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formation of the school. The additional letters and a journal children exhibit an amiable and were received from Mr Judson, tractable disposition, are easily bringing intelligence of most ingoverned, and inclined to give a teresting character, down to Sept. profound attention to the religious 21, 1828, assuring us that our instructions they receive. Moral fondest anticipations respecting principle is taking a firm hold up- the boarding school are more than on their feelings, and becoming an realized. Soon after their former object of attraction. Several of communications were forwarded, the pupils have at different times a revival of religion commenced, evinced much tenderness of spirit; and the first child taken, was the and one of them has deceased, only survivor of the school which leaving a full conviction in the the lamented Mrs Judson began minds of all the Missionaries, of in Ava. The work spread, and her genuine piety. Her history in a few weeks Eight, having is deeply affecting throughout ; furnished the most satisfactory and her rescue from both natural evidence of their conversion to and pral slavery and degrada- God, were admitted to baptism. tion, is matter of devout thanks- Of the exact number of the school, giving to God; and, as an early since its removal to Maulamying, triumph, won by the instrumen- we are not informed; but have no tality of this Mission, should en- reason to suppose from those that courage them in future labors. were then withdrawn, that it Of this child, Mrs Wade thus amounts to twenty. How generspeaks : “We found her a poor al and powerful must that religious little slave, about seven years old, influence have been which has so in the hands of a cruel wretch, happily subjected to Christ, nearly, who had by a series of unheard of (perhaps more than) one half of barbarities, reduced her to the last the whole. Nor has the work extremity. My heart bleeds even been limited to the school, or idennow, to think what she suffered tified itself with class of when we first saw her. But she means; but as in our country, so recovered, and enjoyed pretty there, every instrumentality howgood health, till she was taken ever humble, which went to exdown with her last illness, which hibit salvation by Christ, has been terminated in about six weeks. blessed. The preaching of the About a month before her depar- word by the brethren at the zayture, she gave pleasing evidence ats, having proved the power and of a work of grace upon her heart, wisdom of God to the saving of and died enjoying in an eminent some of the heathen, they in turn degree, all the sweet consolations have been useful to others. It is of a hope in Christ. But it is a fact worthy of consideration, only those who heard her from and of the highest gratitude, that day to day lisp her prayers and so many of the converts have inpraises to God; wbo caught with stantly inıbibed the spirit of primia joy unfelt before, the first dawn tive Christianity, and entered with of light which beamed upon her zeal into the work of turning dark mind; who watched with others from idols; and that they hearts raised to God its gentle moreover, seem so providentially progress, that can realize what a fitted for extending their usefulprecious and heavenly scene the ness, being themselves of different death bed of little Mee Shway-ee nations, and able each, to address presented."

his countrymen in his native lan« She sleeps in Jesus, and is blest,

guage. How sweet her slumbers are.”

From the 1st of January, 1828,

to the date of our last information, We had proceeded thus far in twenty-one had been baptized at the report of this Station, when this station; and at a late season


of communion, twenty native dis- disposition of Mr Cephas Benciples were at the table. A specta- nett of Utica, early in November, cle in view of which, the bosoms they had a personal interview of all the redeemed might swell with him, and on the 14th by solwith holy joy. It was probably emn resolutions, accepted him not to be expected that such and Mrs Bennett as the Misconquests should be made from sionaries. This interesting family the ranks of deluded idolaters relinquish a favored situation and without opposition. Their hos- a prosperous business, making an tility has been aroused and direct- unreserved consecration of themed to its extent against the dis- selves and property to the cause ciples, but they have stood firm of the heathen, and anticipating amidst its virulence, and the word no other temporal reward, than of the Lord has been magnified. the satisfaction of being useful to

them. They are expected to leave Printing Establishment.

this country by an early ship, for To the accomplishment of their the field of their labors. wishes in relation to this establish- The prospect that sufficient ment, the Board have directed un means will be secured to carry wearied exertions. They have through an edition of the Scripgiven the necessary instructions tures, is now encouraging. On to the brethren in India to carry application of a committee of your forward to a happy completion Board, the American Bible Societhe remaining translation of the ty with great unanimity and appaScriptures, and to prepare for rent pleasure, appropriated 1200 publication religious Tracts and dollars to the object. Generous elementary works, which they individuals, about the first of Jan. have no doubt will be ready in 1829, came forward with offers of

Indeed, they are already $50 each, provided others would assured that their wishes have do the same, making up according been anticipated in part, as the to one proposal, the sum of $1000 following extract from Mr Jud- by April 1st ; and according to the son's Journal will show. July, other, $5000 in five years. The 1827. "I have been chiefly em- first has been promptly met, and ployed for a month past, in revis, considerable progress made in the ing the New Testament, in several second, so that little doubt repoints that were not satisfactorily mains, that by persevering efforts, settled, when the translation was both will be realized. made. Have also completed two A printing press of ample dicatechisms for the use of the Bur- mensions and finished workmanman schools; the one Astronom- ship, is prepared, and ready to be ical, in 38 questions and answers; taken out. the other Geographical, in 89,

Tracts. accompanied with a map of the world, with Burman names. Com- At the last Anniversary, a Commenced a translation of the Book mittee of the Board was instructof Psalms.” While directions were ed to apply to the Baptist Genesent abroad, corresponding meas- ral Tract Society at Philadelphia, ures were adopted at home, to and to the American Tract Sociprovide a competent printer for ety in New York, for assistance so important a situation; and the to publish Tracts in Burman. means of successfully prosecuting They delayed their request till the design. The Board trust they about the time a printer should have been directed to one, whose go out. Those benevolent Socieheart the Lord has inclined to ties, however, being unofficially take this service upon himself. apprised of the design, gave earBeing made acquainted with the ly notice of their disposition to


encourage the undertaking. The ordinary work of instruction, for active Agent of the former has his anticipations were sanguine of proposed the formation of Socie- ultimate success. Considering ties, whose annual contributions their religious system as founded will be exclusively devoted to upon false principles of philosothis object; and has forwarded phy, he conceived, when this the amount received. On a re- should be demonstrated by the cent application to the latter So- light of science, they would abanciety, they generously resolved to don it. Although the Board might furnish the sum of three hundred not adopt the same opinion, they dollars. We cannot contemplate were certain that the extension of the liberality thus evinced by our knowledge was favorable to the insister institutions but with pleas- troduction of Christianity;and conure, as reflecting honor upon the sidering the character of those Dr spirit by which they are actuated. Price had under instruction-bis

Perhaps there is no country in connexion with government-its which the prospect is better, of intimate acquaintance with, and accomplishing much by the circu- tacit sanction of all proceedlation of Tracts, than in Burmah. ings, they thought it might be imNearly all the males can read; portant to keep up the Station. and if such manuals of Christian Accordingly, they gave instrucinstruction are necessary and de- tions to their Missionaries at Mausirable in this land abounding in lamying, to take the subject into all the means of light and im- special consideration, whether one provement, how much more ne- of them ought not to join Dr P. cessary in that, where the knowl. This suggestion could not have edge of the gospel has but just reached them, till after the removal dawned. If here they are instru- of Mr Boardman to Tavoy, when mental of reforming hundreds the diminution of their number who come not within the influ- would probably determine the ence of the ministry, so there, question. Since the hostile spirthey may be the means of calling it of certain Burmans to the conthe attention of multitudes, and verts at Maulamying, has been leading them to Christ, whom the eyinced, where they are under Missionaries never saw. In this restraint by the British, it is more view, it has been anxiously hoped, doubtful what would have been that the proposition originating the conduct of the Emperor, had in Utica to raise one thousand any subjects under his eye predollars for the object, might be sumed to change their religion. carried into effect.

While it was matter of specula

tion only, it excited little alarm; Ava.

but when it should become matRev. Jonathan D. Price, M. D. ter of practice, it might be otherwas the only Missionary at this wise. It will deserve the considplace.' At the date of our last eration of the Convention, what Report, his health was known to further efforts shall be attempted be impaired, and fears were en- at this place. tertained that he might not recov

Tavoy. He continued to decline, un- Rev. G. D. Boardman and Mrs der the influence of pulmonary Boardman. consumption, until February 14, The Board early informed their 1828, when he died. The partic- Missionaries, after their concenulars of this mournful event have tration at Amherst, that it would not yet been received. There is no probably increase their usefulness, doubt, while his strength would so soon as they had acquired the permit, he exerted himself in his language of the country, were JUNE, 1829.




they to separate into different vil- ing account, obtained from one of lages, at no very great distance their company. from each other. They took the “ More than ten years ago, a subject into consideration, and re- man in the habit of a religious solved to comply with the propo- ascetic, visited one of the Karen sition, as nearly as possible. They villages several times, and preachcould not establish themselves in ed to the people that they must the vicinity of each other, the abstain from certain meats, pracBritish settlement being new, tise certain ceremonies, and worwithout placing themselves again ship a book which he left with under Burman authority, which them. He also told them there was inexpedient, while important was true and living God. posts remained unoccupied, where About half the villagers (who they could have full protection. were perhaps thirty in all) beAccordingly, having deliberated lieved the teacher, and espousupon the comparative advantages ed his religion. When he had of these situations, they made gone,one of the company, more dechoice of Tavoy, and united in voted than the rest, became teachthe opinion that Mr Boardman er to his brethren; and although should remove to it.

he cannot read a word in the book Tavoy is an ancient Burman which they so much venerate, city, situated on the eastern side of and knows not even in what lana river of the same name, about guage it is written, he is their livthirty-five miles from its mouth. ing oracle, and the defender of It is south east from Martaban their faith." Mr B. observes about one hundred and fifty miles, that these men requested him to and contains a population of more go to their village, or allow one of than nine thousand inhabitants. the native Christians to go and At this place Mr and Mrs Board- explain to them the nature and man arrived on the 9th of April, precepts of the Christian religion. 1828. They took with them two He promised to go when the rainy native Christians, one of whom, season was past, and gave them a though received by the church, tract, which one of the company had not been baptized; and four could read. A second deputation of the lads who composed part of professed to admire all the sentihis male boarding school at Mau- ments of the tract, and that their lamying, the remainder being de- aged teacher wept when he heard tained by their parents. So soon it read. as Mr Boardman had procured a

While the above account exhibresidence for his family, he began its great credulity on the part of to receive visiters at his house, this people, it shows at the same and make known to them the time how much they need instrucgreat salvation, as well as his lim- tion, and that Mr B. has in his viited acquaintance with the lan- cinity whole villages of a people, guage would allow. Among the apparently prepared to receive earliest of those who called upon the word of the Lord. It may

be him, were a company of Karens, considered an auspicious circumwho reside in a village about three stance, that the unbaptized conday's journey from Tavoy. He vert who accompanied Mr Boarddescribes them as being a singu- man from Maulamying, is a Karen, lar people, devoid of any fixed and enters cordially into measures principles of religion, yet restless for their instruction. on the subject, and obviously anx- Mr Boardman soon ascertained ious to be taught. More fully to that to be useful to the inhabitants illustrate their character and con- of Tavoy, he must occupy a zaydition, he introduces the follow- at. This he procured in a favorable situation, and has already re- his righteous administration we oeived decided encouragement in bow in submission. How far this his work. Two men, one of them event will affect our missionary a Chinese, have given satisfactory operations at the place, cannot be evidence of true conversion, and, distinctly foreseen. Doubtless it together with the Karen, have will interrupt them for a time, as been baptized.

Mr Carey had the entire control Boys' Boarding School.

of money sent out for that pur

pose, and until his affairs are setThis School was commenced at tled, no disbursements can be Tavoy with four lads, and has al- made. It is already ascertained ready increased to nine. Mrs that the school at Grand Cape Boardman, who was most usefully Mount is temporarily suspended, and happily employed before her till further remittances can be removal, with Mrs Wade in the fe- made. It was with surprise at such male department, has here found a time, and under such circumit necessary, being alone, to aid stances, the Board learned that a her husband. The conversion of European Missionary had intrudthe Chinese, promises not only to ed himself upon their ground, and relieve her in this respect, but to sent home for the means of susopen the field to more extended taining himself in the position. labors. There is in this commu- They trust, however, as necessanity a class of children, the off- ry funds have been sent out, that spring of Chinese and Burmans the former instructer, Mr John by intermarriages, who speak Rovey, has, ere this, renewed his both languages, and form a con- labors. He is a pious and well necting link between the people informed young man, who has of those vast empires. The im- been eight years in the country, portance of giving to them a become intimately acquainted with Christian education, will easily be the manners of the people, and is conceived; and the prospect is therefore more likely to be acnow fair for introducing a portion ceptable and useful than a stranof them into the existing estab- ger. The ladies of Richmond lishment, or of organizing a sep- prepared and forwarded by the arate school. The Chinese is last ship, many suits of clothes for qualified to instruct either in his the children of the school. own or the English language, and The church at Monrovia has has already entered upon the ser- enjoyed a healthful state from its vice.

beginning, and embraces at the Monrovia, on the Western Coast of two ordained preachers, Messrs

present time, besides exhorters, Africa.

John Lewis and Colston M. WarIntelligence has been received ing. It has received additions by of the death of Rev. Lott Carey at baptism, and nearly every accesthis place—an event which cannot sion of colonists has brought to fail to make a deep impression on them fresh .strength. Not less all who knew him. His continu- than sixteen members of Baptist ance, to us, seemed most desirable, churches embarked in the late as he was eminently active and de- ship from Norfolk, several of voted, in promoting every measure whom are men of promise. for the temporal and everlasting

American Stations. well-being of the colonists and the natives of the country. But God, These are exclusively among who is “infinite in counsel and the Aborigines of this country, excellent in working," saw that and are highly important, though his purposes would be best accom- the measure of success attending plished by removing him, and to them hitherto, from the amount of

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