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who stood around weeping. Nor was THE GEORGIA ASSOCIATION, this merely the movements of the Held its last session at Shilow, passions. Myself and others went Green Co. from Oct. 11th, to 13th, amongst the convicted persons, talked 1828. The introductory discourse was specially with them, and found thein delivered by E. Calloway. A season deeply impressed with a consciousness was occupied in rendering

thanksgiving of sin and guilt. As near as I could to God for his grace and Spirit poured judge, about forty persons were pricked out on many of the churches, and offerin the heart. The following Sabbath, ing prayers that he would revive those I again visited the settlement, and that have not been so signally blest. found the work had increased. Not As the Lord has graciously visited the less than fifty persons at this time, pre- churches, and called into them many sented themselves to be prayed for; young men, it was resolved to urge some souls had been set at liberty. upon the churches the importance of It may now be said that all the churches fostering promising gifts, and of enin the Missouri Association, are under couraging their exercise in those who a reviving influence--for this work possess them.

The Association comis spreading through the three other prises forty-two churches, and there churches-St. Louis, Bonhomme, and

were added to them by baptism the a new church called Good Hope.

last year 1761. The encouragement At Rock Spring there is considera- presented for efforts in the cause of ble religious excitement, especially Missions, of Education, Bible and Tract amongst the students.

Societies, and itinerant labours, is grateAs a travelling missionary, I have fully noticed in the Corresponding Letbeen employed, since July 1st, sixty- ter, as the Lord has poured out his rich seven days at those points where it ap blessing on the churches, while they peared that most could be done for the have been endeavoring to advance general cause; and, so far as I can

these interesting objects. judge from the prospects of a reviving influence, with better success than at any former period of the same amount


I remain, as ever, yours in the best
of bonds,
J. M. PECK. We have received the Report of the

Fourth Anniversary of this Convention,
held at Worcester, Oct. 29th, and 30th,
1828. It is a valuable document, and
comprises much interesting informa-

tion. The table of Associations exhib-
From statements in the African Re- its the whole number of Baptist
pository for November, a periodical churches in Massachusetts, consisting
published at the city of Washington, of 165, which comprise 15,284 com-
we learn that the owners of more than municants. Eight new places of wor-
two hundred slaves have declared their ship have been erected the past year.
readiness to liberate them, as soon as There are 134 ordained ministers, and
means can be provided for their remov 18 licenciates. Forty-nine of the
al' to Liberia." The Society have not churches are destitute of pastors; but
funds for their transportation, and their many of them are small, and unable
bondage must therefore be protracted to support a stated ministry. It was,
It may not be known to all our readers, however, solemnly, and unanimously
that numerous difficulties obstruct the "Resolved, That the time has arrived,
manumission of slaves, when kind and when it has become the duty of this
benevolent masters may be desirous Convention to supply all the destitute
of granting their freedom; but these Baptist Churches, and to afford necessa-
difficulties are removed by conveying ry aid to all such as are feeble, through-
the slaves to Africa. The Repository out the Commonwealth. During the
makes an appeal to the benevolence of past year, the Convention has employ:
the Northern States, to furnish means ed several missionaries, and furnished
for their transportation. A slaveholder pecuniary assistance to a number of
is estimated to relinquish two hundred small churches.
dollars by each one whose freedom is The Report on the state of religion,
given, while the contributions required presents various encouraging state-
to convey him to Africa, is only from ments in relation to the establishment
twenty-five to thirty dollars.

of Sabbath schools, and Bible classes,




the enjoyment of revivals, and the ef- the 26th day, of February next. This forts made for missions and education, prayer-meeting will be held in the and closes with the following pleasing Third Baptist Meeting-house, to comtestimony: We rejoice that every mence at seven o'clock in the evening. where we have found harmony and At a late meeting of the Trustees of union. From no part of the Associations the Massachusetts Baptist Education composing this Convention, do we hear Society, it was resolved, that it be reca discordant note. We pray that this ommended to the Beneficiaries of this spirit may reign forever. it is matter Society, that they devote the last of great joy, that the churches are Thursday in February next to prayer better regulated, the ministers better for the revival of the work of God in supported, new meeting-houses, and seminaries of learning, Academies, better, are every year going up, more Colleges and Theological Institutions. is doing for Sabbath schools, missions, If all our pious young men, who are &c. revivals are multiplied, and God is pursuing study, with reference to the more honored—and what friends of our work of the gospel ministry, should be Lord will not rejoice ?'

disposed to set apart that day to the The Report on education gratefully purpose which has been named, and if notices the favorable prospects of the all the churches of the Baptist DenomBaptist Seminaries already established, ination throughout this country should but urges an increase of academies; meet in their several places of worship and states that an institution of this on the evening of that day for the same character is in contemplation in the purpose, we may hope that so interestcentre of the State, to be located in the ing a concert will be crowned with anvicinity of Worcester.

swers of peace and salvation. We The Address of the Convention to would not defer this duty of prayer the churches, presents a lucid view of until that day, neither relinquish it afthe benevolent objects of the Conven- terwards, nor limit our petitions to a tion, particularly that of providing for single object; but we are of opinion, every church the stated ministry of that the proposed concert is greatly dethe word; exhibits many encourage- sirable, and that it will contribute to inments for effort, and urges activity crease the flame of devotional piety on and perseverance by the most tender, other days and other subjects—while elevating, and convincing arguments. one injunction of the Lord Jesus will

be more fully observed; viz. Pray (For the American Baptist Magazine.)

ye the Lord of the harvest that he will

send forth laborers into his harvest.PRAYER FOR INSTITUTIONS OF Boston, Jan. 7, 1829.

G. LEARNING. The duty of prayer for the teachers

ORDINATION. and students in all cur seminaries of On the 21st of December, SAMUEL learning, is too obvious to require an Burch was ordained to the ministry argument. Every Christian needs only in the Baptist Church at Great Crossto be acquainted with the moral state ings, Scott Co. Ky. He is a Choctaw of the world, and meditate on it a brief Indian, and for the last two years he season, to discover and feel the most has been a student of the Indian Acadepowerful motives to pray for all men' my, at Blue Spring: More than By suggesting the duty of praying for twenty of the Indian scholars have reseminaries of learning, that He, with cently been baptized. Before they whom is the residue of the Spirit, may return to their nation, they are to be be pleased to grant his gracious influ- constituted into a church, when it is ences on literary men, we would not presumed, they will invite him to the be thought indifferent to any class of pastoral office. the community; but only desirous of On Saturday, the 20th, a presbytery engaging the hearts of Christians in consisting of five lay members, and fervent supplication, in behalf of that six ministers, viz. Messrs. John Tayclass of men to whom the world is to lor, Joseph Taylor, Henderson, Johnlook for a large majority of its religious ston, Dillard, and Noel, was raised by teachers.

order of the church, to inquire into his At a late meeting of the Ministers qualifications. It was organized by of the Baptist Denomination in Boston, calling Elder S. M. Noel to the chair; it was agreed to invite their churches and the candidate was informed by the to unite in this solemn and important interpreter that the council were ready service, on the last Thursday, being to enter upon his examination. He

rose, and in a dignified and solemn went down into the city of Samaria, manner, addressed them at considerable and preached Christ unto them. The length, in his native tongue-(occasion. candidate and his brethren were then ally giving place to the interpreter.) addressed by the Moderator; and the The examination into his views of the ordination prayer was oftered, with the Christian religion then proceeded; and laying on of the hands of the presbyit was deeply interesting. It conclud- tery. After which, the hand of fellowed to entire satisfaction. And here a ship was given by all who could apvery inelting scene ensued, when the proach him. In the assembly, and council rose, and gave the token of peculiarly impressed by these services, fellowship, the room resounding with was seen a worthy sister-the widow the hymn,

of the late gallant Colonel - slain * Am I a soldier of the cross,

by the Indians at Tippecanoe. And

the sight could not fail to awaken some We leave our readers to imagine the most affecting reflections on the power state of feeling.

of the gospel. On Lord's day, at 10 o'clock, the or The same day, another young Chocdination sermon was delivered to a taw, about twenty years of age, was crowded assembly, by the Rev. Mr put on trial, as a candidate for the Dillard, from Acts viii. 5, Then Philip ministry.

[Bap. Rec.

A follower of the Lamb?"

INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE BURMAN MISSION. We stop the press, and omit several articles in ing, and the excitement in favour of

type for the present Number, to give place to religion is evidently increasing. some of the communications just received by the Corresponding Secretary from the Mission Moung San-loon, the most hopeful in. aries in the Burman Empire. They announce quirer, has gone to Rangoon, and will the decease of Dr Price, at Ava, of a pulmona- be absent several days. ry disorder, which former letters had given us reason to anticipate. Dr Price had been great,

March 20. Since the last date, all ly encouraged with the prospects at the capital the inquirers mentioned then, and on of the Empire; but he who fixes the period the 17th preceding, have been advancfrom further efforts on earth. The reflection ing slowly. Some or other of them that Jehovah is too wise to err is happily adapt- attend the zayat every day. Moung ed to produce reconciliation to his dispensa- Shway-pan and Ko-manpoke must also tions, even when enveloped in darkness.' The

be added to the list. The latter, an elencouraging prospects at the present seat of the mission, and the conversion of a number of the derly man of some respectability, apnatives, announced in the following articles, will pears to be really attached to the truth, be highly gratifying to the friends of truth.

but is yet very timid in his professions. Further communications will be published next moath.

Mah Men is treated harshly by her DR JUDSON'S JOURNAL.

husband, and seldom dares to come

néar us. Moung San-loon, on his reAddressed to the Corresponding Secretary. turn from Rangoon, was 'accompanied

Jan. 25, 1828. For several days by his father-in-law, Oo Pai by name, past, the attendance at the Koung- a very active, intelligent old man, zay-kyoon zayat has varied from ten who drank in the truth with singular to twenty through the day. Moung avidity. On his return to Rangoon he Myat-kyau, brother of the chief of the took an affectionate leave of me, promdistrict, has been gradually advancing ising to remove his family hither, if at in religious knowledge and decision of all practicable. We hear that our old character, until I begin to indulge a friend Moung Thwa-a, is now in Ranhope, that he is a subject of divine goon; and that there are several of grace. Mah Men, an old acquaint- the old inquirers who listen to his inance of Mah Mee of Rangoon, came structions. to the zayat a few days ago, and listen But my particular object in taking ed with such eagerness and approba- up my pen this morning, was to men. tion, as inclined me to think, that she tion the case of Moung Shway-pwen, had obtained some love to the truth, a bright young man of twenty, who before she removed to this place. Her professes to have received the truth, husband is a decided opposer. The about fourteen years ago.

On first opposition throughout the district, and hearing the Gospel at the zayat, it the whole place is becoming more sunk into his heart; but as he lived at open. At the same time, the number some distance, we saw him occasionof listeners and inquirers is multiply. ally only. A few days ago, he re

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moved hither, and took up his abode once in the Annals of the Rangoon
with Moung Ing, that he might devote Mission, a man of the first distinction
himself entirely to the attainment of in point of talents, erudition, general
the one thing needful. His experi- information and extensive influence.
ence has been uncommonly clear, and His progress has been so slow, that I
rapid ; and having outstripped all the have not mentioned him before ; but
older inquirers, he this morning, fol- he has attended me ever since the zay-
lowed his Lord into the watery grave, at was opened, his house being on the

23. Lord's-day. After the fore- opposite side of the street. He was
noon worship, Moung, Myat-kyau, an intimate friend of Moung Shway-
Moung San-loon and Moung En, re- gnong, and has apparently been going
quested baptism; and after the Lord's through a process similar to what my
Supper in the evening, they were ex dear brother, now, I trust, in heaven,
amined before the church and approved. experienced. He has relinquished

29. Brother and sister Boardman Boodhism, and got through with Deism
left us for Tavoy,* with the cordial ap- and Unitarianism, and now appears to
probation of all the members of the mis- be near the truth. Many a time,
sion, accompanied by Moung Shway, when contemplating his hard, unbend-
pwen, Moung Thah-pyoo, (the Karen) ing features, and listening to his tones of
who also has lately been approved by dogmatism and pride, I have said in my
the church, but not been baptized. heart, Canst thou ever kneel, an hum-

30. Lord's-day. The three persons ble suppliant at the foot of the cross ?
mentioned last Lord's-day were bap- But he has lately manifested some dis-
tized. Three others, Moung Yay, position to yield, and assures me that
Moung Shway-pan and Ko Man- he does pray in secret.
poke, attended all the exercises of the To conclude this paper, I hope that
day; and they give considerable evi- the light is gradually spreading around
dence of being really converted. Mah us, more extensively perhaps, from
Moo also, a poor woman, who has oc brother Wade's zayat than from mine,
casionally attended the instructions of that being in a situation to catch visi-
Mrs Wade, must be mentioned as a tors from all parts of the country,
very hopeful character. Mah Men while mine is chiefly confined to the
is, I hope, a decided Christian ; but is immediate vicinity. And I hope also,
seldom able to attend, on account of that the Spirit of God is operating, in
her husband. Moung Tau, who has some cases, on the minds of our hear-
been sometimes mentioned among the All those who have been bap-
inquirers, has become rather deistical tized in this place, as well as those who
of late; but we do not despair of him. came with us, give us great and in-
May the Lord pour out his Holy Spirit creasing satisfaction. It is, I think,
upon our hearts, and upon the inhabi- rather characteristic of Burman con-
tants of Maulaming.

verts, that they are slow in making up
April 20. Received a letter from their minds to embrace a new reli-
Moung Thah-a of Rangoon, stating gion; but the point once settled, is set-
the names of thirteen men and three tied forever.

women, who are disciples of Jesus,
but secretly, for fear of the Jews. In
the number, I recognize my old Extract from a Letter of Rev. G. D.
friend, “the teacher Do Oung-det of

Boardman, to the Cor. Sec. dated
the village of Kambet," and two or

Maulaming, March 20, 1828.
three others whom I formerly knew; Rev. and dear Sir.
but most of them are new cases.

The Lord has been pleased again to
May 31. The last two mouths I visit our missionary circle, and to re-
have spent at the zayat, with scarcely move one of our number by death.
the exception of a single day; and I Intelligence has just reached us from
seldom have been without the com. Ava, that Dr Price died there of con-
pany of some of the Christians or sumption on the 14th ult. Particulars
the bopeful inquirers. In the latter have not yet been received. Thus our
class, we count eight or ten, adding to number is again reduced, and we are
those mentioned above, Moung San- called to bow in submission to the di-
loon the second, a young man of ordi- vine dispensation. May we be led to
nary abilities, but warmly attached to make a wise practical improvement of
the cause, and Moung Bo, noticed this event.

*Other communications state, that a new station is to be eslablished at Tavoy.-Ed.


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Dr Price's death teaches us to be over her," but I have only time to diligent in business, fervent in spirit, say, we found her a poor little slave serving the Lord. But how singular about 7 years old, in the hands of a cruel and inscrutable is that Providence wretch, who had by a series of cruelwhich preserved the families of both ties,t I should have said, unheard of our Missionary brethren at Ava, during barbarities, reduced her to the last exall their severe sufferings in their late tremity. My heart bleeds even now, captivity, and has since, in the space to think what she suffered when we of about two years from their release, first saw her. But she recovered, and removed Mrs Judson and Maria, and though a delicate child, enjoyed pretty Dr and Mrs Price! How different good health for some months, till she are God's ways from man's! Yet doubt. was taken down with her last illness, less they are the wisest and best. which terminated in about six weeks.

• Dr Price was sanguine in his hopes But about a month before her deparof success at Ava,-how justly, I am ture, she gave very pleasing evidence not qualified to judge ; but it cannot be of a work of grace upon her heart, and doubted he is removed from a scene of died enjoying, in a very eminent degreat temptation and danger, and I gree, all the sweet consolations of a trust he rests in the presence of Him hope in Christ. For the last two hours whom he appeared sincerely to love of her life, she was perfectly sensible while here below.'

she was dying, and without expressing

the least doubt or fear, would say Extract of a Letter from Mrs Wade am dying, but I am not afraid to die, to Mrs Jones of Calcutta,

forward for Christ will call me up to heaven. ed by the latter, to Mrs B. of Sa- He has taken away all my sins, and I lem, dated Maulaming, June 28, wish to die now, that I may go and see 1828.

him. I love Jesus Christ more than *Your last kind letter found me alone every body else. But it is only those in my sleeping room, watching the who heard her from day to day lisp her corpse of one of our dear scholars, who little prayers and praises to God, who had, after a very painful illness, just caught with a joy unfelt before the passed into her eternal state. But her first dawn of light which beamed placid smiling countenance, reproved upon her dark mind; who watched my sadness and chided my tears, and I with hearts raised to God its gentle seemed to realize that angels were in. progress, that can realize what a predeed hovering round her little bed. cious and heavenly scene, the death • She sleeps in Jesus and is blest. How bed of little Mar-Shway-ee, presented.' sweet her slumbers are.'

Yes, my

* We are happy to inform our readers that a dear sister, we may well apply these full account of this most interesting child, from beautiful lines to her, for she truly the hand of Dr Judson, has been received by sleeps in Jesus. I should exceedingly the Secretary of the Board, and will soon be

published. like to give you a particular account + See Mrs Wade's Journal in Magazine for of all the kind providential care of God December, 1828.


The Baptist Board of Foreign Missions are anxious to extend their operations, so as to meet the reasonable demands made on them, for their proportion of service in the moral renovation of mankind. They represent a vast number of the ransomed subjects of Christ, who cannot innocently withhold their contribution of influence and effort from the cause of Him, who is going forth upon the breadth of the earth to make his conquests, and to whose interests they have united their own. Yet they perceive with no ordinary sense of pain and responsibility, that tens of thousands of these are reposing at noontide, and when the Master calls them to do instantly and with their might what he has appointed, and rendered them well able to perform, either shrink from the service, or ingloriously look on, while others enter and reap the harvest. Unwilling thus to remain, they are desirous to employ discreet, devoted, and intelligent Agents, to visit the churches in every section of the country, and bring the subject in all its vast importance before them. They are persuaded that such an appeal, made under the influence of the love of Christ, will not be in vain. Any who are disposed to undertake the agency, are requested to make known their disposition to the subscriber, at Salem, Massachusetts, without delay. None need apply who cannot offer the most satisfactory testimonials. Salem, Jan. 1829.


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