nen- quite ignorant of English and Burman, mah, who has been most violent here. and brought to the knowledge of the tofore, came in a rage to Mrs Wade, truth, through the instrumentality of (brother Wade and myself being ab- Mc Donald, and the New Testament sent at our zayats,) and after using as in Tamul, which he has had in his bad language as she dared, she ran hand day and night, for the last six down to the school-room, seized her weeks; the third, the little girl mendaughter by the hair, and dragged tioned Aug. 10. her out doors towards a heap of wood, In the afternoon, we partook of the where she would have quickly armed Lord's supper, with twenty native herself with a weapon, had not Mrs communicants, four being absent from Wade interfered, and rescued the vic- illness or other causes, beside those at tim, upon which the mother went off, Rangoon and Tavoy. muttering vengeance. The girls bore

A. JUDSON. all this abuse in silent submission, and really manifested something of the From the foregoing journal it will spirit of martyrs. All three are taken be perceived, that light is now beaming into the house, for the present, lest on the minds of the benighted Bur. their infuriated relatives should make

mans, an assault upon them by night.

and the word of the Lord is bePoor Mee Aa, baptized Sunday be- ginning to have free course. The fore last, lives in great fear. She is blessing poured out on the school at daily expecting her mother from Am. Maulamying, cannot fail to encourage herst, who will no doubt take her away instantly, and use all the means

an increase of pecuniary aid for its supin her power to make her renounce port and extension. Let bountiful ofthe Christian religion. Aug. 10, Lord's-day. Ko Shan having multitudes of these Burman children

ferings be cheerfully tendered, that satisfied us all, during the past week, that his unfavorable appearance last may be brought under the influence of Lord's-day, was owing more to his want the means of grace. of language to express his ideas, (being The increase of native preachers a Taling, and but little acquainted with the Burman,) than to his want of grace,

must awaken the most lively gratitude, was this day re-examined and accept- and inspire increasing confidence in ed. Mee Pike also was accepted, and the evangelizing of Burmah. The these, together with Moung San-loon

whitening fields call also for additional the 2d, received baptism.

Two other girls, younger than those laborers to proceed from this country. who have been baptized, appear to have A cry reaches us across the bosom of obtained light and hope in Christ. "Out the deep, 'Come over into Burmah and of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise." One of help us.' Are there not young men of them, Mee Youk, about eight years talents, piety and education, in our old, gives as clear, satisfactory evi- churches, whose hearts burn with a gendence of real conversion, as any of the

erous fervor for the salvation of the heaolder girls. The other, Mee Kway, then? Will not the love of Christ conlike our departed Mee Shway-ee, was rescued at Amherst, from miserable strain them to say, 'Ilere are we, Lord, slavery. She has hitherto given us send us.” As measures are in progress very little pleasure, but is now led to for publishing the Scriptures, and issusee that she has been an uncommonly wicked child, and to feel an humble, ing tracts in the Burman empire, new penitent disposition.

fields will present for cultivation, and May, 1829.



new and multiplied efforts will be de- have experienced his kindness. From manded. Let the churches pray that the first of our acquaintance with him the Lord of the harvest may send forth in Calcutta, he has been ever ready to

afford us all the assistance in his power. additional laborers.

He attended on Mrs Boardman and our babe during their severe illness

immediately after our arrival in AmMR BOARDMAN'S JOURNAL.

herst; and in many other cases he has

evinced much delight in contributing It has been announced, that Mr to our comfort. Although he will reBoardman has proceeded to Tavoy, ceive no compensation from us, we and established a new and interesting the resurrection of the just. It is a

doubt not he will be recompensed at Missionary Station. But as it will be subject of deep regret to us that the gratifying to trace the history of the declining state of his health obliges him station from its commencement, we

soon to leave us for Scotland, his native

land. shall make copious selections from Mr

24. Received a farewell visit from Boardman's Journals, received by the our friend and Christian brother, Dr Corresponding Secretary, comprising Callender. He leaves to-morrow. a statement of the rise and progress of Our prayer is, that the God of grace the establishment.

may comfort and support him in all his

pilgrimage, and at last raise him to a Conversation with a School Boy. seat of glory in the skies. Maulamying, Jan. 20, 1828. One of

Danger from Fire. the school boys requested me this evening, to allow him to read the Scriptures

March 8. Evening. Just as all day to-morrow. I asked him why he were lighting our lamps, we heard wished to read the Scriptures. “In or- a rushing wind like a hurricane comder,” said he, “ to become a disciple.” ing from the east. We ran out of Do you then wish to become a disciple doors, and saw the eastern mountains, while yet so young? “I do, Sir, be

a mile from our house, all in a glowing cause young people are exposed to fame, and a violent tempest driving death as well as others; and if I should the fire directly towards us. The die without becoming a disciple, I mountains for a mile or more in extent should go to hell; but if I become a were involved in one general blaze; disciple, I should have nothing to fear.” and, as the grass and brushwood were Have you seen your sins ? °“ I have thick and dry around, the devouring seen some of them.” What sins does element spread and advanced towards your conscience charge you with ? “I us with amazing rapidity. From have neglected the true God, who has the nature of our house, built of bamsustained me by night and by day, has boo and leaves, we knew that if the fed and clothed me all my days, and I fire reached it, all attempts to save it have worshipped false gods.” But you

would be ineffectual. Our only rehave not worshipped Gaudama? " I source would be in precipitate flight, have not worshipped him, Sir; but

as the house would be reduced to ashes have neglected the true God." He in the space of ten or fifteen minutes. then contessed some other violations We packed up a few clothes, and other of the divine commands. On his speak- light articles of necessary use, and ing of Christ as a great benefactor, I stood prepared to retreat from the imasked him why we should love Jesus pending danger. The darkness of the Christ. “Because,” said he, “ he pit- evening heightened our fears, and we ied us, and laid down his life to save had reason to apprehend that tigers, us from hell."

leopards, and other wild beasts, driven

by the fire from their haunts, might Kindness of Dr Callender.

beset our path. The fire advanced Jan. 23. Our beloved babe has for still, and came within a few rods of our the last three weeks been severely af- house, when, providentially, the wind flicted with ophthalmia. We feel un- ceased, and the fire subsided. The der great obligations for the assiduous eastern horizon is still glittering with attention which our dear friend, Dr the blaze on the mountains. Thus we Callender, of his Majesty's 45th regi- are again preserved when no human ment, has shown her. Indeed this is hand could save us. Bless the Lord only one of the cases in which we for all his benefits.

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