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The Annual Meeting of the Board of Foreign Missions at Hartford, has furnished a variety of documents, which we are desirous immediately to present to our readers; and therefore we occupy the whole of the present Number with the Missionary Register. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE BAPTIST BOARD OF FOREIGN MIS.


Hartford, April 28, 1830.

The Secretary accordingly read his Several brethren met at the Bap- dered to be published, under the di

Report, which was approved, and ortist meeting-house. Present, Messrs. rection

of the Corresponding and ReBolles, Cone, Soinmers, Davis, and Knowles. There not being a quorum

cording Secretaries. present, the morning was occupied in

(See p. 166.) devotion, after which, the meeting ad Voted, That brethren Davis, Som. journed to half past two o'clock this mers, and Knowles, be a Committee to afternoon.

make arrangements for the meeting to

morrow evening. P. M. half past 2.

Voted, That a Committee be apThe brethren met. Present, be- pointed, to consider and report what sides those mentioned this morning, measures ought to be adopted in ref. brethren Stokes, Colgate, and Farwell. erence to future operations of the Brother Colgate prayed.

Board ainong the Indians; and that Letters were read from Messrs. brethren Cone, Farwell, and Colgate,

be the Committee. Kendrick, Brantly, Benedict, and H. Lincoln, apologizing for their absence. Voted, That a Committee of three Voted, That as there is not a quo, that brethren Sommers, Bolles, and

be appointed on Foreign Stations; and rum present, required for an Annual

Stokes, be the Committee. Meeting, the Board now proceed to the transaction of business, in its or

Voted, That a Committee of three dinary capacity, for which five mem- be appointed on the Indian Stations ; bers forin a quorum.

and that brethren Knowles, Davis, The Board accordingly proceeded and Bolles, be the Committee. to business.

Voted, To adjourn till to-morrow Present, brethren Bolles, Cone, morning at 11 o'clock. Sommers, Davis, Stokes, Colgate, Dr. Bolles prayed. Farwell, and Knowles.

Thursday, April 29, 1830. Brother Cone was chosen Chairman.

The Board met agreeably to adjournVoted, That the Report of the Cor- ment. Present, the same brethren as responding Secretary be now read. yesterday. JUNE, 1830.



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Brother Farwell prayed.

of the Mississippi, but from information The Minutes were read and approv- derived from an intelligent and authened.

tic source, great facilities exist among Voted, That the brethren present, and other tribes in the West, for the

the Cherokees, Kanzas, Shawnese, who are not members of the Board, be invited to take a seat, and assist in the

commencement of missionary effort. deliberations of the Board.

Respectfully subinitted.

S. H. CONE, Chairman. The Committee to make arrangements for the proposed meeting this

Voted, That the Report be accepted. evening, made the following Report. The Committee on the Stations aThe Committee of arrangements re

mong the Indians, made the following

Report. specting the meeting to be held on Thursday evening,

The Committee on the Stations a.

mong the Indians, REPORT: That they have engaged the Rev. Mr. Sommers, of New York, to deliver That they have attended to the suban Address, embracing a summary of jects committed to them, with as much the Report of the Board.

care as the limited time would allow. G. F. DAVIS, Chairman.

They have found no important facts

in addition to those stated in the Re. Voted, That the Report be accepted. port of the Board, and they have no

The Committee respecting the fu- suggestions to make, except a recomture operations of the Board among the mendation of the following resolutions, Indians, made the following Report:

for adoption by the Board :

Resolved, That the Rev. Evan Jones, The Committee appointed to consider what measures ought to be adopt- structed to employ Kaneeda, (John

of the Valley Towns Station, be ined with reference to the Indians,

Wickliffe,) to travel and preach among

his countrymen for six months, at a That as the question of Indian Em- compensation not exceeding $10 per

month. igration is now before Congress, it

Resolved, That two females be sent would be premature and imprudent to

to the Station at Sault de St. Marie, adopt any positive measures in anticipation of their removal.

so soon as suitable persons can be found, The Committee are of opinion, that the one to be employed in teaching the our present Indian Stations should be school, and the other to be an assistant sustained, with but little if any enlarge in the domestic labor of the family. ment. They should be sustained, with Resolved, That it is expedient to the hope of doing good to the Indians employ John Davis, who has removed to some extent, even in the midst of to the west of the Mississippi, as a all the discouragements and obstacles school teacher and preacher among with which they are now surrounded;

that portion of his countrymen, the and they should not be enlarged, from Creek Indians, who have already rethe assured conviction, that the Indians moved thither, and that the acting cannot long remain upon the small res Board be requested to take the requiervations in our States and Territories, site measures for the purpose. which they at present occupy..

All which is respectfully submitted. The Committee are of opinion, that

JAMES D. KNOWLES, in the event of the removal to the

Chairman. west, of the Puttawatomies or Ottawas, the Board should immediately ed, and the resolutions adopted.

Voted, That the Report be acceptcommence Missionary operations among them, wherever they may be

Adjourned, till half past two o'clock, located.

P. M. The Committee are further of opin Brother Davis prayed. ion, that the period has arrived, when

Thursday, P. M. missionary operations should be commenced by us west of the State of

The Board met agreeably to adjourn. Missouri and the Arkansaw Territory.

ment. Our labors have hitherto been con Brother Thomas Paul being present, fined to the Aborigines, dwelling east prayed.


Voted, Tbat a Committee of two be God. Your Committee would there. appointed, to prepare a suitable es- fore recommend, that prompt and effipression of the feelings of the Board, cient measures be adopted by the in regard to the death of its late Pres. Board to increase the translation and ident, Dr. Staughton ; and that breth- publication fund. ren Knowles and Sommers, be the The success which has attended Committee.

the establishment of male and female The Committee on Foreign Stations, schools, cannot but be regarded as a made the following Report.

plain indication of our duty; and after The Committee to whom was refer

a careful examination of the plans of red the consideration of Foreign Mis operation, and of their happy results, sionary Stations, under the care of the conviction, that to the multiplication of

the Committee feel impressed with the Convention, beg leave to

schools, we are, under God, to look for REPORT:

the spiritual emancipation of Burmah. That at no previous period have the Your Committee feel great pleasure affairs of the Burman Mission present in saying, from a review of the aced a more cheering aspect; and while counts regularly forwarded by your the present enlarged field of operation Missionaries, as well as from other calls for renewed and increasing lib- information which has come before erality on the part of American Chris. them, that the Stations in India have tians, the signal interpositions of Prov. not only been conducted upon princiidence, which continue to sustain and ples the most economical, but that a to bless the enterprise, demand our spirit of liberality and self denial has most devout and humble thanksgivings been manifested by the Missionaries, to the Father of mercies. From the which we believe is without a parallel last information, we have every reason in the history of Missions. Here it to hope that the work of reformation may be proper to remark, that only continues. Your Committee are hap. 130 Sicca Rupees have been allowed py to learn that a new Church has to a Missionary and his wife; which, as been organized at Rangoon, and enjoys the Rupee varies in value, at different the labors of Ko Thah-a, as their pas. times, may be estimated from 60 to 62 tor.

dollars per month. When there are The Stations at Maulmein, Tavoy, children, 10 Rupees per month are al. and Amherst, continue to prosper un- lowed for each child. Your Committee der the devoted labors of your Mis- sympathized with our beloved brother sionaries, Judson, Wade, and Board- and sister Wade, who have both suf. man, and it is believed that brother Ben- fered from temporary indisposition, nett has, ere this, rendered important but rejoice to learn that they have services as printer of the New

Tes- again been restored to health. Upon tament and of Burman Tracts. Upon this subject the Committee feel a great this point, your Committee experience solicitude with reference to brother a deep solicitude, and could wish that Judson. From a variety of communi. it were in their power to give an in- cations, and especially from his last creasing impulse to the benevolent letter to the Corresponding Secretary, energies of our American Churches. it appears to your Committee, that the When the fact is considered that among health of brother Judson has been imthe sixteen millions of Burmah, most paired by his long continued toils and of the male population are capable of sufferings; and that a voyage is inreading, it will at once be perceived, dispensable to his recovery. The Comthat probably no other Mission upon mittee therefore recommend that the our globe furnishes equal facilities, or present Board pass a resolution, represents a more animating prospect of questing brother Judson to visit the

Here we need not wait for United States as soon as practicable, the tardy influence of preaching to a after the wishes of the Board shall few hundreds, or even thousands, by have reached him. The advantages a feeble band of Missionaries, but if likely to result from this measure, canadequate funds are supplied, the Sa not fail to be great, by the probable cred Scriptures, and the Word of Life, re-establishment of the health of your embodied in the form of religious Missionary, and from the exhilarating Tracts, may be multiplied indefinitely; influence which his return to this so that every Burman may read in his country would doubtless produce. It own language the wonderful works of is believed that a thrill of universal in


terest would pervade our Churches Voted, That the Report be acceptthroughout the Union, if from his own ed. lips they could hear the story of Bur The following preamble and resomah's moral desolation.

lutions, reported by the Committee, The appointment of brethren Kin.

were adopted. caid, Jones, and Mason, as a reinforcement to the Missionaries already in In the opinion of this Board, the the field, has afforded the Committee long continued and laborious services great pleasure; and they cherish the of brother Judson, amid the debilitating hope, that the God of Missions will influences of a depressing climate, and speedily multiply their number, until the numerous causes which have conmany shall run to and fro, and knowl. tributed to produce his present indis. edge shall be increased, from the Bay position, demand that he should enjoy of Bengal to the base of the Tipera the relaxation and benefit of a voyage; Mountains.

wherefore, In looking over the history of the

Resolved, That if, in his judgment, African Mission, your Committee have it would not be injurious to the Misexperienced all that variety of emo

sion, our beloved brother Judson be tions, which the inutability of human affectionately requested to avail himaffairs is so much calculated to pro- self of the first convenient opportunity duce. But although on the one hand, of returning to the United States, with death has swept away our much respected brethren Cary and Holton, other advantages, which it is believed

a view to the benefit of his health, and and although in consequence of these will arise from such a visit; and it is losses, the schools have suffered a

further, temporary suspension, the field is still open, and white to the harvest; it in Resolved, That the Board be auvites the sickle of the reaper, and prom- thorized to provide for the necessary ises to yield an abundant crop. To expenses of the contemplated journey. this field, the Board have appointed Voted, That a Committee of three brother Benjamin R. Skinner and wife, be appointed to examine the Rev. D. who will probably sail early in the au

W. Elmore, who is now in this city, tumn,under whose labors the school will and who offers himself as a Misagain be resumed, and the gospel oncesionary; and that they consider, and more be proclaimed to the benighted report what course it would be expeposterity of Ham, by the Missionaries dient for brethren Jones and Skinof this Board. The Committee re

ner to pursue, during the time wbich spectfully recommend that brother they can properly expend, until their Skinner be employed under the di. embarkation, and that brethren Bolles, rection of the Board, until the period Sommers, and Stokes, be appointed of his departure.

the Committee. The Committee trust that the attention of the Board will at no time be

Voted, That a Committee be apdiverted from the importance of a Mis- pointed, to consider the expediency of sion to Greece. This is, on many ac. electing a President of the Board, to counts, a field which has special claims supply the place of Dr. Staughton; and upon our denomination, and where, it that brethren Cone, Farwell, and

Stokes be the Committee. is believed, that so far as a common view upon at least one important point Adjourned, till 8 o'clock to-morrow is concerned, we could not fail to pos- morning. sess singular advantages.

Brother Bentley prayed. In conclusion, the Committee would render unfeigned thanks to God for

Friday, April 30. the signal blessings which have crown

The Board met according to adjourned the efforts of our denomination in the Missionary cause, and hope that Stokes, Colgate, Davis, and Knowles.

ment. Present, brethren Cone, Bolles, the future zeal and liberality of our Churches, may demonstrate the re

Brother Purser prayed. ality of their love to the adorable Re The Committee to examine brother deemer and the souls of perishing mil. Elmore, reported, that in their judg. lions.

ment, it is expedient that he spend On behalf of the Committee, a few months at Newton, with a view CHARLES G. SOMMERS, to his giving attention to some branches

Chairman of study, and to give the Board a fur.

ther opportunity to form an acquaint- and to the promotion of human hapance with him.

piness. The Board sympathize with

bis widow and children in their sorrow Voted, That the Report be accepted. for his death. They pray that the

The same Committee reported, that unwearied devotion to the Saviour's it is expedient, that brethren Jones cause, which animated the heart of and Skinner be employed in visiting Dr. Staughton, may ever reign with the churches in Connecticut, and in equal purity and fervor, in the bosoms some parts of Massachusetts and New of all the members of this Board ; and York.

that the King of Zion will be pleased

to kindle ainong us other lights of Voted, That the Report be accepted. equal lustre, to illuminate our churches, The Committee respecting the death and to shed their cheering beams on of Dr. Staughton, made the following the dark places of the earth. Report.

Respectfully submitted.

JAMES D. KNOWLES, The Committee appointed to pre

Chairman, pare a suitable expression of the feelings of the Board, respecting the death and the

resolution adopted.

Voted, That the Report be accepted, of the late Rev. William Staughton, D. D. have felt the difficulty of giving The Committee to consider the exutterance, in the brief space appropri- pediency of electing a President, to ated to such a notice, and indeed, in supply the place of Dr. Staughton, reany words, their own sentiments of ported, that it is expedient to fill the respect and affection for the memory vacancy. of Dr. Staughton, and their estimation of his services, in the various and im- ed, and that the Board proceed to bal

Voted, That the Report be acceptportant stations which he occupied.

lot for a President. They recommend, however, the adoption of the following

The ballots being collected, it was found that the Rev. Jesse Mercer was

unanimously elected President. Resolved, That the Board remember, with the most respectful and af- made among the Vice Presidents, the

Voted, That as a vacancy has been fectionate regard, their late President, Board proceed to ballot for a Vice the Rev. Dr. Staughton, who was

President. one of the principal instruments in giving origin to the Board; who sery The ballots were taken, and Rev. ed them with fidelity and success, for Spencer H. Cone was elected Vice twelve years, in the responsible and ar President. duous office of Corresponding Secretary, and who, for the last four years; been created in the list of Managers,

Voted, That as a vacancy has thus was their presiding officer. The Board feel, that they, and the denomination the Board proceed to ballot for a Ñan which they represent, are indebted to ager. Dr. Staughton for services of inestima. The ballots were taken, and the ble value to the cause of missions and Rev. Archibald Maclay was elected. education, as well as to the general interests of Zion. His memory ought

The Minutes were read and approved. ever to be honored, by the Baptists of A letter was read from the Execu. the United States, as that of a distin- tive Committee of the New York Bapguished benefactor, whose brilliant tist Education Society. genius, whose intellectual opulence, whose active mind, and whose gener. time now to consider this document,

Voted, That as the Board has not ous affections, were devoted, with a it be referred to the acting Board. single heart, to the establishment of the Redeemer's kingdom on the earth, Adjourned.-Brother Cone prayed.


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