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BAPTIST BOARD OF FOREIGN life to our own souls affected in som MISSIONS.

imperfect manner by the condition of

millions of our fellow men, who are BURMAH.

perishing in moral darkness; and feeThe faith and patience of the saints bly conscious of the high claim of the are often put to severe trials, before ulti- God of our salvation to all we possess ; mate success attends their efforts. This

two persons engage to unite with is calculated to lead them more partic- eighteen others who may wish to partiularly to notice the Divine hand,

when cipate in the pleasure of making up the extended for their relief. Dark clouds

sum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, for have long been suspended over the publishing the New Testament of Mission to Burmah. Obstructions in

our LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the Burvaried forms have been presented to the

man language. Missionaries; death has diminished

Those who may be disposed to give

the sum their ranks, and desolating wars have in ninety days from the first of January

of Fifty Dollars, payable withinterrupted the efforts of survivors. But more gratifying prospects are now

next, for the above purpose, as a small opening before them, and hopes of a of gratitude to Him who crowreth the

token of love to perishing sinners, and richer harvest may be cherished. The last intelligence from the seat of the year with his goodness, are respectfulMission exhibited them uninterrupted-ly requested to give information of the ly pursuing their labors, instructing ton, Treasurer of the General Conven

same to Dea. Heman Lincoln, of Bosin schools, conversing with the natives, tion of the Baptist Denomination in the and preaching the Gospel. It is hoped United States for Foreign Missions. the time is not far distant, when the powerful instrument for diffusing

[Ch. Watchman. knowledge, the press, will be forwarded, and put in successful operation on the Mission premises. The indica

INDIAN STATIONS. tions of Divine Providence should be carefully noted, as one means of ascertaining the path of duty; and Mr. Compere, Missionary at the we view with peculiar interest the Withington Station, has forwarded his almost simultaneous proposals, in dif- Journal, detailing events from March ferent sections of the country, for 3, to November 3, 1828. The Indians raising funds for printing the Scriptures in the neighborhood have manifested in the Burman language, as they evince a determined opposition to the efforts a preparedness in the public mind for making for introducing the gospel and effecting the object. Every friend to education among them. By exhibiting the circulation of the Scriptures was a persecuting spirit, and inflicting pleased with the Generous Donation, severe punishment on some who atnoticed in the Magazine for December, tended meeting, many have been intaken from the N.York Baptist Register, timidated, and no longer assemble. for printing the Scriptures in Burmese. Mr. Compere's requisition for religious The attention of our readers is now so- toleration has not been granted by the licited to the following proposal, which Indians, and the prospects for his useissued nearly at the same time from fulness at the Station do not present an another part of the Union,

encouraging aspect. The condition of

these poor wanderers calls for the New Year's Gift to the Heathen. prayers of the disciples of Christ, that

an effectual door may be opened for Appreciating in some small degree introducing civilization and the blessthe value of that Word of eternal ings of Christianity; without which, Truth, which we humbly hope, has by their numbers will continue to diminthe power of God, imparted a spiritualish, and their miseries to increase.



Coe in particular seems much devoted

to Indian reform. But they expect to The Baptist Board of Foreign Mis- leave here by the first vessel that sions have commenced a new Indian comes to the place. mission station at the Soult de St. Marie, 15. This evening, had my first inbetween Lake Superior and Lake Hu- terview with an Ojibway Indian, one ron, with very encouraging prospects, of the minor chiefs, and as I was inand appointed Mr. Abel Bingham to formed by the Agent, a pipe bearer to occupy the field. By his Journal, just the principal chief. I informed him, received by the Secretary, we learn that in compliance with the arrangethat he has entered on his duties, by ments made in the treaty at Fon du establishing a school, and preaching lack, I had come to establish a school, the gospel to the Indians. His Journal for the instruction of their children, presents this pleasing indication of the and to preach the gospel of the Lord progress of the gospel, that on board the Jesus to them. He said he was very two vessels in which he sailed on the glad I had come, for he had three chillakes, the commanders welcomed the dren he wished to send to the school. religious services of the Sabbath," by 19, Lord's day. Preached at eleven assembling the seamen in the cabin, o'clock to the citizens, in my school and listening to the gospel dispensed room. At 3, P. M. had a collection of by Mr. Bingham. It is a source of joy Indians in the same room, about thirty to the church, that the large and in- in number. Our services were as folteresting class of our fellowmen, who lows: after prayer by the Rev. Mr. Coe, go down to the sca in ships and do we sung an hymn, composed by Miss business in great waters,” have of late Charlotte Johnson, (in Ojibway,) who years been so materially benefitted by was my interpreter at this time, then religious instruction. It is hoped the I addressed them, and briefly noticed time is hastening, when every vessel, the creation of the world, the creation as she crosses the deep, will present an and fall of man, remarked that notwithassembly, paying reverence to the Sab- standing we were of different complex, bath, and enjoying the scenes of reli- ions, and spake different languages, the gious worship

first pair were the common parents of From Bingham's Journal, we us all; that, as we sprang from them present the following extracts:

after they became sinners, consequentOct. 7, 1828. At half past 8 in the ly, we were all sinners; endeavored evening, anchored at the Soult de St. to show them what the wages of sin Marie. Never felt myself under great were, &c. Appealed to their coner obligation, and very seldom esteem- sciences and experiences, to prove my ed it a greater privilege to bless and doctrine; brought a Saviour to view, praise God for his goodness to me, than spoke of his holy life, his sufferings and at this time. As we had prayers reg- death, his resurrection, and the hope ularly on board the vessel when I was of salvation through faith in his name. able to attend to it, on our arrival the And closed with a short exhortation to captain called all hands into the cabin them, to give themselves away to him, for worship; I was directed to the six- soul and body, &c. Had the happiness ty-sixth Psalm. It seemed that we all of seeing them listen with attention. felt a peculiar pleasure in offering a 26, Monday. This day opened the tribute of praise to God. After prayer, school, had twenty-seven scholars, I read the 'sailor's address, a hymn nine of whom I put immediately to which I had written, (Ye sons of the writing on slates. They behaved remain, &c.) On learning that the cap- markably well. O may these small tain was pleaseil with it, I presented it beginnings, be to these poor Indians, to him, together with some tracts, as the first openinge of the morning to which he received with pleasure. the benighted traveller.

10. Soult de St. Marie. Early this Tuesday, 21st. To-day had fifty morning went on shore--called on Mr. scholars.-22d, had fifty-seven seholars Schoolcraft, U. S. Agent, by whom I –23d, fifty-—24th, forty-five-25th, forwas kindly received. I went in com- ty-three. pany with Mr. Schoolcraft to visit the I would here remark, that I am betRev. Mr. Coe, a Presbyterian brother, ter suited with the place than I expectwho has been laboring here for more ed to be, and feel that I have entered than a year, under many disadvantages, on my work again; and in it I take who, together with his lady, appears ex- comfort, and hope I enjoy some tokens tremely anxious to build up Zion, Br. of the divine presence.



FOREIGN good and perfect gift, to whom be glory

in the church, throughout all ages,

world without end. Amen." Our readers in general will have Neither the Prudential Committee learnt from the public journals, that nor the Missionaries, consider the Misthe American Mission at Beyroot, in sion to Syria abandoned, but only susSyria, is suspended for the present, Mr. pended, till circumstances shall permit Bird, and all the Mission Company, the residence of Protestant missionaries twenty-one in number, having remove in that country. ed to Malta. The reasons for their removal are stated in the Missionary

At the annual meeting of the Amer: Herald for November, and principally ican Board of Missions, in October last, relate to the unsettled and hazardous it was resolved, that it is the duty of state of the country in consequence of the Board to provide for the support of the war.

The station has been occu- superanuated and infirm missionaries pied four years and a half.

and their families; and that a fund be Mr. Bird observes, that at the time instituted for the object, to be composed they first landed at Beyroot, they had of legacies and donations given to that no intention of tarrying, Jerusalem be- specific object. ing the place of their destination ; but The Prudential Committee have ap

every succeeding year has brought pointed Mr. Anderson, one of their Aswith it evidence to strengthen the im- sistant Secretaries, on a special mission pression that our remaining here was a

to the Mediterranean, to confer with well advised measure, for we have not the missionaries, and obtain information yet seen reason to believe that, in any of the most judicious measures to be other place south of Constantinople, pursued for the spread of the Gospel, there has been so much eagerness to inquire after truth, united with so A letter from Mr. Bishop, a Mismuch safety in declaring it. The sionary at the Sandwich Islands, states American mission to Syria has now that the death of his wife, Feb. 21, ceased; for how long, Heaven only had been blessed in exciting a pleasing knows. At this pause in the work, attention to religion. The natives had every one interested at all in the inis- beheld her peaceful death; her prayers sion will also pause, and endeavor to and exhortations were solemnly rerecal some little sketch of its history, membered, and the inquiry became and will ask, What good has it done? general, “What shall we do to be savA brief reply to this question is, that ed?" In April the number of inquirers it has increased our familiarity with is stated to have been two hundred, one of the most interesting portions of

Mr. Chamberlain, at Honoruru, the globe. It has contributed to prove March 12, also states, that very gratithe practicability of Protestant missions in Turkey. It has brought to light Sandwich isles. The chiefs are active,

fying prospects are presented at the some important traits of Mohammedism and of Popery in their modern and use their influence in favor of restate. But above all, and what is The Sabbath School, which Mr. Cham

ligious knowledge and improvement. worth more than all the money and berlain instructs, contains from one all the labors that ever missionaries hundred and fifty to two hundred or missionary patrons expended, it has

scholars. evidently saved immortal souls from ruin. These souls, however, though of immeasurable value, are few :-few compared with the multitudes brought REVIVALS OF RELIGION. to Christ at other stations; few compared with the multitudes that still re- The western world has attracted main in ignorance and sin; few com- attention by the grandeur of its natpared with what they might have been, ural exhibitions, its lofty mountains had we but uniformly prayed and la- and majestic rivers; it has also inbored with the zeal that became our vited observation by the freedom holy office. The highest name to which and equality secured by its civil instituwe can aspire in this work, is, that of tions. But not less is it to be regarded “ unprofitable servants.” We have in a religious view, as exhibiting the planted and watered, but the increase illustrious displays of divine grace is of Him, from whom cometh every in the conversion of sinners. In the . Jan. 1829.


United States, it has pleased the Lord, subsided. Shortly after the commence. from year to year, to grant seasons of ment of the work, seventeen persons refreshing from his presence, by the followed their Lord and Master in the effusion of the Holy Spirit, and to ordinance of baptism. This number, bring multitudes to a happy experience together with six or seven members of of the truth. As Barnabas, when he the Baptist church in Jay, whose lot saw the grace of God, was glad; so God had cast in this wilderness, were many, who from distant lands have constituted a church on the 30th of visited the American churches, during September. The ordination of brother the seasons of religious revival, have Story, in Plattsburgh, was attended joyfully borne the intelligence to other Oct. 1. The Sabbath school, together parts of the world: and thus the joy with the labors of brother Story, have which revivals diffuse in heaven, has been the principal means of promoting been widely diffused on earth. By the revival. While I was with them the following extract from the London last Lord's day, I was happy to learn Evangelical Magazine, it appears that that the Sabbath school is still continuthe subject is awakening an interested with much interest. It may truly in England. The extraordinary ac

be said of the town of Saranac, both in counts of the revivals of religion in a literal and spiritual sense, “the wilmany parts of the United States, de derness has budded and blossomed like mand the serious attention of all the the rose, and springs of water have friends of the Lord Jesus. We have broken out in the desert.” This church, nothing in Great Britain answering to being the first constituted in the town, them. We could wish that a deputa- looks like a little flock in the wildertion of ministers and laymen could be ness, without a shepherd. They truly sent to America, to make an actual ex- need the guardian care of the great amination of the state of religion in Head of the church. that country. Perhaps the great rea- On my return, I learned that the son why revivals are not enjoyed Lord is beginning a good work in among us, is because they are not Plattsburgh. Four were added to the sought after.'

church by baptism last Sabbath, and These gracious visitations in our others are inquiring what they shall do land have excited desires for similar to be saved. And at Keeseville, also, blessings in England, as it is stated that the prospect is flattering that the Lord the Cumberland Association have set is about to visit the people with a show. apart an hour of every Monday even- er of divine grace. Four or five miles ing for special prayer for the outpour- from the village, twelve or thirteen ing of the Holy Spirit; and the minis- were baptized by the Methodists a few ters of the eastern district of London, Sabbaths since, and the work is still appointed the 9th of July last, for the progressing. May the Lord continue samne object.

his gracious work, until all these reThe iwo or three past years have gions are watered with the dew of been peculiarly distinguished by the heaven. pleasing intelligence which has bcen I have lately had pleasing intelliannounced from almost every section gence of the good fruits of the late reof our land. It has been stated, that vivals of religion in the county of St. in Georgia alone, eight thousand per. Lawrence. Great additions have been sons have been baptized and added to made to nearly or quite all the Baptist the Baptist Churches; and the Ken- churches in that county, and with a tucky Baptist Recorder estimates, that few exceptions, they appear to be walkmore than eleven thousand have been ing in obedience to their Divine Lord baptized and added to the Churches and Master, “standing fast in the libin Kentucky.

berty wherewith he has made them In the present Number, we can free.” present only the following statements : I gave you some account of the comRev. Mr. Mott, of Keene, under date

mencement of the revival in this town of Dec. 4, 1828, writes us thus :

in 1827. Since that time, I have bap

tized twenty-two, and there are five or I have just returned from a visit to six others, who have not yet obtained the town of Saranac, and am happy sufficient confidence to follow their to inform you that it is a precious sea- Lord and Master. son with the people in that place. The The wonderful display which God good work of God which begun some is making in our day of his power and time last summer, I hope is not yet grace, appear to be pleasing indications


of the speedy approach of Zion's King which I proposed to mention is, that of to destroy the man of sin, and establish a semi-weekly prayer and conference his own kingdom.

meeting on board of a whale ship, both Pray for me, that the Lord may give in port and at sea. me wisdom to instruct the lambs of the Such a meeting was established on flock. EBENEZER MOTT. board the ship Enterprise, about six

months ago, on the indication of special Mr. M. Warder, Russellville, gives The Lord was pleased, as we have

seriousness in two or three individuals. the following pleasing intelligence to the Editor of the Kentucky Baptist with the influences of his Spirit, and

good reason to believe, to visit them Recorder: Oct. 8, 1828, I have just returned from the Bethel Association.

a large portion of the crew had a new It was the most interesting season I song put into their mouths.' ever witnessed.

It was affecting to behold the youth of twelve years of age, up to the man whose locks are white, bowing prostrate on the earth, It gives us great pleasure to state, while the cry was hea Lord, save, that memorials are in circulation in or we perish. Fifty-seven persons some of our cities, and arrangements have been baptized and united to the are making in others, to petition Conchurch at Little West Forke. We have gress to discontinue the transportation also a refreshing work in a part of this of the Mail, and the opening of Post county. Perhaps twenty or thirty Offices on the Lord's day. Few inhave found Christ precious to their conveniences can result from disconsouls, and have joined the church.' tinuing the practice, and many advan

The Kentucky Baptist Recorder, tages may be secured. Great numbers Nov. 17, states, that a visit from breth- who are now prevented from a due ren S. M. Noel, and J. Vardeman, had observance of the day, might then been blessed with the happiest effects mingle in the services of the sanctuary: in a revival of religion in Broomfield, The multitude of stage drivers would Kentucky. During their stay, one suspend their labors ; post-masters hundred and twenty-three were added would be excused from attending their to the Baptist Church on a profession offices; public houses might enjoy of faith, and submission to the ordinance more stillness; and in many other reof baptism. In several places also in spects the elevated, delightful, and the neighborhood, a number were appropriate services of the Christian baptized, making in the whole one hun- Sabbath would be more extensively dred and seventy. It is also stated, enjoyed. The subject cannot fail deepthat since the middle of Oct. about ly to interest the professed disciples of eighty have been baptized and added Christ, as individual happiness and the to the church at New Castle, Henry welfare of the nation are indissolubly Co.' Ken. and pleasing seasons are en- connected with obedience to the divine joyed in various other places.

command. We trust a very general ex A letter from Cincinnati, to the edi- pression of the public mind, will be calltor of the N. Y. Baptist Register, states, ed forth in favor of the memorial. that one hundred and sixty-five were added to the Baptist Church in that city, during the revival the last sum:

CHARLESTON BAPTIST ASSOCIARev. Peter Latimer, Brookfield, N. Y. states, that several churches have FROM the Minutes of the Charleston been visited with revivals since Janu- Baptist Association, we learn that this ary last, and that he has baptized seven- ancient and respectable body held its ty, who have united with the church seventy-eighth anniversary at the Bethin that place.

el church, Sumter District, S. C. Nov. 1, 1828. During the past year, seasons of refreshing have been granted to the

churches, and seven hundred and twen: Extract of a Letter from H. Bingham, to one ty-six have been added by baptism. of the Editors of the New York Observer.

Efforts for promoting education, for ad• My dear Brother,

vancing the interests of missions, and From the isles of the sea, I am again for the circulation of religious tracts, permitted to address you. The fact are prominent items in their proceedo




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