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One from each of those coun- Supplement to Boys' School. tries is already numbered among the disciples, and is heartily en- We are now enabled to say, gaged in persuading his fellows to that all our anticipations as just embrace the faith of the Gospel. expressed, are more than realized. What an advantage and privilege, The school is increased to 19, and to have thus the door of access further additions were daily exopened to the millions of these pected. It is taught by Moung people. More especially is it so, Shway Bwen and L Ke Cheang, in reference to China, for whose Burman and Chinese converts, spiritual improvement so little under the superintendence of Mr has yet been done, and for whom Boardman. Its establishment is so little could be done, from the an object of favor with all connumberless barriers that obstruct cerned. The Civil Commissioner the way. Their language is most for the Provinces has interested difficult; and when acquired, it is himself in it, and desired Mr Boardno less difficult to gain access to man to draw on him for 50 Madras the people. But at this point, a rupees a month, towards its supconnecting link exists, and what port, and many of the parents of could not be attempted with secu- the children, particularly the Chirity, within Chinese influence, nese, have requested that their may here be carried on with hope sons might be taught the princiof success. Instruction may be ples of the Christian religion. given to those who reside at, or Mrs Boardman is about commencvisit Tavoy, and by means of them ing a boarding school for girls, as tracts and portions of the Scrip- her heart is much set on the object tures may be conveyed to the of raising Burman females from heart of their country. Shall we their state of ignorance, to the lose this advantage ? or awake to knowledge of God and salvation; it in all its importance, and fur- but no details can now be given, nish the means necessary to its In view of these most encouragprosecution, and amidst ascending ing facts, every heart must glow supplications, offer special prayer with gratitude and animating confor this?

fidence of success.

Rev. WILLIAM STAUGHTON, D. D. President.

Vice Presidents.
Hon. Heman Lincoln, Treasurer.
Rev. Lucius BOLLES, D. D. Corresponding Secretary.

Rev. JAMES D. KNOWLES, Recording Secretary.
Rev. Wm. T. Brantly, Rev. Henry Jackson, Rev. G. F. Davis.
Rev. John L. Dagg, Rev. David Benedict, Rev. Charles Train,
Rev. S. H. Cone,

Rev. Adiel Sherwood, Rev. N. W. Williams,
Rev. Basil Manly, Thomas Stokes, Esq. Rev. David Jones,
Dea. William Crane, William Colgate, Esq. Rev. C. G. Sommers,
Rev. B. Jacobs,
Levi Farwell, Esq.

Rev. C. P. Grosvenor,
Rev. Elon Galusha, Hon. Thomas Stocks, Mr Ensign Lincoln,
Rev, Samuel Cornelius, Rev. Irah Chase, Rev. Thomas B. Ripley,
Rev. John Kerr, Rev. F. Wayland, jr. D.D. Rev. Alya Sabin,
Rev. Jonathan Going, Rev. Alfred Bennett,

Rev. Hubbell Loomis.
Ex Officio,

R. B. SEMPLE, D. Pres.
JUNE, 1829.


HOWARD Malcom, :Secony, } of the Convention.


Sansom-Street Baptist Meeting-House,

Philadelphia, April 29, 1829. The Convention met at 11 o'clock. The Committee on elections report

The former President and Secreta. ed, and were discharged. (See list of ry resumed their place, according to members.) the provisions of the Constitution.

A communication from the Managers After singing a hymn, the meeting of the American Sunday School Union, was opened with prayer by brother proffering the use of their rooms, where Maclay of New-York.

would be found the religious periodiThe delegates presented their res- cals, &c.; and at the same time invitpective credentials.

ing the members of the Convention to Resolved, That brethren Lincoln, view the various operations of their esWaterman, Manly, Cobb, and Farwell, tablishment, was read. be a committee to examine the cre

Resolved, That we gratefully accept dentials, and report who are entitled to

the kind offer of the American Sunday

School Union. seats.

Resolved, That an election for Pres- Resolved, That brethren Benedict, ident and Secretary be now made by Colgate, and Farwell, be appointed a ballot. Messrs Čone and Malcom Committee on the Treasurer's accounts. were requested by the Chairman to Adjourned to 9 o'clock, to-morrow. collect and count the votes. The Rev.

Prayer by Dr Sharp of Boston. R. B. Semple, D. D. was chosen President, and Rev. Howard Malcom, Sec.

Friday, 9 o'clock, A. M. Resolved, That the Convention ad

Prayer by brother Cornelius of Al

exandria. journ every day at 1 o'clock.

Resolved, That a conference meet- Minutes of yesterday were read. ing be held every evening, at half past The Committee on the Treasurer's seven o'clock, and that brethren Bolles, accounts reported them correctly kept, Jacobs, and Dagg, be requested to and sustained by suitable vouchers. make the necessary arrangements. Resolved, That the Report be acAdjourned.

cepted. Prayer by brother Chapin, of D. C. Resolved, That ministering brethren

present be invited to a seat with us in Afternoon, 3 o'clock.

deliberation. Convention met. Prayer by Dr

The following persons accepted the Staughton.

invitation, viz. The Corresponding Secretary, Dr Bolles, read at length the Report of the

Thomas Brown, Henry Smalley,

J. 0. Choules, Board, after which a letter was read

Robert Ryland, just received from brother Boardman, I. M'Coy,

R. W. Cushman, Joseph Shepherd, and other intelligence given.

Wm. Strawbridge, Several hymns were sung, and

John Rogers,

Peter Simondson, brethren Ballentine and Manly prayed. Charles Hopkins, Charles Moore,

J. C. Welch, J. M. Challiss, And it was resolved that a prayer J. S. C. F. Frey, J. H. Kennard, meeting be held in this place every John Hewson, Sam'l Huggens, morning, at 6 o'clock. The printed statement of receipts J. P. Peckworth, T. J. Kitts,

C. S. Hall,

John S. Jenkins, and payments, as required by the last Convention, was laid on the table for

William Moore, John Booth, distribution,

Samuel Smith, Joseph Matthias. Adjourned.

It being stated that the Board of

Trustees of Columbian College, D. C. Thursday, 9 o'clock. did not consider the vote of this conPrayer by brother Bolles of Salem, vention, at its last triennial meeting, in Mass.

relation to that institution as imperaThe Report of the Board was called tive, and have not for this and other up and accepted. Ordered, that it be reasons expressed by them, obtained printed with the accompanying docu- the patronage of any other Associaments, under the direction of the Board. tion of Baptists; and that those valua

A communication from the Trustees of ble brethren who for three years past Columbian College was received and have been activery and personally enread. Ordered, that it be laid on the table. gaged in sustaining the College, deem it of vital importance that the Conven- Resolved, That brethren J. L. Dagg, tion, at this moment, should make a Heman Lincoln, Noah Davis, David friendly expression of countenance to Jones, and Levi Farwell, be a Comthe College by furnishing a nomina- mittee on the Indian Missions. tion out of which Trustees for the next Resolved, That D. Benedict, J. D. three years may be elected: wherefore Knowles, Ć. G. Soinmers and Peter

Resolved, that the requested nomi. Ludlow, be a Committee on the Pubnátion of at least fifty persons, from lications of the Board. which number a new Board may be Resolved, That John Peck, E. Gaelected by the contributors, be granted. Tusha and N. R. Cobb, and W. Colgate,

Resolved, That the following persons be a Committee to consider and propose compose the list desired:

measures to increase the funds of this Robert B. Semple, D. C.

body. E. Reynolds,


Resolved, That J. D. Knowles, A. George Woods, do.

Sherwood, and Archibald Maclay, be John McLean, do.

a Committee to inquire respecting the Richard M. Johnson, do.

propriety and the means of enlarging Wilson Lumpkin,


the Missionary operations of the ConNathan Towson,


vention. M. St. Clair Clark, do.

Resolved, That brethren Cone, Joseph Gibson,


Manly, Sherwood, Brantly, and Crane, Charles K. Gardner, do.

be a Committee on the Burman MisJ. L. Skinner,


sion. Isaac Clarke,


Resolved, That brethren A. BenSamuel Cornelius, do.

nett, C. G. Sommers, D. Benedict, B. John L. Dagg,


Jacobs, A. Sabin, and J. C. Murphy, Jesse Mercer,


he a Committee on State Conventions. David Benedict, R. I.

A communication from the Hudson Wm. T. Brantly,


River Association was received, read, Elon Galusha,

N. Y.

and referred to the last Committee.* Eli Ball,


Invitations that the Convention be William W. Todd, N: Y.

held in Boston and in New York, were John B. Yates,

laid on

Daniel Corey,


Adjourned to 3 o'clock.
Nicholas Brown,

R. I.

Prayer by brother Train of Mass.
David Cooper,

A. W. Clopton,

3 o'clock, P. M. Thomas Stokes, N. Y.

John F. Wilson,

Prayer by brother Galusha.
Adiel Sherwood, Ga.

By vote of Convention, the entire
Basil Manly,

S. C.

Minutes of the Board for the last three Heman Lincoln, Mass.

years were read. Lucius Bolles,


Adjourned to 3 o'clock to-morrow. Daniel Sharp,


Sung 133d Psalın.
James D. Knowles, do.

Prayer by brother Going of Worcester.
Jonathan Going, do.
Spencer H. Cone, N. Y.

Saturday, 3 o'clock.
William Colgate, do.

Convention met-Prayer by brother Charles G. Sommers, do.

J. C. Murphy-Minutes of yesterday David Woodson, Va.

were read,
Peter Ludlow, S. C.

William Staughton,

* The following is the minute referred to above.

Resolved, that this Association view with pe

Va. William Crane,

culiar satisfaction, the progress of our denomina. John Kerr,


tion towards a state of happy and united co-ope. Robert Ryland,


ration, in the formation of State Conventions and Levi Farwell, Mass.

Local Associations, for the purpose of concentra

ting the energies of our already numerous churchNath. R. Cobb,


We feel impressed with the helief, that the John M. Berrien, D. C.

time has arrived, when we should have some reg. B. M. Saunders,


ularly constituted hond or centre of uniun, to

wards which, as a denominativo, we might look. Thomas Cooper, do.

We do therefore respectfully request the Baptist John Culpepper,

N. C. General Convention for Missionary purposes, to Platt Stout,


take into consideration, at its meeling in PhiladelJohn M. Peck, III.

phia, in April, 1629, the propriety of forming an

American Baptist Convention for General pur, Abner Blocker, Ala.

poses, to assemble triennially, in some central S. M. Noel,


part of the United States."


The Committee on STATE CONVEN- who were members of the last CoaTrons, reported in full, and were dis- vention, and of the Board of Managers, charged. See Appendix, [A.)

Resolved, That the Convention reResolved, That brethren H. Lin- member with mournful pleasure, the coln, N. Waterman, William Colgate, piety, zeal, and faithful services, as S. Chapin, and A. Sherwood, be a well as the private virtues, of their deCommittee to report a nomination for a parted brethren; that they cherish for new Board of Managers.

their memory, a strong sense of reResolved, That brethren Brantly, spect, and pray that God will be pleasDagg, and Staughton, be a Committee ed to sanctify their death to their famto apply to the proper authority, to de- ilies, to the churches with which they termine whether an alteration in the were connected, and to the Convention. style of the Convention, can with fa- Resolved, That brethren Williams, cility and safety be made, and in such Sharp, and Lincoln, be a Committee to case, that it be altered so as to be calle prepare rules for the government of ed “ The Baptist General Conven- this Convention, in the conduct of bu. tion," and that the first article of the siness, and report at this session. constitution be amended, to read as Resolved, That the thanks of this follows, viz. “ Article I. That this body Convention be tendered to the Rev. J. be styled The Baptist General Conven- D. Knowles, for the very satisfactory tion: and its aim shall be to promote manner in which he has executed the Foreign Missions, and other important important service of preparing a Meobjects relating to the Redeemer's moir of the late lamented Mrs Jud. kingdom.”

son; and that this body entertain a Resolved, That the thanks of this grateful sense of his liberality in the Convention be presented to the Rev. gratuitous tender of this valuable book Dr Sharp, for his interesting ser- for the benefit of the cause of Mismon at the opening of the Session, and sions. that a copy be requested for the press. Adjourned. Dr Bolles and Mr Knowles were ap

Prayer by brother Sabin of Vt. pointed to communicate this resolution. Resolved, That Wednesday evening

3 o'clock-Afternoon. next be set apart for special prayer in Prayer by brother Peck of N. Y. reference to the sailing of Mr Cephas

The Committee to prepare rules, &c. Bennet, and wife, and that a collection requested time to report at the opening be made on that occasion. [Mr Ben- of the next session, which was granted. net goes out as printer to the Mission,

The Committee on INDIAN Misand carries the cast-iron press lately sions reported, and were discharged. purchased by the Board, together with

See Appendix, (D.) a quantity of paper. The

types have

Resolved, That brethren Bolles and been cast at Calcutta.]

Lincoln, be a Committee to wait on Prayer by brother Jacobs, of Cam- the Secretary of War, and other pubbridge, Mass.

lic officers, to put them in possession Adjourned.

of the views of the Convention in reference to Indian reform.

The Committee on RELIGIOUS Monday, May 4th, 9 o'clock.

PUBLICATIONS reported, and were Prayer by brother Taylor of Rich- discharged. mond.

See Appendix (E.) The Committee on the BURMAN M18- MEANS reported, and were discharged.

The Committee on WAYS AND SION reported, and were discharged. See Appendix, (B.)

See Appendix (F.) The Committee on ENLARGING O'clock, a season of devotion be observ.

Resolved, That to-morrow at three THE OPERATIONS OF THE CONVEN• ed in reference to the important objects TION reported, and were discharged. of this Convention.

See Appendix, (C.)
Resolved, That brethren Cornelius, next Board of Managers. See page 201.

Resolved, That we now elect the Sherwood, Crane, Going and Maylin, be a Committee on the African Mission.

Adjourned. Whereas it has pleased God to re- Prayer by brother Sherwood of Ga. move from his church on earth since the last session of the Convention, our

May 5, Tuesday. brethren STEPHEN GANO, WILLIAM Brother Webb, of New Brunswick, GAMMELL, and ABNER FORBES, prayed.

The Committee on the ATRICAN lishment, and vigorous prosecution Mission made a report, which was in all our churches and congregations. accepted.

Resolved, That as the Missionary See Appendix, (G.)

operations of this Convention do so Resolved, that this Convention deeply affect the glory of God, we view with deep concern the deplorable recommend to the Churches representdestitution of ministerial labor which ed in this Convention to observe the exists in many parts of our country. first Monday in the three following They know that very many of our

years, as a day of fasting and prayer, own churches have no settled pastor, that God would crown with abundant and seldom enjoy even the preaching success, their efforts to spread the of the word. Feeling an unspeakable blessings of the Redeemer's kingdom. anxiety to see “the knowledge of the

Resolved, That in view of the imLord,” cover the earth, they cannot portance of the Missionary enterprise, but take a profound interest in all and with a firm belief that the blessmeasures calculated to bring forwardings of God alone can secure the sucsuitable young men for the ministry. cess which we desire; and from a They therefore would urge upon their conviction that the prayers of the de. brethren throughout the country, to nomination have been mercifully anpray with constancy and fervor, that swered in the late signal outpourings the Lord would send forth more labor of the Holy Spirit, upon our Mission to ers into the harvest of souls ; and that Burmah; therefore it is recommendwhen youth are found, evidently call-ed, not merely to every member of ed of God to this work, they may re

this Convention, but to every member ceive every requisite aid in obtaining of the Baptist churches throughout such education, as may make them the United States, to spend an half "mighty in the Scriptures.”

hour every Sabbath morning, as soon

after the rising of the sun as may be Resolved, That this Convention re- convenient, to implore the continued joice in the blessing of God, bestowed outpouring of the Spirit of God upon upon the labors of the Baptist Gen- the Missionary stations connected with ERAL TRACT SOCIETY; that it views this body, upon our beloved country, with special interest their efforts for and the world. the publication of Tracts in Burmah, and other foreign countries, and recom

Resolved, That a printed statement mend the Society to the patronage of lar to that presented at the opening of

of the receipts and expenditures, simiall the churches.

this session, be furnished by the Board Resolved, That the thanks of the at each future meeting of this Con. Convention be presented to the vention. ADERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, for Resolucd, That the next Conventhe donation of $1200 to assist in the tion be held with the Oliver street publication of the Sacred Scriptures church, in the city of New York. in Burmah.

Resolved, That the Rev. W. B. Resolved, That the thanks of this Johnson, of S. C. be appointed to Convention be presented to the BIBLE preach the Sermon at the opening SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA, for the of the next Convention. In case of donation of $100 to assist in printing his failure, Rev. Dr. Chapin of D. C. the Scriptures in the Burman language. Resolved, That the printing and dis

Resolved, That the thanks of this tribution of the Minutes be committed Convention be presented to the AMER

to the Board of Managers. ICAN-Tract Society, for its dona- Adjourned. tion of $300 toward printing Burman Prayer by brother Maylin of PennTracts, and also 25,000 pages of Tracts sylvania. for the Liberia Mission.

Afternoon—3 o'clock. Resolved, That the valuable and

The time was spent in prayer, gratuitous services of the Honorable singing, and exhortation. Eight or Heman Lincoln, as Treasurer of ten brethren took part in the exercises, this Convention, entitle him to the af- which were of a peculiarly solemn and fection and sincere esteem of this body. affectionate character. Resolved, That this Convention view

The Minutes having been carefully with lively interest, the increasing at- read, corrected, and approved, the tention paid by the religious public

Convention adjourned. to Sabbath Schools and Bible Classes,

ROBERT B. SEMPLE, President. and earnestly recommend their estab- HOWARD MALCOM, Secretary.'

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